Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two Methods To Help You Play Videos Smoothly With Mobile

So the popularization of mobiles not only makes communication easily but also promotes the development of relative industries. Nowadays, we are not content with those mobiles that can just make phone calls. Mobile has become an entertainment tool for us. Not only need it to support multi-media and Wi-Fi but also popular games like Angry Birds.

However, mobiles are not as that powerful as computers. You can't play Call of Duty on it and you can't play video that is 1080P. For most time, the player inserted in the mobile can just support some certain formats. In order to watch videos of various formats, we can convert videos to the supported formats with Video Converter or we can download a powerful player.

However, you will be irritated if you find that your player can support this file but it can't play it smoothly. This is really discouraging. If the player can't support your file, it is OK to download another one; if your player can't play it smoothly, you know you need to download another one as well, not the player but the video. Generally speaking, I will introduce two methods to help you play videos smoothly with Mobile .

1. Convert the video

When playing football, we can hire a good foreign player to aid us if we can't win a match. However, he can't play for our National Team because he is a foreigner. To solve this issue, we need to give him the nationality of our country and then we can recruit him.

Ok, the same truth can be applied here. For example, the player inserted in N97 can support mp4. While you can't play an rmvb file smoothly, you can convert the rmvb video to mp4 file with the help of Video Converter. Format Factory is not recommended since it once took me two hours to convert a 50-minute long video. I once attempted to watch BBC:Human Planet Season 01 with my N97, which is a 300M rmvb file. I tried RealPlayer and UC Player, but I just heard the audio of the movie with the picture remaining there. Later I tried to convert it to mp4 which was a 600M mp4 file. I thought it probably wouldn't work, but actually it did.

2. Customize the size of the video

This method is based on the condition that the video you are playing is of the original format supported by your mobile. For example, though N97 (N97 again? Sorry, but I do just own N97) can support mp4, it may also fail to play a 1080P mp4 file smoothly. That's because the mobile is chewing more than it can bit. Under this condition, you can just customize the size with software like Video Converter to smaller size like 360P. Then your mobile can play it smoothly. After all, it is much better than downloading another video.

Generally speaking, those methods may not solve all the problems, but it helps. In the future, there will be powerful mobiles that can play any videos smoothly. Then you won't be bothered by this issue any more.

Friday, March 30, 2012

A General Comparison Between iPhone and Nokia N97

The battle between iPhone and Nokia has lasted for years. However, since the debut of iPhone, Nokia is starting a downhill journey. The popularization of iPhone has made Apple a tycoon in phone sale market. In order to get rid of their poor situation, many companies carry out their counterattacks.

Google stands together with Motorola to fight against Apple in the patent war. Microsoft unities with Nokia to produce mobiles with Windows Phone system, hence it makes Microsoft the enemy of Apple in both fields. The batter between iOS and Windows Phone will be another story. The once almighty Symbian is about to quit this war. Let's make a comparison between iPhone and Nokia N97, outstanding Symbian mobile.

1. Connection

I will praise neither of them. We can transfer and receive data with Nokia. However, it is not as that convenient as it is supposed to be. For example, as you receive a video with Bluetooth, you will find the video is received and recognized by N97 as a message. Hence, you can't move it, copy it or play it. You need to download software like X-plore to extract the video for you. To this extend, iPhone does better but you will be annoyed at it when you want to transfer data from your computer. You need to download iTunes to synchronize the file of iPhone and the computer. So either Nokia N97 or iPhone may irritate you in terms of connection function.

2. Media Player

Nokia N97 is inserted with RealPlayer, so you are capable of watching videos of various formats like rmvb/3gp/mp4/rm. However, iPhone can just support mp4 file. So if you get an rmvb file, you need to convert it to mp4 file with Video Converter. N97 is also inserted with Flash Player, so you can watch swf file easily. However, since many converters can't support swf file, it is a headache to find special software like Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter to convert swf to mp4 for iPhone. To this extent, Nokia N97 is much more powerful.

3. Resolution and Display

Obvious N97 lags far behind in this aspect. The display of iPhone is always the best in the world with the most advanced technology adapted. The latest iPhone is equipped with Retina Display with amazingly high resolution. Nokia N97 is equipped with electric touch screen while iPhone with capacitive touch screen. The screen and display are two largest advantages of iPhone. Comparing to it, the display of N97 sucks.

4. Influence and Popularity

We can easily draw the conclusion that iPhone is far more popular than Nokia 97. A fact will support my opinion: Nokia N97 has stopped its production while iPhone renews its generation to iPhone 4S. How popular can iPhone be? Every generation of iPhone breaks the sale record and becomes the new champion. Nokia N97 takes a week to sell 2 million phones while iPhone 4 manages it in two day. Now everyone is expecting the new generation of iPhone while no one cares about Nokia N97.

Ok, my discussion will end here because we all know this is an unfair match. Symbian can't even match with Android in recent years. As a N97 user, I am looking forward to the counterattack of Nokia with its new system, Windows Phone. Can Nokia be a dominance of the phone market again? We will see.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Necessary Apps For Nokia

Mobile phone is becoming more and more popular in the world. To some extent, it becomes a necessity for us. The popularization of mobile has promoted the development of phone applications. Along with those mobiles, they are also necessary for us.

Without apps, phones can't be as powerful as they are right now. Web browser like Opera can provides functions we can't get from default web browser. Mobile can take photos, make videos, browse websites and make phone calls. However, if we need an extra function like edit videos or refuse someone's call automatically, we need to install corresponding apps. So what are the commonly used apps for your Nokia?

1. SMS Guard

Privacy is very important to us but there are always those annoying guys who love to peep our personal messages. So with SMS Guard, we won't need to worry about our secrets being leaked.

2. UC Browser

Internet exists everywhere because people's need towards it exists everywhere. With a smartphone like N97, we need a good web browser for assistance. UC Browser is such a good choice for you. It is the world's fastest browser with advanced compression technology.

3. Ovi Maps

We will go to strange places someday. So in case you get lost, you need a map to assist you. What if you know nothing about maps? You can install Ovi Maps and then you can see your position and the surrounding buildings. It helps you to find a hotel or restaurant easily.

4. Facebook

Of course, we need to communicate with our friends. With Facebook, you can know the latest situations of your friends. I believe every Nokia user needs this app because Facebook is more than cool; it also becomes the trend of cyber community.

5. NetQin Antivirus

The security of our phones is very important. Since hackers are more and more likely to attack our mobiles, we need an antivirus app to help us. NetQin Antivirus is a utility that works like a traditional PC antivirus, scanning your phone's directories for malicious files or programs. You can stop scans and select specific places for NetQin Antivirus to scan.

So at present, you have a map, a web browser, a message guard and you can also communicate with friends on the mobile without the worry of being attacked by hackers. Something is missing? Oh, we don't have a player. I don't think we will need one since RealPlayer inserted in Nokia is quite powerful for local video viewing. What about online video watching? Sorry, it can't manage it and at present no app for Nokia can content you on this point. You can download UC Player, but it can't support YouTube videos too well.

So we can't watch YouTube videos with Nokia? At least at present, I haven't found a good solution to play YouTube videos smoothly on Nokia N97. However, you can download YouTube videos and convert them to mp4 files for Nokia. You may feel it quite complicated, but with good software like Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro, you can save a lot of time. This seems to be the only way if you want to watch YouTube videos smoothly without quality loss. If this can't content you, you can buy a Nokia with Windows Phone like Lumia 800.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Disadvantages Of Nokia Comparing To Android Mobile

The prosperity of iPhone and Android mobile witnesses the decline of Nokia Empire. Before iPhone and Android mobile, Nokia dominated the phone sale market in the world. However, things changed, Symbian is no longer sexy and attractive comparing to Android. As a Nokia user, I am looking forward to the new system of Nokia: Windows Phone. Maybe it can help Nokia to remedy the situation.

To be honest, Symbian is far less attractive to me than Android in terms of data transfer. When transferring data with bluetooth, the file you received is sent to Nokia as a message. I received a MV with bluetooth but I couldn't trace it. Later I found it in my Inbox but I couldn't open it or transfer it to my SD card or other files of the phone. I sought Internet for help and was told to download X-plore to extract the video from Inbox. I did it but only to find the file was a swf file.

Luckily Nokia is inserted with flash player which is supposed to be able to support flash video. However, what I got was just a song playing in a black screen. OK, I have to admit that this player sucks because video larger than 4M isn't accessible. To this extent, Android mobile are much better. Android mobile is not inserted with flash player, so you know you need to download one from the very beginning. Due to this, there are many players for selection like SWF Player. Anyway, later I had to convert swf file to mp4 with Moyea SWF to Video Converter. The converted video was almost the same as the original one in quality. If I had known this method earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much time.

Comparing to Android mobile, the Wi-Fi connection was another disadvantage. I once tried to connect Wi-Fi with my N97, but I just found that I need to type the shared key each time I connect Wi-Fi. However, Android mobile can remember the key and keep it in connection unless you disconnect it. If you can browse website with your SIM card while you have connected Wi-Fi, Nokia will ask you which mode you want to use for website browsing, SIM or Wi-Fi. However, Android mobile will select Wi-Fi mode by default.

There are other disadvantages of Nokia comparing to Android mobile. For example, in terms of online video watching, Android seems to be more powerful since Nokia could just support a few of them. Anyway, Symbian is not so attractive to us due to its own defects. So Nokia is changing it to Windows Phone. Can Windows Phone wipe out those disadvantages of Symbian and competing with Android? We will see.

Monday, March 26, 2012

How To Watch 3D Titanic Beforehand

From Titanic to Avatar, James Cameron created one legend after another. In 1998, Titanic won over 1.8 billion dollars at box office. However, Avatar robbed its crown in 2010 with over 2.7 billion dollars at check box office. Then you will find that the most two profitable movies in history are all directed by James Cameron.

However, Cameron refused to stop, so he decided to challenge again, with his 3D version of Titanic. Will Titanic get back its throne? This is a really bold attempt because the old version of Titanic seemed to be perfect in our mind while Avatar was regarded as incomparable in 3D film industry. What surprise will Kate's Rose and Leonard's Jack bring us this time? I don't know. But I do know that even a little mistake in the film will be highlighted and then the film will receive a flood of curses. I even doubt whether the theme song of the film can turn to be a classic as My Heart Will Go On.

Anyway, the more doubts a film bears, the more attentions it gets. At least for me, I am quite curious of the movie. The film is said to be released in April in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sunk. So thanks to Cameron, we can review this classic again and maybe we can be moved again. This film is destined to be a profitable one since every Titanic lover will buy a ticket for it. However, if the main characters and the plot of the 3D version are exactly the same as the original one, how can it attract us? The secret lies in its 3D effect.

Since the success of Avatar, 3D film has become a trend. Maybe Cameron felt pity that the old version could not reach his expectation in special effects and he believed with 3D effect his Titanic can be better. Whatever, people are more tended to be moved by tragedy. With 3D effect, you will enter the virtual film world and become a witness to the love between Jack and Rose as well as to the disastrous tragedy. I don't know how many people once held the thought of being a member on the ship after watching the old version, but I did. That's why I am looking forward to the 3D version because it may fulfill my dream with its 3D effect.

But I need to wait for a while before I can watch the 3D version. I always want to find some ways to watch 3D Titanic beforehand. I got an idea recently, since the new version is about the same as the old version, I just need to attach 3D effect to the old version. While I used DVD Ripper to convert the DVD of Titanic to mp4 file so that I can play it on the iPad, I surprisingly found that it could add 3D effect to 2D video. Then I just need to buy 3D glasses. Even though the 3D effect you experience can't compare with that of 3D Titanic, at least you can have a general expectation towards 3D Titanic.

I know this method seems to be not so good, but at least you can have a try.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Eight Interesting Anecdotes Of iPod

Apple has occupied the digital sale market with its brilliant products and becomes more and more influential in the world. As the debut of The new iPad, people believe it will conquer the sale market in the future. However, to some extent, Apple's success was started from its iPod. You may be familiar with this product, but have you heard of those eight anecdotes of iPod before?

1. 40,000 songs were downloaded in ten minutes.

On July 12, 2004, one million songs are sold in iTunes Music Store. The buyer of the last song was given a 40GB iPod, a PowerBook and the right to download 10 thousand songs. However, just in ten minutes before he downloaded his song, about 40,000 songs had been downloaded.

2. The inventor

Without Jobs, Apple may fail to be so successful. However, it is not Jobs who first brought the idea of a small hard drive-based MP3 player, but Tony Fadell. However, it was said that the higher-than-normal iPod volume comes from Jobs being partial deaf.

3. Sexy earphone

In March, 2004, police in West Midlands warned iPod users to avoid wearing sexy original white iPod earphone because it can easily make them the targets of thieves.

4. Expansive menu

In August, 2006, United States International Trade Commission ordered Apple to pay Creative Technology 100 million dollars for its patent violation in the menu design of iPod.

5.The origin of iPod

iPod was named by Vinnie Chieco, who was in charge of the promotion of iPod. She thought of the line "HAL , is the pod bay door open" on the first sight of iPod. However, it was laughed at by many people. They joked it was short for I Perfer to Own Disc.

6. High-price iPod

Till now, the most expansive iPod were the special version of iPod 2, which was debut in December 2002. It is a 20GB version sold for 548 dollars with the signature of pop star in its back.

7. Wrong color

iPod mini was the first iPod that had various colors for selection. However, some iPods were given the wrong color. They were in magenta rather than in pink, which they should be. However, those products sold out in a short time on eBay.

8. Best seller

iPod nano became best seller after iPod touch and iPod shuffle. Black nano were most popular while golden nano attracted least attention. Later, Apple stopped selling golden nana.

Those are eight funny stories about iPod. Nowadays iPod is becoming more and more attractive with its extraordinary resolution and Retina Display. However, nothing can be perfect. Even with this magic machine, there are still some limitations.

How can you watch films that are not supported by your iPod? You can convert them, what if the converter could not support them as well? As far as I know, most converters would not support swf file. Hence, you may need special software for iPod. I have met the same problem and it took me much time to find such a perfect converter. So if you need to convert swf for iPod, you may try Moyea SWF to iPod Converter.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep Your Happiness

Just as an old saying, bad things happen. We are destined to go through ups and downs in our life. So thinking of those happy days in your life will give you the strength to meet those difficulties. Do not underestimate the effects of those happy memories.

One summer, a brave king intended to attack his enemy without its notice. He is so well-planned that all the things seem to be under his control. However, he underestimates the power of huger and thirst. His troop has marched for five successive days without stop. His soldiers were all exhausted. As the king noticed the situation, he asked his fellows to have a good rest. However, he soon found this was a bad idea because his fellows refused to go further and they all lied there as if they were dead people. The king knew that the essence of surprise attack lies in the speed and that his soldiers would get heat stroke if they continued to sleep. He was also afraid of being discovered by his enemy since this place was not so far from the castle of his enemy. Suddenly, a good idea came to him. He knew how thirsty those soldiers were, so he lied to his fellows that there was a river in five miles away and encouraged them to move to the river. For one thing, they could drink water, for another, they could eat fish for food. On hearing this, all his soldiers jumped up and walked as usual. It was really a miracle that his troops continued to walk until they found a village. Of course, he beat his enemy heavily.

It was said that those soldiers could insist just because they had thought of the moment when they could eat fish and drink water. They drooled and the saliva reduced their thirst. Now you can understand how those happy memories can help you. Man tends to remember their glorious moment when they are in poverty because this can help them to reduce agony.

However, what we can remember is limited. Can you remember all the friends that have laughed with you in your childhood? When we get older, we forget easier. It is said that old men spend all their days thinking of the happiness in their youth just to get rid of the threat of death. Maybe one day we will forget today's happiness which we really shouldn't. In order to live a pleasure life, you should keep your happiness.

How can we do that? You can't manage it alone, but you can seek help from devices. Photograph every great moment with your phone, record every smile with your DV, leave every laughing in your voice recorder and keep every moment in a disc. I personally prefer to burn those videos, audios and photos into discs. After all, the storage of your phone, your DV and your voice recorder will be full one day and you will not get a new one instead, but at least you can get a new disc.

So if you feel the same way as I do, just burn all the experience your treasure into DVD with Nero, charging software that is hard to operate or StarBurn, free software that is easy to operate. With those DVDs, you can keep your happiness. So keep your happiness and be a happy man forever!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Difficult SWF Games

Have you ever experienced sitting for hours playing games like IL-2 Sturmovik and FarCry. They are so difficult that you can't complete even one mission in a day. This really drives you mad. So at this moment, I suggest you to play some relaxing games, especially SWF games.
Those games are not only designed with simple backgrounds but also simple operations. Usually, you will feel relaxed when you play it. However, if you think all SWF games are just that easy, you are wrong. If you are unlucky, you may meet some really difficult SWF games, which can drive you crazy more easily than some PC games. Believe me, you will be dismayed and feel frustrated since you are not defeated by crowds of enemies but a simple image, maybe just a ball. OK, I will illustrate you some difficult SWF games.
1. The World's Hardest Game
I was puzzled what kind of game could brag itself most difficult before I played it. OK, I have to admit I felt frustrated after playing it. Look at the game, a square with four circles. Can any game be made as simple as that? Do not be fooled by its appearance. You control the square and need to move to the other side with the circles rolling back and forth. As you go deeper, the ball will roll faster and faster. How am I supposed to make the square get through while the enemies are moving as fast as light? Sometimes you may think that you are just a fool who can't win four balls.
2. Crimson Room
This game is said to be one of the most difficult games in the world along with other games of Toshimitsu Takagi series. So this time I am a drunken man who is attacked and locked in the crimson room. What you need to do is just finding as many things as possible and then using them appropriately. This game is not so difficult comparing to other Toshimitsu Takagi games; you can at least find almost all the tools. I say it is difficult because as you get a paper with URL address in it, you need to visit the website on the paper to get codes for the safe. However, I find the website is written in Japanese. The worst of it is that the code is given in random, even the producer can not know the code. So there is no way to open the safe? I get all the tools and find out how to use them, but I can't escape because I don't know Japanese. Jesus Christ! This is really annoying.
3. Dad n' Me
This game is a little violent; you act as a violent boy. When your father wants you to get along with others by leaving you in the playground alone, you just want to kick every one of them. In the beginning, you are freakily strong and unbeatable. While later, more and more strong enemies will show up and will kill you just by a touch. So this game generally tells you how superman turns to be the ordinary. As you go further, the enemies become stronger. You have no chance to win since a kick from anyone can finish your life.
So those are the games that really drive me crazy. Sometimes I spent hours sitting in front of the computer trying to prove that I would not be fooled by those simple games. However, I failed.
Sometimes I could win by accident. Will I be happy? No, I felt regard that I didn't record that moment. Later I learned to record the process of my game. I searched the Internet and found nothing that can help much until I found Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro. It can not only record the process of your playing, but also convert it to flv format so that you can upload it to YouTube. So next time if you meet a difficult game, I suggest you to use Moyea SWF To Video Converter Pro to record the process.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grumbles About Adobe Flash Player

Recently, I have downloaded some videos from YouTube with Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader. Not only it is free, but also it can help you to download YouTube videos quickly. So I just want to open it with my player, however, I find my player can't support this format.

I just want to download a player to play flv file and then I am fooled by the name of Adobe Flash Player. You will take it for granted that a player named Flash Player will probably be able to play flv file, but life just punches you down and laughs at you. Yes, I admit I suck this time. But I still have some grumbes about Adobe Flash Player.

When you search "flash player" with Google, you will see the dominance of Adobe Flash Player in the page. When you watch videos online, you will get a tip that you need to install Adobe Flash Player before the videos are accessible. Ok, I know that most online videos are flv files, so it gives me the illusion that Adobe Flash Player will definitely support flv file. The more hopes you pin, the greater disappointments you get. This is a lesson tells us that practice makes truth, not your thoughts. Though it is me that make myself a fool, Adobe Flash Player helps in this process. How can it called Adobe Flash Player without supporting flv files? How can it occupy the whole page in Google when you type "flash player" in Google?

One great event in March is probable the debut of The new iPad . People are still wondering why Apple refuses Adobe Flash Player. Maybe Apple has a further vision than us or maybe Adobe Flash Player owns some defects. Anyway, the future of Adobe Flash Player receives a negative evaluation given by Apple. To me, I also think Adobe Flash Player must do better other than its failure to support flv file.

When talking about player that has dominated video websites for years, what do you think it will look like, with cool skin and attractive buttons? Now wake up and look at the picture.

Ok, the interface is just too simple to make you believe this is a necessity for online video websites and you probably will think you are opening a website at the first sight of this interface. You will not want to download it if you have other choices, so you just feel like being forced to use it. No wonder Apple will not cooperate with it, their visual concepts for products are totally different. How can Apple tolerate such software run in its attractive machine?

Anyway, if you want to use a real flash player, I will recommend you Moyea FLV Player, it can not only play local flv file but also those online file just by pasting the URL address. (PS: it is free)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Things About PowerPoint

I believe everyone is quite familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint. I have to wave goodbye to 2003 version in order to install 2007 version and then changed 2007 version to PowerPoint 2010. The general impression the latest version left on me is that it is getting easier for customers to operate.

Take 2003 version for example, you need to know something about the PowerPoint in order to use animation effects or transition effects. However, things changed in 2007 version. What you need to do is just click "Animation" in the menu bar and choose the effects. It is quite good because I think those effects are the essence of this software. This is a good sign: it can not only promote the popularization of PowerPoint, but save our time with its simple operation.

I used to believe PowerPoint is just a tool to help you write words on those slides and then shift between the slides. However, this is not true! It can also be used as a communication tool. You need to explain your business plan to your boss with PowerPoint that contains not only graph that can reflect the overview of the data but also some photos that can draw his attention. As long as you can attract him with your PowerPoint, you have gained your wager. So the action of Microsoft to simplify the operation of PowerPoint is worthy of being praised.

Comparing to 2003 version, 2007 version has added more effects for us to choose such as 3D effect. However, PowerPoint is not so perfect considering its compatibility. You can't open a PowerPoint with pptx format on a computer with 2003 version. So in order to open it, you need to update your PowerPoint version. What if we prefer 2003 version? To some extent, the latest version has left less room for us to operate. Another thing is that not all phones can support PowerPoint. Even for those that can support PowerPoint, the original effects may lose.

A good way to maintain those effects and solve the problem of compatibility is to convert them to videos that can be supported by devices like iPhone/iPod/iPad/Blackberry. However, at present you can't manage it with PowerPoint alone. Maybe in the future, PowerPoint will be endowed with this function. However, we must admit it is not possible at present unless you use software.

As for this, I want to recommend Moyea PPT4Web Converter, software that can not only help you to convert PowerPoint to most popular video format, but help you to upload those converted videos to website like YouTube once you install Moyea Web Player, software that can help you to insert videos into your blog. Expect for its powerful functions, the operation is also quite simple. With it, you can share PowerPoint with friends by uploading it.

I believe in the future, PowerPoint will not only be much more powerful, but also more popular. I believe in the future, Microsoft will bring more surprises us to us with its PowerPoint.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Annoying Games

As a child, I love games like Mario and Contra. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, games are becoming more and more attractive. Thanks to the application of 3D technology, characters in the games are so vivid that you can't tell they are just virtual men in the cyber space.

I love games like 2K11, Call of Duty and Need for Speed. They are really fantastic. But sometimes you need to wait, wait for their debut. It is OK when those games can be available on time, but there are games that are really annoying because the producers just delayed their original plan day by day. Here let's see the outstanding three of them.


No one needs to explain why it can rank first here. This game is ought to be debuted in 1997, but the date was fixed in 2011. Let's have a view at what had happened in this period: 500 million people have died while 660 million people have born; Harry Potter have published and directed; players have play games on PS/DC/NGC/XBOX/PS2/XBOX360/Wii/PS3/GBC/GBA/GBASP/NDS/PSP/GBM/NDSL/NDSI/ NDSILL and 3DS and Microsoft have debuted six operating systems.

2. Team Fortress 2

The producer made us believe we could play it in 1999, but it first came out in 2007. The game changed its engine for several times. Valve tended to design the game with GoldSrc engine, but it has changed its plan for several times.

3. StarCraft: Ghost

You can play this on your Xbox, GameCube and PS2, how about on your PC? No. Maybe it just wants to learn from StarCraft which was proved to be a big success. All employees in Blizzard Entertainment have devoted to the designing of StarCraft in order to debut it in 1997 before Christmas. However, they failed and had to delay the date to 1998, which was proved to be a right decision. However this time, we can't expect the same thing happened to StarCraft: Ghost because Blizzard Entertainment has already stopped this project.

Comparing to those high-cost games, SWF game is not so annoying since you do need to worry about being fooled time after time. You may dislike games with simple operation or with rough picture quality. However, when games can combine simple operation and rough picture quality together with beautiful music attached, you will like it because it can ease your mind and relax you.

I love SWF games, it can relax me. I love the music in it, they are all simple but beautiful. As a Naruto fan, I love an SWF game named Bleach vs Naruto, the music there is just awesome. I want to rip the music but I don't know how. Until recently, I have found SWF Resources Extractor and Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro. The former is quite simple to operate while the latter is more powerful. The latter can not only record the process of your game, but convert the recorded video to formats like mp4/3gp/3g2/mov/avi/wmv/ts and so on. You just need to play the game and after you finish it; you will find the whole process is capable to play on your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

So if you are getting tired of completing your mission or racing with other cars, SWF is also a good choice for you to rest your mind.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Download YouTube Videos Online

When you want to watch videos online, you need to visit websites like YouTube and Google. As the development of science and technology, watching online videos and uploading videos is no more a hard task. In the vast sea of YouTube videos, there must be some that attract your attention and give you the impulse to download them.

Here comes a question? How can you download those YouTube videos you want? With software, you can do that, but what if you do not want to install software to your computer for the sake of its security. Here this blog can provide you ways to download YouTube videos directly. (Attention: they are based on Windows System)

First method: this one can apply to almost all the online websites.

1. Open YouTube with IE and select the video you want to download.

2. Play the video to the end. During this process, you can do other things with your computer, just leave the video alone.

3. When the video ends, look at the menu of IE, and choose "Tools" option. Then you will see a new window.

4. Select the last option "Internet Options", you can see four columns naming "Home Page", "Browsing history", "Search>" and "Tabs" respectively. Choose "Settings" in the "Browsing history" column.

5. Click "View files" in the window, you will find a lot of files. Looking for the video you just watched by matching the profile such as the "Internet Address" or "Size" with the video you want. (Usually it is at the bottom of the page with the largest size)

6. Copy the file you find and paste it to your computer. You need to rename your file with .flv suffix. Then you can play it on you media player if it can support flv file.

This method is awesome, but you need to do the operation immediately in case the data will be covered. It also calls for your patience.

You can also download YouTube videos with Keepvid. You just need to paste the URL of YouTube videos and then wait. With it you can even convert those downloaded YouTube videos but the formats for selection are limited. However, sometimes you may find the video you download is not as good as the original one in its size and quality.

If you want to download YouTube video fast with the original quality, you may need software like Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro, which can download YouTube videos fast without quality loss. Moyea YouTube FLV Downloader Pro can also convert those downloaded videos to various formats to make them supported by your iPod, iPhone, etc.

With those methods mentioned above, you won't be bothered by how to download YouTube Videos.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple Surprises Us Again With Technological Innovation

After months of waiting, Apple has finally debuted The new iPad, a product that attracts the world's attention. Now we can predict that all the news about The new iPad will be on the front page of newspaper. Apple can always bring us surprise with its technological innovation. When iPhone was debuted, people come to realize that actually you can design a phone as cool as that. Also Apple tells us that keyboard is not a necessity for portable computer.
What does Apple bring us this time? Yes, technological innovation! Can you imagine a tablet can be as thin as The new iPad without losing its almighty functions? Can you believe that there is a resolution called: 2048×1536? Apple is trying to challenge the limitation of our imagination. What will the next iPad be? Can it fly?
Anyway, as a tablet user I just want to throw mine into trash after the debut of The new iPad. The battery of mine can't last for three hours, let alone ten hours! While Apple knocked the camera quality up to 5-megapixel with 1080p video recording and backside illumination, I find the photos taken by mine at night is blurry. As for the Retina Display, though I do not know what it is or the effect it can bring, I know it must be another innovation. All right, Apple is telling every tablet manufacturer: your product sucks!
However I always wonder why The new iPad is reluctant to support Adobe Flash Player? How are their customers supposed to watch videos online? As Adobe Flash Player is a necessity to watch video online, I guess their customers need to download YouTube videos and then convert videos to the format required by The new iPad.
As far as I know, software like Keepvid and Moyea YouTube Downloader can do it. I know some may favor Keepvid, but Moyea YouTube Downloader is my first choice to convert online videos for my tablet because it can not only download fast but convert quickly with more formats for selection. Another thing is that I find it can convert online videos to the size of 2048×1536, so it can help those iPad users to solve this problem. Anyway, it is not my issue to bother that since I can't afford The new iPad.
Apple is destined to bring about another technological revolution to the IT industry. As a tablet user I am looking forward the new surprise it will brings to tablet users.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Uploading and Customizing Your Video

With This, You Can Have More Fun With Video
I have a friend who is a good singer. In order to realize her dream of being a pop star, she decided to attend a local talent show only to find her too stressed to sing well. At that time, I thought it would be nice to find a software that can help you to publicize her talent without going to those shows and make her a local celebrity. Recently, I find "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6" can fulfill my desire.
This software can help you to upload your favorite videos to famous websites like YouTube by converting them to flv formats required by those websites. Hence, what you need to do is just to show your talent and record it with your video camera, iphone or similar devices. If you are reluctant to upload your videos, this software can help you to insert those videos to your blogs or your facebook. You friends can easily get to know your talent just by visiting your blogs. As long as you are talented enough, you will become a celebrity in your social network community.
Another advantage of this software lays in its capability to let you customize videos. You can make your videos as artistic as possible, simply by triming short parts from some videos and merging them together. If no one can find out it is not an original video, then you proof yourself a genius. As for the audio, you can replace the original one with your own choice, a music or a recorded audio by yourself are both OK. While you finish your videos, you can play them on the customized player and share them with your friends on website. Isn't it cool?
MX Pro 6 can provide you a stage to show your talent, to share with friends and enrich your leisure time. It makes uploading to YouTube more accessible and provides you a chance to customize your video

Monday, March 5, 2012

Customize Your Own Player

With "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6" You Customize Your Player and Video
Companies have publicized their aim of "Customers First" for years. I have not felt I was as special as their slogan describes, until I discovered software named "Moyea Flash Video MX Pro 6", which by the way makes you feel really cool.
Have you ever felt annoyed at your video player? I have. I hate the interface or some buttons on it or even the volume bar of the player. However, you can do nothing but tolerate it. Things changed as "MX Pro 6" provides you the right to customize your web player.
In order to fulfill your desire to customize your own player, up to 17 types of playback control bar outlooks are available, like the classic style, crystal style and so on. Multi-functions like play, pause, stop, fast forward, volume control and process bar are also available. The advanced settings can help you reach a personalized control bar as well. You are also in the control of the conversion start and finish positions and you can even remove the annoying margins. Isn't it cool to be a master of your own player?
All in all, as a flash video converter of Moyea Software, it owns a lot of advantages over others and this software is one of my favorites. Not only can I benefit from its almighty converting function, but also experience the feeling of customizing my own stuff.

Friday, March 2, 2012

This Is Not About Software But Education

Convert PowerPoint to DVD for Children Teaching

Posted By admin on January 19,2009
in Education Practice

Make some powerpoint presentations for children teaching, then convert the powerpoint to dvd and play it on a dvd player, let your children enjoy your teaching all the day.
"From birth, parents must choose toys and learning tools for their child that are fun and enjoyable to play with and that also foster sensorial growth to ensure a more complete development process." Says Dr. Kathleen Alfano, a leading child Researcher and Director of the Fisher-Price Child Research Department. Therefore, in face of thousands of toys and learning tools for the children's development, which are wise choices that would foster your children's sensorial growth? And which tools should we rely on to increase their visual learning experiences? – One of the top e-Learning tools is called PowerPoint to DVD Burner

E-learning for Today's children
Moyea PPT to DVD Burner is surely a good choice for your children teaching in this PowerPoint-dominated e-learning era. It is a professional tool that can brilliantly convert PowerPoint presentations to DVD video files for wider sharing and distribution. With enhanced pleasure in saving and disributing your presentation courses, it is suitable to children teaching. Advantage details of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner in children teaching are listed below:
Benefits from the functions Moyea PPT to DVD Burner:
View your class PPT on a DVD player attached to TV
  1. Generate DVD disc directly from PowerPoint
  2. Convert PowerPoint to video file in MPEG format
  3. Retain original music, flash, movie clips in source PPT
  4. Insert your favorite background music to the DVD output
  5. Record your own narration as introduction or explanation for the output
  6. Customzie DVD menus like adding texts and background images to navigate and attract your children's attention
  7. Create DVD image files like ISO files ready for recording to a real disc with a third-party burning program
Benefits from the operation of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner:
Easier and faster conversion obtains much more efficiency
  1. User friendly interface lets you enjoy the course of operation
  2. Easy-to-use operation makes it possible for every parent to be an hero in front of your children
  3. Fast conversion lets you patience no longer be tested
  4. Flexible output settings for different screen sizes to meet specific needs
  5. Batch conversion that supported spares your time and effort to the most
Benefits from the effects of Moyea PPT to DVD Burner:
Clearer audio and video quality achieves excellent teaching effects
  1. The output has excellent clear audio and video, let alone the problem of audio and video asynchronization, image distort, to increase your teaching efficience
  2. The animated PowerPoint DVD output viewed on a DVD player attached to TV can attract children's attention and arouse their interest well. With it, your teaching and children's learning are no longer boring
  3. The generated DVD disc with your presentation can be distributed more conveniently so that you can share your great work with your family, colleagues and students
All in all, PowerPoint becomes a dominant e-learning tool in today's education, while TVs with DVD players are now daily appliances in average families, why not consider an intermediate of these two popular tools - PowerPoint to DVD Burner your wise choice for 21st century's children teaching.