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Domestic Market Winners - 10 Best American Movies of All Time

Thanks to the contributions of best 2012 movies, 2012 is remembered as a happy year for audiences and a miracle year for American movie market. Even though there are some box office bombs in 2012, it is outnumbered by those excellent 2012 movies. Moreover, those domestic market winners are even influential enough to be listed as best American movies of all time. Generally speaking, only domestic market winners with good reputations are owns the qualification to be best American movies.  Here ten best American movies of all time will be covered in the post.

Though it is a common thing to release a movie in the world arena, it is not in the past. Therefore, it will be not fair to choose those best American movies in history according to their worldwide box office gains. To this extent, the best American movies listed here are ranked in accordance with their domestic box office performance. As a consequence, some listed domestic market winners may be totally out of people's expectations.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Making sea adventure and treasure hunting an integrated part, Pirates of the Caribbean movies had turned pirate movie a mainstream genre. Dead Man's Chest is not the most profitable Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it is definitely the most favored pirate movie of all time. The story about Captain Jack's way to hunt the heart of Davy Jones had been a big domestic market winner with over 423 million dollars in America.  As a consequence, Dead Man's Chest definitely matches with the name of best American movie of all time.

9.  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Before this best American movie, aliens are usually described as invaders, evil creatures and powerful killers. However, Steven Spielberg told the world alien creature can be friendly while human can be scaring and greedy. E.T. is that kind of movie that can strike the chord with audiences who are friendly and innocent. On witnessing the reincarnation of E.T., thrill has filled the hearts of every audience. Of course, this American movie turns out to be a big market winner in the US with over 435 million dollars.

8. Shrek 2

Toy Story 3 is the most profitable animated movies in the world arena. However, in terms of American market alone, Toy Story 3 hands the throne to Shrek 2. As the best American animated movie in domestic market, Shrek 2 has robbed over 441 million dollars so far. The domestic market winner mainly deals with the story of Shrek's awful journey to win the favor of Fiona's father. Even though Shrek is a weirdo, audiences still can't help being attracted by the frank and kind monster.

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Before it was released, it was viewed as the most anticipated 2012 movie; after it is available, it is named as best 2012 movie. The Dark Knight Rises have given both Blues Will and Batman movies a perfect ending. No one has ever doubted The Dark Knight Rises won't be a domestic winner and everyone just wanted to know how successful the movie can be. 448 million dollars in three months, that's the answer this best American movie of all time gives to the world. Different from most superhero movies, The Dark Knight Rises is not trying to boosting the power of Batman but the agony, struggle and sacrifice of Batman.

6. Star Wars

As a domestic market winner, Star Wars not only shows the world what fictional movie shall be like, but also brings the world Star Wars trilogy and Star War: Episode trilogy. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, another three Star Wars movies will be available in the market. Even till now, Jedi, lighting sword and Yuda that first appeared in this best American movie of all time are fashionable elements in most fields.  For a 1977 movie, the domestic box office of 460 million dollars is even better than most blockbusters at present.

5. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Of the three movies centering on the falling of Anakin Skyworth, The Phantom Menace is the only one that makes Anakin adorable. As a kid, Anakin is a talented inventor; as a slave, Anakin worships Jedi and hates the darkness of the world. The Phantom Menace is the first battle between Jedi and Sith, burying the seeds for the miserable fates of the Jedi. This domestic market winner has gained over 474 million dollars in United States and successfully joins in the team of best American movies of all time.   

4. The Dark Knight

Here comes the best Batman movie of all time. As a domestic market winner, The Dark Knight had been the top ranker in box office for three successive weeks and grabbed over 534 million dollars so far. This best American movie of all time has provided audiences one of the most scaring and talented Batman enemy, Joker. As a mind reader, Joker knows the dark side of every people and is good at digging it out. Joker turns the heroic white knight of the city into a villain of his own level and makes turns people to be a killing machine. However, instead of hating Joker, audiences tend to be crazy about the evil boss. Anyway, till now, Joker is the evilest boss ever shown in superhero movies.  

3. The Avengers

As the movie with best opening weekend performance, The Avengers turns out to be the best domestic market winner in2012. With the gathering of 623 million dollars, The Avengers turns out to be one of the best American movies ever made in history. The success of The Avengers has proved that five superheroes are always better than one. In a movie gathering Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America, it is hard to design reasonable and eye-attracting plot. However, The Avengers has done it which makes the American blockbuster worth respecting.     

2. Titanic

If one has provided an award for best love movies of all time, the world knows the winner will be Titanic. Set off in 1998, the ship has gained over 658 million dollars in domestic move market. The moving love story between Jack and Ross has left an indelible impression in everyone's heart. When Kate married another guy in recent days, fans even feel pity that Dicaprio is not the groom. However, for most audiences, the most moving scene in the movie is not when Jack and Ross departs but when two old couples hold hands in the bed waiting peacefully for the coming of death.  

1. Avatar

No one will be surprised that the throne for best American movie of all time will be sent to Avatar. As the best 3D movie in the world, Avatar has led the world to the era of 3D movie; as the best American movie of all time, Avatar has brought innovative revolution to the movie field. Even the domestic box office of 760 million dollars is just the tip of the iceberg when compared with the great influences Avatar has posed on today's market. In this domestic market winner, audiences can not only enjoy the scene where human and nature live harmoniously but also learn the importance of environmental protection.  

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