Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top 3 Most Profitable Sandra Bullock Movies

As a famous movie actor, Sandra Bullock is a walking legend in Hollywood. As a first-time nominator, she successfully won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also became the first actress who was given Oscar Statue, Golden Raspberry Award and Golden Globe Award in the same year. Moreover, with over 1.77 billion dollars income of all Sandra Bullock movies, she ranked second in box office performance among all the actresses, only inferior to Julia Roberts.

Working as an actor in all those years, Sandra Bullock had suffered major ups and downs in her acting career. Though she had started her success as a comedian, people soon got tired of her acting style. However, instead of shifting her roles, Sandra tried to attach vigor to her comedians. Consequently, those comedies had turned out to be the most profitable Sandra Bullock movies.

In recent years, Sandra had presented us one profitable Sandra Bullock movie after another. Therefore, this post will present you top three most profitable Sandra Bullock movies. Since the DVD version of those profitable Sandra Bullock movies are all available, one can watch those DVD movies on Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVDs to MP4 files.

1. The Blind Side

The Blind Side DVD

The Blind Side mainly tells about a story of how a kind mother decides to adopt a self-contempt black child, who happens to be a talented athlete. Finally, she helps the child, who is supposed to live in the slump like others, to gain promising future with her love and patience. Just as the title indicates, the movie is not only funny and interesting, but also carries profound meanings.

The Blind Side is the most profitable Sandra Bullock movie with over 255 million dollars in box office performance. It was also the movie that helped Bullock to rob Academy Award from Meryl Streep. Moreover, in this profitable Sandra Bullock movie, Sandra successfully showed the world her acting skills.

2. The Proposal

The Proposal DVD

With over 163 million dollars in box office, The Proposal became the second most profitable Sandra Bullock movie. Coincidentally, The Proposal was released in the same year as The Blind Side. The Proposal mainly focused on a story of how an editor named Margaret tried to stay in the US by a faked marriage with her workmate. However, later they fall in love with each other and get a genuine wedding.

3. Speed

Speed DVD

Speed was the movie that helped Sandra to begin her success in the 1990s. With over 144 million dollars in box office income, Speed still ranks third as the most profitable Sandra Bullock movie. Speed is mainly about a story of how a young officer named Jack manages to save all the passengers on the bus with bombs. He needs to locate the robber while driving the bus in a high speed.

As a thrilling movie, Speed will astound people with the excellent plot and dangerous situations in the movie. It is a movie that can belt audience to the seats from the beginning to the end. Moreover, as a profitable Sandra Bullock movie, Speed not only made Sandra and Kenau famous, but also the director who happened to be a green hand.

Those are the top three most profitable Sandra Bullock movies. Speed helped Sandra to gain her reputation while The Blind Side helped Sandra to gain Academy Award. If you have got any better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Top 3 Evil Batman Villains in Batman Movies

Though affected by Colorado Shooting, the box office revenues of The Dark Knight Rises still amount to 161 million dollars in the first three days. As the ending movie of Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises earned both money and good reputations. Though inferior to The Avengers in the opening week performance, The Dark Knight Rises is quite promising to be the most profitable movie of the year.

If you are careful enough, you probably will find that behind every successful Batman movie stands an impressive evil Batman villain. Due to those Batman villains, the image of Batman had become much more impressive and heroic. In The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy perfectly impresses us with his evil image as a Batman villain. Therefore, this post will present you top three Batman villains in Batman series.

1. Bane by Tom Hardy

Bane by Tom Hardy

In the Comics, Bane may not be the most powerful Batman villain, but he is definitely the strongest Batman enemy. He broke Bruce Wayne's backbone which disabled the Batman. Therefore, in The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy is still the strongest Batman villain with the desire to ruin the whole city. In the final fight against Batman, he loses in a narrow margin.

2. Joker by Heath Ledger

Joker by Heath Ledger

Though Joker present by Jack Nicholson is wonderful, I think this Batman villain starred by Heath Ledger is much more impressive. Though passed away in an earlier time, Heath Ledger still won his Academy Awards with his performance as Joker in The Dark Knight. Moreover, his images as Joker ranked second as the evilest villain in superhero movies.

Joker presented by Heath Ledge is an insane but intelligent man. He knows well about human's weakness as well as the method to utilize them to defeat his enemies and drive them crazy. He also makes Batman in The Dark Knight fall into deep agony. The image of Joke is so successfully that many people assert that the achievements of The Dark Knight Rises would have gone far beyond with another Heath Ledger.

3. Penguin by Danny DeVito

Penguin by Danny DeVito

Penguin is one of the earliest and most powerful Batman villains. Appeared in Batman Returns, Penguin had brought quite a lot of troubles to Batman. In the movie, Penguin feels self-contempt for his short body figure and his strange nose. Abandoned by his parents, Penguin has to live in the sewer.

However, his hate has made him a Batman villain who is not only irritable but also evil. He wants to destruct the whole city so that all the people can feel the agony he has suffered for years. He is also hypocritical who pretends to be a nice guy in public.

Those are the top three Batman villains in Batman movies. Since the DVD versions of Dark Knight Rises and Batman Returns are available, one can easily watch the DVDs on Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos. For one thing they can enjoy the good performance of the Batman villains; for another, the operations are quite simple.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Philip Hoffman Surprises You with 3 Different Images

With steady progress, Philip Hoffman finally gained his success in Hollywood. From various supporting roles to main heroes, Hoffman finally earned his reputations in the movie field with his excellent acting skills. In the 1990s, he was just a student in Scent of a Woman, a man with a few lines in The Talented Mr. Ripley and a personal assistance in The Big Lebowski. However, pretty soon, Philip Hoffman will be the major evil boss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

The experience as supporting roles not only failed to cover his thunder but also improved his acting skills. With abundant movies, Philip Hoffman has presented us one impressive image after another. Moreover, it is more surprising that those images are quite different from each other. Nowadays, the Oscar winner has become one of most promising and favored actors in the movie field.

Today as Philip Hoffman is welcoming his 45th birthday, this post will present you three Philip movies with amazingly different images. Since the DVDs versions of those movies are available at present, fans can enjoy the DVDs on HTC Evo 3D by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos.

1. Agony writer in Capote

Capote DVD

If it were not for Capote, Philip Hoffman wouldn't have gained so many prizes. Capote not only helped him to gain Academy Award for Best Actor, but also helped him to gain unprecedented reputations in the movie field. Capote was a turning point in Hoffman's career as well as a movie that gave out all the energies of Hoffman.

Capote is made based on the autobiography of the famous writer Capote. In the movie, the hero tries to investigate a murder case so as to complete an innovative novel. In order to make his novel real and attractive, he often talks with the suspect who will be hanged one day. However, the writer feels agony when facing choices between saving the boy and completing his book. In the movie, Hoffman perfectly presents us the controversial feelings of Capote.

2. Stubborn coach in Moneyball

Moneyball DVD

As a movie starred by Brad Pitt and Hoffman, Moneyball gained over 100 million dollars in box office recipients. The movie is made on the basis of a legendary season of Oakland A. In the movie, when the manager tries to build a team according to computer-generated analysis, he is laughed by all. However, his reform finally helps the team to win as many matches as Yankee with much lower budgets.

In Moneyball, Philip Hoffman acts as a stubborn coach who will not try the innovations brought by the manager. To insist his opinion, he even ignores the warnings from the manager. He will just insist his own opinions though his team is losing in a large margin. In the end, the manager has to sell whoever he can in order to force the coach to adopt his advices. To be honest, the image of the coach by Hoffman is impressively dull and annoying.

3. Innovative preacher in Doubt

Doubt DVD

Though Hoffman is stubborn in Moneyball, he turns out to be quite innovative in Doubt. In the movie, the preacher, starred by Hoffman, tries to make the dull church as vigorous as possible which leads to the conflicts between him and an old sister. Later he is involved with a scandal about obscuring a black child.

Finally the movie ends up with the preacher leaves the church and the sister regrets for lying. Though the ending doesn't reveal us whether the preacher performs as the scandal describes or not, Hoffman successfully impressed us with his evil, kind and crafty image as an innovative preacher.

Those are the Philip Hoffman movies with three different images. Capote presents you the agony of the write while Moneyball and Doubt will display you a stubborn image and an innovative image respectively. Therefore, through those movies, one can get to know the actor Philip Hoffman, a master of acting.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Impressive Movies Starred by Mr. Holmes

In most occasions, people get no idea of who Benedict Cumberbatch is. However, when they are told that Benedict Cumberbatch acts as Mr. Holmes in Sherlock, the TV series produced by BBC, people soon found that they are actually familiar with this actor. However, as a rising star in the movie field, Benedict gained his success step by step.

Mr. Holmes started his acting career in as early as 1998. In most of the time, he was acting as a supporting role in the movies. However, with those working experience, Benedict Cumberbath had made tremendous improvements in his acting skills. The year 2010 was a focal point in his life where he was given the role as Mr. Holmes in Sherlock. From then on, the acting career of Mr. Holmes has become better and better.

Since Benedict Cumberbatch is welcoming his 36th birthday, this post will present you three impressive movies starred by Mr. Holmes. The DVD versions of those movies are available in the market so that Sherlock fans can convert the DVDs to RMVB files as a way to enjoy 3D movies on Google Nexus 7.

1. Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace DVD

With just 26 million dollars in box office, Amazing Grace isn't a commercial success. However, this movie is a quite impressive and moving one. Amazing Grace mainly focuses on the politic battles between William Wilberforce and the parliament members. To make transatlantic slave trades illegal, Wilberforce has tried whatever he can. Though Wilberforce is viewed as a geek by all politicians, he never gives up.

On watching Amazing Grace, you will not only be moved by the theme song but also by the spirits of Wilberforce. As for Mr. Holmes, he acts as the youngest British Prime Minister in history William Pitt. In the movie, though Pitt supports Wilberforce, he cares more about his political career than the fate of slaves. Luckily, Mr Holmes successfully presents us the inner struggles of Pitt with his performance.

2. War Horse

War Horse DVD

As the latest movie presented by famous director Steven Spielberg, War Horse gained great success with over 100 million dollars income and several nominations for Academy Awards. War Horse mainly tells several stories about World War II from the perspective of a horse. In the movie, the horse witnesses the both cruelty of the war and the love and friendship of mankind.

Mr Holmes acts as a British soldier who happens to be the second owner of the horse in War Horse. However, he soon loses his life in a careless and even fool attack. However, Mr. Holmes has successfully impressed us with the image of a friendly and gentle patriot who is also a horse lover in limited time.

3. Sherlock

Sherlock DVD

How popular is Sherlock? When Sherlock was available, news about Sherlock was tweeted for thousand times. Besides that, the plots of Sherlock stirred debates in the parliament and the clothing of Mr Holmes became the most fashionable style. So far, six episodes of Sherlock are available. Pretty soon, BBC will present us another three episodes.

Sherlock focuses on the adventure of Sherlock Holmes, the most famous detective created by Conan. However, unlike the novel, the cases in Sherlock occur in the modern time. With the excellent performance of Benedict Cumberbatch, Sherlock gained great successes in all those years. Though the image of Mr. Holmes in Sherlock is quite different from that of the novel, Benedict's bolding attempt was praised as innovative.

Those are the three movies presented by Mr. Holmes. Though Benedict only acted as supporting roles in War Horse and Amazing Grace, he successfully impressed us with his acting skills. With Sherlock, Mr. Holmes had pushed his acting career to a higher level.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top 3 Impressive Mermaid Images in the Movies

For centuries, arguing over the existence of so-called mermaid has never ceased. For many people, the only chance to get to know about mermaid is to read fairy tales. However, things have changed in recent days after Discovery Channel unveiled a video about mermaid. The video also known as Mermaids: The Body Found records how a teenage happens to find a mermaid on the beach. Of course, the video has brought out another heat discussion about mermaid.

However, though the mermaid in The Body Found is neither kind nor beautiful, supporters are still exciting because their opinion finally gets scientific proof. However, they may feel disappointed because the video has been proven to be a movie directed by Discovery. To some extent, the authentic scientific channel has tricked us with another mermaid movie.

While the discussion about mermaid continues, the image of mermaid has appeared in various movies. This post will present you top three impressive mermaid images in the movies. The DVD versions of those three mermaid movies are all available in the market. Therefore users can convert the DVDs to AVI files as a way to enjoy the movies with Google Nexus 7.

1. Innocent girl in The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid DVD

As an animation movie unveiled by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989, The Little Mermaid gained great success at that time. The movie not only helped Walt Disney Pictures to regain its position in the animation movie field, but also brought new vitality to Broadway. The Little Mermaid had gained over 100 million dollars in America alone. Due to its success, two more mermaid movies on the little mermaid had been made by Walt Disney Pictures.

The Little Mermaid is about the adventure of a mermaid princess who wants to get in touch with human beings. To pursuit her true love, the innocent girl makes a bet with the evil witch in exchange of her assistance. She has gotten three days to get her true love. If she fails, she will be slaved. Of course, the tricks of the witch can't prevent the innocent mermaid princess from acquiring her happiness.

2. Women in love in Splash

Splash DVD

Splash is a 1984 movie starred by famous actor Tom Hanks. In the movie, the mermaid comes to the modern city to live with her lover. However, as her secret is found by other people, she was taken to a research center for further studying. Finally, after she is rescued by her lover, they both jumped into the sea in order to get rid of the human world.

In Splash, the image of a mermaid with emotional specificity is quite impressive. After rescuing the boy, the mermaid falls in love with the boy. When the mermaid finds out that the man she rescues 20 years later is her lover, she decides to live with him in the modern society. Because of love, she needs to deal with all the discomforts and even spend 6 hours a day learning English.

3. Cruel creature in On Strange Tides

On Strange Tides DVD

As the latest member of Pirates of the Caribbean series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides gained great success in box office with over 1 billion dollars in box office. Though the movie mainly focuses on the story of Captain Jack's forced journey to find the fabled Fountain of Youth, mermaid plays an important part in the story.

In order to get to the destination, Jack needs the tears of mermaid. In the movie, the mermaid is described as a monster with beautiful face and sounds of Sirens. There are several scenes in the movie describing how mermaids seduce pirates with voice and then eat them all. The image of mermaid in On Strange Tide is similar to the combination of vampire and wolf. Actually the fighting scenes between pirates and mermaids are the most scaring scenes in On Strange Tides.

Those are the top three images of mermaid in the movies. The Little Mermaid presents us the image of a mermaid similar to what we have known from the fairy tales. Splash shows us the image of a brave and emotionally specific woman and On Strange Tides shows us the images of cold-blooded and monstrous mermaids.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Top 3 Impressive Animation Movies Created by Blue Sky Studio

When it comes to animation movie, Pixar Animation Studio matters. Pixar animation movies can always impress us with their excellent plots and wonderful box office performance. A few weeks ago, Pixar again surprised the world with its latest animation movie: Brave. However, Pixar shall be alerted because a potential competitor is now trying to wave its dominance.

According to the latest ranking list,Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, which was produced by Blue Sky Studio, had gained great success in the past few days. Less famous as it is, Blue Sky Studio is now affecting the animation movie field in a subtle way. From the image of the stranger penguin in Fight Club to the success of three buddies in Ice Age, Blue Sky is moving forward with steady progress.

Comparing to Pixar Studio, Blue Sky Studio owns less works and no Academy Awards. However, the success of Blue Sky animation movies could even match with Pixar animation movies. Therefore, this post will present you top three impressive animation movies created by Blue Sky Studio. The DVD versions of those movies are available in the market, so you may convert DVDs to MP4 files for Samsung Galaxy S3.

1. Ice Age trilogy

Ice Age trilogy DVD

If the success of Disney was originated from a mouse, then the achievements of Blue Sky Studio started from a squirrel in Ice Age. Besides the three best friends in the animation movies, the image of the squirrel is also quite impressive. If it were not for Ice Age trilogy, Blue Sky couldn't had gained such reputation.

How successful can Ice Age trilogy be? The three animation movies gained over 2.1 billion dollars in box office. Ice Age 2: The Meltdown was the most profitable animation movie in 2009 with over 800 million dollars income, beating the second profitable Pixar movie: Up. Due to its great influence, Ice Age 4 even beat The Amazing Spider-Man, a superhero movie.

2. Rio


If you are a fan of Angry Birds, you will probably be fancied about Rio. Due to the great success of Rio, Angry Birds Rio was released as a way to publicize the movie. Rio is not only an animation movie with over 400 million dollars box office, but also the first animation movie with recipients in the third week higher than previous two weeks.

Rio mainly focuses on the story of a bird that faces extinction. His master decides to send the bird to Rio to avoid the extinction of its specie. However, some bad guys steal it in order to sell it for money. After the bird is locked in a house full of rare birds, he begins his escape plan and finally learns how to fly.  

3. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who DVD

Before the release of this animation movie, the movie market in America was marching downhill for four successive weeks. However, Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who brought new vitality to the movie market at that time. As a movie based on the famous fiction by Dr. Seuss like The Lorax, Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who gained great success in the movie market.

As a movie starred by Jim Carrey, this animation movie mainly tells a story of how an elephant named Horton heard a voice of a particle that pledges for help, he decides to help them. Though everyone laughs at his craziness, he has proved himself in the end. Generally speaking, though you won't see the exaggerated facial expressions of Jim Carrey, his chatting ability will also drive you crazy.

Therefore, those are the top three animation movies created by Blue Sky Studio. Due to the great success of Ice Age trilogy, Ice Age 4 had attracted unprecedented attentions. As for the left two animation movies, Rio and Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who, they have helped Blue Sky Studio to gain good reputations.

Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Anticipated 2012 3D Movies with Decent 3D Effects

Since the great success of The Avatar, the world has been crazy for 3D movie. This year, another blockbuster movie named The Avengers had further enhanced the charm of 3D movie with amazing box office performance. However, according to CNET news, though many 2012 3D movies have been released so far, none had taken full advantages of 3D effects.

For many people, 3D movie not only means terrific 3D effects but also higher ticket price and extra burdens for the eyes. In other word, sometimes watching 3D movie is not as comfortable as it is supposed to be. According to some experts, decent 3D effects require 4 percent occupancy of the screen's width while cinema only provides 0.5 percent. To this extent, the 2012 3D movies we have watched in the cinema are all semi-finished goods.

However, good news is that two 3D movies may provide us decent 3D effects via innovations in 3D technologies. Moreover, they are both anticipated 2012 3D movies. Here this post will introduce you the two anticipated 2012 3D movies that may bring technological innovations to 3D field.  

1. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

As a famous novel written by Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby ranks second in the list of greatest novels of all time. As an anticipated 2012 3D movie, The Great Gatsby is starred by DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire and will be available in December. As the fifth movie made basing on the novel, The Great Gatsby is promising to gain unprecedented success with new 3D technology.

The Great Gatsby mainly focuses on how a poor man named Nick is drawn into Gatsby's circle, becoming a witness to obsession and tragedy. In the movie, Gatsby is a rich man with lavish life and mysterious past. Later, Nick finds Gatsby's crush on Daisy and decides to help him. However, the tragedy starts from that point.

2. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

As the latest member of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey attracts great attention for the tremendous successes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Hobbit will focus on the story of how Frodo's uncle goes through a journey with thirteen dwarf warriors and gets the ring from Gollum. Of course, just as the title shows, they will meet a lot of unexpected difficulties.

As an adventure and fancy movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is an ideal candidate for 3D movies. For one thing, 3D effects can vividly present audience the thrilling adventures of those Hobbits. For another, 3D effects can help to make the scenes in the movie impressive which is a key factor for the success of The Lord of the Rings series. Therefore, maybe this 2012 3D movie can bring us unexpected surprises.

All in all, The Great Gatsby and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are the two 2012 3D movies with revolutionary attempts to change 3D field. Before they are available, a good way for fans to get access to 3D movies is to convert DVDs to 3D movies with 2D to 3D converters. Otherwise, they can buy tickets for 2D movies in the cinema.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

4 Impressive Images in Eddie Murphy Movies

A few months ago, Twitter tried to convince people that the famous comedian Robin Williams suffered death. Now again Twitter is spreading the hoaxed death of Eddie Murphy, another famous comedian. According to the fake news, Eddie Murphy hit a tree in a high speed after losing balance in a snowboarding attempt. Though the plot is kind of similar to Eddie Murphy movies, it still sounds too weird in real life.

Anyway, as a comedy actor, Eddie Murphy was probably the most successful one among all black actors. After suffered ups and downs in his acting career, Eddie Murphy had made tremendous improvement in his acting skills. Moreover, he is usually favored by producers because Eddie Murphy movies can always achieve successes in box office.

Among all Eddie Murphy movies, there are some that can impress you. Here the post will present you top four impressive images in Eddie Murphy movies. The DVD versions of the following four movies are available in the market. If you want to view them via Google Nexus 7, you can convert the DVDs for the Nexus 7.

1. Weird docr in Doctor Dolittle

Doctor Dolittle DVD

In Doctor Dolittle series, Eddie is a doctor who can communicate with animals. Therefore he could understand share his agony and happiness with all those animals. However, he is initially regarded as crazy and wired doctor because no one believes he can talk with animals. Dolittle always needs to find some ridiculous reasons to explain his weird behavior. Therefore, troubles and mistakes come to earn your laugh.

2. Annoying Donkey in Shrek

Shrek DVD

Who is the funniest guy in Shrek series? It is definitely Donkey. In Shrek movies, Shrek is the hero while Donkey is the comedian. The bothering Donkey can always make us laugh with his noisy voice and non-sense talking. Actually those are two advantages for the success of Eddie Murphy movies. When Eddie stops talking, people will fell the movie quite boring. The failure of A Thousand Words has proved this point.

3. Honest teacher in The Nutty Professor

The Nutty Professor DVD

Two images created by Eddie Murphy have helped The Nutty Professor to gain great success, a fat and honest one and a slim but obnoxious one. In the movie, Sherman creates a drug that can help him to be a slim man named Buddy. However, along with the changes in body come the changes in personalities.

Comparing to Buddy, the fat and honest image of Sherman is more impressive. The Nutty Professor and Norbit had proved that Eddie Murphy movies with fat Eddie were quite impressive.

4. Thief in Tower Heist

With the starring of Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller, Tower Heist was supposed to be something of a comedy movie. However, it is a serious movie focusing on how victims try to get their money back from a wealthy business man. In the movie, Eddie acts as a greedy thief who wants to keep the money to himself. In Tower Heist, Eddie does present us the image of a thief that we are familiar with in real life.

Those are the top four Eddie Murphy movies with impressive images. Eddie can always make you laugh you laugh with his witty words and strange behaviors in Eddie Murphy movies like Doctor Dolittle, Nutty Professor and Shrek. However, he can also present you serious images in his movie like Tower Heist.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Top 3 Tom Hanks Movies with Best Box Office Revenues

Tom Hanks is probably one of the best actors in the world. He not only won two successive Oscar statues with his performance but also gained over 7.9 billion dollars box office revenues with all Tom Hanks movies. More importantly, he is probably the only superstar without any scandals in all those years.

As a child brought up by his father, Tom Hanks suffered an unsteady life when he was a small child. However, all those suffering had helped him to gain rich social experience which was a key factor for his success. By integrating his acting with his personal experience, Tom Hanks can always surprise us with his images in Tom Hanks movies.

Today, the superstar is welcoming his 56th birthday. Therefore this post will list top 3 Tom Hanks movies which excludes animated movies like Toy Story series that gained best box office performance. Tom Hanks movie fans can watch the DVD versions of those movies with The new iPad by converting DVDs to MP4 videos as a way to observe the birthday of Tom Hanks.

1. The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code DVD

The Da Vinci Code as a movie released in 2006 gained over 758 million dollars income. The movie is mainly about how Robert Langdon finally unveils a secret of Jesus that may threat the foundation of Christianity. As a treasure hunt type movie, this Tom Hanks movie gained great success for Tom's excellent starring and wonderful plot.

In The Da Vinci Code, you can not only find the inner relationship of some Da Vinci's paintings, but also some religious myths. Though the movie reveals you the truth step by step with Langdon's inference, you will still be surprised by the endings of this Tom Hanks movie. So in general, this is a movie that you won't want to miss a single scene.

2. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump DVD

With Forrest Gump, Tom Hanks gained his second Oscar statute. Forrest Gump is about the legendary life of a stupid man named Gump who moves all Americans with his innocence and simple mind. With over 677 million dollars income, this Tom Hanks movie had proved itself a great success in commercial.

3. Angles & Demos

Angles & Demos DVD

As a movie released in 2009, Angles & Demos gained over 485 million dollars in box office. The movie is also based on a book written by the same author of The Da Vinci Code. In this Tom Hanks movie, Langdon needs to prevent a planned terrorist attack that aims at running Vatican. Of course, as a religious movie, Angles & Demos raises great controversy.

As a movie on Christianity, Angles & Demos puts much emphasis on the relationship between science and religion. In fact, all the scenes about Vatican was made in a temporary house because Vatican forbid the director to shot any scenes in Vatican for such a movie. Though released later than The Da Vinci Code, Angles & Demos told a story earlier than that of The Da Vinci Code.

All in all those are the top three Tom Hanks movies with best box office performance. Though the acting career of Tom Hanks is marching downhill, we still believe one day the superstar will surprise us again with the latest Tom Hanks movie. Anyway, let's celebrate Tom Hanks' birthday with those movies now.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Top 3 Cartoon Images in the Live Action Movies

A live-action film is a motion picture that features a combination of real actors or elements: live-action and animated elements, typically interacting. In a live action movie, you can not only enjoy the performance of famous movie stars but also that of the cute cartoon characters. Therefore, live action movies are always favored by audience in the movie market.

Famous cartoon characters like Snoopy and Simpsons can always remind us of the time when we spent most of the time watching cartoon movies as small kids. Live action movies centered on those cartoon images can always convince us to buy a movie ticket for it. Consequently, various live action movies focusing on various cartoon images have been made in recent years.

Among all of those live action movies, some were proved to be successors in the movie market while movies like Astro Boy were really commercial disasters. Therefore, this post will present you top three cartoon images in the live action movies.

1. Bugs Bunny in Space Jam

Space Jam DVD

In Space Jam, one can not only see great Jordan, but also Bugs Bunny who is the humorous and witty bunny in our mind. Space Jam is mainly about a match between Bugs Bunny and the alien invaders who want to slave them. In a movie about basketball, the rookie player Bugs Bunny has successfully stolen the thunder with his wisdom and popularity.

As a movie made in 1996, Space Jam gained 200 million dollars box office income which can be viewed as a great performance. Moreover, you can both enjoy the excellent basketball skills of Michael Jordon and funny and witty acting of Bugs Bunny in the movie.

2. Garfield in Garfield series

Garfield DVD

Do you still remember the fattest cat in cartoon field? Even the fattest and laziest cat in the world can't sleep peacefully in live action movies. In Garfield, the cat needs to rescue his friend Odie and in Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties, the cat needs to help a prince to gain his right back. With the funny performance of Garfield, those two live action movies received about 230 million dollars in box office.

Even in the live action movies, Garfield is still the cat who has no desire for any sports. In the movies, Garfield not only eats a lot and gains a lot of weigh but also loves to bully those newcomers like Odie. However, when friends need him, he will give them assistance regardless of how reluctance he is.

3. Teddy Bear in Ted


Have you seen a rude teddy bear? Have you seen a vulgar teddy bear? If you haven't, you can go to see Ted. Ted is about the story between a teddy bear and John who are good friends. However, John must make a choice between the teddy bear and his girl friend. The movie Ted gained great success and topped the ranking list last week.

In Ted, the teddy bear not only speaks like an adult but also behaves like one. He not only curses and fights others but also flirts with girls. However, you can't feel angry at such a cute cartoon image in this live action movie. The bear in Ted may not be a satisfying cartoon character but is definitely the most impressive cartoon image in all live action movies.

Those are the three cartoon images in the live action movies. For those who want to watch the first two movies with mobiles, they can convert the DVDs to 3GP/MP4 videos for mobiles. As for Ted, they can download corresponding trails on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watch Top 3 Independence Day Movies to Know War of Independence

As one of the most important national festival, Independent Day is of great importance in American history. As an annual festival created to commemorate the launching of the United States as well as the great victory of American Revolution War, Independence Day is celebrated in the whole nation on July 4th. Nowadays, as Independence Day 2012 is approaching, various ideas on celebrating Fourth of July 2012 have been carried out.

When it comes to Independence Day, War of Independence is a topic one will never miss. It was through War of Independence that the United States finally gained freedom and began its way to the most influential country in the world. Due to the great influence of Fourth of July, various Fourth of July movies have been made. Here this post will present you top three of them. For those who want to watch them with mobiles, they can convert the DVDs for the mobiles.

1. The Patriot

The Patriot DVD

As a masterpiece by Mel Gibson, The Patriot had gained great success in 2000. The movie not only received over 200 million dollars in box office but also gained Best Motion Picture that year. The Patriot mainly focuses on the story of Benjamin Martin, a hero in the War of Independence, including how he took part in the war and how he fought in the war.

In the movie, Benjamin Martin is just a normal man who wants to live a peaceful life. However, as his house was burnt by British armies, he was forced to join in the war to take his revenges on those British men. If the nation is in turmoil, the lives of the citizens can't be guaranteed as well. The Patriot vividly presented the images of most Americans at that time who were forced to fight for freedom.

2. Revolution


Revolution is a 1985 movie starred by another superstar Al Pacino. In the movie, Al Pacino acted as a New York trapper named Tom Dobb. Tom had to participate in the War of Independence in the beginning to protect his recruited son. However as the war went on, he finally turned out to be a man who volunteered to devote his life to fighting for freedom.

Unlike The Patriot, Revolution is about the experience of an ordinary people. Though the movie was proved to be a commercial disaster, it was indeed a good movie. Besides the excellent performance of Al Pacino in Revolution, the movie in some moments brought us to the battlefield of American Revolution War.

3. The Crossing

The Crossing

As a movie released in 2000, The Crossing presents the images of the legendary leader of American Revolution War, George Washington. The movie shows audience how Washington leads his team to cross Delaware River and attacks the British forces at Trenton. This is a perilous gamble for American troops but Washington becomes the winner with his determination and bravery.

As a movie made based on Battle of Trenton, The Crossing won a Peabody Award for excellence in 2001. Moreover, it presents us the brave and wise images of George Washington who can always encourage his fatigue soldiers to fight for freedom.

Those are the top three Independence Day movies to help you know about War of Independence. The Patriot and Revolution can help you to understand the life of Americans at that time while The Crossing can vividly present you the image of George Washington and the cruelty of war.

Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Different Images of Teddy bear in 3 Excellent Movies

As one of the most favored cartoon characters, Teddy bear is probably the most popular bear in the world. Actually image of Teddy bear was created on the basis of the bear that Roosevelt refused to kill in a hunting activity. However, as more and more writers made its image much smaller and cuter, Teddy bear had become a favored toy for children just like Barbie dolls.

Due to the great success of Teddy bear, now the word is used to refer to all the toy bears with smooth and soft fur. With the rising reputation, Teddy bear had switched its role from an image in comics to a cartoon character and then to a movie star. So far, numerous movies on Teddy bear had been created which presented us different images of Teddy bear.

Generally speaking, the image of Teddy bear in the movies tends to be a cute, soft and funny bear. However, there are some movies that presented you different images of Teddy bear. Here the post will present you three different images of Teddy bear in excellent movies.

1. Funny and lovely friend in Artificial Intelligence: AI

Teddy bear in AI

 If you have ever watched Artificial Intelligence: AI, you will definitely be impressed by the image of funny and cute Teddy bear in the movie. As a masterpiece by Steven Spielberg, the movie mainly tells about how a little robotic boy named David starts his way to find the fair lady in order to become a real boy with a cute Teddy bear and another robot named Joe.

In the movie, Teddy bear accompanies all the way with his little friend. Though going through many difficulties and hardships, the talking Teddy never complains even a word to his friend about their sufferings. What he wants is just to help David to realize his dream. Teddy keeps the hairs of David's mother's which has been proved to be a great help to David. With the hairs, Teddy successfully helped his friend to spend a happy day with his mother.

2. Evil Boss in Toy Story 3

Teddy bear in Toy Story 3 As the most profitable animated cartoon in the world, the Pixar movie Toy Story 3 had gained great success in 2010. Toy Story 3 mainly focuses on the story of how Woody and his friends try to get out of a care center that is ruled by a Teddy bear named Lotso. Besides the performance of Woody and Buzz, the image of Lotso also helps the movie to gain great success.

Lotso, after being forgotten by his master, tries to make all the happy toys suffer from the pain he has once gained. Consequently, the evil-mind Teddy not only treats Woody with his kind appearance but also tries every effort to prevent other toys getting happiness. The hypocritical bear even lied to his friends so that they will hate all the happy toys as he does.

3. Vulgar bear in Ted

Teddy bear in Ted

 As a movie released recently, Ted has topped the box office list this week with 54.1 million dollars. Ted is mainly tells about how a man grows up with a talking Teddy and how the two friends go through the troubles of being adults. With the participation of cute Teddy, this movie is actually not a good recommendation for children because of the vulgar words in the movie.

Contrary to the traditional image of Teddy bear, Ted is actually a vulgar bear who always curses others with a punch of dirty words. The Teddy bear in Ted is more than a vulgar man with a cute face. Ted is just a realistic guy and even an erotic. All in all, Ted is definitely the most vulgar Teddy bear you have ever seen.

Those are the three different images of Teddy bear in three good movies. The DVD versions of Artificial Intelligence: AI and Toy Story 3 are available in the market. To watch them with your mobiles, you can convert the DVD for the mobile with DVD Ripper. As for Ted, you may download and convert the trails on YouTube.