Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review of 2012 - 8 Prizes for Filmmakers and Actors in 2012

Within a week, New Year 2013 will arrive. Therefore, it is time to wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome the new beginning of 2013. When one has a review of 2012, he will find something interesting in the movie market. Some actors are so lucky this year while some others get the opposite fate. Some filmmakers gain great success while some others have been troubled by shrinking budget. Therefore, this post will present a review of 2012 movie market by giving various prizes for filmmakers and actors according to their performance in 2012.

Most Outstanding Actress: Annie Hathaway

If one has to name the most successful actress in 2012, it will be Annie Hathaway. Just as an old saying, after a storm comes the calm. In 2010, Annie failed to win the hearts of Oscar judges even with her bold performance in Love and Other Drugs. In 2012, as the star in two best 2012 movies, The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables, Annie is getting near to her first Oscar Statuette. Even though she fails again this time, she has already made herself world famous.

Most Promising Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

This is no exaggeration to name 2012 as a Lawrence year. Besides the surprising success of The Hunger Games in April, Lawrence also shows the world what a good actress shall be like in The Silver Linings Playbook and House at the End of the Street. In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence tells the world she can be either a strong girl, tender lover or a mature and sexy woman. Due to her performance, she is also nominated in Oscar 2013. Even though she is young, many Jennifer Lawrence movies had been nominated by Oscar so far. Therefore, her future way to Oscar is rather broad and smooth.

Most Outstanding Actor: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is remembered for only one movie, Argo, in 2012. However, that is good enough for calling him most outstanding actor in 2012. Argo is a Ben Affleck movie scripted, directed and even acted on his own. As politics-oriented movie, Argo gained great successes in the market which was quite impressive and rare. Moreover, Argo even wins various nominations in Oscar 2013, making Ben Affleck a potential winner in Academy Award Ceremony.  

Most Promising Actor: Jeremy Renner

Before the year 2012, Jeremy Renner is known as the solider in The Hurt Locker. Now, Renner gets another name as Hawkeye. Due to the success of The Avengers, Jeremy Renner gains popularity around the world. After the releasing of Bourne Legacy, Renner has jumped to the line of popular movie star of the time. Moreover, his success in 2012 has brought him contracts in blockbusters like Mission Impossible 5 and The Avengers 2. It is also said Renner is working on a movie about Hawkeye.

Actress with Worst Luck: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart does quite well in her career. Movies like Snow White and Huntsman and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 are quite successful in the movie market. However, her private life is in a total mess. Since the cheating scandal, her love affair with Pattinson is in danger, so is her career.  Even though Robert has forgiven her for some conditions, she is and will be hated by the fans of Robert Pattinson.

Actor with Worst Luck: Eddie Murphy

An irony fact for Eddie Murphy is that the comedian draws our attentions not for his latest movies, but for his death hoaxes.  In 2012, two ridiculous death hoaxes had made Eddie Murphy a hot topic for some periods. He was rumored to die a dog's death when doing skateboarding. The same death hoax was spread twice by Twitter users in two different months. Besides that, he has to overcome various challenges in his acting career.  

Most Lucky Filmmaker: Lion Gate Film

After ending the Saw series, Lion Gate Film has found a new golden mine. The success of The Hunger Games has helped the company to win at least hundreds of million dollars. Therefore, the filmmaker has already makes the decision to bring The Hunger Games trilogy to the market in the next two years. Moreover, The Hunger Games movies are promising to be the best and most profitable movie series produced by Lion Gate Film.

Poorest Filmmaker: Universal Pictures

A certain thing for the world is that the financial report of Universal Pictures in 2012 won't be a nice one. Bore the lofty expectations to be as success as Transformer movies, Battleship suffered waterloo in summer movie market. Due to the awful performance of this film, millions of dollars had been sunk along with battleship. To make it worse, other movies like The Man with the Iron Fists are not as successful as it should be. All in all, the awful ship has ruined a wonderful year for Universal Pictures.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Trace Boxing Day Traditions in 4 Christmas Movies

Unlike the world-famous Christmas, Boxing Day is only a regional festival celebrated in countries like England, Ireland and Australia. Even though Boxing Day is celebrated as second Christmas on December 26th, it is usually literally misunderstood as a day created for boxing matches. As two neighbors, Christmas and Boxing Day shares some common traditions; as two festivals, they are different from each other.  In fact, in some Christmas movies, especially those movies about British Christmas, the traditions of Boxing Day can always be traced in several scenes or even some lines.

Therefore, this post will cover four Christmas movies where one can trace Box Day traditions.  Of course, not all of those Christmas movies are Boxing Day oriented in plots. Even though some Boxing Day traditions are well-hidden in the movies, one can still find them out with carefulness and patience. Moreover, some of those Boxing Day traditions are old-fashioned while some are newly created. To this extent, those Christmas movies can not only help users spend a nice Christmas 2012 but also learn knowledge about Boxing Day 2012.

1. Boxing Day tradition in A Christmas Carol

The name of Boxing Day is rumored to be from the tradition that workers can receive the gift boxes from their bosses as Christmas gifts. According to Boxing Day tradition, those boxes may be filled with money, food and clothes. Therefore, this tradition is similar to the gift sending one of Christmas. In one of the best Christmas animated movies named A Christmas Carol, this Boxing Day tradition can be traced. In the movie, when Scrooge wakes up after knowing the poor situation of his employee, he decides to do something to help him. The next day, Scrooge not only brings them fresh meat, warm clothes, but also money for living. This behavior perfectly matches this Boxing Day tradition.

2. Boxing Day tradition in Boxing Day

Though family gathering is also a Boxing Day tradition, it is different from the family union on Christmas. Box Day is created as a time to gather those friends or relatives one hasn't seen on Christmas Day. This special Boxing Day tradition can be found in Boxing Day. In this Christmas movie, when a girl named Emmy Towne brings her boyfriend home on Boxing Day, she needs to prevent her lover from being freaked out by her know-it-all mother. In this typical Boxing Day gathering, various jokes, pranks and embarrassing situations will be provided.

3. Boxing Day tradition in A Christmas Story

In the past, shopping season usually started from New Year. As time goes by, Boxing Day turns out to be the new mark for shopping season. As a consequence, various coupon codes will be provided to help customers get best Boxing Day deals. Of course, only patient customers can find best coupon codes. For example, Moyea has provided coupon code XMAS1OFF for 10% off, MOY_XMAS for 20% off, XMS_2012 for 30% off and XMAS2012 for 40% off. If one is not patient enough, he is likely to miss the coupon code for 40% off.  As a Boxing Day tradition, shopping is traced in a Christmas movie named A Christmas Story. In this movie, there are various scenes about how customers crazily flood into the market for low-budget goods.

4. Boxing Day tradition in The Holiday

Christmas is about a time for feast dinner while Boxing Day is not. Usually having simple food which consists of baked ham, mince pies and leftovers is a Boxing Day tradition. Since most people want to live a relaxing day on Boxing Day, they choose to cook relaxing meal. If one is careful enough, he will trace this Boxing Day tradition in a Christmas movie named The Holiday. In the ending of this story caused by house exchange between Iris and Amanda, the four people sit together in a small house on Boxing Day, eating a few simple dishes and laughing. Though the food can't be recognized, they are definitely the long-time preparation type.    

Monday, December 24, 2012

Oscar 2013 Predictions - Top 5 Promising Winners in 2013 Oscar Ceremony

As New Year 2012 is approaching, it is time to have a review of all the 2012 movies. In order to honor the great contribution of those best 2012 movies, various awards will be sent in different movie festivals. Of course, among all those ceremonies, ceremony for Academy Awards matters most. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say Academy Awards to actors is what Nobel Prizes to scientists. Though 2013 Oscar is scheduled to be host on February 24, 2013, the world has been filled with 2013 Oscar predictions. Moreover, those Oscar predictions have covered almost every detail of the ceremony.

Of course, the most eye-catching 2013 Oscar prediction will be the one about the potential winners in 2013 Oscar. An important tradition of Academy Award is that it never judges the goodness of a film majorly basing on its commercial success like others do. As a consequence, Oscar ceremony can provide a more fair and just platform for all movies. In fact, not too many Oscar winners can be both money-earning and reputation-gaining. Therefore, this post will cover 2013 Oscar prediction about top five promising winner in 2013 Oscar. Though movies like The Avengers are of great commercial successes, they are not likely to be enlisted as Oscar winners.

5. The Hobbits: An Unexpected Journey

It is a tradition that summer movies are aiming at commercial success while December movies are trying to be Oscar winner. As one of the most anticipated December movie, An Unexpected Journey gains big chance to be an Oscar winner; as the new version of The Lord of the Rings movie, The Hobbits is certainly a market winner. A more important factor that this movie in listed as promising winner in 2013 Oscar lies in the tremendous successes of its predecessors. If The Hobbits has inherited the spirits of The Return of the Kings, it will get great chances to win Academy Awards for Best Picture, Film Editing and Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects.

4. Life of Pi

Most movies fail to meet the artistic appetites of Academy Awards judges, but Life of Pi is not one of them. It takes Ang Lee, a master of artistic movie, over four years to carry the story about the young boy and the tiger to the screen. Less profitable than The Avengers as it is, Life of Pi is definitely more competitive in 2013 Oscar Academy. It is not an easy task to make good artistic movie, it is even harder to make the artistic movie innovative and well-accepted. Besides that, Life of Pi is also a commercial success in the market. Based on all those factors, this movie is listed as a promising winner in 2013 Oscar Academy. In the recent Oscar 2013 prediction, Life of Pi is a powerful competitor for four to five Academy Awards involving music and visual feast.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

As best as well as the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises has provided a perfect ending to Batman movie series. Creative in story design, excellent in fighting action, profound in meaning and surprising in ending, The Dark Knight rises seems to be a born Oscar winner. After finishing his last mission in the evil city, Batman will certainly be awarded with Oscar Statuettes. With his genius, Christophe Nolan has sent his Batman trilogy to the altar. Therefore, Nolan is a potential winner for Academy Awards for Best Director. Besides that, the perfect sound effects of this promising winner in Oscar 2013 may bring The Dark Knight Rises Academy Awards for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

2. Lincoln

No one can or dare exclude the movies made by Steven Spielberg from the list of promising Oscar winners. The movie master surprised the world with War Horse last year and he is trying to do it again this year with Lincoln. Since there are few Lincoln movies in the market, Steven always dreams to make a good one. Therefore, he is directing the movie with heart and soul. Centering on the stories about Civil War, Lincoln makes the image of the most favored American president deep-rooted. With this promising winner in Oscar 2013, Steven Spielberg again gets the chance to challenge his third Academy Awards for Best Director and Daniel Levis for his third Oscar Statuette for Best Actor. Moreover, the movie is promising to win another three or four Academy Awards.

1. Les Miserables

Though Les Miserables has not yet been released, it is viewed as one of the most promising winner according to latest Oscar 2013 predictions. It is also likely to be the movie with most nominations in Oscar 2013. Even if it only wins half of the nominations, it is still a big winner in the ceremony. It is a known story that Oscar loves art-oriented movie like the novel based Les Miserables. Till now, the movie is promising to overrun the dominance of An Unexpected Journey in box office this week. As for the nominations, Les Miserables may help Hugh Jackman to become best actor and Annie Hathaway to be best actress. Of course, it is also a promising winner for the Academy Awards involving sound, music, script and costumes.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top 10 Most Anticipated 2013 Movies Listed in Order

The coming of Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013 has hinted the ending of year 2012. As a great movie year, 2012 has presented the world top-rated 2012 movies like The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games. Good news for all movie fans is that if they can survive the doomsday 2012, they will find the visual feasts prepared by top-rated 2012 movies.  Then what can we get in 2013 movie market? Which 2013 movies are worth our anticipation? This post will cover top 10 most anticipated 2013 movies and listed in the order of their release dates.

Superhero movies, zombie movies and action movies are still the mainstream genres of those 10 anticipated 2013 movies. Of course, some of those anticipated 2013 movies are released as movie sequels while some of those anticipated 2013 movies are trying to pave way for the successes of new movie series. Anyway, a common point for all those anticipated 2013 movie is that they will thrill the audiences with excellent plot and stun viewers with visual effects.

1. G.I. Joe: Retaliation

As the most anticipated 2013 movie coming in March, G.I. Joe: Retaliation is actually the sequel of The Rise of Cobra. As a movie combining thrilling story, fantastic fighting and surprising ending into an integrated part, The Rise of Cobra is the best action movie one can get. If this 2013 movie can be excellent as its predecessor, it will become one of the most shining stars in 2013 movie market. Of course, innovative conspiracy and outstanding fighting skills are the elements most anticipated in this action movie. Besides that, the cast has also made the movie worth anticipating. Even though one does not like the alliance of Bruce Wills and Dwayne Johnson, they won't deny the charms of Channing Tatum, the sexiest man in the plant.  

2. The Great Gatesby

Basing on the famous novel in American Literature, The Great Gatesby turns out to be the most anticipated 2013 movies. Audiences are not only expecting for the performance of DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, but also the rumored new 3D technology in this movie. The Great Gatesby tells about the story of how rich Gatesby sacrifice his life for pursuing his love which never exists. Initially scheduled to be released in 2012, The Great Gatesby won't available till May 2012. Therefore, as a 2013 movie with long-time preparations, The Great Gatesby is totally worth waiting.

3. Iron Man 3

In 2012, Iron Man becomes popular with the help of his superhero alliance; in 2013, Iron Man tries to do it again on his own. As the latest movie in Iron Man trilogy, Iron Man 3 gets big chance to be a real winner in the movie market. Besides that, Iron Man 3 turns out to be a movie anticipated 2013 movie after rumors about it being the last Iron Man movie spread. Actually, this anticipated 2013 movie may provide audiences something to expect including the new suit of Iron Man and the power of his biggest enemy, The Mandarin.

4. Man of Steel

Finally, the Superman is coming back again. As the milestone in superhero movie, Superman movies have taught the world what supernatural power and superhero is. After over seven-year absence, Clark Kent comes back to the world's vision in Man of Steel. Even though the American superhero is starred by a British in the movie, Man of Steel still turns out to be a most anticipated 2013 movie. After all, where there is Superman, there are expectations.

5. World War Z

For those who have gotten tired of the zombie apocalypse in Resident Evil series, World War Z may be a good choice for them in 2013. As one of the most anticipated 2013 movies, World War Z, as a zombie movie, is not that zombie oriented. It tells about the story of how a UN employee tries to stop the outbreak of zombie pandemic.  Therefore, the plot is something of War of the World alike. Besides the innovations in this zombie movie, people are also eager to witness how Pitt will react when facing millions of zombies.

6. Elysium

As a most anticipated 2013 movie starred by Matt Damon, Elysium is more than an action movie. When the rich can live in good-conditioned space station and the poor in ruined Earth, Matt Damon tries to change the polarized world in a secret mission. For audiences who are sorry for the absence of Matt Damon in The Bourne Legacy, this 2013 movie won't disappoint them.   

7. The Lone Ranger

Captain Jack can always surprise the world with his crazy, exaggerated but appropriate performance. Therefore, audiences always get things to anticipate from John Depp movies. This anticipated 2013 movie mainly tells about the story of how a law officer turns out to be a symbol of justice. Still John Depp stars as a Native American wearing a dead bird as his hat. As a 2013 movie released in July, The Lone Ranger will show the world a character Depp has never tried before.  

8. Thor: The Dark World

When superheroes in The Avengers have driven invaders out of the Earth, Thor has no time to celebrate after knowing the conspiracy Malekith has made to destroy the universe. As another superhero released in 2013, Thor: The Dark World can both be viewed as the sequel to Thor and The Avengers. Moreover, this most anticipated movie will not only give details about the invaders in The Avengers, but also the stories of Thor.

9. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games is the best 2012 movie only second to The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises. Therefore, no one will feel surprised that Catching Fire is viewed as one of the most anticipated 2013 movies. Catching Fire mainly deals with the show journey of Katniss and Peeta to various districts and the hazardous experiences of the couples in the 60th Hunger Games. Therefore, this anticipated 2013 movie will own every successful element of The Hunger Games including cross-star love, crucial kill-to-death game and the counterstrike of Katniss.

10. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

The success of An Unexpected Journey in the opening weekends has already proved itself as a market winner. Therefore, there is a great chance that The Hobbit movies will be better and better like The Lord of the Rings movies. Released in December, The Desolation of Smaug will mark the perfect ending for the 2013 movie market. Of course, hazardous journey, thrilling experience, visual effects and beautiful scenery are still the key elements to the success of this anticipated 2013 movie.

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Top 6 Doomsday Scenarios in Doomsday Movies

December 21 is a normal day, but December 21st, 2012 is not. Identified as the doomsday in many old prophecies, December 21st, 2012 turns out to be a hot topic for years. Till now, no reasonable explanations about human extinction on doomsday have been found. However, most people are still curious about the approaching of doomsday. In fact, doomsday movies have been favored by the market for years. With the coming of December 21, more and more doomsday movies have flooded into the market.

Generally speaking, seeing doomsday scenarios is the main reason to lure audiences pay tickets for doomsday movies. Therefore, innovative ideas and excellent visual effects are crucial to the success of a doomsday movie. So far, many successful doomsday movies have presented the world different doomsday scenarios. Therefore, this post will cover top 6 doomsday scenarios in doomsday movies.

Doomsday Scenario One: The attack of aliens

Alien attack

On a normal day, aliens will suddenly invade the Earth with its army troops. They have most advanced weapons, speedy UFOs and uncertain identities. They are powerful enough to ruin a district with a single shoot and there is nothing human can do. Audiences can easily find such doomsday scenario in various doomsday movies like Independence Day, War of the Worlds and Aliens. The only difference between those movies is the attacking mode of those aliens.

Doomsday Scenario Two: The zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse

One day, some human will become zombies after the leaking of uncertain biochemistry drugs or the failure of bacteria experiments. Then the zombies will walk out to the street and turn anyone they meet to their own kind. Later, the trend of zombie apocalypse becomes totally out of control that human beings have to escape from the hunting of zombies. This is the doomsday scenario provided by famous zombie movies like Resident Evil movie series, Walking Dead and Devil's Playground. For this kind of doomsday movie, directors are trying to make zombies as scaring as possible.

Doomsday Scenario Three: The spread of virus

The spread of virus

When some uncertain virus breaks out, human civilization is ruined in a short time. Being unnoticed for a certain times, the virus then convert most people to monsters, zombies or the crazy. The virus can be originated from some animals like the weird monkey in Braindead or from human's research like the bacteria in Twelve Monkeys.  Anyway, this doomsday scenario always get to companion of dark and gloom atmosphere.

Doomsday Scenario Four: The wrath of nature

Natural disaster

In a freezing winter, the world suddenly becomes too cold to habitat. The unexpected coldness has attacked many families and killed numerous people. While the low temperature has frozen everything, no power supply can be offered. People can only rely on the existing food because going outside is equal to committing suicide. This is the doomsday scenario in a doomsday movie named The Day after Tomorrow. Of course, the wrath of nature also fills the world with sea in Waterworld and sends unprecedented flood to the world in 2012.

Doomsday Scenario Five: The still of the Earth

The Earth stands still

When the Earth stands still, the environment turns out to be not suitable for living. Half of the world lives in the dark and the other half in the light. Besides that, the side effects of the scenario are powerful enough to lead to the extinction of human beings. The only solution to avoid the coming of doomsday is to make the Earth return to work again. Before this doomsday scenario, doomsday movies like The Day the Earth Stood Still just send aliens as savior.

Doomsday Scenario Six: The crash of plants

The Earth crash

An unexpected plant is following the orbit of the Earth, making the crash just a matter of time. When the crash is done, the human civilization will be blown by the unprecedented explosion. Neither animals nor human beings get the chance to survive because the Earth will be gone as well. This is the doomsday scenario provided by doomsday movies like Armageddon, a famous Ben Affleck movie. However, it never happens because there are always brave astronomers sacrificing their lives to change the orbit of the plant.   

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Evolution of The Lord of the Rings Movies

After ten-year departure, a new The Lord of the Rings movie comes back with a vengeance. In the opening weekend, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has gotten record-breaking 85 million dollars in box office. However, even such performance of An Unexpected Journey is not out of everyone's expectations. After years' evolution, The Lord of the Rings movies have not only become the most profitable movie sage but also posed great influence on the generation. Moreover, as time goes by, The Lord of the Ring movie is turning better and better.

The earliest The Lord of the Rings movie was released in 1978 while the latest one, An Unexpected Journey, is debut in 2012. After going through over 20-year evolution, The Lord of the Rings movie has managed the switch from an animated movie to a well-loved fancy movie and from a low-budget movie to a blockbuster one. In fact, those switches are managed by five movies. Therefore, this post will cover on the evolution of The Lord of the Rings movies.

1. The Lord of the Rings

The earliest The Lord of the Rings movie is an animated movie made in 1978. Directed on the basis of the famous novels written by Tolkien, the animated movie mainly deals with the hazardous journey of a hobbit named Frodo to Mordor for the sake of destroying a magic ring. However, this The Lord of the Rings movie is of little influence and never become world famous. The 30 million-dollar performance is good enough for a movie only released in 31 theaters. However, this novel oriented movie is rarely remembered as a The Lord of the Ring movie.

2. The Fellowship of the Ring   

The successful journey of The Lord of the Rings movie actually starts from The Fellow of the Ring. As the first movie of The Lord of the Rings trilogy directed by Peter Jackson, The Fellow of the Ring is actually a low-budget movie. In order to save expanses, the director had to hire most local actors for the movie. However, the excellent performance of those non-famous actors had created a miracle by pushing the movie to the throne of the most profitable movie of the year. Since then, the victory of The Lord of the Rings movies becomes irresistible.  This movie mainly tells about the thrilling journey of Frodo and his guardians to Mordor.

3. The Two Towers

In 2002, Peter Jackson moved on with another The Lord of the Rings movie named The Two Towers who did even better than its predecessor. The Two Towers is a movie perfectly combining beautiful scenery, thrilling journey and wonderful background music into an integrated part. For someone who contributed the successes of The Fellow of the Ring to some lucky factors, this The Lord of the Rings movie was a good return fire. The two towers in the movie can be understood in two ways. The dark towers including the eye of Mordor and the alliance between Sauron and Saruman and the bright towers of Frodo and Aragorn. In this The Lord of the Rings movie, Aragorn needs to defend the invasion of Sauron while Frodo continues his hard journey to ruin the ring.

4. The Return of the King

It is a known story that audiences love fancy story while Oscar hates it. However, The Return of the King is an exception to the rule. As the most profitable movie of the year, this The Lord of the Ring movie also became the biggest winner in the ceremony of Academy Awards. With over 1.11 billion dollars in box office, The Return of the King had become one of the most profitable novel based movies, giving a perfect ending to Peter Jackson's trilogy movie. In this The Lord of the Rings movie, Aragorn leads his fellows and arms to the final battle with Sauron's army while Frodo needs to fight against the temptation send by the magic ring. The Return of the King is a milestone in the movie world, setting a good example for all fancy movies. Of course, not all the movies that are money-earning and award-winning, The Return of the King is probably the best one.

5. An Unexpected Journey

After waving good-bye to the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings movie, audiences need to welcome the coming of the trilogy of The Hobbit movie. As a most expected 2012 December movie and the prequel of The Lord of the Rings movies, The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey has proven itself a real market hit. Though the success of An Unexpected Journey can be contributed to the successes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the movie is actually trying to bring audiences new thrills and surprises. Without Aragorn and his little team, An Unexpected Journey tries to impress audience with the new alliance of brave dwarves. This The Lord of the Rings movie mainly deals with the thrilling journey of Bilbo, the uncle of Frodo. Instead of fighting against evil armies, Bilbo needs to struggle against evil dragons, wild animals and every trap nature may have prepared beforehand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Road to Oscar - 4 Jennifer Lawrence Movies as Oscar Nominees

As the alleged doom day in ancient predictions, 2012 has witnessed the evolution of Jennifer Lawrence from a little girl to a big star. Nowadays, Jennifer Lawrence is not only viewed as one of the most popular and promising movie star, but also the hottest and most desirable actress in Hollywood. The happiness comes in a speedy and subtle way that even Jennifer Lawrence may feel surprised at times. In just two years, Lawrence has made the switch from an unknown actress struggling for every audition to a popular star trying to pick up suitable roles from numerous scripts.

Jennifer Lawrence

Dating back to 2008, few had paid attention Jennifer Lawrence movies like The Poker House and Garden Party. At present, people won't be surprised if Jennifer Lawrence movies are listed as Oscar nominees. Two years later when Catching Fire and Mockingjay gain great successes, people may even feel strange if Jennifer Lawrence movies are not listed as Oscar nominees. As Lawrence moves on, she will see a clear road to Oscar. In fact, Oscar 2013 won't even be the first time Jennifer Lawrence movies are nominated. Therefore, this post will introduce 4 Jennifer Lawrence movies working as Oscar nominees.

1. Winter's Bone

As the turning point of her movie career, Winter's Bone not only brought Lawrence first Oscar nomination but also helped Lawrence to attract attentions of famous directors. Without her excellent performance in this Oscar nominee, Jennifer Lawrence won't even get the auditions for Katniss Everdeen and Elissa. In this Jennifer Lawrence movie, Lawrence acts as a girl named Ree who needs to tries to keep her family intact. When her drug-dealing father disappears, Ree must find him out so that her family won't live in the streets during the winter. However, as she moves deeper, dangers comes closer.  This movie the first time Lawrence impresses the world as a family-protecting girl with strong will. As we all know, The Hunger Games is the second time.

2. X-man: First Class

Winter's Bone does not make Jennifer Lawrence widely recognized, X-man: First Class does. "She is the Raven in First Class", this is what first comes to the mind of most audiences when seeing Katniss in The Hunger Games. As a movie that makes Jennifer Lawrence recognizable, X-man: First Class is among the list of top 10 Oscar nominees for "Achievement in Visual Effects". As a prelude of X-man series, this Jennifer Lawrence movie mainly focuses on the historical past between Professor X and Magneto about their fighting against Sebastian Shaw and how their union breaks up.  As for Lawrence, she acts as a transformative mutant who is naughty, confused and dissatisfied with the current society.  

3. The Hunger Games

There is no need to introduce more about this Jennifer Lawrence movie. As a milestone movie in Lawrence's acting career, The Hunger Games is viewed as one of the best 2012 movies so far. As a novel based movie, The Hunger Games makes Jennifer Lawrence a real super star in movie field. Of course, for movies like The Hunger Games, it is an Oscar award instead of an Oscar nomination that worth praising. Acting as Katniss, a character similar to Ree, in the movie, Lawrence tells the world what a strong and brave girl shall be like. When winters come, Panem will choose twenty-four tributes from 12 districts for a fighting game. When Katniss volunteers for her sister, she needs to overcome all difficulties to survive.

4. Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook is a special novel based movie for both audiences and Lawrence.  It is the first time Lawrence tries to act as someone not identified as a teenager. Many people believe that a young girl like her is not a suitable choice for being Tiffany. However, Lawrence takes the role and does quite well. The surprises Lawrence has brought to audiences in the movie have brought her a nomination in Oscar 2013. Just as every cloud has silver linings, every life has their attracting points. In this Oscar nominee, when the life of Pat has fallen into a total mess, he decides to rebuild his life with the help of a widow named Tiffany. During the process, an unexpected bond begins which helps them to regain faith towards their own lives.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Top 4 Things about Hanukkah Learnt from Hanukkah Movies and Hanukkah TVs

As a festival created to celebrate the eight-day miracle of the Holy Temple in ancient days, Hanukkah is designed as an 8-day festival. Now as Christians are busy making their shopping lists for Christmas 2012, most Jews are enjoy the pleasures brought by Hanukkah 2012 which will end on December 16, 2012. If Christmas trees and Christmas gifts have set tones for Christmas 2012, Hanukkah menarche and Hanukkah presents are the melodies of Hanukkah 2012. However, even though Hanukkah is the biggest religious festivals of Jews, few Hanukkah movies are available in the market. As a consequence, only a few things about Hanukkah fun are known to the world.

As an important entertaining tool, movie has provided a good platform for us to learn different cultures. Though only a few movies are Hanukkah-oriented, there are a lot of movies telling things about Hanukkah with a shot, a line and even a word. Therefore, this post will present you top 4 things about Hanukkah you can learn from Hanukkah movies or Hanukkah TV shows. Those Hanukkah movies or TV shows have revealed the secrets of Hanukkah in a direct or subtle way.

1. Hanukkah may be celebrated on the same day of Christmas

You can learn this thing about Hanukkah from a top-rated American TV show named Friends. In an episode about Hanukkah named The One with the Holiday Armadillo, Ross dresses is trying to tell his son stories about Hanukkah as an Armadillo on Christmas. Therefore, you can assert that there are possibilities that those two festivals will be celebrated on the same day. Actually, as a festival starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, Hanukkah can be anytime from Thanksgiving to New Year.

2. Hanukkah is more important than Christmas to Jews

It is a known story that Christmas is more influential than Christmas. However, to Jews, Christmas is actually a less and even unimportant festival. In a Hanukkah movie named The Hebrew Hammer, a Jewish man named Jefferson Carver tries all means to prevent the invasion of the evil son of Santa Claus in Jewish countries so as to save Hanukkah for future generations. Though the celebration of Hanukkah may not be as interesting as Christmas, their importance is deep rooted in the hearts of Jews.  

3. Hanukkah is similar to Christmas

Hanukkah is not Christmas, but they have shared many similar traditions. In a Hanukkah TV show starred by the son of Tom Hanks named The O.C., a boy named Cohen invited the word Chrismukkah when he was six years old. As the son of a Jewish and a Protestant, Cohen tries to create a day filled with the features of both Christmas and Hanukkah. Since a lot of the traditions of those two festivals have been introduced, one can learn many things about Hanukkah to learn the commons of the festivals. Both festivals have gift sending traditions and are celebrated on the 25th day in the last month of the year.

4. Hanukkah is about Hanukkah spirits and Hanukkah miracle

When it is created, Hanukkah is viewed as a day full of wonders and miracles. In an animated Hanukkah movie named Eight Crazy Nights, Adam Sandler helps you know about Hanukkah, a day full of wonders. In the movie, David as an outlaw has been given the chance to make self-redemption due to the Hanukkah spirits of Judge. However, as a troublemaker, he never realizes his life will be totally changed by a referee named Whitey Duvall during Hanukkah. This film not only tells you about a story of Hanukkah miracle, but also the spirits of Hanukkah including kindness and forgiveness.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Movie Review - 10 Best 2012 Movies So Far

With the approaching of Christmas 2012 and New Year, we need to wave goodbye to the year of 2012. Thanks to the efforts of all directors and actors, we have spent a great movie year. In 2012, we not only lucky enough to witness the rise of new 2012 movies like The Avengers, but also the ending movie of Batman movie series. In this movie review, ten best 2012 movies so far will be presented according to their box office performance and influence. Of course, anticipated 2012 movies like An Unexpected Journey who has yet been released are not taken into consideration.

While superhero movies and animated movies have done great job in 2012 movie market, they will be the main force in this movie review.  In fact, three 2012 superhero movies and three 2012 animated movies are included in list of 10 best 2012 movies so far. Moreover, novel-based movies will account for another three places as best 2012 movies so far. Here are the details of 10 top-rated When someone asserts that there is only one real movie in 2012, he is referring to The Dark Knight Rises. After the tremendous success of The Dark Knight, audiences had waited this best 2012 movie for over four years. Moreover, as the ending movie of Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises turns out to be more attractive. In the movie, Bruce Wayne will end his career as Batman in a totally unexpected way. After the death of Harvey Dent, Batman has disappeared in Gotham until the coming of Bane. However, in a fight against Bane, Batman is serious wounded and jailed in a well where he learned the strength of fear. When he is free, he needs to stop Bane and his crazy nuclear plan. Excellent in plot and profound in meaning, this 2012 best movie wins over 448 dollars in domestic box office. so far.

10. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

As the 2012 animated movie with best opening performance, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is a 2012 animated movie made on the basis of Dr. Seuss' novel. In this best 2012 movie so far, after a businessman named Once-ler ruined the forest, the city is filled with filthy and poisonous air. A boy named Ted learns the story about The Lorax and decides to return the green back to the town with the only seed left. With 214 million dollars in domestic box office, this best 2012 movie is not only profitable but also educational.

9. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

As the latest Madagascar movie, Europe's Most Wanted almost declares the ending of Madagascar trilogy. In this best 2012 movie so far, the four friends tries to go back to Central park in America. They find the monkeys and then begin a thrilling journey with a circus. They have caused a lot of troubles in France and are hunted by the monstrous Captain of Animal Control. As the best movie of Madagascar trilogy, this best 2012 movie has won over 216 million dollars in United States. The movie is not just about fun, but also about treasuring things you are having right now.

8. Ted

As one of the most innovative movie of the year, Ted mainly tells about the complex relationship between Ted, John and Lori. When a teddy bear becomes a real man, he helps John spend best childhood. However, as John grows up and meets Lori, Ted turns out to be a trouble for the couple. The great difference between John's childhood and adult world has struck chord with the happy childish memory of most adults. In this best 2012 movie so far, the expression of Ted created by framing various pictures of a real teddy bear.

7. Brave

As the most influential animated movie maker, Pixar has never disappointed audience with its excellent works. Though Brave is not the most profitable Pixar animated movie, the 237-million-dollar box in domestic market is far enough to make it a best 2012 movie so far. In this Pixar animated movie, when a princess is forced to marry one of the three princes from the tributes by her mother, she tries to convert her mother with magical power. However, in the end, the magic turns out to be a curse which can be changed by the princess. As the best 2012 animated movie so far, Brave tells you a story about love, family and freedom.

6. The Amazing Spider-Man

Here comes a superhero movie about Spider-Man! As a movie trying to help audience forget the old Spider-Man trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man tells about a different story about Peter Park. Park is bitten in a lab instead of during a visit and he gets a powerful and secretive father instead of being an orphan. In this best 2012 movie so far, Peter Park finds a notebook of his father and decides to investigate his father's death. As he moves forward as Spider-Man, he is confronted with his father's best friend, Dr. Curt Connors. With this 2012 superhero movie, Andrew Garfield has proved to the world that he is not another Tobey Maguire, he can be better than Tobey Maguire.

5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

As the best and most profitable Vampire movies of all time, Twilight saga has come to an end with the releasing of Breaking Dawn Part 2. In this best 2012 movie, after finishing their love affairs with marriage, Bella and Edward need to act like parents. When their daughter is threatened by the Volturi, a war between vampire clans is about to break out. As a best 2012 movie, Breaking Dawn Part 2 wins three successive victories in movie market and earns over 268 million dollars in American movie market.

4. Skyfall

After years of departure, Agent 007 is once again within our visions. As the latest member of the most successful spy movie series of all time, Skyfall functions as a sequel to Quantum of Solace. After being abandoned in a secret mission, James Bond shows his loyalty to Madame M by voluntarily taking the mission to save the world from another conspiracy. As a best 2012 movie so far, Skyfall has ranked as one among top three profitable movies for over five successive weeks. Besides innovative and cool hi-tech products, the background of James Bond is another attracting point.

3. Marvel's The Avengers

As the most profitable movie of the year, The Avengers has won over 1.5 billion dollars in worldwide box office.  As a recorder breaker, The Avengers has made those records created by The Dark Knight, The Avatar and Harry Potter movies fall into dust. As a best 2012 movie so far, The Avengers mainly deals with the cooperation between five superheroes including Hulk, Irony Man, Hawk Eye, Black Widow and Thor against the alien army troops led by Loki. As an innovative superhero movie, The Avengers is bold enough to create an alliance of favored movies. As a commercial film, The Avengers has set a model for all others.

2. The Hunger Games

If the success of The Avengers is predictable, the victory of The Hunger Games is totally out of expectations. As a low-budget film, The Hunger Games soon turns out to be the best March movie of all time and wins over 408 million dollars in domestic box office. As a best 2012 movie in accordance with the novel written by Susan Collins, The Hunger Games mainly deals with the suffering of a girl named Katniss and a boy named Peeta in a fighting to death match. Moreover, the movie even helps three books of The Hunger Games wins over seven books of Harry Potter in just a few weeks. In this best novel based 2012 movie, Katniss tells the story about fighting and Peeta about love and sacrificing.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

When someone asserts that there is only one real movie in 2012, he is referring to The Dark Knight Rises. After the tremendous success of The Dark Knight, audiences had waited this best 2012 movie for over four years. Moreover, as the ending movie of Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises turns out to be more attractive. In the movie, Bruce Wayne will end his career as Batman in a totally unexpected way. After the death of Harvey Dent, Batman has disappeared in Gotham until the coming of Bane. However, in a fight against Bane, Batman is serious wounded and jailed in a well where he learned the strength of fear. When he is free, he needs to stop Bane and his crazy nuclear plan. Excellent in plot and profound in meaning, this 2012 best movie wins over 448 dollars in domestic box office.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Best iPhone Apps for Christmas 2012

As a festival no less powerful than New Year, Christmas provides ultimate joy and entertainment to almost all the people around the world. In fact, Christmas is also a day marking the birth of Jesus and the coming of Santa Claus. Now as the Christmas 2012 is within the reach, more and more Christmas elements comes back to life, filling the world with joys and happiness. Shops are decorated with Christmas 2012 ornaments, people are talking about Christmas 2012 celebrations and mobiles like iPhone 5 have received updated apps for Christmas 2012.

With the support of App Store, iPhone mobiles allow users to take full advantages of various Christmas apps. Therefore, ten best iPhone apps for Christmas 2012 will be covered here. In order to make users indulge in the atmosphere of Christmas 2012, those iPhone apps will cover various Christmas elements ranging from Christmas ringtones to Christmas movies.

1. The Christmas List

The Christmas List

With the gift-sending tradition, Christmas also means a shopping season for users. Since users need to buy gifts to almost all friends, Christmas shopping lists will be quite helpful. With an iPhone app for Christmas 2012 named The Christmas List, users can easily customize their Christmas lists on iPhone mobiles. When the list is done, users are allowed to sync it with the e-mail for backup, track budgets for each person and send the same goods to multiple recipients. Moreover, after making a purchase, users can check if the goods have been delivered or not.

2. Christmas Music

Christmas Music

Christmas music can always set happy tunes for the festival and enhance the atmosphere of the festival. Therefore, for Christmas 2012 celebration, Christmas music is of great importance. Then how to get the latest and free Christmas music? As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Christmas Music enables users to enjoy over 10,000 free and legal Christmas songs. Yes, with this iPhone app, Jingle Bells is free and Silent Night is easy to get. Moreover, while enjoying those Christmas carols, they can also feel the Christmas spirits with the falling snowflakes.

3. TVCatchup


Want to watch Christmas movies or sports games on Christmas? TVCatchup is definitely a good choice. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, TVCatchup, which is exclusively designed for British users, are capable of providing users over free live UK TV on the move. Programs on BBC One, ITV and Channel 4 are easy to get with just a few clicks. This iPhone app can not only be used as Christmas app, but as a day-to-day app. Of course, one needs to get Wi-Fi connection before they can enjoy the TVs.

4. Just Wink Greeting Cards

Just Wink Greeting Cards

For centuries, people have kept sending friends Christmas cards on Christmas Day. Therefore, Christmas card will be no less important than Christmas gift. For users who are getting tired of making or writing Christmas cards, they can refer to an iPhone app named Just Wink Greeting Cards. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Just Wink Greeting Cards enables users to customize Christmas cards on the given templates and then send them to friends via email, message or even Facebook. Generally speaking, users just need to add photos and then type notes to manage the task of making Christmas card.

5. Kayak


Duration the long Christmas holiday, many families will get their travel plans. Therefore, they need to figure out easy ways to get appropriate and check air tickets. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, Kayak is exclusively designed to help users enjoy Christmas trips. The iPhone app not only provide users the services to book air tickets and hotel rooms, but also enables users to compare the flight and hotel deals. Moreover, information about the airplane and the airport will be provided to make sure users won't miss the boarding time. 

6. iBooks


Reading Christmas books is a good way for users to feel Christmas spirits. With iBooks, users can have a close view at those Christmas spirits. As an iPhone app for Christmas 2012, iBooks allow users to read famous Christmas novels like A Christmas Carol and The Polar Express that are provided with PDF or EPUB files. Moreover, users can get best-selling books from iBook Store and read them in full screen mode.

7. The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf

For a relaxing and pleasing festival like Christmas, Christmas games are quite necessary. Good Christmas games can always bring high spirits to users. As one of the best Christmas game, The Elf on the Shelf gets four stars in iTunes Store. In this iPhone app, users need to take the elves to the parade because they have no idea about the location of New York. In order to help them, players need to control them to collect as many snowflakes as possible and avoid obstacles.  

8. Christmas Coloring Book

Coloring Book

An efficient way to help small kids to understand stories about Christmas is ask them to read Christmas coloring books.  Christmas-oriented in content, Christmas coloring books are always attractive to kids. With an iPhone app for Christmas named Christmas Coloring Book, users can easily get cute Christmas characters like Santa and reindeer. Like a painting game, this iPhone app permits users to paint different colors for different characters.

9. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

As one of the most influential symbols of Christmas, Christmas trees are usually used to bring Christmas back home. For users who have no idea about the decoration of Christmas tree, they can refer to this iPhone app. Created as an app for Christmas 2012, Christmas tree enables users to choose over 221 ornaments for 5 trees. Some Christmas songs are provided as background music and animated snowfall will appear to enhance Christmas atmosphere.

10. Christmas


On Christmas 2012, Christmas ringtones and Christmas wallpapers are highly desired. In fact, they can be easily found in an iPhone app for Christmas. As an iPhone app provided by Critical Hit Software, Christmas can provide users various Christmas ringtones, Christmas jigsaw puzzles and Christmas wallpapers. Besides that, Christmas countdown is provided to remind users the approaching of Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Wonders - Top 4 Christmas Miracles in Movies

As a national festival, Christmas can not only bring people long-time holiday, but also gather people's wishes about the future.  Christmas gift is a loftily expected Christmas surprise on Christmas Eve, so is Christmas wish. In fact, as the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christmas is viewed as a day full of magic and wonders. As a consequence, people tend to believe the existence of Christmas miracles. Moreover, Christmas wonder has played an important role in both real world and movie world. In real life, people can only wait for the coming of Christmas wonders but in the movie world, directors are able to create Christmas miracles.

Actually, there are various Christmas movies about Christmas miracles in the movie world. Those Christmas wonders can not only make Christmas more charming and attractive, but also serve to remind audiences of the existence of Santa and Jesus. Therefore, this post will cover four Christmas miracles that appear in various Christmas movies. Most of those Christmas miracles are only available in the movies.

1. Christmas Miracle: Birth of Jesus

According to the biblical story, Mary had given birth to Jesus Christ as a virgin. Therefore, the birth of Jesus turns out to be the biggest Christmas miracle of all time. In a Christmas movie named The Nativity Story, this Christmas miracle is fully presented. When Mary falls in love with Joseph, Angel Gabriel tells Virgin Mary that she is a pregnant and will give birth to a boy named Jesus. Joseph doesn't know what to do until Gabriel instructs him. After their marriage, Mary and Joseph need to start an arduous journey to Bethlehem during which Mary gives birth to Jesus in a shabby manger. As a movie in accordance with the Biblical tale, The Nativity Story gives audience a panoramatic view of this whole Christmas wonder.

2. Christmas Miracle: Reincarnation of Teddy

Not all the Christmas wonders in movie world are Bible-oriented. In fact, most Christmas wonders are related to Santa Claus. In Ted, a young boy named John makes a wish that his Teddy bear can be a real man on Christmas Eve. When he wakes up the next day, his Christmas wish turns out to be a Christmas miracle. Since then he has lived and friended with Ted for over 20 years. However, as a grown-up, John needs to ask Ted to move out so he can move on with his girlfriend. Later as Ted is kidnapped and even murdered by a crazy man, John's girlfriend creates another Christmas miracle by making a wish of the reincarnation of the Teddy bear.

3. Christmas Miracle: Change the whole community

As Christmas spirits are deep-rooted in everyone's heart, one can create a Christmas miracle of converting the cold-blooded to the warm-hearted by awakening those spirits. This is exactly what happens in a movie named Miracle on 34th Street. In the movie, Doris and her daughter Susan don't believe in the story of Santa. On a Christmas parade, Doris asks a kind old man named Kris to act as Santa Claus. To her surprise, even after the parade, Kris still claims and acts like Santa Claus in an attempt to bring faiths back to the town.  When Kris is institutionalized as insane, many people like Doris come out to prove he is the real Santa. Isn't it a Christmas miracle that a man can change the society by his own behaviors alone?

4. Christmas Miracle: Acquaintance with Santa

Will Santa only appears in fairy tales? No, Santa will also show up in some Christmas movies about Christmas miracles. Usually, Santa can only be noticed by children who really understand the spirits of Christmas and is willing to turn their Christmas wishes to Christmas wonders. In a Christmas animated movie The Polar Express, the hero boy manages to go through a thrilling journey to see Santa.  As the only kid believing in Santa in the town, the hero boy makes a wish to find Santa on Christmas Eve. Then he is taking to a train heading to the North Polar and meets the legendary Santa.  

Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Movie Collection - Top 5 Christmas Animated Movies

After waving good-bye to Thanksgiving 2012, people are busy preparing for Christmas 2012. As one of the most important festivals of the year, Christmas is a time for celebrating and entertaining. Generally speaking, Christmas costume, Christmas tree, Christmas gift and Christmas movie are the main components of Christmas celebrations. Each year, various Christmas movies will be released in an attempt to earn as much box office as possible. Among those Christmas movies, Christmas animated movies are especially popular in the market during Christmas days.

Since Christmas is a festival based on legendary tales, directors can only display the fancy Christmas stories with Christmas animated movies. However, among all those Christmas animated movies, only a few are viewed as real commercial and artistic successes. Therefore, in this post about Christmas movie collection, top 5 Christmas animated movies will be covered. Those top-rated Christmas animated movies can not only help audiences spend a nice Christmas 2012, but also provide them information and myths about Santa Claus.     

1. Polar Express

As the most profitable Christmas animated movie of all time, Polar Express, a 2004 cartoon movie, tells audience about the thrilling train journey of a faithful boy to Santa Claus' home. In the movie, a little boy is often laughed at for believing the existence of Santa which brings him the chance to get on a train heading to North Polar. When the boy arrives, Santa has prepared a giant party for them. As an animated movie for Christmas, Polar Express has contained all Christmas elements one can think of including the reindeer, the Santa, the gift and the socks.

Moreover, in order to persuade audiences to believe the existence of Santa, this Christmas animated movie has created Santa as a professional gift-sender instead of a legendary fairy character. Moreover, the excellent performance of Tom Hanks had helped this money-earning Tom Hanks movie earn over 176 million dollars in box office. Polar Express is a good Christmas animated movie because it can persuade audience to have faith to Santa and to Christmas.

2. A Christmas Carol

As a 2008 movie based on the famous novel of Dickens, A Christmas Carol is probably the most well-known Christmas animated movie of all time. The movie mainly focused on the story of how a miser turns from a Christmas hate to a Christmas lover in one night. In the beginning of this Christmas animated movie, Scrooge is a mean business man who hates Christmas holiday. However, after he dreams four dreams about Christmas, he finds out the true value of Christmas and become a well-loved man in the town. All the changes happen after Scrooge is brought to his childhood, to his lover, to his tomb and to his employee in the dreams by Christmas spirits.  This Christmas animated movie is selected not only because it does well in box office but also because it tells the audiences the true spirits of Christmas.

3. Arthur Christmas

For audiences who desire to know the secret of Santa's gift-sending system, they will find answers in Arthur Christmas. As an innovative Christmas animated movie, Arthur Christmas creates a family for Santa Claus. Santa gets a bad-tempered father, a smart elder son and a dull child named Arthur. Every Christmas will send gifts to the world with the help of the advanced devices created by the elder son. However, when Santa finds the missing of a Christmas gift, he sends Arthur to look for the gift. Of course, poor Arthur gets a lot of troubles before he can manage the task. With reasonable plot and innovative ideas, this Christmas animated movie is selected.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

As a Christmas animated movie directed by Tim Burton, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a horrible, irony and spooky Christmas movie. With the perfect integration of Christmas elements and Halloween elements, this movie is quite different from most Christmas animated movies. In this movie, a pumpkin king named Jack Skellington wants to make Halloween a joy day as Christmas. Therefore, he kidnaps Santa Claus and wants to take the Santa's place. Though he tries to make Christmas as normal as it used to be, he only turns the Christmas to another Halloween. For lacking of Christmas spirits, his fellows only want to make pranks on people. When he realizes this, he sets free Santa and accepts his role in the world.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is a unique Christmas movie with profound meaning. That's why this movie is ranked as one among top 5 best Christmas animated movies.

5. Rise of the Guardians

As a movie released during Thanksgiving 2012, Rise of the Guardians can be viewed as a profitable Thanksgiving movie. As an animated movie about Santa Claus, this movie can also be regard as a Christmas animated movie. Unlike other Christmas movies, Santa in Rise of the Guardians has turned out to be a powerful fighter who leads his team to safeguard the happiness of all children.  Therefore, when an evil spirit named Pitch tries to pose endless agony on the world, Santa needs to stop the evil conspiracy with other legendary talents. In this animated movie, audiences can not only know about a fighting Santa, but also the myths and tales of Santa Claus.