Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Origin And Celebrations Of International Workers’ Day

International Workers' Day is also called May Day because many countries choose to celebrate it on May 1st. Though less influential than Christmas or Easter in the world arena, International Workers' Day is still an important festival. Many countries view it as a day to show people's honor towards workers.

strikes in Foxcnn

Recently, according to CNET, a strike has taken place in Foxconn Brazil, a main partner of Apple. People begin to worry about the sales of Apple product may be affected. It is said the bad traffic condition and poor quality of food have annoyed the workers in Brazil.

Days later, a strike happens in Foxconn China, some workers threat to jump off roof if they see no raise in salary. This is not the first strike happens in Foxconn China nor will it be the last one. As International Works' Day 2012 approaches, those strikes remind me of the origin of International Works' Day.

the origin of International Works' Day

1. In 1880, workers in America marched in the street to show their furies at long working hour and poor salary.

2. In 1884, a bill on eight-hour work system was passed. According to the bill, this system would be implemented on May 1st, 1886. However it failed to make things better because workers still had to work for over ten hours.

3. In April, 1886, over 250 thousand workers joined in a demonstration in Chicago to show their anger which had frightened the local tycoons. More police forces were sent to support public stability.

4. In May 1, 1886, some policemen were attacked which led to the fight between workers and the police. Some workers were seriously hurt as well as some policemen who were shot by friendly fire.

5. In July, 1889, Engels announced the date, May 1st, as International Workers' Day. On May 1st, 1890, workers in various countries held demonstrations to celebrate International Workers' Day.

celebrations of International Workers' Day

So those are the origin of International Workers' Day. Due to its significance, countries celebrated it in various ways. Countries like Russia and Cuba will hold magnificent celebrations in their capitals. People in Thailand and Peru will get one day rest while people in Japan can have a seven-day holiday. However, Italian has to go to work on this day.

Those are some celebrations of International Workers' Day. Though they may vary in form, but they are all held for the same purpose: show honor and respect to workers. On International Workers' Day, we can also have our own celebrations.

For example, in order to know the life of workers better, you can rent some movies on workers and watch them with DVD Player. If you would like to watch those DVDs with iPad, you can convert those DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper.

Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Movies To Watch On Nick Kristof’s Birthday

Nick Kristof, a British journalist who has won Pulitzer Prize twice is having his birthday today. Men like him who devote themselves to do good for the society deserve our honor and respect. In order to celebrate his birthday, various activities are proposed.

According to a post in CNET, a man proposes an activity to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday by adding "of" to the end of our tweet accounts for several days. If you are interested in it, you can join in this activity. This is a good way, but I prefer to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday with my own way.

There is just one Nick Kristof in real life but there are some such journalists in the movie world who are as just and kind as Nick Kristof. They all devote themselves to making a better world and insisting on their principles and professional ethics.

I would like to watch those films to celebrate Nick Kristof's birthday because those characters in the movie also deserve our honor. Here this post will show you three movies to watch on Nick Kristof's birthday.

1. Nothing But the Truth

Nothing But The Truth DV

In the movie, you can not only see Selene (a Vampire in Underworld) but also Ross Geller (a character in Friends). More importantly, this is a movie about the battle between professional ethics and the politics. In the movie, the journalist named Rachel fights against various threats to keep her professional ethics.

A report revealed by Rachel leads to the death of a FBI and puts the issue of national security on the table. As the Homeland Security officers and FBI agencies threat her to reveal the source of her report, she refuses. Of course, this makes her lose everything and spend years in prison. However, she never gives in because she knows revealing the source of news is not what a journalist shall do.

2. The Insider

The Insider DVD

In the movie, you will see Al Pacino, my favorite star who has just spent his birthday yesterday. He acts as a journalist who is fearless to those evils and threats. As he interviews a professional chemist who risks his life unveiling the evil side of tobacco tycoons, he decides to unveil the interview video.

However, Lowell Bergman has to overcome all the obstacles before him that are laid by those tycoons. As a journalist, Lowell Bergman chooses to fight against the world only to public the truth and warn people the harm of tobacco. Isn't Lowell Bergman something of Nick Kristof?

3. Hancock

Hancock DVD

So am I about to recommend Hancock, the superhero? No. In the movie there is a character with kind heart that devotes to making the world better just as Nick Kristof. He patiently changes Hancock to a real superhero favored by all from an asshole.

In the movie, Ray is a man with great ambition who wants to make the world better. As he realizes he can't manage it alone, he decides to put his hope on Hancock because he knows Hancock can manage it. From the beginning to the end, Ray is a character who just wants to make the world better. Isn't that the same dream as Nick Kristof.

So for the goods of the world, you can join in us to support Nick Kristof either by tweeting your name or by watching those movies. If you want to watch them on iPad instead of DVD Player, that's OK. You can convert the DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Three Good Movies On Football To Watch

The UEFA Champions League known as the Champions League is an annual international club football competition for the top football clubs in Europe. The attention this event can draw is no less than FIFA World Cup. The winner of Champions League is a great honor for all European clubs.

However, Champions League 2012 has surprised all and proves to the world that nothing is impossible in football field. FC Barcelona, the most promising team to win this honor had been surprisingly eliminated. A day later, his fellow, another powerful competitor for the honor, Real Madrid met waterloo as well.

Real-Madrid vs Bayern Munich

Therefore, either Bayern Munich or Chelsea will be the winner. The result leaves those reporters and experts standing there speechless. Though many fans are disappointed, the result shows the world the essence of this event: the uncertainty of the result.

Everything is possible in football field. This is true not only in real life but also in films. This post will show you three movies on football to watch and take you to see the miracles created by those characters.

1. The Miracle of Bern

The Miracle of Bern DVD

The movie is based on the true story that happened in World Cup 1954. At that time, under the leadership of top "phenomenon" stars like Puskas and Kocsi, the Hungry hadn't experienced any failures for four years. More importantly, it easily slaughtered Germany in the group match.

Due to all those facts, the victory of Germany in 1954 was named "The Miracle of Bern". This movie was released in 2003 based on those facts. It was said that the movie even moved the Germany Chancellor Schroeder. If you are interested in The Miracle of Bern, this movie is highly recommended.

2. Goal !

Goal ! DVD

How hard can it be to be a football star? Generally speaking you need to join in the youth training camp of a club. With outstanding performance, you may be chosen to be the candidate of a normal player. So it is a miracle for an ordinary people without any professional training experience to become a football star. However, the character in Goal ! manages this miracle.

The character Santiago is born in a poor Mexican family with the only hobby of playing football. As he is discovered and recommended by a British ex-pro, he decides to leave home for Britain to pursuit his dream. Of course, he goes through a lot of hardships and difficulties in this process.

3. Victory

Victory DVD

This movie is also based on a famous story during World War II. At that time Germany wanted to show off their power by matching with a team temporarily set up by prisoners of war. In the very beginning, prisoners just planned to escape from the camp during the match. However, when they stood on the field, dignity and responsibility changed their ideas and they decided to beat Germany heavily in the match.

In the movie, you can not only see Stallone but also Pele and Beckenbauer. This movie actually tells you that sometimes there is something more important than life. This movie is definitely worth seeing. Not only for the stars in the movie, but for the spirits of those prisoners.

Those are three good movies on football. They all tell us a simple truth: nothing is impossible in football field. If you want to see them, you can watch with your DVD Player or convert DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Comparing Entertainment Function Between Tablet PC And Traditional Computer

Since the release of The new iPad, more and more tablets are swarming into the market. As a consequence, producers are competing with each other in tablets market. Since more and more technological support has been given to tablet PC, traditional computer is ignored.

In the new era of tablets, tablet PC is seeing a dramatic increase in sales volume. According to CNET, tablet PC is expected to become preferred computing device. As for traditional computer, it can just sign and see itself lagging behind. So is tablet PC so excellent comparing to traditional computer? This post will compare entertainment function between the tablet PC and traditional computer.

1. Music Player

play music

Music is an important part for entertaining. Comparing to traditional computer, tablet PC is portable. With tablet PC, you can walk on the street while listening to the music with earphones. Usually in order to play music, traditional computer needs a device like a speaker to assist you.

Some tablets can provide you songs that are good in quality with extra high volume just as iPad does. Though transferring songs may be a little troublesome, but iTunes can provide you good service online.

2. Media Player

play video

When playing videos, some tablets can only support some certain files. For example, iPad, the outstanding product in this field, can only support mp4 file. To this extent, you need to convert video to mp4 file with Video Converter or convert swf file to mp4 file with Moyea SWF to Video Converter and then put those converted mp4 files into iPad. Powerful as Retina Display is, the video effects are still limited by its size.

As for traditional computer, you just need some powerful media players like KM Player and VLC Player. What's more, you can even download YouTube videos with the web browser if you own a Windows system. Though Toshiba owns the largest screen in tablets, it is still too small comparing to traditional computer.

3. Photographing


Can you take photos with traditional computer? As long as you buy a PC camera, you can do it. However, the photos you get are not only of low pixels, but also poor quality. You can't even see the object you want to photograph clearly at night.

What about tablets? You can use the tablets to photograph as long as you want. With the adoption of Retina Display, the quality of the picture is far more than guaranteed. As the leader in tablets, Apple can always bring you much surprise in this field. For example, The new iPad surprises us again with its extraordinarily high resolution.

4. Gaming

interesting game

Is it cooler to play games with tablet PC? It depends. It is really cool to play games like Talking Tom Cat, Angry Bird and Plant vs Zombie. However, how about popular games like Call of Duty or classic games like Counter Striker. I have to admit I prefer to play relaxing games with tablets like iPad, not blockbuster games.

It is cooler and more comfortable to play those blockbusters with traditional computer. For one thing, the tablet PC is not that mature in technology to bring you all the effects traditional computer does; for another, I just get used to play them with traditional computer.

Will tablets replace traditional computer some day in the future? I don't know. At least at present, they all own their advantages and defects in terms of entertainment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Powerful Media Players To Help You Enjoy Movies

With the rapid development of science and technology, film industry has experienced several technological innovations. From silent film to voiced film and then to 3D film, the film industry has gone through major ups and downs.

However, it is still an industry with large potential market. Along with the development of the film industry goes the evolution of relative apps. Thanks to the development of media player, people now can not only watch videos via TV or PC but also tablets and even phones.

In a vast sea of media players, how are you supposed to pick up those that are powerful? In terms of fame, Adobe Flash Player stands out among all. However, Adobe Flash Player is even not perfect when playing swf file. So we can't judge a player by its fame.

Here this post will show you two powerful media players to help you enjoy movies. The standard for my judgment lies in the function of the player. Hence, I want to recommend you two players: KM Player and VLC Player.

1. KM Player

KM Player

KM Player is a powerful tool that can support major popular formats available at present. You get to know that point when you find that KM Player can support swf file and rm file. Usually, we tend to convert swf file with some professional tool like Moyea SWF to Video Converter because not only few players but also fewer video converters can support it.

Besides supporting various video formats, KM Player can also help you to rip audios from videos so you can have more choices besides converting the videos to audio files to get audios of videos. Besides ripping audios, you can also capture videos or frames with KM Player.

In the era of 3D movie, it becomes a fashion to make and watch 3D movie. So a method to help you watch 3D movies will be considered cool. Besides converting video to other file with 3D effects attached via Video Converter, you can also refer to KM Player for help.

A good player should be one that not only powerful in function but also helpful to users. To this extend, KM Player deserves its reputation and fame.

2. VLC Player

VLC Player

VLC Player is not just well-known for its fame, but also for its function. Similar to KM Player, it can support various popular formats. But that's not the point where it is selected. It is its function to support PowerPoint 2007 that attracts my attention.

As we all know, PowerPoint 2007 is quite powerful in function. You can insert videos into the slides with different ways. You can insert some files like wmv or avi files directly or you can insert swf file with the help of Shockwave Flash Object. However, you can hardly insert flv file into PowerPoint 2007 with similar operations.

Before I installed VLC Player, I need to convert flv file to wmv file with Moyea FLV to Video Converter Pro when I want to insert those downloaded YouTube videos into slides. However, with the help of VLC Player, you can easily manage it because VLC Player will provide a tool (similar to Shockwave Flash Object) for PowerPoint 2007 named "VLC ActiveX Plugin and IE Web Plugin" to help you.

All in all, those are the two powerful media players favored by me. If you have other good ideas, you can share with me in the message board below.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Activities And Evolution Of World Earth Day

April 22 is a day remembered by all as "Earth Day". It is a day to appeal all the people to pay more attention to the environment protection and the sustainable development of Mother Earth. The significance of Earth Day, which provides a platform for them to let their voice heard, is as important as Christmas for environmentalists.

I. The celebration of World Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration

Each year, people around the world celebrate this day in different ways. New York people plant trees in the center of Time Square which foster into a small forest; Beijing holds a tree planting activity and Canada organizes an activity to have children's footprint left on a panorama landscape of the Earth.

The most amazing activity is carried out by filmmakers Kyle Ruddick and Brandon Litman who have released a movie named "One Day on Earth", a film that was shot in every country of the world on October 10, 2010. Besides those activities, it is also a good choice for you to watch disaster movie on Earth Day to remind you of the serious environment situation we are facing. You can convert the DVDs of those movies to mp4 files for your iPad with DVD Ripper.

II. The Evolution of World Earth Day

Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day

Though approved by UN on April 22, 2009, the origin of World Earth Day can be date back to early 1970s. This post will take you to have a view at the evolution of World Earth Day.

1. On April 22, 1966, the US senator Gaylord Nelson gave a speech in Harvard on the issue of environment protection which attracted the attention of a student named Dennis Hayes, who helped to publicize the idea of holding environment protection activities in the nationwide.

2. On April 22, 1970, Gaylord Nelson and Dennis Hayes brought out a day that was used to publicize the creation of a clear, simple and peaceful world with thousands of American joining in.

3. On April 22, 1990, over 200 million people from over 140 countries in the world coincidently held activities to publicize the importance of environment protection. The large number of participants attracted the attention of UN. This day is remembered as the first Earth Day

4. In 1990s, an organization named "Earth Day Network" which was devoted to the popularization of Earth Day and environment protection.

5. On April 22, 2009, UN officially declaimed April 22 would be World Earth Day, 60 years after the passing of Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN.

Nowadays, World Earth Day is almost celebrated in the whole world with increasing influence. Each year, a theme will be endowed to Earth Day and so far about 41 themes are given.

Friday, April 20, 2012

4 Shortcomings Of Playing SWF File With Adobe Flash Player

The debut of The new iPad is supposed to be of great significance to the world. However, Apple disappoints us by making The new iPad an updated version of iPad 2 instead of a new generation of iPad. However, rumors come that Apple will fix its mistake with mini version of The new iPad.

Whatever, at least the debut of The new iPad has shown the world the downhill reputation of Adobe Flash Player. Jobs hated it and Apple refuses it. Though it is still widely used in online websites as a necessary plug-in, its dominating position in this field is being doubted at present since various apps are developed to replace Adobe Flash Player for Apple product.

I don't know why Apple hates Adobe Flash Player so much, but I do know Adobe Flash Player should do better as a player for swf file. This post will show you four shortcomings of playing swf file with Adobe Flash Player.

1. Limited format support


Actually, Adobe Flash Player can only support swf file. It is a good thing to focus on the technologies of a certain field. However, with the development of science and technology, more and more powerful players like KM Player are developed which can not only support swf file but also other popular video formats. This lags Adobe Flash Player far behind.

Though Adobe Flash Player may just want to consolidate its advantages, it is also a good try if it can support more formats. What's worse, it hasn't surprised us with technological innovations for a long time.

2. Awful Interface

I don't want to say much about it. The awful interface is complete unmatched with its fame. It is just a simple window when playing swf file without even a button on it. I have complained about it once and I will do it in the future because it is the worst interface I have seen.

3. No play trackbar

No play trackbar

As a player, one basic function is to let users watch and control videos freely. However, you can't find that quality on Adobe Flash Player when you are playing swf file. No play trackbar is available in the interface which means you need to watch a swf file from the very beginning every time. It is just annoying. However there are three ways to add a track playbar to swf file.

4. No Playlist

No playlist

Unlike other players, you can't even find a playlist in Adobe Flash Player which means you need to import the swf file manually each time. Can't it make a playlist that can help users to access swf file in a quick way other than locating the swf file first each time. Does a requirement for a Media Library a harsh one?

All in all, though powerful and popular, Adobe Flash Player is really annoying when playing swf files. So what The new iPad users are supposed to deal with the swf file? Of course, you can have alternative choices like playing with a powerful player like KM Player or convert swf file to mp4 file for The new iPad with Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Ways For You To Get Access To 3D Movie

Years ago, a movie named Avatar received 2.7 billion dollars in box office receipts and becomes the most the profitable movie in the world, exceeding Titanic. Nowadays, the sunken Titanic comes back to life and intends to seek for revenges with 3D effects.

In recent years, 3D movie is a word frequently used in both film industry and our daily life. In order to catch up with the trend, many movies are attached with 3D effects hoping to increase their box office receipts. As the fresh feelings gone, people may be boring of the abused 3D effects.

However, that will be another story. At least at present, people think highly of 3D movie. In order to help you access to 3D movie better, this post will present you four ways to get access to 3D movie based on four 3D technologies used at present.

1. Cinema

watch 3D movie in the cinema

Of course, it is quite expensive to see a 3D movie like Titanic 3D especially when it turns out to be the debut of the movie. However, the 3D effects you can get are also incomparable. I have once entered the cinema to see Journey to the Central of the Earth, which has left a deep impression on me for its 3D effects. Adopting polarized 3D technology, the cinema makes full use of the large screen there. So watching 3D movie in the cinema will be a good choice for you.

2. 3D TV and 3D laptop

watch 3D movie with 3D TV

In order to fulfill our desire to watch 3D movie, many producers release their latest product, 3D TV and 3D lap-top. With the application of active-shutter 3D technology, the sight of one of your eyes will be blocked by active-shutter 3D glasses to make sure only one eye can receive the image. The amazing thing is that you are totally unaware of that process. So if you want to watch 3D movie, this is also a good choice for you.

3. 3D mobile

watch 3D movie with 3D mobile

In order to avoid lagging behind, phone makers are trying to develop 3D mobiles and some of them have succeed. There are at least two 3D mobiles available in the market. More importantly, they are adopting glass-free 3D technology. This technology is not that mature as the above two so the 3D effect you get may not be that perfect. However, at least, you have gotten rid of the annoying glasses.

4. Video Converter

watch 3D movie by converting

The anaglyph 3D technology was applied in an early time and nowadays it can be applied in some apps like Video Converter directly. With anaglyph 3D technology, Video Converter can help you to attach 3D effects to 2D movie after conversion. You need to buy a pair of red/blue anaglyph 3D glasses. The effects may not be that good, but you can watch 3D movie freely with iPad by converting videos to mp4 files for iPad.

Anyway, if you want to watch 3D movie with best effects, go to the cinema. If you want to watch 3D movie at home, buy a 3D TV or 3D lap-top. If you want to watch 3D movie with simplest operation done, buy 3D mobile. If you want to watch 3D movie freely with your iPad, use Video Converter to help you.

3 Most Suitable Movies To Watch In 4.19

You may have been asked by others about your plan in April 19. You will probably be quite confused since you can't recall any significant meaning of that day. Is it Valentine's Day? Is it Easter? Nope, it is a funny day for its name. Try to spell the number in 4.19 respectively in English.

Yes, you've got it. It is called "For One Night" day (similar to four one nine in pronunciation). I have to admire human's wisdom. Two unrelated things are connected in such a way by the power of human's imagination. It must be thought by a humorous genius.

Anyway, on April 19th, I want to recommend you three movies that are related to one night stay. I think they are three most suitable movies to watch in 4.19.

1. Last Night

Last Night DVD

It tells a story about a loving couple who are facing the temptation of one night stay respectively. Mike is tempted by his charming workmate Laura while Joanna by his former lover Alex. One night, Mike happens to go for a business trip with Laura which makes Joanna uneasy.

All the stories happen from the one night stay. The relationship between Joanna and Mike has changed slightly since then. This is a movie about love, betrayal, sex and ethic. It may not be that exciting as Avatar, but it can shock you with the plot.

2. Derailed

Derailed DVD

So if you want to see an exciting movie about one night stay, you may refer to this movie. With the cooperation between Clive Owen and Jennifer Aniston, the box office receipts of this movie are guaranteed. It is neither a love story nor a story about ethic. It is something of a suspense movie.

It mainly tells a story of how a man is seduced by a woman and then be blackmailed for the one night stay. In order to protect his family, he has to give in until one day he finds out the truth that the one night stay is a conspiracy. Then the man begins his way of revenge. It is recommended because it tells you one night stay is not only exciting but also dangerous.

3. Management


Unlike the former two mentioned above, this movie is a pure love story. It mainly tells how a timid man tries to pursuit his love after one night stay with a female customer. He tries to save money and flies to thousand miles away to find the woman he loves.

The funny thing is that he is so impulsive that he even fails to get enough money for a round-trip ticket. Because of the one night stay, the love story between a country man and a white collar in a metropolis begins. Of course this is a comedian.

So are there any other better choices for you than watching those movie in 4.19? Here I have presented you a warm story, a suspense story and a funny story. Hence, why not watch them with DVD or convert those DVDs to mp4 files for iPad with DVD Ripper?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Favorite Movie About Campus Life

In the era of 3D effect, many movies are ruined by the exaggerated plot and abused 3D effect. Actually, in the post-Avatar period, many directors are just too crazy about 3D effect. The balance between the plot and the effect is broken. As a consequence, many movies like Transformer are made.

Thomas Edison and Eadweard Muybridge both contributed to the technological innovations in film industry and they both resisted the coming of voiced film. To them, the application of the advanced technology would distract people's attention towards actor's performance. To this extent, 3D effect did that.

When Inception was bestowed with Best Motion Picture, Nolan was praised as the only person who directed with his mind in the era of technology-abused movies. Actually, few movies can shock me with plot. Even Avatar failed to manage that.

I love a movie best which is related to campus life. I like it not only because it is encouraging but also because it represents some dreams that I once desired to get. Now I will take you to have a view at my favourite movie about campus life: Dead Poets Society.

best Movie About Campus Life

Before I watched it, I never realized Robin Williams can impress me so deeply with non-comedy movie; after I watched it, I realized a moving story with a scaring name can be so wonderful. This is not a horror movie and the ending of the movie will leave a deep impression in your heart.

In an old-fashioned and riot stale campus lived a bunch of dull students who would do nothing but studying. They would be as dull as their parents if they hadn't met that teacher, who devotes to free student's mind.

I never thought that Whitman and his "Oh captain, my captain" could be caved in my mind before I watched this movie. I love the music in the movie especially the one that Charlie plays in the cave. I love the beautiful scene in the movie: the lake and the swan.

I am excited when Charlie, Todd and his friends sneaks out the school and running into the deep darkness along with the wonderful background music. Suddenly, I just want to join in them because they have done what I failed to do in high school days.

Of course, everyone who has seen the film will be moved by the last scene: students standing on the desks to support their teacher regardless of the menacing words of the headmaster. At that time, they all look like angels who are ready to fly to the sky with their wings in the thunderstorm.

Dead Poets Society

I love this movie so much that I have seen it for over 10 times even more than that of Titanic. In order to let me have a good enjoy with it, I have converted the DVD of Dead Poets Society to mp4 files with DVD Ripper so that I can play it with my tablet. If you are a fan of this movie or if you want to share with me your favorite, you can share with me in the message board below.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2 Masterpieces Acted By Jim Carrey

Besides Al Pacino, I personally love Jim Carrey best. He is regarded as the funniest actor in America. He usually acts as a normal and unimportant people who has suffered all the difficulties we probably have made.

Anyone who is familiar with Jim Carrey will be impressed by his body language. It is said that he could make every muscles in the face move. Due to this, he is usually defined as a famous clown and be ignored by Academy Award.

He is a guy that makes all the country laugh and you can forget about all those unhappy things with his movies. However, his works are regarded as vulgar and meaningless. That's why he is a famous man with few prizes.

However, as a fan, I refuse to classify his movie as vulgar. You can view the defects of yourself from every character he acts. He doesn't belong to the grandeur ceremony. His character represents all the ordinary people.

Sometimes you will find that you may have made the same mistakes like Lloyd Christmas and you are as good at lying as Fletcher Reede. Though I love Dumb and Dumber and Yes Man, I think the following two masterpieces acted by Jim Carrey are best.

1. The Truman Show

The Truman Show

This movie is neither funny nor vulgar for you. You will sink into deep thought after you have watched it. To some extent, we are all Truman who lives in a limited world. The character Truman is living in a fake world created by a director. Every move of him will be recorded by the camera and every word he hears is designed beforehand.

Anyway, Truman finally makes his decision to escape this big fraud after he is told that the real world is full of such frauds. As for the audience of Truman show, they see it because they can find the good qualities in Truman that barely exist at present: honest and kind. It is a sarcastic movie towards the reality and is awarded with Golden Globe.

2. Man on the Moon

Man on the Moon

It is another Golden Globe winner. Actually it is something of an autobiography of Jim Carrey. In the movie, people are all shocked by his performance. Jim Carrey succeeds in combining the real him with the virtual character Andy perfectly.

In the movie, Andy lets us believe he is seriously when he is joking and when he is serious he gives us the illusion that he is joking. Without the performance of Jim Carrey, no one can manage that. I love this movie because I regard it as the movie that Jim Carrey can't go beyond in terms of performance.

More importantly, Andy and Jim Carrey are the same because they are all devoted to the career of making people laugh. Jim Carrey also tries to tell us the miserable thing about comedian: once a comedian, always a comedian. Just like Andy, his performance is so good that people still think that he is joking while Andy is telling the truth about his agony. As for the ending, does Andy die? I don't know, make your own judgment.

So if you are interested in those two movies and want to watch it with your iPad, you can convert the DVDs to mp4 files with Video Converter.

3 Battle Fields Between Microsoft And Apple

Microsoft used to be the largest technological company in the world before Apple. With the elevation of the share price, Apple successfully got Microsoft's throne. In order to regain its place, the battle between Microsoft and Apple is turning white-hot.


It is interesting that although Apple brought the new concept of personal computer to the world with Apple II, it is Microsoft who has changed personal computer. It is even irony that though Microsoft has first raised the concept of tablet, it is Apple who makes outstanding performance in this field.

This year, with the debut of Windows 8 and Lumia 900, the battle fields between Microsoft and Apple has increased to three: the battle between Windows Phone and iOS in mobile, the battle between Zune and iPod in Mp3 field and the battle between Windows 8 and Mac in tablet. This post will take you to have a view at those three battle fields between Microsoft and Apple.

1. Zune vs iPod

Zune vs iPod

Apple wins over Microsoft in this field because Microsoft has announced its discontinuation of Zune in 2011. After ten-year evolution, iPod is a dominator in the market while as its competitor; Zune has finished its journey in five years.

Microsoft has to give in in this battle for the bad performance of Zune. However, there are three reasons for Zune's failure, all related to the market strategy of Microsoft. Either Zune or iPod can make full of its function without converters because they can just support limited video files. So you may just as well convert video files to mp4 files with Video Converter.

2. Windows Phone vs iOS

Windows Phone vs iOS

The competition in mobile market are ought to be the stories between Nokia, SumSung, HTC and Apple. However, Microsoft joins in the battle with Windows Phone, making it the biggest enemies of Apple in all fields.

While Apple has earned a lot of money with iPhone, the future of Windows Phone is still unknown. However, many experts predict that the fate of Windows Phone is decided by the fate of Lumia 900. It seems that at least at present, the future of Windows Phone is very promising. Till the debut of iPhone 5, we will know whether Windows Phone is powerful enough to challenge iOS or not.

3. Windows 8 vs Mac

Mac_OS_vs__Windows 8

After the popularization of iPad, Microsoft has to pay more attention to the product it once ignored: the tablet. In March 2012, Microsoft debut Windows 8, which can support tablet. It indicates the beginning of the battle between Apple and Microsoft in tablet. However, the future of Windows 8 is not appreciated by many.

There are too many hurdles lying before Windows 8. Windows 8 is not only viewed as a vulnerable system but also a system with small potential market. At present, Windows 8 is accessible to iPad with Win8 Metro Testbed. Can Windows 8 be a dominator in tablet market? We'll see.

We can find something in common in all those fields: Apple is the champion while Microsoft is the challenger. The fate of Microsoft will be decided by its performance in those three fields (actually two).

Monday, April 16, 2012

4 Big Mistakes Made By Apple

In 2003, its market share price is lower than 50 dollars while in 2012, its market share price miraculously rises to over 600 dollars. Apple is announcing to the world how powerful it can be. Based on its excellent performance in the market, experts boldly predicted its share price will go beyond 1000 dollars this year.

In 2012, Apple has made two great events: the debut of The new iPad and the release of update to Apple TV. They are supposed to be used to enlarge Apple's advantages. However, things go to the opposite side.

People are not that crazy towards The new iPad after they find it is just an updated version of iPad 2, which leads to the drop in sales volume of The new iPad. As for AppleTV 2012, it is even worse since few minor modifications are done comparing to its predecessor.

However, all those things can't affect people's confidence towards the future of Apple's share price until the outbreak of the war between Amazon and Apple. Applenow is facing lawsuit over its iBook which is reported to have violated the price law.

The giant tycoon has never realized it would stop its pace by this small issue. Apple seems to be fragile and vulnerable. As a consequence, the share price of Apple begins to fall. However, those are not the biggest mistakes made by Apple. Now let's have a view at four big mistakes made by Apple.

1. The battery of iPhone 4S


People criticizes Apple for lying to consumers on the duration time of the inserted battery of iPhone 4S. Apple tried to prolong the duration of the battery with its latest system but failed.

There is a big mistake made by Apple. According to some early users, they had informed Apple of the issue but received no satisfying reply.

2. Lawsuit over patent


Apple seems to have involved in too many patent violation cases either as the accuser or the defender. Few weeks ago, it sued Motorola for five patent violations while Motorola fought back with three pattern violation charges of Apple. All those stop users from enjoying the product freely.

3. Ignorance to Apple TV

Apple TV

The potential market of Apple TV is quite large while Apple seems to ignore this point. Comparing to iPhone, iPad and iPod, the attention Apple TV gets is so little that Apple chooses to ignore our complains about Apple TV.

Anyway, this April was a good chance for Apple to correct this mistake but Apple refused to do so. So that means Apple TV is still a larger iPhone without apps that doesn't support Hulu. If you want to watch local videos with Apple TV, you need to convert them to mp4 file with Video Converter.

4. iClound


iColund is a useful app with large potential market. However, it is not powerful; users can't store videos and music on it which makes it not so necessary. If Apple had enriched its functions, it would have been another best-sell app of Apple.

Anyway, Apple's future is still promising once it can solve all those issues and in the future, its products will be the dominators of high end digital product market.

The Evolution History Of Apple

In March, the debut of The new iPad has shown the influence of Apple. The news of The new iPad's release has occupied the headlines of major papers and websites for several days. Apple now has already exceeded Microsoft to be the company with the highest market share in scientific field.

The share price of Apple was lower than 50 dollars in 2003 while it elevated to over 620 dollars at present. Apple is well known for its high-end digital products like iPhone, iPod and iPad. Recently, Apple has debut its update to Apple TV and rumors about iPhone 5 is spreading as well. Experts even predicted that the share price of Apple will exceed 1000 dollars this year.

However, in 1990s, Apple is still a company threatened by bankruptcy due to years of failures in its market strategies. No one can image such a company will become a tycoon at present. So in order to unveil the success of Apple, we need to view the evolution history of Apple.

1. The glorious history


Actually, it was Apple that laid the foundation for PC other than Microsoft. In 1976, Steve Jobs with another Steve built up a company named "Apple". Pretty soon, the company became popular and powerful in the market for its fist product: Apple II. Its release changed people's view towards traditional computer which were supposed to be big, heavy and good of nothing.

Apple II was the milestone in the evolution of personal computer for its simple operation, small size, cheap price and unique design. With the help of Apple II, Apple swept the world and became the symbol of personal computer. It even once imaged to make PC as popular as bike at that time.

In 1980, Apple made a new record of IPO with its 1.01 billion dollars of public offerings. In 1983, Apple ranked 291st in the list of top 500 companies in the world.

2. Miserable past


In 1980s, IBM had dominated the personal computer market with IBMPC. In order to regain its position, Apple decided to challenge IBMPC with Macintosh. Apple paid so much attention to Macintosh, which proved to be a failure in the market, that it ignored the development of Apple III. Along with Macintosh, Apple III failed again.

In 1985, Apple met its first deficit in finance and Steve Jobs had to quit. However, Jobs' leave didn't make things better because the latter ten years witnessed various failures of Apple in market share. For example, Newton was made but failed to find potential consumers. Actually, even Apple had no idea of its potential consumers.

Things got worse and worse that Apple could only sold products to some specific consumers. At that time, Apple was rambling in the edge of bankruptcy. However, a man changed its situation.

3. Unprecedented success

i series product

In 1997, Jobs became the CEO of Apple again and led Apple to unprecedented success since then. Ten year evolution of iPad and five year evolution of iPhone had made Apple world famous. Along with the increasing reputation goes the elevation of its share price. In 2012, its price share has already exceeded 600 dollars.

The success of Apple lies in its unique with advanced technologies attached. They are not only cool in appearance but also powerful in function. Apple just combines the best hardware with the best software together in its products. To some extent,, Apple represents technological innovations of digital products and that's the reason why its product can attract the world's attention.

After all those years' evolution, Apple not only gains its success, but also promotes the development of related field. For example, since iPhone can only support mp4 files, converters like Video Converter are designed to convert videos to mp4 files and Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter are designed to convert swf files to mp4 files.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Five Common Complains About Apple TV

This April witnesses the release of the update to Apple TV which disappoints those who have waited it for long. Before its debut, all the people are looking forward to the release of a new generation of Apple TV. However, Apple tells us all: "No, only update is available here!" However, even the update to Apple TV can't satisfy people.


The update to Apple TV fails to solve those key issues concerned by users. It just makes some modifications over some small issues just like The new iPad, which is regarded as an updated iPad 2. People feel disappointed again just as they did when The new iPad was released.

With cool Airplay, grandeur Netflix and beautiful design, Apple TV is popular in the market. However there are some hurdles lying before Apple TV. Apple TV needs to solve at least five issues in order to please users. Now, let's have a view at five common complaints about Apple TV.

1. No app for Apple TV

One of user's complaint towards Apple TV lies in that there is no apps available for Apple TV. Without apps, how can you expect Apple TV to be powerful in function? Products like iPhone are popular because you can make it become powerful with various apps. So users always complain about Apple TV's lack of apps which makes Apple TV nothing but a powerful TV.

2. Fail to support Hulu


Apple can support Netflix and the update to Apple TV enables the support of Netflix in Mexico. However, Apple refuses Hulu which confuses many users. According to some rumors, Apple does this because it intends to buy Hulu. However, before Apple manages it, it has already taken Hulu as its subsidy. According to the latest news, Apple will provide a service similar to Hulu. However, before it succeeds, why can't it support Hulu for a while?

3. Small Apple Remote

Apple Remote

The small remote is of such a little size that it is hand for a fat finger to operate it well. Why can't Apple make it larger with more buttons attached? People are really annoying when they have to do the same operation again and again due to a wrong click!

4. Support mp4 files only

Support mp4 files

Like iPhone, iPod and iPad, Apple TV can only support video files with mp4 format. You have to convert videos to mp4 files with Video Converter. So it makes no difference with iPhone in terms of playing function. Apple TV is just a large-size iPhone when playing movies and it can't be as powerful as iPhone because there are no apps available.

5. No USB and SD card ports

No USB and SD card ports

So basically speaking, it is really troublesome for us to synchronize the video with iTune. However, you have to do it because Apple TV can't support USB or SD card. So just forget about plugging in your device and then watching movies with Apple TV. To some extent, Apple seems to be quite resistant to SD card because you can find the same defect in iPhone and iPad.

Whatever, we can just pray that Apple one day can hear our words and solve those five complains for us.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

3 Choices For You To Download YouTube Videos

YouTube, as the most famous online video website in the world, provides people a platform to share videos. Not only can you get those videos you want here, but also upload videos to share with friends. You can also get the latest news of the latest videos here.

With abundant videos available, YouTube will definitely attract you. However, it seems that download YouTube videos is still a headache for many. Due to this, I will introduce you three ways to download YouTube videos.

Basically there are three methods for you to download YouTube videos: you can refer to a website, a program and even a web browser. Based on this, I'll introduce you the way to download YouTube videos with website, program, and web browser respectively.

1. Download YouTube videos with Keepvid.

I believe most people have heard of Keepvid. For one thing, it is free, for another, it is powerful enough to help you convert those downloaded videos. Though the formats for selection are quite limited, it is good enough for a free website. You just need a few clicks to complete the whole process. Copy the URL of the video you want and then paste it to Keepvid. Can things be easier than that?

However, as a free website, Keepvid requires a plug-in. It owns too much ads in its page. Sometimes an ad is equal to a plug in. Be careful of your operation, a wrong click may help you install a plug in you don't want. As a green hand, I once clicked a wrong place and installed a plug in named Babylon. After that, various ads just pop out when I was browsing pages.

2. Download YouTube videos with YouTube FLV Downloader

Download YouTube videos with YouTube FLV Downloader

If you want to download YouTube videos, you can refer to Moyea FLV Downloader. If you need extra function of converting the downloaded videos, you may just as well try Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro. They are my first choice when download YouTube videos because they are easy to operate and you don't need to worry about the annoying ads while enjoy fast downloading speed.

3. Download YouTube videos with web browser.

web browser

This method requires no website and no program. Usually web browser like IE or Chrome will store the video you have watched in the computer for a short period of time. Your task is to find the location of those files. Firefox requires an add-on to manage YouTube video downloading. For more details, you can refer to "Download YouTube Videos With Web Browser".

Anyway, there are some rules you shall bear in mind when employing this method. You need to make sure the loading of the YouTube videos have completed before you operate; you need to do it quickly because the system may delete those temporary data any time and you need to be patient because you are picking up one file from hundreds of files.

So I believe this post can help you if you are troubling by YouTube videos. My favorite video is Rudy and I really want to know yours. So please tell me your favorite videos in the message board below.