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Valentine's Day Recommendations - 5 Best Movies about Love and War

Originally created to honor the Christian saint named Valentinus, Valentine's Day turns out to be a day about love and sacrifice at present. As Valentine's Day 2013 is just around the corner, the world is busy preparing for the celebrations of Valentine's Day 2013. Gifts like roses and chocolates become Valentine's Day recommendations in stores; love poets are Valentine's Day recommendations in bookshops and love and war movies turn out to be Valentine's Day recommendations in cinemas. Generally speaking, movies about love and war are more favored by audiences because they not only contain thrilling climax, but also display the powerful strength of love.

Therefore, this post will cover 5 best movies about love and war that one shall watch on Valentine's Day 2013. Those Valentine's Day recommendations not only provide users love stories no less moving and sensational than that of Titanic, but also tell the world fragility never owns true love. Even though the heroes in those love and war movies have suffered a lot, they have never give up the pursuit of true love.

 5. Closing the Ring

Closing the Ring

It is not an easy task to love someone whole-hearted in the whole life and it is even harder to hide the crush all the time. In a movie about love and war named Closing the Ring, the director tells the world true love never quits or fades in front of time machine. When a young boy has dug out a wonderful ring from the used-to-be battle field, he begins his way to reveal some heartbreaking love stories. When Ann falls in love with Teddy, his best friends, Chuck and Jack, who both have a crush on Ann, have to send best wishes to the couples. However, when Teddy dies in a flying mission during World War II, Ann has haunted by guilty in another 50 years without tears. When the last words of Teddy are finally sent to Ann, Ann can finally release her agony with crying. At last, she finally sensed the love from Jack who had been waiting her for over sixty years.

4. Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday

It is a known story that Gloomy Sunday is regarded as a song with black magic. Till now no one can explain how it is able to lure listeners to commit suicides. Just as the famous song, Gloomy Sunday is movie about love and war telling audiences a rueful and gloomy love story. In a small restaurant in Budapest in 1930s, the owner named Laszlo and the handsome pianist named Andras both fall in love with the waitress named Ilona. However, while the three persons are enjoying the pleasures of love during the peace day, they will never expect their lives being ruined by a German named Hans Wieck. When Hans returns to the restaurant as a Nazi officer, he decides to take revenges on the Laszlo and Andras. His insult has forced Andras to commit suicide and his power sends Laszlo to the concentration camp of Jews. In the end, Ilona has lost both of her lovers and her true happiness.

3. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Though Pearl Harbor may not be the best movies about love and war, it is definitely the most profitable war and love movie. As a war movie, Pearl Harbor is mainly about the love stories involving Danny, Rafe and Evelyn; as a love movie, Pearl Harbor is dominated by the pain and agony of the war throughout the plot. Therefore, this is a love and war movie which helps users to understand the strength of love and the cruelty of the war. Right after Evelyn falls in love with Rafe, Rafe is sent to the front line and reported to be dead in a secret mission. After recovering from the pain, Evelyn is enjoying her love affairs with Danny. However, Rafe shows up and Danny is killed in a China as a prisoner.  

2. The English Patient

The English Patient

As a novel based movie, The English Patient has won the favor of Academy Awards Committee for its excellent and moving love story. When a badly burnt patient has been rescued, he begins to tell the nurse the sad love story he has suffered with endless grieves. As an explorer, Ralph maps the Sahara Desert with some friends. However he accidentally falls in love with Hana, the wife of a pilot. After the pilot knows it, he tries to kill Ralph in a landing attempt which killed him and badly wounded his wife. In order to save his lovers, Ralph even tries to exchange military secrets with Nazi in exchange of corresponding resources. However, when he arrives there, his lover has long gone. In the end of this movie about love and war, the patient has committed suicide in an attempt to meet his lover in the underworld.  

1. Casablanca


Even till now, Casablanca is still viewed as one of the best movies of all time. Casablanca is favored because it has shown the world the real meaning of sacrifice, the best quality of love. In this Best Motion Picture about love story in the war, a bar owner named Rick has tried everything he can to help his lover Ilsa to escape from Casablanca. Even when his life and fortune has been seriously threated, Rick never feels puzzled or hesitated. Moreover, Rick has shown audiences that true love is not about possessing but about blessing. When Ilsa wants to abandon her life to live with Rick, he rejects because he knows that Ilsa won't be content with that kind of life. All Rick does is to make Isla happy forever even though he can't share the happiness with her.  

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