Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Best DreamWorks Animated Movies of All Time

As the latest animated movie produced by DreamWorks, Rise of the Guardians has suffered unexpected waterloo in movie market. As the most expected DreamWorks animated movie of this year, Rise of the Guardians is released in the right time right place but without right result. As one of the most well-known movie producers in the world, DreamWorks have presented the world Oscar winning movies like Gladiator and American Beauty. However, DreamWorks is more well-known for excellent animated movies despite the fact that none of them are Oscar winners.

As the main competitor of Pixar Studio and Disneyland in animated movie market, DreamWorks can always bring new surprises to the world with DreamWorks animated movies. However, contrary to Pixar animated movies, not all animated movies of DreamWorks are profitable. In fact, some DreamWorks movies just do quite well in box office and some just do well in reputation. Only a few best DreamWorks animated movies can win in both box office performance and reputations. Therefore, this post will cover 5 best DreamWorks animated movies of all time.

1. Shrek movies

Shrek movies

As the most favored animated movie of all time, Shrek series has gained great success in the movie market. In fact, all the four Shrek movies had won profits in box office and good names in reputation. Moreover, as the best DreamWorks animated movies, the four Shrek movies have gathered over 2.9 billion dollars in box office and help DreamWorks to gain over 1.26 billion dollars in profit.   

In Shrek, the monster tries to rescue Princess Fiona out of the prison guarded by the evil dragon. In Shrek 2, the hero tries to find a way to get along with Fiona's father after their marriage. In Shrek The Third, Shrek tries to find the legal heir to the kingdom so that he can spend his days in the wetland while Fiona needs to fight against Prince Charming. In Shrek Forever After, the org needs to find back the true love kiss of Fiona after he is fooled by the evil deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin.

2. Madagascar trilogy

Madagascar trilogy

As the best DreamWorks animated movie trilogy, Madagascar movies have gathered over 1.8 billion dollars in box office and helped DreamWorks to gain a profit of over 589 million dollars. Besides the good performance in box office, the DreamWorks Animated movies also win the hearts of audiences with its excellent plots. Audiences are thrilled by the adventure of the four friends, amused by their crazy behaviors and moved by their friendship. In Madagascar, Alex and his friends go through an unexpected journey from the central park to Madagascar; in Escape 2 Africa, the four mates manage a thrilling trip in Africa and in Europe's Most Wanted, the four friends try to go back to the zoo only to find they can't leave their new friends in the circus.    

3. Kung Fu Panda movies

Kung Fu Panda movies

Though there are only two Kung Fu Panda movies available in the market, those DreamWorks animated movies have earned around 1.3 billion dollars in box office. Therefore, both Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 have been listed as best DreamWorks animated movies of all time. Moreover, those two DreamWorks animated movies have made the fatty, nimble and funny Panda Po a world famous celebrity. In Kung Fu Panda, Po gets the chance to learn Kung Fu from Shifu in accidentally. When the vengeful and treacherous Tai Lung escapes, Po bears the mission to beat the monster. In Kung Fu Panda 2, after Po becomes the new Kung Fu master, he decides to prevent the ambitious Lord Shen only to find his early memory comes back.

4. Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

There are many reasons to list Puss in Boots as one of the best DreamWorks animated movies of all time. The excellent performance in box office, the funny plot, the amazing characters and the beautiful background music all lead to the success of this animated movie. The main character of the movie is the puss in Shrek movies while the main plot is totally irrelevant to that of Shrek movies. Puss in Boots mainly tells about the suffering of the puss before he meets Shrek including how he gets the boots and how he becomes an outlaw. In this DreamWorks animated movie, the hero Puss turns out to be a wanted man after his being fooled by his best friends. Later he finds that he needs to rely on this friend to find the legendary golden eggs.

5. How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

As one of the most successful 3D movies, How to Train Your Dragon has won over 494 million dollars in box office. Therefore, as an animated movie that brings profits and technological innovation to the company, How To Train Your Dragon worth the name as a best DreamWorks animated movie of all time. In this DreamWorks animated movie, Hiccup is a Viking who tries to catch and kill dragons with his inventions. By accidentally, he shoots a dragon and learns the skills to live in harmony with those creatures. When he wants to teach his village members about it, he is teased and cursed. However, with the efforts of the young boy, the people finally realize the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Top 5 Most Profitable Novel Based Movies

Even the mighty James Bond doesn't know what to do with the vampire couples. With ideal Cyber Monday deals, Thanksgiving 2012 holiday is a paradise for all consumers; with anticipated fall movies, Thanksgiving 2012 holiday is the Garden of Eden for movie fans. As one of the most well-known novel based movies, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 remains to be the leader in box office ranking list, lagging Skyfall far behind. Even though some loftily expected movies have been released this week, they all failed to waver the dominance of  Breaking Dawn, Part 2.

Compared to Breaking Dawn, Part 2, another novel based movie named Life of Pi is not that lucky. Even with 22 million dollars box office income in the opening weekend, Life of Pi still failed to live up to audiences' expectations.  Since plenty of novel based movies tend to be made each year, it is not an uncommon story to witness a famous novel based movie suffers waterloo in movie market. For example, besides Life of Pi, another novel based movie named Cloud Atlas also disappointing the world. After all, only a few novel based movies can both earn good names in reputation and profits in box office. Therefore, this post will introduce you top five most profitable novel based movies of all time.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

As the most profitable novel-based movie of all time, Harry Potter and the Death Hallows: Part II gained over 1.32 billion dollars in box office, created new record for single-day box office performance and even become the best July movie of all time. Of course, the great success of this Harry Potter movie is partly due to the great success of Harry Potter novels. As one of the best-selling book in Amazon, Harry Potter novels are always favored by readers of all ages. In this novel based movie, Harry Potter needs to search for Voldemort's remaining Horcruxes to kill the dark lord. However, after Harry knows he is one of those Horcruxes, he decides to sacrifice for his career.

2. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Few fantasy movies can attract the attention of Oscar and even less can be the final winner. The Return of the King is just one of those winners. As a low-budget movie, The Return of the King manages to become one of the best movies of all time, marking a perfect end to The Lord of the Rings trilogy. With over 1.11 billion dollars, this novel based movie ranks fourth as the most profitable movie of all time. The Return of the King is produced according to a famous novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien in mid 1990s. In fact, three movies of The Lord of The Ring are all made basing on the same novel.  Till now, the novel The Lord of the Rings is still one of the best-selling books in the market. This novel based movie mainly deals with the final fight between human beings and Sauron's army. Frodo needs to destroy the ring while Aragorn fights the army.

3. Alice in Wonderland

As one of the well-known novels in history, Alice in Wonderland enjoys great reputations for centuries around the world. Therefore, there are various movies made on the basis of this novel. Among them, Alice in Wonderland, the 2010 movie, is probably the most successful one. Also Alice is one of the most successful 3D movies in history. With over 1.02 billion dollars in box office, this novel based movie is on the list of top 10 most profitable movies of all time. In this novel based movie, Alice travels to a wonderland after getting through a rabbit hole. When she finds the world is under the shadow of the evil Red Queen, she needs to fulfill her destiny by beating the queen with her friends.

4. The Hunger Games

As the best-selling books in Amazon, The Hunger Game trilogy beats seven Harry Potter books in a rather short time. Moreover, two sequels of The Huger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay are promising to beat Harry Potter movies in box office in the next two years. As the first movie of The Hunger Games trilogy, The Hunger Games not only becomes the best movie released in Mar, but also stirs the topic of The Hunger Games vs The Avengers. With 408 million dollars, The Hunger Games turns out to be one of the most profitable movies in 2012. As a profitable novel based movie, The Hunger Games goes along with the plot in Suzanne Collins's novel. In this movie, Katniss is one of the 24 tributes who need to fight each other to death in a fighting show of Capitol. She finally gets her survive with the help of her fellow tribute named Peeta. However, when she wins the match, she realizes it is just a start.

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Since its release, the novel based movie has dominated the movie market during Thanksgiving 2012 holiday. As the final movie of Twilight sage, Breaking Down, Part 2 mainly deals with the final fate of the vampire lovers. When Bella and Edward have given birth to Renesmee, the whole family needs to find a way to protect the baby from being hunted by Volturi. So far, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 has gained over 141 million dollars in domestic market in box office. Therefore, it will be just a matter of time for it to become the best and most profitable Twilight movie. However, contrary to other novel based movies mentioned above, the movie does much better than the novel in terms of influence.  To some extent, the success of Twilight, the novel, can be contributed to the popularization of Twilight movies.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top 4 Movies to Know About Rise of the Guardians Characters

As a well-known animated movie maker, DreamWorks Animation can always bring the world one surprise after another. Shrek movies not only win profits in box office but also good names in reputation; Madagascar trilogy is proven to be a real market hit; Kung Fu Panda movies never fail to draw the world's attention. Pretty soon, Rise of the Guardians, the loftily expected DreamWorks animated movie will soon available in the market. In fact, as one of the most expected 2012 movie, Rise of the Guardians is promising to be the film rocking the movie market in November.

As the animated version of The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians is the gathering of various legendary characters in fairy tales. In the movie, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and even Sandman turn out to be the guardians of the world who secure the innocence and pure mind of all children. Therefore, when an evil character named Pitch tries to inject all the children with desperation, the guardians need to do something to prevent him.

It is a fantastic idea to present the fairy figures as an ally in Rise of the Guardians. Once the fairy talents can be as famous as superheroes in The Avengers,   Rise of the Guardians will be one among the most profitable 3D animated movies in 2012. However, one need to admit that there are still audiences feeling strange about the fairy figures in the movie. Therefore, to help audiences have a better view of the heroes in Rise of the Guardians, this post will recommend them four movies telling story about Rise of the Guardians characters.

1. Joulutarina

In Rise of Guardians, Santa Clause, with the appearance and body of an experienced warrior, is the leader of all guardians. As one of the most favored fairy talent of all time, Santa only appears on Christmas as a gift giver to all children. He will run down the chimney and place the gift into the socks hanging on the Christmas tree. Since that's all the information the world has gotten, Santa is still a mysterious man to the whole world. Though various movies on Santa Clause have been made, none can be as informative and impressive as Joulutarina.

Joulutarina is a biography movie about Santa Clause. In the movie, when a writer named Marko has finally encountered the legendary figure, Santa begins to tell the writer his legendary life. It turns out to that Santa is an orphan named Nikolas who sends gifts to people who have helped him on Christmas. When more and more aids come to him, more and more gifts are sent. Later his gentle behavior turns out to be a wild fire burning around the world for centuries. He finally becomes well-known as Santa Clause. This movie may not that convincing but is definitely moving. Besides that, Joulutarina also tells the true spirit of Santa Claudius: kind love to all.

2. The Tooth Fairy

As a Rise of Guardians character, Tooth Fairy is a butterfly with human shape and appearance. In fairy tales, Tooth Fairy is the numen who will take away children's lost tooth lying under the pillow and then leave the children some payment. In The Tooth Fairy, the life, the rule and the work of Tooth Fairy is well-explained. Thompson is an irritating hockey player who has no belief in Tooth Fairy. After he tries to ruin the dream of a child, he is punished to be the real-time Tooth Fairy for a week. He needs to do what the Tooth Fairy does, follow the instruction as a Tooth Fairy and learn as a Tooth Fairy. In the end, Thompson regains the happiness he has lost as a child and finds the powerful of belief. Generally speaking, The Tooth Fairy has presented the world the fairy talent with tooth in a perfect and impressive way.

3. Hop

As one of the symbols of Easter, Easter Bunny has already been recognized by the whole world. As a Rise of Guardian character with swift movement and mischievous inner heart, Easter Bunny is one of the best assistants Santa can rely on. Though various movies about Easter Bunny have been made, none can be as impressive as Hop. As a movie for Easter 2011, Hop has fully presented all the qualities Easter Bunny can hold – mischievous, joyful, energetic and funny. In Hop, an East Bunny named E.B. leaves his family to start the way of pursuing fame in Hollywood. When taken care of by a boy named Fred, E.B. leaves the boy nothing but unlimited troubles.

4. The Sandman

As one of the main characters in Rise of the Guardians, Sandman can bring sweet dreams to children by throwing sand to their eyes. However, Sandman in fairy tales is not that kind. He will bring sweet dreams to children who follow his instruction and blind the kids who go against his will. As a short animated move, The Sandman turns out to be a horrible movie. In the movie, when a boy is too sacred of the image of Sandman to fall asleep, Sandman put sand in his eyes as a way to blind the kid. Though the Sandman in this movie may not be favored as the Sandman in Rise of Guardians, he does live in the traditional fairy tales.        

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Top 10 iPhone Shopping Apps for Black Friday 2012

Along with the approaching of Thanksgiving 2012 comes the arrival of Black Friday 2012. If Thanksgiving 2012 is a day when gratitude is shown around the world, Black Friday can be viewed as a day for sellers to express their thankfulness towards customers. According to the tradition, Black Friday 2012 will be filled with various promotion plans and inexpensive goods. As a consequence, the only thing customers concern on that day is to get as many best Black Friday 2012 deals as possible.

Generally speaking, best 2012 Black Friday deals are usually those low-budget and money-saving ones. For example, the knife sold by Amazon with up to 60% price off and PPT Converters provided by Moyea Software with up to 80% price off for Black Friday 2012. Therefore, in an attempt to help users keep in touch with those best deals, various iPhone shopping apps are created. Since there are plenty of such iPhone apps for users in the market, this post will cover top 10 iPhone shopping apps that can lead users to best 2012 Black Friday deals.

1. Black Friday App

Black Friday App

To help users keep in touch with 2012 Black Friday best deals, information matters. Therefore, as an iPhone shopping app created by dealnews.com, Black Friday App is capable of providing users the latest 2012 Black Friday ads where rest the discounted goods and promotion plans. Besides that, this iPhone shopping app enables users to get to know different prices for the same good sold in different retails. Therefore, there is a great chance for users to win 2012 best Black Friday deals with Black Friday App.

2. Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday Survival Guide

As an iPhone shopping app exclusively designed for Black Friday 2012, Black Friday Survival Guide provides users information about latest news, biggest sales and best deals of the day. A special section is provided to gather discounted goods and low-budget products so it is easier for users to choose best Black Friday deals out of those goods on the list. Moreover, the Black Friday ads will be updated in real time so users need to check them frequently to get as much information as possible.

3. TGI Black Friday

TGI Black Friday

As an iPhone shopping app for 2012 Black Friday, TGI Black Friday has done all that it can. It has latest discounted information, real-time Black Friday ads, price comparison section, shopping list function and even support to Facebook sharing. Powered by TGIblackfriday.com which is famous for its abundant shopping resources, TGI Black Friday will make it easier for users to find best deals on Black Friday 2012. Besides that, users can also employ it as an iPhone app for Thanksgiving 2012.

4. Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile

As the biggest retailer in the world, Amazon is a main resource site for users to find best Black Friday 2012 deals. In fact, inexpensive goods from Amazon will account for a large proportion of best deals on Black Friday 2012. Therefore, iPhone shopping apps like Amazon Mobile seems to be quite necessary for Black Friday 2012 shopping. With this iPhone shopping app, users are allowed to find goods of all kinds from Amazon within a few clicks, check the availability of the goods via bar code and even keep in touch with the latest promotion plan for Black Friday 2012 presented by Amazon.

5. Zappos Mobile

Zappos Mobile

For users who want to purchase inexperience shoes on Black Friday 2012, Zappo Mobile is the best iPhone shopping app. As the iPhone shopping app produced by Zappos.com which is well-known as shoe seller, Zappos Mobile will provide users inexpensive shoes of all kinds and other goods on Black Friday 2012. Moreover, the iPhone shopping app will provide full-time customer support.  

6. Walmart


As an important retailer in the world, Walmart is another resource site that gives birth to numerous best 2012 Black Friday deals. As an iPhone shopping app, Walmart helps users get in touch with goods sold in Walmart within just a few clicks, get in touch with local Black Friday ads and discover coupons. Moreover, the iPhone shopping app also enables users to make a shopping list for Black Friday 2012 and then check the availability of the goods on the shopping list.  

7. Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons

Especially designed as an iPhone shopping app, Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons can provide users easy access to get coupon code for Black Friday 2012. The app can provide hundreds of in-store coupons for users. For example, if users have failed to get the coupons of a certain store on Black Friday, they can probably get the bar code coupons with this iPhone shopping app. After the bar code coupons are scanned, discounted goods will be provides. Besides that, this iPhone app also allows users to send coupons to friends via email. However, it is only available in the United States.

8. ShopSavvy


ShopSavvy is an iPhone shopping app to help users find the most inexpensive goods on Black Friday 2012. By just scanning the bar code of a certain good, ShowSavvy will provide users different sales prices of the good in different stores. Therefore, users can always get the good with lowest price tag. Moreover, the iPhone shopping app even provides users the location of the stores where they can buy the good. Moreover, ShowSavvy can also be employed to make online purchases on Black Friday 2012.

9. GroceryPro


As an iPhone shopping app designed to make purchases much easier on Black Friday 2012, GroceryPro enables users to create shopping lists within a few clicks. With detailed categories of goods, GroceryPro makes it much easier for users gain accesses to certain goods. Therefore, instead of typing a lot searching for best 2012 Black Friday deals, users can manage it with just a few buttons.  

10. Best Buy

Best Buy

Just as the name has hinted, Best Buy is an iPhone shopping app designed to help users get best Black Friday 2012 deals from bestbuy.com. Best Buy can provide users information about weekly ad, deal of the day and featured offers to help them pick out those best Black Friday deals. However, this shopping app is also widely criticized for failing to add support to iPhone 5.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 5 Thanksgiving Day Movies with Best Opening Weekend

Generally speaking, Thanksgiving not only marks the prelude of a month-long shopping season, but also the prosperity in movie market. In fact, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, various most expected movies of the year tend to be released. For one thing, Oscar 2013 is drawing nearer and nearer; for another, movie producer wishes to gain more profits from the holiday season when audiences can get enough leisure time. Now as The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 has made a good start for Thanksgiving Day movies with 141 million-dollar box office, 2012 Thanksgiving movies are promising to create a new record in box office.

For people who are trying to figure out 2012 Thanksgiving ideas, they can try to watch Thanksgiving Day movies. However, as there are various Thanksgiving Day movies in the market, it's not an easy task to decide which one to watch. Therefore, this post will cover top 5 Thanksgiving Day movies. Here Thanksgiving movies refer to those movies released in the week of Thanksgiving Day. Moreover, the ranking of the Thanksgiving movies are in accordance with their performance in the opening weekend.

1. Toy Story 2

As one of the most profitable Pixar animated movies, Toy Story 2 wins over 57 million dollars in three-day opening. Therefore, it turns out to be the Thanksgiving Day movie with best opening weekend performance. As the sequel to Toy Story, Toy Story 2 mainly focuses on the adventures of Woody and his friends. In the movie, after Woody is stolen by toy collector, he tries his way back to his friends. Meanwhile he needs to face the temptation of immortality in a museum. Though released on November 24, 2009, this Thanksgiving movie has turned out to be a real legendary.   

2. Tangled

Tangled is another animated movie that rules Thanksgiving movie market. Released on November 24, 2010, this Thanksgiving Day movie gains over 48 million dollars in opening weekend. Tangled is a movie centering on the love story between a princess and a thief. Rapunzel has magically long hair and has been prisoned by Mother Gothel in a towel all her life. One day, a thief accidentally comes to the tower and begins an adventure with Rapunzel. However, as Mother Gothel finds out their escape, she decides to do something. Though various movies have been made basing on this fairy tale, none can be as influential as this one.

3. Enchanted

Released in November 2007, Enchanted received over 34 million dollars in the opening weekend. Similar to Snow White in plot, this Thanksgiving Day movie mainly focuses on the crazy love between Giselle and Philip. In the movie, Giselle who lives in a cartoon world is brought to the real modern city after being pushed into a magic well. There, the innocent princess must make a living with her own hands. Luckily, she gets the help from a kind man named Philip who falls in love with her. When the evil queen tries to poison the princess, Philip must rescue his lover with kiss of true love.  

4. 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is a 1996 comedy that won over 33 million dollars in box office. With such wonderful opening weekend performance, this Thanksgiving Day movie makes the image of those Dalmatians world famous. In this movie, a woman wants to kill Dalmatians for their fur but she doesn't know where to find them. When a family with two Dalmatians appears, she gets her plan to kidnap the puppies only to find various animals then gang up against her. In the end, all the animals she kidnapped are set free.

5. A Bug's Life

It seems that animated movies are more favored during Thanksgiving holiday. As a Thanksgiving Day movie with over 33 million dollars in the opening weekend, A Bug's Life ranks fifth among all Thanksgiving Day movies. This movie mainly tells about brave adventure of an ant named Flik. In the movie, Flik is blamed for the losses of food in an attack made by grasshoppers. He tries to make self-redemption by finding powerful allies to fight against grasshoppers. He recruits a group of bugs without knowing they are circus members. In the end, Felik gets the kingdom of ant untied to beat the enemies.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 10 iPhone 5 Apps Designed for Thanksgiving 2012

Original created as a day to celebrate the harvest of the year, Thanksgiving now turns out to be a holiday observed around the world. Usually Thanksgiving marks the reunion of the family, the prelude of a new shopping season and the start of a big ceremony. Therefore, as Thanksgiving 2012 is just around the corner, the world is filled with Thanksgiving 2012 elements. Stores have been beautified with Thanksgiving 2012 decorations, people have been asked about their Thanksgiving 2012 schedules and even mobiles like iPhone 5 have been updated with Thanksgiving 2012 apps.

In fact, to help users fully indulge in this holiday, several iPhone 5 apps are exclusively designed for Thanksgiving 2012. There for this post will cover ten iPhone 5 app created for Thanksgiving 2012. Since those apps have covered almost every Thanksgiving element, from shopping to gaming, users will have definitely spent an impressive Thanksgiving 2012 with those iPhone 5 apps.

1. B-Movies


No one will feel it is a bad idea to watching Thanksgiving movies on Thanksgiving 2012. Though there are so many video-watching apps for iPhone 5, no one can make users more pleasing than B-Movies. The reason is quite understandable: B-Movies can provide users free Thanksgiving movies. Of course, users need to get Wi-Fi connection in the first place. Otherwise the fee for extra data will be high enough for them to get movie tickets. B-Movies, as an iPhone 5 app for Thanksgiving 2012, enables users to bookmark favorite movies for later watching.

2. Black Friday App

Black Friday App

To some extent, shopping is the real important celebration for Thanksgiving 2012. As the beginning of the month-long shopping season, Black Friday will provide consumers various inexpensive goods they can image. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app for Thanksgiving 2012, Black Friday is designed to make sure users will get first-hand information about the promotion plan released by major retailers.

3. TGI Cyber Monday

TGI Cyber Monday

Another iPhone 5 app for shopping season in Thanksgiving 2012! As the beginning of online shopping, Cyber Monday will provide users various inexperience goods sold online. TGI Cyber Monday is an iPhone 5 app will provide users top Cyber Monday deals offered by retails like Amazon and Walmart and enable users to email the shopping list they have made. Besides that, TGI Cyber Monday will help users to find out those deals that are no less than Cyber Monday ones after the shopping season.

4. Turkey Blast: Reloaded

Turkey Blast: Reloaded

There is no need to explain the importance of Turkey to Thanksgiving 2012 if one knows the meaning of Turkey Day. Turkey Blast: Reloaded is an iPhone 5 game created for Thanksgiving 2012 to help users can have a enjoy time. This relaxing game enables users to kill the turkey with over 14 weapons. Therefore, users can shoot, cut and even cook those flying turkeys. Moreover, in this Thanksgiving game, over turkeys are attached with 12 different designs.

5. Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

It is a tradition to send cards to friends or families on holidays. On Halloween 2012, Halloween cards are required and on Thanksgiving Day 2012, Thanksgiving Day cards are necessary. Vintage Thanksgiving Cards is an iPhone 5 app that enables users to find various beautiful and well-designed e-cards for Thanksgiving 2012. Then within just a few clicks, users are able to send the cards to friends with best wishes.

6. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

No one will deny that a Thanksgiving Day without Thanksgiving songs won't be a good one. Therefore, on Thanksgiving 2012, music apps for iPhone 5 are quite necessary. As the music app for Thanksgiving 2012, Pandora Radio can help users to get a station that plays Thanksgiving songs after providing information about the Thanksgiving songs. Moreover, for users who happen to be Pandora users, they can log in to the account to make the iPhone 5 app equally powerful as Pandora.

7. Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

For users who want to tell young generation about the origin of Thanksgiving, this iPhone 5 app is definitely the best choice. Designed as a coloring book app for Thanksgiving 2012, Thanksgiving Coloring Book is attractive enough to draw children's attention so that users can tell them the stories about Thanksgiving turkey and about Thanksgiving and Indians.

8. NBA Game Time 2012-13

NBA Game Time 2012-13

Generally speaking, wonder NBA games are usually saved for important days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, for NBA fans, Heat, Laker, Thunder and Knicks will definitely present the world excellent games on Thanksgiving 2012. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app for NBA, NBA Game Time 2012-13 is totally designed. With NBA Game Time 2012-13, users are able to keep in touch with the latest scores of each Thanksgiving 2012 game.

9. Sparrow


Without email service, Thanksgiving 2012 will turn out to be quite boring. Sending emails not only enables users to communicate with friends but also share ideas with friends. Therefore, an iPhone 5 mail app for Thanksgiving 2012 is in great demand. Sparrow is such a mail app designed to help users send their emails with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. Besides that, this iPhone 5 app enables users to upload attachments to mails speedily.

10. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD

Won't it be cool to decorate the iPhone 5 mobile with Thanksgiving 2012 wallpapers. However, the main problem to the idea is that Thanksgiving wallpapers for iPhone 5 are hard to find. This is only true to iPhone 5 users who haven't installed Wallpaper HD. As a professional wallpaper app designed for Thanksgiving 2012, Wallpaper HD can provide users various high-resolution and beautifully designed iPhone 5 wallpapers. Therefore, users can also easily get iPhone 5 wallpapers for Thanksgiving 2012 with it.  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 5 James Bond Movies with Best Opening Weekend Performance

As the immoral existence in spy movie, James Bond, man without supernatural power, can be as magic as Superman, as strong as Batman and as swift as Spider-man. As the longest movie franchise in history, James Bond series is the second most profitable movie series, only second to Harry Potter series. Surprisingly, over the past decades, audiences have never fed up with those identical factors in each James Bond movie like innovative weapons, handsome Bond, beautiful partner of Bond and Bond's attempt to save the whole world. In fact, it is James Bond movies who take full advantages of those elements that can get great successes in the market.

After long-time waiting, Agent 007 finally comes back with a vengeance in Skyfall. As a consequence, the 2012 James Bond movie easily takes over the position of Wreck-It Ralph by a large margin in terms of box office. Moreover, some even regard Skyfall as the best James Bond movie ever produced so far. In fact, Skyfall is on its way to become the most profitable James Bond movie in history. To help audiences know better about James Bond movies, this post will cover top five most profitable James Bond movies in history. Since we can't ignore the latest James Bond movie, the ranking list is based on the box office performance of James Bond movies in the opening weekend.

1. Skyfall

To be honest, no one will feel surprised the great success of Skyfall. Just as The Dark Night Rises, the latest Batman movie, Skyfall returns as a market hit with four-year preparation. Gaining over 88 million dollars in box office in the opening weekend, Skyfall turns out to be the James Bond movie with best opening weekend performance. In Skyfall, James Bond is on the edge of death after being abandoned by M in a mission. However, when he knows the dangerous situation M is in, he decides to complete the impossible mission. Skyfall will also tell audiences something about Bond's personal history which they fail to trace in the previous Bond films. Moreover, this James Bond movie is said to be the last one starred by Daniel Craig.

2. Quantum of Solace

Before the release of Skyfall, Quantum of Solace turns out to be the most profitable James Bond movie in total box office and opening weekend performance. With over 67 million dollars in box office in the first weekend, this James Bond movie began its way to success. In Quantum of Solace, James Bond is furious about the death of his lover so that he wants to seek for revenge. As he digs in, he finds the conspiracy of an environmentalist who wants to control all the resources on Earth.

3. Die Another Day

As the last Bond movie starred by Pierce Brosnan, Die Another Day has won over 47 million dollars in opening weekend. This James Bond movie is also produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of James Bond movies. In Die Another Day, James Bond is prisoned in North Korean after betrayed by some followers. When he is set free, he decides to investigate the betrayer which leads him to the conspiracy of a rich man who intends to send a man-made sun to the sky. Therefore, Bond sets out to stop this lunatic plan.

4. Casino Royale

As the first James Bond movie starred by Daniel Craig, Casino Royale made the Russian actor world famous. Though only getting 40 million dollars in the opening weekend, Casino Royale actually wins over Die Another Day with a total box office of 167 million dollars. In this profitable James Bond movie, Bond gets his first mission as 007 to beat a banker in a poke game. When he wins all the money, he needs to face with those terrorists who are staring at his money. In the end, Bond loses his lover which leads to his fury in Quantum of Solace.

5. The World Is Not Enough

With the cast of Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards, The World Is Not Enough wins over 35 million dollars in opening weekend. In this profitable Bond movie, James Bond gets the mission to protect the daughter a killed oil tycoon. However, he needs to fight against a crazy man named Renard who is planning to destroy an oil pipeline and even the Europe. As Bond digs in, he finds the daughter of the oil tycoon is also involved in the whole mission.  

Monday, November 12, 2012

10 Best 2012 iPhone Games Listed from A to Z

When it comes to iPhone, complimentary words flash in everyone's mind. As one of the most successful mobiles ever made in history, iPhone needs to contribute its success to its beautiful appearance, its innovative design, its successful market strategy and most importantly, the support from App Store. It is no exaggeration to assert that what App Store to iPhone is what water to fish. Moreover, with numerous iPhone games in App Store, iPhone turns out to be a favored walking game console.

General speaking, users can find iPhone games of all kinds from App Store. Some popular games earn their names as iPhone games and some are designed as iPhone games out of PC games. Moreover, iPhone is now so influential in gaming field that hundreds of iPhone games will be released every day. As a consequence, users can always face the happy troubles to pick out one iPhone game from one thousand. To this extent, this post will introduce ten best 2012 iPhone games for reference. Those 2012 iPhone games are all released or updated in 2012 and they will be listed from A to Z.

1. Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars

As the latest version of Angry Birds games, Angry Birds Star Wars is created to honor the blockbuster movie as well as celebration the birth of Star Wars VII. Released in November, this iPhone game enables users to control different birds to attract the irritating the hogs. Those birds are made up as characters in Star Wars and their attack modes are related to the skills of those characters. For example, Skywalker bird uses light sword while princess bird employs gun.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

For users who love zombie apocalypse games, they will definitely fall in love with this 2012 iPhone game. As the sequel to Call of Duty: Zombies, Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies requires players to shoot their ways from the surrounding zombies. Updated in July, this 2012 iPhone game delivers maps and weapons never before seen on mobile. Players need to face the weak zombie in the initial stage and then the 50-level zombie in the final stage. Moreover, the zombie game also enables u to four players to play in the same team. ????

3. FIFA Soccer 13

FIFA Soccer 13

As one of the most favored sports games ever released by EA, FIFA Soccer 13 turns out to be a great success in mobile market. Released in November, this 2012 iPhone game enables football fans to take control of their favorite team to win one prize after another. Covering 500 teams in 30 leagues, this iPhone game enables users to compete with almost any team they desire. Moreover, users can also connect with other players to enjoy the ultimate fun brought by this excellent game.

4. Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy Dimensions

As the mobile version of famous Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Dimensions is well-known for its 2D graphics and fighting system. As one of the most anticipated 2012 iPhone games, Final Fantasy Dimensions enables users to control a group of characters and then switch between thos characters to complete the missions in each episode.

5. Grand Theft Auto 3

Grand Theft Auto 3

No one will doubt the influence of Grand Theft games just as no one ever believes Grand Theft Auto 3 won't be a successful iPhone game. Updated in February, this 2012 iPhone game allows users to play according to the story plot or play randomly without concerning the plot. Setting the background as the dark and seedy underworld of Liberty City, this 2012 iPhone game can show players a dark and ruthless world of crime.

6. Haunted Hogs

Haunted Hogs

As the new update of Angry Birds seasons, Haunted Hogs is created as a 2012 Halloween game. Released on the same day as iPad mini, this 2012 iPhone game fails to receive much attention. However, it is still a favored choice if one desires to have a relaxing time with games. In this game, birds need to whip those irritating hogs who dressed up as vampire, Frankenstein and scarecrow. New tools like haunted bricks are also provided to match up with the spooky atmosphere of Halloween.

7. NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13

As the season of NBA 2012 is about to begin, NBA 2K13 will definitely attract the attention of those basketball fans. Updated in October, this 2012 iPhone game enables players to control one NBA team to beat others in Dynasty mode or control a certain player to challenge the most memorable performances in NBA history. Moreover, it is the first game in this series that allows players to compete with each other in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth. Of course, the game quality of NBA 2K13 is fully guaranteed.

8. Street Fighter X Tekken

Street Fighter X Tekken

As the 2012 iPhone game collecting the good fighters in Street Fighter and Tekken, Street Fighter X Tekken gives players no reason to say no to it. Yes, in this iPhone game, players can challenge characters in Tekken with Rue or Ken. In this 2012 iPhone game, players need to use a two-fighter team to fight their ways to the final success. Since the characters are designed as 3D ones, the crossover battle is definitely worth playing.

9. Template Run

Template Run

This is no much need to introduce more about Template Run become it is such a popular 2012 iPhone game. Basically speaking, players need to control the treasure hunter to find his way back to the civilized city. To make sure the character won't be prevented while running, players need to control the role to jump over the obstacle, slip under the bridge or make a swift turn in an unexpected turning. This 2012 iPhone game is not complicated, but really addicting.

10. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph

As the 2012 iPhone game created to publicize the newly-released film, Wreck-It Ralph contains 3 gaming world shown in the movie. Players need to control Felix to fix those damaged windows in Fix-It Felix Jr, control Ralph to jump from one stage to another with Sweet Climber or shoot alien monsters in Hero's Duty. In fact, those three games are not related with each other if there is no such movie named Wreck-It Ralph. Moreover, the success of the Disney animation movie has led to the popularity of this Wreck-It Ralph game.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

After I Missed Free BioShock, I Encountered Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer

It is a known story that everyone loves goods that are provided for free. However, in most cases, customers only get involved in giveaway plans accidentally. Then, accesses to giveaway plans are highly desired by customers. According to personal experience, one can know about giveaway plans in two ways. Since some websites like giveawayoftheday.com will recommend different giveaway plans every day, visit them frequently to check if your desired goods are listed as freebies. Book the newsletter or visit the blog of the company who is the producer of your desired goods to find out corresponding promotion or giveaway plans. It is those tips that help to know about the Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer on November 12nd.

However, even if you follow my instruction, you may not success if you own no luck or patience. Those two factors have impressed me deeply in recent days. As a game player, I love zombie apocalypse games. Though I wanted a game named BioShock most, I was reluctant to pay 5 dollars for the 5-year old game. Then I spent months looking for its giveaway or discount plan only to find none was available. Ironically, weeks after I had purchased the game, BioShock was provided for free. Therefore, luck is quite important to your success at times.

My story with Leawo iTransfer giveaway plan is totally a different one. As an iPhone 4S user, I have a lot to complain about the transference system. iTunes is good, only when I find it can help me to manage the transference. However, in most cases, it refuses to transfer free downloaded songs or photos from iPhone 4S to computer. Leawo iTransfer in one of the best alternative to iTunes I have ever found. I have used the trial version for a few days and I can't help complimenting it. Since I had run out the time limitation of the trial version yesterday, I decided to pay for Leawo iTransfer. On the edge of my purchase, I decided to visit its blog, which proved to the best decision ever. What did I get? It's News about the giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer.

According to the news, the company will release One Day Giveaway Plan of Leawo iTransfer as part of the operation plan with giveawayoftheday.com on November 12nd. On that day, free registration code for Leawo iTransfer will be provided on giveawayoftheday.com. However, since they have provided homepage for the activity, I guess we can also get free registration code there. It seems that users need to provide their names and email addresses in exchange of registration code. However, the news hints that users may find the registration code mail in Spam box. Isn't it kind of weird? Moreover, the news also notes that the registration code must be activated before November 12nd and there are no updates for the free iPhone transfer. Whatever, one cannot expect that much from free software.

Moreover, I have also found other surprises in the news. It seems that some inexperience converters will be provided on the activity page, starting from November 12, 2012 and ending on November 22, 2012. There are not only Video Editor with 30% price off and Video Converter Pro with 60% price off, but also half-priced converters like PowerPoint to Video Pro and Blu-ray Ripper. Though I am not quite familiar with those converters, I am also attracted by their low price tags. Moreover, they seem to be able to make my iPhone 4S compatible to all video files, DVD movies, Blu-ray videos and PowerPoint files. I think I will decide whether to purchase them or not after I have used corresponding trial versions.

All in all, though I have missed free BioShock for misfortune, I am lucky enough to encounter giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer. In fact, stories like those happen on my way to pursuit giveaway plans of favored goods. Sometimes, you just need some luck to make things done.

5 Most Favored Dracula Movies of All Time

Over hundred years ago, an Irish man named Bram Stoker won fame and reputation after publishing a Gothic novel named Dracula. However, he would be surprised to know that his novel has not only opened a door for vampire culture, but also turned to be influential enough to make his 165th birthday well-known to the world via Google doodle. As for Dracula, the hero of the novel, he turned out to be the synonym of words like bloodlust, vampire king and horror. Thanks to the great success of the novel, Dracula has introduce the word "Vampire" to the whole world after showing up in various dramas, movies, songs, tales and even clothes.

In most vampire movies, when there is vampire, there is silhouette of Dracula. Though countless Dracula movies have been produced over the past century, only a few of them can be viewed as real market hits. Therefore, top five most favored Dracula movies of all time will be covered in this post. However, one thing to notice is that only vampire movies where Dracula is acting as main characters can be named Dracula movies here. Moreover, those Dracula movies are picked in terms of their box office performance.

1. Hotel Transylvania

As a 2012 movie released a few months ago, Hotel Transylvania is designed as funny Dracula movie. In fact, made as a 3D animation film, this favored Dracula movie is accessible to audience of all ages. Dracula, the evil boss in Bram Stoker's novel, has turned out to be an irritating businessman who tends to kick a normal human out of his castle and Transylvania, the living house of Dracula in the novel turns out to be a summer retort for monsters. Anyway, contrary to all other Dracula movie, Hotel Transylvania makes the vampire king a lovely and something of dull character. The movie gains over 138 million dollars in box office so far, making it a leader in profitable zombies movies and Dracula movies.

2. Van Helsing

This favored Dracula movie has at least one thing in common with Hotel Transylvania: the gathering of various monsters. In Van Helsing, the hero needs to fight against vampire, lycan and even Frankenstein. According to the novel of Bram Stoker, Van Helsing is just a man with some knowledge about vampire. However, in most movies, the character turns out to be a powerful vampire hunter with mysterious identity. In the movie, Van Helsing needs to assist a family to end ancient curses by wiping out Dracula. Just as the prophecy has predicted, Dracula is finally beaten by a wolf man, the converted Van Helsing. Besides the excellent fighting scene, the weapon used by Van Helsing is also an attracting point. The Dracula movie gained over 120 million dollars in box office so far.

3. Bram Stoker's Dracula

Among all Dracula movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula is the only one that almost matches with the novel in plot. For gothic fans who gain no access to Bram Stoker's novel, they can refer to this favored Dracula movie. As a special horror movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula explains the birth of the vampire and the death of the vampire. In the movie, Dracula turns from a Christian to a devil after hearing the death news of his wife when he returns as a victor. All things have changed after he meets a woman who he believes is the reincarnation of his wife. In the end, love converts the devil to a Christian again. Bram Stoker's Dracula has proved that even directed as a love movie, Dracula movie can still be favored by audience. With the cast of Keanu Reeves and Monica Bellucci, the movie received over 82 million dollars in box office.

4. Blade: Trinity

As the finial movie of Blade trilogy, Blade: Trinity marks the ending of the vampire hunting story after the hero succeeded in killing the ultimately powerful vampire of all time, Dracula. As a favored Dracula movie, Blade: Trinity gains over 52 million dollars in box office. In Blade: Trinity, after being hunted by policemen and vampires, Blade has to cooperate with other hunters known as Nightstalkers. In a hunting activity, they surprisingly find the existence of Dracula. Then they decide to kill those vampires once and for all with newly invented weapons. Of course, fighting scenes and heroine action make the Dracula movie thrilling. Besides that, the actor of Dracula, who casted as Lincoln in Prison Break, has also been eye-attracting point of this Dracula movie.  

5. Love at First Bite

Though 43 million dollars in box office is not that impressive at present, it is quite good for a movie made in 1979. This favored Dracula movie is also one that focuses on love story of the vampire king. In Love at First Bite, Dracula has moved from Transylvanian castle to New York to pursue a lady named Cindy Soundheim. Meanwhile the boyfriend of Cindy wants to protect the girl from being seduced by the vampire in all ways.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 10 iPhone 5 Apps That Help Voters Participate in 2012 Presidential Election

As the date of 2012 Presidential Election is approaching, the battle between Obama and Romney is turning white hot. While the whole nation is waiting for the winner in the battle of Obama vs Romney, voters are busy preparing for 2012 Presidential Election. Questions like where to vote, how to vote and when to vote have been concerned by all voters. To help voters fully participate in 2012 Presidential Election, voters are allowed to know the information about the election via various devices including mobiles and computers.

As one of the best-selling mobile in the US, iPhone 5 turns out to be most voters' first choice to take advantages of 2012 Presidential Election. Luckily, the new Apple cellphone hasn't let voters down. There are various iPhone 5 apps available to make sure every voter can participate in and enjoy the 2012 Election. Therefore, this post will covert ten iPhone 5 apps that help voters fully participate in 2012 Presidential Election.

1. Visible Vote Mobile

Visible Vote Mobile

Designed as a political app for iPhone 5, Visible Vote Mobile can help voters to know what opinions Obama or Romney has given on those hot issues voters concern. In this way, voters can decide who they like more as the US President. Moreover, this iPhone 5 app can also be used in normal days to help voters get involved in political issues. After typing their personal information, voters can see the opinions of the local seniors or congressmen, send them messages and even commented on a certain bill.

2. Chrome


Of course, a web browser for iPhone 5 can help voters to get in touch with the latest news about 2012 Presidential Election. However, why use Chrome instead of Safari? In recent days, Google has provided a web app designed for 2012 Presidential Election named Google Politics & Elections. With it, voters can not only know the favored candidate in each state currently but also the result for the voting in each state. Moreover, with Chrome, voters can easily know the voting station in each place.

3. Candidates


Candidates is an iPhone 5 app that can help voters to decide which candidate to choose. After asking voters numerous political questions, the voting app will matches them up with the Republican, Democratic or independent candidate best suited to their responses. Though either Obama or Romney may not be the best choice, voters can at least know more about their opinions so as to make the right choice for them in 2012 US Presidential Election.

4. Vote!!!


For voters who just want to get fun from the serious political event, they can refer to an iPhone 5 game named Vote!!!. In the game, Obama and Romney are designed as cartoon characters who want to win the 2012 Election with violence. Therefore, they will fight each other in any places with any tools ranging from Microphone to a Statue of Liberty. For voters who hate Republican, they can control Obama to whip Romney.

5. iBooks


For green hands that have no idea about the procedure about 2012 Presidential Election, they need to refer to the corresponding documents on official websites. It is not a tough task to download those documents which are PDF files with iPhone 5. However, without iPhone 5 apps like iBooks, reading the document with the mobile will be a tough mission. Therefore, iBooks can help young voters to know more about 2012 Presidential Election via those official documents in an easy way.

6. US Yellow Pages

US Yellow Pages

For citizens who need to be registered to vote or who hold doubts about 2012 Presidential Election, they can contact the local or State elections office. With the phone number of those organizations in hand, voters can save much time and energy. US Yellow Pages is such an iPhone 5 app that can provides voters the phone number of those commonly-seen phone numbers for hotel or governmental organizations. As a consequence, getting involved in 2012 Presidential Election seems to be not that difficult.

7. Facebook


Why will Facebook needed for 2012 Presidential Election? For one thing, Facebook is a platform to help voters communicate with each other and share opinions with each other. For another, the social network community has provided voters much information of Obama and Romney. Voters can visit their home pages to know about their political blueprint and even communicate with them via message board.

8. Google Maps/Apple Maps

Apple Maps

For voters who have difficulty in knowing the right path to the voting station, they need a navigation tool like Google Map or Apple Map. Rumors came that Google Maps would show in iPhone 5 sooner or later. Of course, compared with Google Maps, Apple Maps, as an important defect of iOS 6, is not favored. However, once Google Maps fails to arrive in time, Apple Maps seems to be the only choice for iPhone 5 voters.

9. Sigalert


It is really bad luck to miss 2012 Presidential Election for unexpected reasons like traffic jam. Though no one wants to waiting in line for hours on driving to voting stations, the situation is familiar to most voters. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app that can guide voters the fast way to the destination, Sigalert is highly favored. While most traffic apps for iPhone 5 get updates periodically, Sigalert can concurrently provide voters most accurate and newest traffic data. Therefore, voters can know which ways are full of cars and which ways they shall drive in.

10. iVote Daily

iVote Daily

Though iVote Daily is not the best iPhone 5 app to discuss 2012 Presidential Election, it is at least a decent app to help voters get involved in 2012 Presidential Election. Voters can vote in simple opinion polls and compare and contrast results from across the globe. In the latest version of the iPhone 5 app, the defects that make the app crash quite often has been fixed.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 10 Necessary iOS 6 Apps for iPhone 5

To some extent, the more apps a mobile gets, the more powerful it turns out to be. Therefore, with the support of apps from App Store, iPhone 5, the iOS 6 device that can take full advantages of the latest iOS apps, can be named the most powerful mobile in the world. Though the built-in iPhone 5 apps have covered almost every field ranging from video recording to message sending, they are still far from enough to help users experience the functions of iPhone 5. In other words, only with appropriate third-party iPhone 5 apps can users take full advantage of the latest Apple mobile. Therefore, this post will introduce you top ten necessary iOS 6 apps for iPhone 5.

1. YouTube apps

YouTube apps

When iPhone 5 rejects YouTube app for the alleged contract issues, users are eagerly to get a way to watch YouTube videos with iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5. Before the new YouTube app was available, users could only visit YouTube with Safari directly, which discomforted some users. Then in September, the latest YouTube app was released by Google which could help users better enjoy YouTube videos than the previous versions. Moreover, on considering the important role YouTube plays in people's entertainment, a YouTube app for iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5 is far more than necessary.

2. AVPlayer


With 5-inch Retina Display, iPhone 5 turns out to be an ideal device for video watching. However, since only a few video files can be supported by iPhone 5, users have to convert those videos like DVD files to MP4 videos for iPhone 5. The direct access to help users better enjoy videos with iPhone 5 is to install a powerful multimedia for iPhone 5. Luckily, AVPlayer is such an iPhone 5 app that can make iPhone 5 compatible to all video files. Besides that, AVPlayer can also provide users detailed information about the movies.

3. iPhoto


With 8-megapixel rear camera, iPhone 5 makes rare photographing behavior a shameful waste. However, since not all the photos can be that perfected, users may need a tool to edit those photos. The built-in iPhone 5 camera can help users to do some basic operation. For further polishing, iPhoto is highly recommended. The iPhone 5 app not only provides users various editing features but also simple operations.

4. iMovie


Both rear camera and front camera of iPhone 5 can record videos in 1080p. Therefore, iPhone 5 is actually luring everyone to record videos with it. Once users want to upload the videos to YouTube, they need to make further polishing in the first place. Therefore, iMovie, as a powerful video editor, is highly desired. The iOS 6 apps enable users to make decent videos with various editing features provided.

5. iBook


Reading is a good habit and iPhone 5 just makes the habit full of fun. With iBook installed, users can get the illusions that they are reading the rear book. With a design thinner and smaller than that of a real book, iPhone 5 makes reading extraordinarily funny experience. Moreover, the iOS 6 app enable users to view eBooks that are actually PDF or EPUB files.

6. Opera/Skyfire


Though the built-in Safari is a decent web browser, users may also need other web browsers for iPhone 5. For one thing, Safari is quite data-eating; for another, mobile web browsers may provide iPhone 5 users better web-scanning experience. To this extent, Opera is highly recommended. As the most well-known iPhone web browser, Opera is not fast in speed and quick in response time but also data-saving. Of course, for users who desire to play Flash on iPhone 5, Skyfire is more favored.

7. VirusBarrier iOS

VirusBarrier iOS

Though no virus has been traced on iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5, it doesn't mean that an anti-virus app is totally unnecessary. In fact, the main battle field of Internet security has been switched from traditional areas like PC to mobile field. Therefore, better get one antivirus app than none. Moreover, for those who have their iPhone 5 jailbreaked, this iOS 6 app is quite necessary. In generally, VirusBarrier iOS can use Intego's award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology to detect and eradicate threats in iPhone 5.

8. iFiles


Since apps functioning as file manager are not included as built-in iPhone 5 apps, the iOS 6 app named iFiles seems to be quite necessary. With it, one can not only manage copy, paste and delete operations of a file but also view document, edit text and even record voice at ease. Moreover, it helps users to optimize the iOS 6 systems of their iPhone 5.

9. Remote


If one happens to be an Apple TV owner, this iOS 6 app is highly desired. As the small-size remote of Apple TV is severely criticized by users, this iPhone 5 app can help users to control their TVs with more comfortable remotes. Moreover, Remote not only provides added-value for iPhone 5, but also makes it a cool device to handle with.

10. Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro

Without battery powerful, iPhone 5 will be no more than a box made of glass and plastic. Therefore, iOS 6 apps exclusive designed for iPhone 5 battery like Battery Doctor Pro are much favored in the market. Battery Doctor Pro can not only prolong the duration time of iPhone 5, but also provides tips to guide users to maintain the best statue of the iPhone 5 battery. Therefore, with this iPhone 5 battery, users can not get more pleasure with iPhone 5 but also mobile batteries with longer life span.