Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rumored Movies Roundup - Top 5 Unexpected Movies that May Show on Screen

It is true that nothing is impossible in movie market. After At World's End was named the last movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series, audience surprisingly found an unexpected movie named On Strange Tides. As The Return of the King hinted the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, An Unexpected Journey was released as a prequel. In most cases, the promises of the film makers can easily be broken. As a consequence, audiences pay high-price ticket for the alleged final movie of a certain movie series only to find another unexpected sequel or prequel is just on the way.

In fact, there are times when those unexpected movies are forced to be directed. For example, the only reason for the production of The Godfather: Part III was that the producer wanted to earn money from the unexpected movie to get rid of poor financial situation. For those movies that were viewed as perfect ends in plot, the next movies were made as prequels and for those movies that were not that connected tightly with predecessors in plot, unexpected movies will be presented as sequels. Therefore, in this rumored movies roundup, top five unexpected movies will be introduced.

1. Star Wars: Episode 7

Star War: Episode 7

If the rumored movie is actually in production, it will be the most unexpected movie of all time. Even though the rumored movie is confirmed by Disney, some audiences still doubt the reliability of making the seventh movie of Star Wars. Even as the latest movie of well-known Star Wars series, Star Wars: Episode 7 may not that attractive once it is released.

Since Return of the Jedi had marked the perfect ending of Star Wars stories, Star Wars: Episode 7 will not be a sequel movie. As Revenge of the Sith was the final movie of Star Wars prequels, Episode 7 gains no chance to be a prequel. If Star Wars: Episode 7 is made as a movie about new adventures of Skywalker, the unexpected movie will turn out to be much less attractive. Besides that, since Lucas has promised to make Revenge of the Sith the last Star Wars movie he directs, he may be absent from the production of Episode 7.

2. Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

As one of the most profitable Pixar animation movies, Toy Story 3 had marked the good ending of Toy Story series, both in box office and in reputation. Therefore, even as a rumored movie, Toy Story 4 is totally out of everyone's expectation. More surprisingly, most audiences are reluctant to watch such unexpected movie because they think Toy Story trilogy is so perfect that an extra movie may ruin everything. Moreover, it seems that little space had been left for Toy Story 4 in plot. The only choice seems to be made it as a prequel. If so, audience won't see Buzz in this unexpected movie.

3. Transformer 4

Transformer 4

If Transformer 4 ends up showing on the screen, it will turn out to be one of the most unexpected movies. After film maker had declared Transformer 3 as the final movie, the rumored movie should be appeared in fancy story only. Moreover, since Optimus has already torn Megatron into pieces in the successful 3D movie, Transformer 3, the biggest evil boss in the comics wont's show up in Transformer 4 if it is made as a sequel. Therefore, a good way to bring Megatron back to life is to make the unexpected movie a prequel. However, according to the leaked news, the movie won't be a prequel. Moreover, the endless rumors have also hinted that Transformer 4 may show on screen on day.

4. X-men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past

So far, two extra sequels had been made besides X-man trilogy. As a rumored movie, Days of Future Past will definitely be directed as prequel movie. The reason to list it as unexpected movie is that no one had expected that the director would continue his way to direct sequels for X-men after he had explained stories of Wolverine and Professor X in previous prequels. As a movie about to be released in 2014, Days of Future Past had hinted there is no end for X-men movies. As long as the director wants, he can make prequels for every character in X-man.

5. Finding Nemo 2

Finding Nemo 2

As another successful animation movie produced by Pixar Movie Studio, Finding Nemo has been favored by audience of all ages. Therefore, rumors came that the production of Finding Nemo 2 was on the way. Even if it is true, the rumored movie isn't that out of expectation. After all, either produced as prequel or a sequel, the rumored movie can be coherent with Finding Nemo in plot. Therefore, though the rumor hasn't been confirmed by Pixar, Finding Nemo 2 still gets big chance to be shown on screen. However, audiences still concern that it may suffer waterloo as Cars 2 did.

Monday, October 29, 2012

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD - A General Comparison in 5 Aspects

Soon after Amazon's attempt to fight against The new iPad 3 with large-size Kindle Fire HD, Apple fights back by releasing long-rumored iPad mini to compete with Kindle Fire HD in 7-inch tablet market. As a consequence, the topic of Kindle Fire HD vs iPad mini has stirred heating discussion. In fact, even before the release of iPad mini, people are looking forward to the battle of Kindle Fire HD vs iPad mini. Though people are not sure which one will be the winner in the battle of iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD, they do know that the battle will last for quite a while.

For users who are looking for 7-inch tablet, they are in a dilemma of choosing between Kindle Fire HD, one of the best 7-inch tablets in the world and iPad mini, the mini and latest version of iPad tablet. Just as the battle of iPad mini vs Nexus 7, the battle of iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD is also a closing one that either side can win by a narrow margin. Therefore, this post will compare Kindle Fire HD with iPad mini in 5 aspects so that users can not only choose the tablets that suit them most but also make their own judgment over the winner in the battle of iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD.     

1. iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Processor

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Processor

The processor to the tablet is what brain to human beings. The processor not only decides the performance of the device in running program but also the running speed and CPU occupancy of the device. To this extent, processor is a core element in judging the tablets. In this aspect, both Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini are dual-core devices. Kindle Fire HD gets a 1.2Hz OMAP 4470 processor while iPad mini sports dual-core 1.0Hz A5 processor. To this extent, Kindle Fire HD seems to be a winner in this battle. After all, the A5 processor which was used in iPad 2 one year ago is not powerful enough to compete with the latest dual-core one which can even compete with some quad-core processors in performance.

2. iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Camera

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Camera

With the advancement of science and technology, tablet is becoming a more and more powerful multimedia tool at present. Therefore, the ability of a tablet to shot vivid photos or enjoy HD videos turns out to be concerned by all. To this extent, iPad mini is the winner in the battle of iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Fire HD only sports 1.3-megapixel front facer that is barely enough to make video calls. Compared with it, the 1.2-megapixel front facer and 5-megapixel rear camera in iPad mini seems to be much more attractive. Besides that, iSight camera of iPad mini can always bring users extraordinary photographing experience.

3. iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Wi-Fi

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Wi-Fi

Now as Internet is playing a more and more important role in people's daily entertainment, people are spending more time surfing the Internet with their portable devices than with their computer. Therefore, the better Internet connection a tablet can get; the more chances it wins to gain market success. In terms of Wi-Fi, the dual Wi-Fi antennas, dual Band Kindle Fire HD can not only provide enjoy fast connect speed but also switch between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequencies. It is said that Kindle Fire is the tablet with best Wi-Fi function provided in the world. Moreover, Kindle Fire HD even beats iPad 3 in Wi-Fi test carried out by CNET.

4. iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Screen

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Screen

The advantages iPad tablets gained over other tablets in display were perhaps the only reasons for some users to make the purchase. However, this time, it is Kindle Fire HD's turn to win the battle. Kindle Fire HD sports a 7-inch screen running at 1280x800 with pixel density halts at 216 ppi. iPad mini only gets a 7.9-inch display owning a resolution of "1024x768", making its pixel density 162 ppi only. The display of iPad mini turns out to be a complete failure when compared with that of Kindle Fire HD. Besides that, the display turns out to be a big disappointment of iPad mini.

5. iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Price

iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD: Price

An important reason for the existence and popularity of non-iPad tablets is that not everyone can afford or willing to pay the price of iPad tablet. Therefore, a reasonable price of iPad mini would make it tablet killer. However, iPad mini is available with 329 dollars while Kindle Fire HD is only sold for 199 dollars. To this extent, Kindle Fire HD will definitely win the heart of those economic buyers with over 100-dollar price margin. Therefore, Kindle Fire HD wins another round in the battle of iPad mini vs Kindle Fire HD.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Iron Man to Iron Man 3 - Top 5 Iron Man Enemies in Iron Man Trilogy

As one of the most favored superhero movie series, Iron Man movies (including Iron Man and Iron Man 2) had gained tremendous success in the movie market. Even though the production of Iron Man 3 is still on the way, it is almost a certain thing that Iron Man 3 will be another market winner after its newly released Iron Man 3 trail has attracted unprecedented attention around the world. Moreover, according to the trail, elements like Iron Man 3 suit, Iron Man 3 weapon and Iron Man 3 enemy all gain great possibility to help Iron Man 3 to become an impressive blockbuster movie.

If Iron Man 3 has really become a market hit, there is at least one common element leading to the success of Iron Man trilogy named Iron Man enemy. Without powerful Iron Man enemy, the superhero fails to show off his power and charm. Therefore, with the presence of the most powerful Iron Man enemy in the trail, Iron Man 3 is likely to become the last Iron Man movie. If so, Iron Man movies will become the latest successful movie trilogy. To this extent, this post will show you top five Iron Man enemies in Iron Man trilogy which starts from Iron Man and ends with Iron Man 3.

1. The Mandarin

The Mandarin

When the Oscar winner Ben Kingsley is shown in the trail, people know he is coming for one character, The Mandarin, who is the most powerful Iron Man enemy in comics and movies. The Mandarin is a Chinese nobleman who is famous for his superhuman mastery of the martial arts. In the movie, The Mandarin has ten rings which represent ten powers he has gained from an alien spaceship. In the comics, Iron Man barely wins over The Mandarin with all the helps he can get, so does he in Iron Man 3.

Moreover, people believe Iron Man movies will be a trilogy one because The Mandarin is the best Iron Man enemy the movies can get. It is just the same reason to put Catwoman and Bane in last member of Batman movies, The Dark Knight Rises. The best enemies are always reserved for the last movie. After all, it is not a good way to make a sequel with a weaker enemy in it.

2. Blacklash


As the hero in Iron Man 2, Blacklash has almost killed Stark in the car racing field. Also known as Ivan Vanko, Blacklash takes advantages of an electrified whip capable of rending apart even the strongest of metals after equipped with a chest plate similar to that of Iron Man’s. In most of the time, his cooperation with Justin Hammer had left Iron Man in desperate situations. Moreover, as a crazy Iron Man enemy, Blacklush just wants to seek revenge from Iron Man. In the comics, he hates Iron Man because his family is killed by someone disguised as Iron Man. In Iron Man 2, he just wants to destroy Iron Man.  

3. Obadiah Stane

Obadiah Stane

In Iron Man, Obadiah Stane has brought quite a lot of troubles to the superhero. As a minor character in the comics, Stane becomes the final evil boss in Iron Man. As a colleague as well as friend of Stark, Stane takes full advantage of his hypocrisy. In the name of helping Stark, he has developed advanced weapons exclusively designed for Iron Man. In the end, he not only robs Iron Man suits but also pushes Stark to the edge of death. Moreover, his last fight against Iron Man has also exhausted Iron Man.

4. Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer

As the most famous weapon maker only inferior to Stark, Justin Hammer turns out to be Iron Man enemy for his envy and greed. In order to compete with Stark, he is even willing to hire Blacklush to become his weapon design. When he gets Iron Man suit, he decides to put it into mass production. His wish is to make Iron Man an antique and he has done that to some extent. In the end of Iron Man 2, those weapons he has made had brought great troubles to Iron Man.

5. Wong-Chu


In the comics, Wong-Chu is the man who has planned the kidnap of Stark. Here in Iron Man, the name represents those terrorists who have kidnapped Stark. Without those Iron Man enemies, Stark can’t be invent Iron Man suit and become a superhero. Though those men are weak Iron Man enemies who are eliminated by Stark wearing rough Iron Man suit, they have posed the most profound influence on Stark. To some extent, they have changed the life of Stark and given birth to Iron Man.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPad Mini Disappointments Roundup - 4 Points that Ruin iPad Mini

The more hopes one gets, the more disappointments one receive. The words can fully express the anger of Apple fans that have waited iPad Mini for years. After iPad Mini is official debut, fans have fallen into deep depression. To some extent, the hurt to fans caused by iPad Mini disappointments is even greater than that caused by iPhone 5 disappointments. After all, fans had just waited a year for the coming of iPhone 5 but had expected the debut of iPad Mini for several years.

Due to iPad Mini disappointments, those media who predicted iPad Mini would boast the sales of Apple tablet began to worry about the future of iPad Mini. Some even criticized iPad Mini for lacking the powerful to compete with 7-inch tablets like Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. Therefore, this post will present you iPad Mini disappointment roundup to show you 4 points that may ruin iPad Mini.

1. iPad Mini Disappointment: Display

iPad Mini Display

Everyone knows iPad Mini will be a device with about 7-inch display. Therefore, the 7.9-inch display in not out of our expectation. However, the display with a resolution of "1020x768" is what makes iPad Mini disappointing. According to iPad Mini rumors, iPad Mini will sport a Retina Display or one with approaching performance. However, what people get is just a display with a pixel density of 216 ppi.

While Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD both gain displays running at "1280x800", the display turns out to be an iPad Mini disappointment. One shall notice that iPad Mini gets a bigger screen size than those two tablets mentioned above. The display resolution used to be the most attractive point of Apple devices. However, it now turns out to be the defeat that may ruin iPad Mini.

2. iPad Mini Disappointment: Price

iPad Mini Price

Without right market strategy, the success of a product will be a fancy story. It is known that only with reasonable price can iPad Mini become a real 7-inch tablet killer. Moreover, people believe that iPad Mini will be a device aiming at low-end market so that more people can afford it. Therefore, when 329 dollars had become the enter price for iPad Mini, most people felt surprised. One shall notice that Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 are all available for 199 dollars. Therefore, the price of iPad Mini makes it unlikely to be the winner in 7-inch tablet market.

Since iPad Mini isn't much more powerful than Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7, people feel the price unreasonable. Moreover, with this price, users can even choose some high-end products. Therefore, the crazily high price of iPad Mini turns out to be the biggest iPad Mini disappointment users ever get. Moreover, Apple's strategy to sell low-end product in high-end price may make iPad Mini become another Zune.

3. iPad Mini Disappointment: NFC


It is known that users want built-in NFC or similar function in iPhone 5 while Apple is reluctant to provide one. The same story has happened to iPad Mini again. This time, still NFC support on iPad Mini. In fact, Apple won't allow users to share data or transfer data with wireless technology and just allows the data transference between iPad Mini and computer happens via iTunes or iCloud. This is another reason why Micro SD slot will never show up in iPad Mini. However, for users, the absence of NFC is still an iPad Mini disappointment.  

4. iPad Mini Disappointment: Processor

iPad Mini Processor

For most users, iPad Mini shall be a device equipped with dual-core A6 processor or even quad-core A5 processor. Therefore, the dual-core A5 processor of iPad Mini is quite disappointing. That doesn't mean that A5 processor sucks, it is just not the type that shall appear in a loftily expected Apple tablet. Why shall anyone want to buy a new device with old CPU? Moreover, users also feel with 329 dollars, they deserve to own a device with either Retina Display or A6 processor. Moreover, the quad-core processor of Nexus 7 and dual-core processor of Kindle Fire HD can both compete with dual-core A6 in performance. Therefore, the old-fashioned processor turns to be an iPad Mini disappoints.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Evolution of Paranormal Activity Movies

When it comes to Halloween, horror movies and horror stories matter. Now with the approaching of Halloween 2012, horror movies are coming one by one. The success of Paranormal Activity 4 has made a good start for the 2012 Halloween horror movies. As the latest Paranormal Activity movie, Paranormal Activity 4 had topped box office with 30.2 million dollars last week. Actually, due to the tremendous success of Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity 4 turns out to be an anticipated 2012 Halloween movies before its release.

From 2007 to 2012, four Paranormal Activity movies had been made which all earned profits in box office and good names in reputation. When Paranormal Activity first came out as a low-budget horror movie, no one would ever realize that Paranormal Activity movies would become one of most influential horror movie series. Besides identical in style and visual effects, those four horror movies are also related in plots. Therefore, this post will focus on the evolution of Paranormal Activity movies by introducing you all the four moves respectively. For those who desire to watch the DVDs of the first three Paranormal Activity movies with tablet, they can convert the DVD files to videos for the tablet.

1. Paranormal Activity: Most profitable Paranormal Activity movie

As the first movie of Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity had brought the world too many surprises. The movie had shown the world how wonderful it could be to make a horror movie as a documentary film. This had great influence on modern horror movies like The Last Exorcism. Moreover, as a horror movie made with less than 15 thousand dollars, Paranormal Activity had gained over 193 million dollars in box office.

The 2007 horror movie mainly focuses on the weird and horror things happened in Katie's family. After moving to a suburb home, various weird things had happened to Katie's family. In order to find out the truth, they had decided to record all the things with a video recorder. The behavior had angered the demonic presence and it lured Katie to slaughter her husband in the end.  

2. Paranormal Activity 2: Worst Paranormal Activity movie

As the sequel of Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2 was not that impressive. It not only received the most criticizes but also gained least box office recipients in all Paranormal Activity movies. The main reason for its failure lied in its poor performance in oversea movie market. With 3-million-dollar budget, Paranormal Activity 2 only received 177 million dollars in box office.

The 2010 horror movie mainly tells about the horror experience of a family named Kristi. As Kristi moved into a new house, they suffered a series of "break-ins". After they have installed various surveillance cameras, they have found the evil spirit. When they are noticed they can transfer the spirit to another relative, Kristi decides to transfer it to her sister named Katie, the heroin in Paranormal Activity. In the end, the family is killed by Katie.

3. Paranormal Activity 3: Best Paranormal Activity movie

As the prequel of the former two movies, Paranormal Activity 3 gained tremendous success in all those Paranormal Activity movies. It was not the Paranormal Activity movie with highest box office recipients but also with highest opening weekend performance. Moreover, due to its great success, Paranormal Activity 4 turns out to be an anticipated 2012 horror movie.

The 2011 movie mainly focuses on the childhood of Katie and Kristi and the reasons why they are troubled by evil spirits. When they are playing in the garden, they have an imaginary friend named Toby. While many weird things occurred, her father finally realized the existence of the evil spirit and even discovered the reason for its existence. All was caused by her mother who signed a deal with the demon.  

4. Paranormal Activity 4: Most anticipated Paranormal Activity movie

Though Paranormal Activity 4 had topped the box office in the first weekend, it was far less than satisfying. The 30 million dollars in opening weekend are far less than the expected 50 million dollars and the fresh rate on Rotten Tomatoes is quite disappointing. However, Paranormal Activity 4 still gains the chance to become the Paranormal Activity movie with best performance for its excellence in oversea box office.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 5 Ocean Adventure Movies to Watch on Mobi-Dick Anniversary

As one of the most well-known American literature, Mobi-Dick is first published on October 18th, 1851. Therefore, today happens to be the 161st Anniversary of Mobi-Dick. To honor this great day, Google has changed its doodle to a scene descripting Captain Ahab's attempt to strike the sea monster in a boat. As a masterpiece by Herman Melville, the novel impressed readers with the thrilling ocean adventures of Captain Ahab. As a consequence, Mobi-Dick has great influence on ocean adventure movies.

In generally, besides the production of various Mobi-Dick movies, the image of the white whale is often shown in ocean adventure movies. For example, in Japanese cartoon series One Piece, Mobi Dick is also the name of a huge whale. In fact, there are various ocean adventure movies that can not only win profits but also earn good reputations. Therefore, this post will show you top 5 ocean adventure movies to watch on Mobi-Dick anniversary. For those who desire to watch those DVD with portable devices, they can refer to DVD Ripper.

1. Mobi Dick 2010

As a 2010 film adaptation of Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick, the film mainly focuses on the ocean adventure of Captain Ahab on his searching of the sea monster for revenge. In the beginning of the movie, young Ahab loses a leg when voyaging in a sub attracted by Mobi-Dick. Then he spends all his life seeking for his enemy. Though the movie is not successful in mobile market, it is quite loyal to the novel in plots.  

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 2

As the most profitable ocean adventure movie in history, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 had gained great success all over the world. The ocean adventure movie had impressed audience with its funny plot and thrilling adventures. In the movie, Captain Jack not only needs to avoid enslaving his soul to Jones' service, but also take care of the sea monster raised by Jones. In the end of the movie is the fighting scene between Jack and the sea monster which will remind you the plots in Mobi-Dick.

3. Finding Nemo

As one of the most profitable Pixar animation movies, Finding Nemo is an interesting ocean adventure movie. When a clown fish named Nemo is captured, his father named Marlin is trying all the ways to get him back. He not only needs to go through Jelly fish forest but also escape from the jaws of sharks. In the end, he finally gets his son back again. Finding Nemo is a movie that provides interesting ocean adventures favored by people of all ages.

4. Jaws

As a one of the most successful monster movies in history, Jaws makes the white shark another name of horror for a certain time. Also as an ocean movie directed by Spielberg, Jaw has impressed audience with the extraordinary sea adventures of the heroes. In Jaws, after a white shark begins to menace the residents in Amity, some brave men decide to begin their ways to hunt it. Of course, on their sea travel, they have experienced various ocean adventures and gone through various struggles against the sea monster.

5. The Perfect Storm  

The Perfect Storm is a movie about the struggle between man and the ocean. In this ocean adventure movie, some commercial fishermen were caught by an intense storm. Therefore, those people needs to fight for their lives with the cruel ocean. The movie not only shows audiences a thrilling ocean adventure, but also the power of human will. Moreover, for an ocean adventure movie starred by Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney, its excellence is fully guaranteed.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 5 Most Profitable Zombie Movies of All Time

As Halloween 2012 is approaching, various horror movies is about to be released. As the major component of horror movies, zombie movie is usually favored by youngsters, not only in Halloween 2012 but also in the whole year around. In recently days, zombie movies have turned out to be quite influential. Walking Dead, the famous zombie drama, had set new ratings record on AMC and the newly released zombie movies, Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania, had also done quite well in box office. In fact, the zombie apocalypse is one of the most favored themes of directors.

Though a number of zombie movies will be released each year, just a few of them can be called of great influence. In most cases, zombie movies are those who fail to impress audience with both the plot and the effects. However, there are also zombie movies that can not only win high profits but also earn good reputations. Therefore, this post will display you top five most profitable zombie movies of all time. All the data come from box office mojo.

1. Hotel Transylvania

To everyone's surprise, the most profitable zombie movie till now is a newly released comedian. As a zombie animation movie, Hotel Transylvania had received over 100 million dollars in box office and it is still widening the margin. Hotel Transylvania is a movie focusing on the attempts of the vampire king, Dracula to force a man to leave his lavish hotel as well as his failures. The successful point of the movie is that it has provided audience new points of view towards zombie movie. Instead of showing people zombie apocalypse or flesh-eating monster, it provides users cute characters with funny stories.  

2. Zombieland

As the most profitable zombie movie only second to Hotel Transylvania, the 2009 movie, Zombieland has earned over 75 million dollars in box office. More importantly, the zombie movie is just a low-budget one. In Zombieland, four persons are involved, timid Columbus, strong Tallahassee, beautiful Wichita and cute Rock. The movie gets all the elements a zombie movie can get including zombie apocalypse, walking dead and scaring plot. Moreover, the movie also gets those elements a zombie movie lacks like funny language, amusing coincident and witty speech. Therefore, as an innovative zombie movie, Zombieland attaches new charms to the old genre.

3. Resident Evil: Afterlife

As the most profitable zombie movie of Resident Evil series, Afterlife ranked third with 60 million dollars in box office. As the first 3D Resident Evil movie, Afterlife has attracted many 3D fans. The zombie movie is about how Alice tries to find the only safe place known as Arcadia with a group of friends. Of course, they need to fight a way among the surrounding zombies. Besides the 3D movie, the coming of new zombies is another factor that leads to the success of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

4. Dawn of the Dead

The 2004 zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead, ranked fourth with 59 million dollars in the list of the profitable zombie movies. As the remake of the 1978 zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead attaches new vigor to the old story. In Dawn of the Dead, some survivors of zombie apocalypse have hidden in shopping center. However, when their location has been traced, they need to find out other ways to escape from the zombie world. The most attracting point of the zombie movie is the impressive scaring face of zombies which is based on the appearance of real corpses.  

5. Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her occupies the fifth place in the list of most profitable zombie movies with 58 million dollars. As a zombie movie made in 1992, Death Becomes Her is of great influence towards this genre. Even till now, some still can't believe several effects can be shown in this 1990s movie. It is not more a comedian than a scaring movie. As a movie starred by Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis, the box office performance of the zombie movie is fully guaranteed. Death Becomes Her is about how a woman learns of an immortality treatment and uses it to wipe out her enemy.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Top 4 Biographical Movies of Nobel Prize Winners

In recent days, one of the most influential events in scientific field turns out to be the unveiling of winners for 2012 Nobel Prizes. As an event known for its high authority and just criteria, Nobel Prize aims to award those major contributors in scientific field. In the list of 2012 Nobel Prize winners, new surprises are given to the whole world. Mo Yan becomes the first Chinese writer to win 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature while two scientists working on quantum optics are awarded 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Just as a saying, there's no easy way to success. Only with tears, pains and efforts can a man become a Nobel Prize winner. To many people, Nobel Prize winner shall be a crazy science geek whose private life is only concerned by the world after he gets a Nobel Prize. However, in most cases, this is not true. From their biographical movies or autobiographies, one can not only know the struggle of those Nobel Prize winners but also find the charming points in their personalities. Therefore, this post will present you top 4 biographical movies of Nobel Prize winners.

1. Biographical Movie of "Al" Gore - An Inconvenient Truth

As the 45th Vice President of the United States, "Al" Gore surprisingly devoted himself to the career of environmental protection. More surprisingly, he was awarded 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his great contribution in this field. Actually, before his success in Nobel Prize, his biographical movie, An Inconvenient Truth, was quite influential and popular.

In An Inconvenient Truth, "Al" Gore states his depression towards the failure in General Election and how he begins to notice the serious effects brought by global warming. While focusing on the worsening of the environment, An Inconvenient Truth also shows the opinions and the fights of "Al" Gore.

2. Biographical Movie of John Nash - A Beautiful Mind

As a legendary Nobel Prize winner, John Nash was awarded Nobel Prize in Economic Science in 1994 for his 1950s theory known as game theory. Actually, Nash is also a controversial Oscar winner. As a mathematician, he is awarded for his contribution in economic field. Moreover, he spends all his life struggling with paranoid schizophrenia. For all those reasons, his biographical movie gains great success in reputation and in box office.   

A Beautiful Mind deals with the lifelong experience of the famous Nobel Prize winner. His loneliness in college years, his research on game theory, his illusion as an FBI agent, his suffering in hospital, his love story and his struggle with the illusion. Through the movie, one can better understand the pains and tears a Nobel Prize has suffered.

3. Biographical Movie of Nelson Mandela - Invictus

As the most respectful man in the world, Nelson Mandela spends all his life fighting against racism and discrimination. In 1993, he became one the Nobel Peace Prize winners as well. After the great success of autobiography of Mandela, his biographical movie, Invictus, also gained great success at that time.

Invictus is a movie neither deals with the sufferings of Mandela in prison nor with his political fighting with the opposed. Actually it is about how Mandela initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land by enlisting a national rugby team to win the world cup. With the help of Mandela, the team turns from one full of racists to a united and cooperated one. Moreover, Morgan Freeman is exactly the actor is chosen by Mandela as the most suitable actor as Mandela in film world.

4. Biographical Movie of Maathai - Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai

As a Kenyan environmental and political activist, Wangari Maathai was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her great contribution in sustainable development. As the founder of Green Belt Movement as well as the first African female Nobel Prize winner, her success aroused everyone's interest. As a consequence, her biographical movie had gained great success in the market.

The Vision of Wangari Maathai is a documentary film. It mainly focuses how Maathai begins Green Belt Movement, persuades more and more people to join in it and goes through hardships to make it popular and influential. Besides that, there are also opinions of Maathai towards the worsening living environment and some landscapes of the African city.

Those are the top four biographical movies of Nobel Prize winners. For those who desire to watch the DVD versions with iPad Mini, they can convert the DVD to MP4 with DVD Ripper.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top 4 Victims of 2012 Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Just as every coin has two sides, everything gains its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, the rapid development of social network communities like Facebook and Twitter makes daily communication much easier; on the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are providing shortcuts for the spreading of pranks, rumors and even celebrity death hoaxes. In terms of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes, Twitter users play an important role in making the pranks popular and influential.

When a new celebrity death hoax spreads, the celebrity and his fans suffer. Among those victims of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes, there are stars who are troubled by such pranks every year and there are stars that are first attacked by death hoaxes. Therefore, this post will present top 5 victims of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes.

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Death Hoax: As a world famous actor, Captain Jack is often troubled by celebrity death hoax. In 2010, rumors came that Johnny Depp died in a car crash. In 2012 celebrity death hoax, Captain Jack is accidentally drowned in filming The Lone Ranger.

Reality: Jonny Depp is not dead. It is 48-year-old Mike Bridger who accidentally died of cardiac arrest while cleaning a pool tank.

Comment: On hearing the death hoax, many fans are worried. It seems that Captain Jack is facing a tough way to get the Fountain of Youth both in film world and in real life.

2. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Death Hoax: Eddie Murphy is the unlucky guy who has been attacked by 2012 celebrity death hoax twice. In July and August, the same rumor came that Eddie Murphy was dead in a snowboard accident. Ironically, the rumor even described how Eddie hit the tree and it succeeded in flooding the Internet twice.

Reality: Eddie Murphy is still alive and he has no interest in snowboarding. He doesn't learn and has no intention to learn how to snowboard.  

Comment: In Eddie Murphy movies, he often plays jokes on others. Now, in real life, he becomes the victim of a prank. In fact, the death hoax about Eddie Murphy is just as fancy as Eddie's comedies.

3. Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Death Hoax: In March, death hoax of Robin Williams came that the actor fell from an Australian mountain. The rumor started form a faked report provided by the phony Global Associated News prank site and was spread rampantly on Twitter.

Reality: Robin Williams is still alive and is now starring in a new movie. In fact, he was not ill in March and he was nowhere near Australia. The celebrity who passed away in March was named Robin Gibbs.

Comment: In March, the actor was working on a new Robin Williams movie named the The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. When the death hoax came, he had all reasons to become the angriest man in Brooklyn.

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Death Hoax: In May, "Rip Justin Bieber" became a hot topic on Twitter. Actually this is the fourth time that the pop singer is troubled by similar death hoaxes. In 2012, Bieber had been shot in night club, died in car crash and died of overdosing.

Reality: The single is as healthy as anyone else at present. It was one of his little fans who actually died of disaster.

Comment: As Justin Bieber became more and more famous, hoaxes about his death is spreading rampantly. This is a story with no end at all. As for the victim, Bieber is probably the celebrity hurt most by the 2012 celebrity death hoaxes.

Monday, October 8, 2012

4 Awards for Outstanding 2012 Horror Movies

Now along with the approaching of Halloween 2012 comes people's increasing interest towards horror movies, especially horror movies of 2012. Just as love movie and superhero movie, 2012 horror movie contributes a lot to the prosperity of film industry in 2012. Moreover, with the development of science and technology, some 2012 horror movies are not only realistic in visuality but also reliable in plot. Of course, one will find some 2012 horror movies exciting and excellent while others boring and awful.

Since not all 2012 horror movies are available in the market, we can't tell which one is best and which one is worst. However, we can still pick up those outstanding 2012 horror movies and even award them for their uniqueness. Therefore, this post tries to present 4 outstanding 2012 horror movies with 4 awards. Since the DVD versions of those 2012 horror movies are released, one can enjoy the DVD files with Kindle Fire HD.

1. Award for Most Disappointing 2012 Horror Movie: Prometheus

As one of the most expected 2012 summer movies, the performance of Prometheus was quite disappointing. Though it has gained over 400 million dollars worldwide, it is far less influential than other movies like The Avengers and The Hunger Games. As the prequel of Alien series, Prometheus mainly focuses on a scientific team's exploitation to find the origin of life and their battle with those monsters in the planet. Though Prometheus is not an awful 2012 horror movie, it is actually one which can fail to impress audiences too much with both its plot and its main characters.

Comment: When one has watched Prometheus, he will feel that it is a horror movie that shall not bear some much anticipation.

2. Award for Funniest 2012 Horror Movie: Hotel Transylvania

When audiences can see vampire, mummy, Frankenstein and lycan in one horror movie, it must be a scaring one. However, this is not the case here. Actually, Hotel Transylvania gathers those monsters together to present audiences an extraordinary comedy. The movie is about how a young man accidentally gets to a hotel used by Dracula as a resort for monsters and falls in love with the vampire's daughter. Of course, as such a funny horror movie, Hotel Transylvania wins both the reputation and the box office.

Comment: Hotel Transylvania is a movie full of all gothic elements a horror movie can get but do all the things a horror movie won't do.

3. Award for Most Surprising 2012 Horror Movie: The Possession

While everyone was focusing on expected 2012 fall movies like Resident Evil: Retribution and Bachelorette, they surprisingly found a low-budget film named The Possession had stolen all the thunders. The Possession not only ranked first in box office for two successive weeks but also turned to be second most profitable movies in September, only inferior to Hotel Transylvania. Moreover, it is a 2012 horror movie released in August. The Possession is about how a girl is infected and controlled by evil spirits in an old box.

Comment: Though no one expected The Possession could be a hot word in September, the mysterious box actually attracted people's attention and proved its endless magic.

4. Award for Most Creative 2012 Horror Movie: The Raven

As one of the most well-known novelists in the world, Allan Poe is famous for his horror novels. In The Raven, the novelist turns out to be the main character. In the movie, a murderer commits his crime according to Allan Poe's work. When Allan Poe tries to trace the inner world of the murder, his life is threatened. It is a bold attempt to direct an Allen Poe-oriented horror movie and it is even creative to associate the plot with Allan Poe's novels. Movies like Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter also focus on the different lives of celebrities but they are not that creative.

Comment: In an Allan Poe style movie, Allan Poe acts as the main character to deal with Allan Poe style murders. That's really fantastic!