Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 3 Will Smith Movies with Best Beginning Performance

Like Jim Carry, Will Smith is always a reason for audiences to buy the movie tickets. Consequently, Will Smith movies can always perform well in box office recipients. Recently, another Will Smith movie has impressed everyone beating the almighty The Avengers to be the first ranker in the list. Yes, I am talking about Men in Black III.

Besides the charm of Will Smith, the release date of Men in Black III has also helped it to beat The Avengers. If it is released earlier, the 55 million dollars is not enough to beat The Avengers. However, this success also enhances the charm of Men in Black III which is promising to raise its box office recipients to over 1 billion dollars.

Though the performance of Men in Black is amazing, it is not the best beginning Will Smith movie gets. Actually the achievement of Men in Black III in the first week only ranks third place of Will Smith movies. Hence, this post will show you top three Will Smith movies with best beginning performance.

1. I Am Legend

I Am Legend DVD
If you have any doubts about the charm of Will Smith or you think people have overestimated the importance of Will Smith to Will Smith movie, I Am Legend will tell you the truth. In the movie, almost all the scenes are completed by Will Smith alone. However, this monologue gained 77.21 million dollars in the first week after its release. With this performance, I Am Legend ranked first in Will Smith movies in terms of beginning performance.

In I Am Legend, as the zombies apocalypse invades in the world, most human lose their humanity and become zombies. The only survivor in the world named Robert Neville struggles valiantly to find a cure. The plague starts from variation of virus which is supposed to be used for curing disasters. Neville is the last hope of human beings but he has little time left.

2. Hancock

Hancock DVD

Superhero movies are always favored by audience. Batman movie, Spider-Man movie and The Avengers have all proved this. As a superhero movie, Hancock was also quite successfully. The 62.60 million dollars performance has helped Hancock to gain the second place in terms of the beginning performance of Will Smith movies.

In the movie, Hancock is a jerk with supernatural power. He always does stupid things with good willing. He prefers to damage a train to save a man rather than take him to the sky. However, all those things have changed after Hancock meets Ray. Ray helps Hancock to become a superhero and to make the world better. However, there are many dangers waiting for him.

3. Men in Black III

Men in Black III

Though Man in Black III is not the Will Smith movie with best start, it owns the chance to become the Will Smith movie with the highest box office. Due to the great success of its predecessors, Men in Black III has attracted more and more attention since its release. Now in this Will Smith movie, you can not only see Agent J and Agent K, but also David Beckham and Lady Gaga.

In the movie, Agent J needs to travel to the past to save Agent K from being killed by aliens. So say goodbye to Tommy Lee Jones and welcome a new Agent K. Just as its predecessors, Men in Black III will astonish audience with hi-tech products in the movie. However, if you have watched Star Wars: Episode III, you will feel the wheel-shape car in Men in Black III is exactly what Obi-Wan uses to chase the general.

So those are top three Will Smith movies with best beginning performance. If you want to watch I Am Legend and Hancock with iPhone 4S, you can convert the DVDs to mp4 videos with DVD Ripper. For Men in Black III, you can download relative YouTube clips.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

4 Most Anticipated Summer Movies in 2012

Along with the coming of summer vacation goes the prosperity of film market. Therefore, many producers tend to release their movies in summer. Usually summer movies can help box office recipients reach to the peak of the year. Summer movies can usually draw people's attention because many of them are blockbusters.

Last year, Kung Fu Panda 2 cooperated with Transformers: Dark of the Moon to rule the summer movie market. Consequently, the box office recipients of 2011 summer movies created a new record. Even with the participating of The Avengers and Men in Black III, the box office performance of summer movies in May this year can't compete with that of 2011.

However, the 2012 summer movie market still gets its chance to make a new box office record in the next two months. Except The Avengers and Men in Black III, many most expected 2012 movies will be released in June or July. Therefore, this post will take you to have a view at 4 most anticipated summer movies in 2012.

1. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Animated movies like Despicable Me and Megamind are always favored by audience both for their 3D effects and for the humorous and relaxing feelings they can provide. The predecessors of Madagascar 3 both performed well in box office recipients which laid a good foundation for this movie. This summer movie will be released on June 8.

After travelling to Madagascar and Africa in the first two movies, Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman will take audience to Europe in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. In the European, the four friends present an amazing journey. Of course, audience also misses the penguin and Julien, without whom the movie will be quite boring.

2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

As the greatest president ever, Abraham Lincoln does not only need to fight against slavery, but also those vampires in the movie. The movie is made based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith which is written as a biography of Abraham Lincoln. This summer movie will be released on June 22th.

Besides the secret life of the 16th president, people are also attracted by the cast consists of Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper. The movie makes Lincoln a vampire hunter because he was a big Gothic horror fan who could also recite The Raven from memory in history.

3. The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man

As Tobey Maguire refuses to save the world as Spider-Man, audience will welcome a new Spider-Man acted by Andrew Garfield, also known as Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. In The Amazing Spider-Man, Tony Parker will try to figure out the truth behind his parents' death. As he goes deeper, a huge conspiracy shows up. This summer movie will be released on July 3rd.

So basically, people are focusing more attention on the new Spider-Man who is now standing in the shadow of Tobey Maguire. After years' departure, the latest Spider-Man movie will present you new actors and new plot. Will the Spider-Man as amazing as the film name? We hope so.

4. The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

As the last member of Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises will end the long-year evolution of Batman movies. Due to the great success of The Dark Knight in 2008, people are expecting the ending of the dark knight. In the movie, Batman will accept the job as a wanted vigilante. Therefore, he needs to face two powerful foes, Bane and Catwoman. This summer movie will be released on July 20.

Since Catwoman has been the biggest enemy of Batman in the comics for years, people are expecting the fighting between Batman and Catwomen in the movie. Also if The Dark Knight Rises can be the most successful one of Batman series, it can surpass The Avengers and even Avatar in box office performance.

Those are four most expected summer movies in 2012. Nowadays, only trails are available on YouTube. If you want to know more about them, you can download those trails from YouTube with Moyea Free Flv Downloader.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Origin and Celebrations of Children's Day

Children's Day is quite important day for all the children because it is a day specially designed for them. Though people in different regions celebrate this day in different dates, many countries celebrate this day on June 1st.

Therefore, for children in China, Czech Republic and America, Children's Day 2012 will arrive soon. Various celebrations will be held on Children's Day and those celebrations are of local styles. Therefore, this post will have a general view at the development of Children's Day and the celebrations of Children's Day in different countries.

I. The Origin of Children's Day

Children's Day

1. As early as 1925, a conference was held in Geneva to discuss the well beings of children and proposed to create a day for Children.

2. In 1942, Nazis invaded into a village in Czech Republic and slaughtered all the adults and children. The world began to ponder about the security and safety of all the children.

3. After the World War II, many children lived in a poor condition and struggled to live as a worker. Many children died of poor health.

4. In November 1949, a conference was held in Moscow to condemn all the maltreatments to children and decided to make June 1st International Children's Day.

5. In 1954, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 20 as Universal Children's Day every year.

II. The celebrations of Children's Day

The celebrations of Children's Day

1. Korean celebrates Children's Day on May 5th. Children will be given gifts by their parents which are usually books, toys or clothes. However, at present, gifts like mobile and tablet are more favored.

2. In Columbian, Children's Day is celebrated in May. Observations will be held in every school. Children on that day will wear various funny masks and play happily in the streets.

3. In western Africa, the celebrations for Children's Day will last for over a month. Of course, dancing and singing exist everywhere during this period.

4. Indian celebrates Children's Day on November 14th, also known as the birthday of first Indian premier since its independence. Folk dances and songs will be performed by Indian children at that time. The government will also organize some related activities.

5. In England, schedules for Children's Day celebrations will be made in advance. Parents are required to attend those celebrations organized by the school. Foreign parents need to take local food of their native country along with them.

Furthermore, teachers will sit together in a circle. Students can throw sponges to any teachers they want. Of course, they need to get sponges in exchange for money. Teachers cannot get annoyed and the headmaster will be in the centre of the circle.

Those are the origin and celebrations of Children's Day. In most countries, gifts will be sent to children. If you haven't figured out what to send, you can refer to two best Children's Day gifts. Any other good suggestions are welcomed to share with us.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How to Enjoy Flash Movies with Microsoft Office Word 2010

According to the latest years, Windows is still the most desirable system in traditional computer fields with over 50% market share. To some extent, the success of Windows can contribute to the great success of Microsoft Office. Nowadays, people are using Microsoft for commercial or person purposes.

Without Microsoft Office, life will turn to be wired. Though more and more members are joining in Microsoft Office 2010, Word 2010, PowerPoint 2010 and Excel 2010 are still top three members most favored by all. To many people, Word 2010 is used for typing words, PowerPoint for inserting photos and Excel for making tablets. However, they actually are much more powerful than that.

As a unique file, Flash movie can even be supported by a few players. Therefore, from the fact that Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 are capable of playing Flash movie, one can trace how powerful Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 really are. Since some may have already known how to play Flash movie with PowerPoint, this post will show you how to play Flash movie with Microsoft Office Word 2010.

1. Open Word 2010, right click the "Quick Access Toolbar" and choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar…" option in the drop-down menu.

Quick Access Toolbar

2. Click "Customize" tab and then select then select "Develop Tab" option in the drop-down menu of "Choose commands from".

Develop Tab

3. Click "Legacy Tools" in the box below "Develop Tab" and then click "OK".

Legacy Tools

4. After that, you can access to the "Legacy Tools" in the "Quick Access Toolbar".

Legacy Tools icon

5. Click "Legacy Tools" and then choose "More Controls" option.

More Controls

6. Select "Shockwave Flash Object" in the list and then click "OK".

Shockwave Flash Object

7. Then you will see a box in the Word 2010. Adjust it to the video size you want. Right click the box and choose "Property" option in the drop-down menu.

8. Type the location and the video name of the Flash movie and select "True" in "Embedmovie" option.


9. After all those steps, click "Design Mode" and then you can enjoy the Flash movie with Word 2010 now.

Design Mode

Next time if something goes wrong with your Adobe Flash Player, you can try to play Flash movie with Microsoft Office Word 2010. A simple way for you to manage it is to convert Flash movie to WMV file supported by Windows Media Player with Moyea SWF to Video Converter, and then insert Windows Media Player into Word 2010. Here I will not explain it in details. If you are interested in it, you can refer to How to Insert Flv File into PowerPoint 2007.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers and Make Them a YouTube Video

Next Monday will be Memorial Day 2012, a day when honor and respect are shown to the great soldiers who have sacrificed their lives to safeguard peace and freedom. Originally as a day to commemorate fallen soldiers, Memorial Day is celebrated to mourn those fallen people we love.

When the Civil War ended, women in the southern cities spent a long time burying soldiers and decorating their tombs. Later, the country set Memorial Day to honor those fallen soldiers. Due to this, Memorial Day is also named Decoration Day.

Due to this, beautiful decorations are favored on Memorial Day. If you are looking for some nice Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers to decorate your desktop or Facebook Page, you can refer to this post. You can download free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers in Movie Club and even make them a YouTube video.

I. Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers for selection

1. Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 1

Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 1

2. Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 2

3. Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 3

Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 3

4. Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 4

Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 4

5. Download Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 5

Free Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers 5

II. Make Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers a YouTube video

In order to share those wonderful Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers with your friends on YouTube, you can make those Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers a YouTube video with PowerPoint 2010 and PPT4Web Converter.

1. Open PowerPoint 2010, choose "Insert" tab and then click "Photo Album" icon to create a new photo album.

create album

2. Click "File/Disk" button to import all the Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers and then click "Create".

add wallpapers

3. Save the PowerPoint and then open PPT4Web Converter. Click "Add" icon and then add the PowerPoint you have just made.

add ppt

4. Click "Customize" icon and set the transition time of each slide in "Timing" tab. Click "Music" tab and then add some Memorial Day songs like Heal the World and Amazing Grace as the background music.

choose transition time
add music

5. Set the output format as "FLV File" in the drop-down menu of "Profile" and then click "Start" button to start the conversion.

start conversion

When the conversion finishes, you will get a Flash video which are fully supported by online websites like YouTube. Upload this video to YouTube so that your friend can also get to know all those wonderful Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers.

Fallen soldiers who have contributed a lot to the country shall never be forgotten. On Memorial Day, you can commemorate those heroes with Memorial Day 2012 Wallpapers or make them a YouTube video.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Best Basketball Movies Acted by Two NBA Superstars

NBA Playoffs 2012 has surprised people a lot so far. Not only is Bull, the best team in regular season, eliminated in the first round, but also Lakers, the best team in recent years, has stopped its pace today. As a consequence, Heat, as the most potential winner, has gained its bet. Maybe this time, James can get his first champions.

NBA never runs short of superstars, after Michael Jordon, Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant have ruled the field successively. It is also true that NBA never run out of movie stars. Even those ordinary players have acted in one movie or two, let alone those superstars. This post will show you two best basketball movies acted by two NBA superstars.

1. Space Jam by Michael Jordon

Space Jam DVD

As a legend in NBA history, Jordon had successfully conquered both basketball field and commercial field. Without Michael Jordon, NBA would not be so popular. As a man of great influence, he has also attracted the attraction of movie makers with his charms. Consequently, Space Jam was proved a great success and became a member of best basket movies

Space Jam mainly tells a story about how Jordon helps Bugs Bunny to beat alien slavers and to win their freedom. This movie is funny; you can not only find Michael Jordon, but also a lot of cartoon characters created by WarnerBros. Of course, you will see slam dunks by Michael Jordan in the movie. Furthermore, the theme song I Believe I Can Fly is also wonderful.

2. Blue Chips by Shaquille O'Neal

Blue Chips DVD

Though Shaquille O'Neal has ruled the field for years, he seldom gets enemies. Everyone praises him as funny and cute. As a humorous person, O'Neal is fond of pranks. To some extent, he owns the potential to be a movie star. O'Neal knows it so he has made a lot of basket movies.

This wonderful basketball movie is made on the basis of a true story. In the movie, O'Neal is acted as a man named Neon and his partner Hardaway as Butch McRae. A coach named Pete Bell is forced to break the rule in order to keep the competiveness of his team. As he wins the champion, he confesses all his wrong doings to the media.

In the movie, you will see those wonderful slam dunks by O'Neal. In the end of the movie, O’Neal is successfully recruited as an NBA player along with Hardaway. After O’Neal acted in Blue Chips, he successfully helped ORL to get to the final match that year. However, he was not as lucky as he was in the movie this time.

Those are top two basket movies made by two NBA Superstars. For Jordan lovers and O'Neal fans, those two movies are definitely worthy to be seen. If you want to see those two excellent basket movies via The new iPad, you may as well try to convert those DVDs to mp4 files with DVD Ripper.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

3 Best Motion Pictures Focusing on Love Story in The War

If you are a movie fan, you probably know that love story movies have been always popular for years. Most of them can perform well in box office. However, though freakily abundant in number, love story movies are seldom favored by Academy Awards.

Of course outstanding love movies like Gone with the Wind, Casablanca and Waterloo Bridge had achieved great success in Academy Awards. If you are careful enough, you will find that those Best Motion Pictures have something in common: each shares a love story in the war. The post will present you those three Best Motion Pictures focusing on love story in the war.

1. Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

It is said Gone with the Wind would have exceed Titanic in box office if factors like inflation were taken into consideration. Before Titanic, it is viewed as the most shocking and influential love story movie. As a film that is almost as long as four hours, it can successfully belt you to the seat with its plot and climax.

The movie mainly focuses on the love story between Scarlett and Rhett Butler during the Civil War. However, Scarlett never realized that she loved Rhett Butler other than Ashley until Rhett Butler left her in desperate. This movie vividly shows you the image of a strong woman and her love with Rhett Butler, though she has never realized it.

2. Casablanca

Casablanca DVD

Though not as successful as Gone with the Wind in box office, Casablanca is viewed as the best movie of all time by many. Luckily, if you are interested in it, you can watch it for free via Facebook. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Casablanca DVD set, you can watch Casablanca for free on Casablanca Facebook page today.

Casablanca mainly tells you a love story in World War II between Rick and Ilsa. As the owner of a popular bar, Rick lives a peaceful life until his former girlfriend Ilsa appears. Ilsa and her husband are wanted by the police in Casablanca while Rick needs to risk his life to help them leave. The unselfish love of Rick is quite moving and the theme song is wonderful.

3. Waterloo Bridge

Waterloo Bridge DVD

As another masterpiece by Vivien Leigh and also as another movie on love story in the war, Waterloo Bridge also gained great achievements. Caused by character flaws of Scarlett, the love between Scarlett and Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind can't be successful. Caused by the miserable fate, the love of Myra and Roy in Waterloo Bridge can't own a happy ending as well.

Myra and Roy fall in love and decide to get married. However, before their marriage, Roy is recruited by the army to join in the World War II. When the death of Roy comes, Myra loses all the hopes and earns her life as a street girl. However, it turns out Roy survives in the war. After he takes Myra back home, Myra can't forget those miserable experience and commits suicide in Waterloo Bridge.

Those are the top three Best Motion Picture winners focusing on love story in the war. If you want to watch Gone with the Wind and Waterloo Bridge via iPhone 4S, you can convert those DVDs to mp4 files with DVD Ripper. As for Casablanca, watch it via Facebook or even download it with Moyea Flv Downloader.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Comparison between Nokia N97 and HTC G17

Last month, Nokia returned to the American market with a fury to regain its position with Lumia 900. Due to the unprecedented support from AT&T, Lumia 900 was warmly welcomed. According to recent news, the demand for Lumia 900 has far exceeded its supply and many shops have run out of their stocks.

However, in Britain, Lumia 900 arouses no public interest. However, Nokia has no time to concern about it because the future of the outdated tycoon in America is tied to the fate of Lumia 900. Nokia finally seeks for incarnation with Windows Phone after being ruined by Symbian in recent years.

Fairly speaking, Symbian contributed a lot to the success of Nokia in the past. However, one must admit that Symbian mobile is totally incompetent for the market in recent years comparing to iPhone and Android mobile. To further prove my view, I will make a comparison between Nokia N97 and HTC G17.

1. Wi-Fi connection


As one of the most powerful Symbian mobiles released by Nokia, N97 cannot even match with HTC G17 in this field. I need to type the password of the Wi-Fi every time I use it. With HTC G17 you can do it once and for all. This is really annoying because when I get to my friend's home, I need to ask him the password again and again.

2. E-book viewing


Basically, with HTC G17 you will feel like reading a real book. A concern of the virtual page will be curled as you page down. Each page is made as the same size of the screen so that you just need to finish one page and turn to another. You always know you want to view the contents in the next page

However, as I use N97 to read e-books, I need to press the down button to skip to the next line. Sometimes I even need to find out what I want to read in the page because so many words in the page has dazzled my eyes.

3. Camera

N97 camera

To be honest, the camera of N97 is quite good and you can even make photographs at night. However, it is not that good comparing to HTC G17 which can help you to make 3D photos.Also known as HTC Evo 3D, a glass-free 3D mobile, the camera of HTC G17 is of great competiveness in the market.

4. Online video watching

Online video watching

It is easy for users to watch online videos with HTC G17 because there are relative apps to help it. However, there are no such apps for N97. In order to watch those online videos, Adobe Flash version above 10.0 is required. However, Nokia N97 can only support Flash Lite and there is no way for N97 to upgrade the Adobe Flash.

So even you have Wi-Fi connection, you can't enjoy online videos with N97. A feasible way for you is to download and convert YouTube videos to mp4 files for Nokia N97 with Moyea Flv Downloader if you really want to watch some YouTube videos via N97.

All in all, one can trace the great disadvantages of Nokia N97 comparing to HTC G17. Symbian is an important factor for the fall of Nokia in recent years. Luckily, Nokia realizes it and manages to make self-redemption with Windows Phone like Lumia 900.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Reasons Why Apple Dares to Reject Adobe Flash

As the present tycoon in the digital market, Apple has proved its determination to reject Adobe Flash, an outdated tycoon which used to control 75% online videos. The hostility of Apple to Adobe Flash had began when iPhone never showed its support to Adobe Flash since its release several years ago.

In 2012, Apple's hostility to Adobe Flash has marched further along with the release of The new iPad, a device that rejects Adobe Flash. Recently, it is said that the latest Mac OS system refused to support Adobe Flash as well. We shall also notice that falling as it is, Adobe Flash is still widely used in most online video websites. This post will show you three reasons why Apple dares to reject Adobe Flash.

1. The influence of Apple in the market

Apple Stock

With a company holding a share price that exceeds $600, Apple owns great influence to the digital market. Its products like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, which have shocked the world with its technological innovations, have created one sales record after another. From the rise of its share price, one can tell how important it is becoming in the market.

Apple dares to reject Adobe Flash because it is more powerful than Adobe Flash. In recent years, companies will gain great success once they have united with Apple or vice verse. Adobe's announcement of extracting its attention from Adobe Flash has proved this point. Even leaders of Adobe have admitted Adobe Flash couldn't survive in mobile market without Apple's support.

2. HTML5 and other relative applications

Apple and HTML5

Even without Apple, Adobe Flash is marching downhill due to the appearing of relative applications. The greatest threat comes from HTML5, a stuff that can help users to watch YouTube videos without plug in. More importantly, the world is going through a technological revolution in this field.

In the past, most online video websites can only support flv files. However, one can find the H.264 version of those flv files which requires no Adobe Flash at present. Due to this, various less famous applications have been developed. Without Adobe Flash, Apple product can still watch online videos and experts assert that it is HTML5 that owns the future.

3. The threat Adobe Flash brings

vulnerable Adobe Flash

To be honest, Adobe Flash began its success with Apple's products and Apple used to be a great supporter to Adobe Flash. However, Adobe has irritated Apple with its conspiracy and ambition. The cooperation between Adobe Flash and Apple will allow Adobe to sell its applications to Apple consumers which will threat the ruling of Apple Store in the market.

Except for the commercial menace, Apple also thinks Adobe Flash will pose menaces to OS system. According to Jobs, Adobe Flash is a main reason for the low processing speed of Mac OS. The security defects of Adobe products in recent days have proved that Adobe product is not that secure.

Those are the three reasons that Apple dares to resist Adobe Flash. However, for those iPhone users, they need to figure out other ways if they want to watch flash video via iPhone 4S. A feasible method is to convert those swf files to mp4 files for iPhone 4S with Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Moyea Celebrates Mother’s Day 2012 With Giveaway And Promotion Plan

Along with the coming of Mother's Day 2012 go various celebrations. In order to celebrate this great day when honor and respect are showed to mothers, Moyea Software has already carried out its promotion plan where cheap converters and free converters are provided.

Moyea Promotion Plan

As an expertise having focused on the development of SWF to Video converters and PPT to Video converters, Moyea Software has enjoyed good reputations in those fields for long. In order to fulfill customers' desire to make DIY videos as Mother's Day gifts, free converters like SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter are provided along with coupon code.

In order to provide customers enough preparation time to figure out the DIY videos for mothers as well as time to operate their ideas, the promotion plan will last till May 16th.

What can customers get from Moyea promotion plan?

Save $20: PPT to DVD Burner Pro

A good choice for DIY gift is to DIY DVD with PPT to DVD Burner Pro. Download Free Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates and insert photos that have recorded the happy time of the family into the slides. Add some songs before conversion and then invite mother to watch the DVD on Mother's Day.

Giveaway: SWF to 3GP Converter

Customers can also choose to send flash card to mothers. Download Free Mother's Day Flash Cards and then convert the swf files to 3gp files with SWF to 3GP Converter to make them accessible for mobiles. After that, send the converted videos to mothers via Bluetooth.

Free Converter: Video for Web Converter

Customers can DIY videos with camcorders. Convert the videos to flv files with Video for Web Converter to make them accessible for YouTube. On Mother's Day 2012, customers can surprise mothers by sending them relative links.

Besides those benefits mentioned above, customers can also buy Video Converter or DVD Ripper with a relatively low price. Except SWF to Video SDK, all the products on websites like,, and are offered with discounters. The highest discounters can reach to 40%.

How can customers get all those benefits?

If customers would like to have free registration code for SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter, they need to provide information like name and e-mail address. If a customer can't find the mail from Moyea in the input boxes, he can probably find it among the spam.

Any customers can get discounters for the products during the promotion plan period by using the coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F for SWREG payment.

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Moyea Software is an award-winning and professional multimedia software provider, owning a professional development team who are always in pursuit of product excellence and providing a wide range of products as multimedia solutions for business and education as well as for daily life. Products include PPT to DVD Burner series, PPT to Video Converter series, PPT to PDF Converter and SWF Converter series.

Moyea Promotion Plan Provides Discount And Free Software To Celebrate Mother’s Day

As an International day, the approach of Mother's Day 2012 is drawing more and more attention. In order to celebrate this brilliant day, Moyea Software has carried out its promotion plan where free software and discounts are provided.

Moyea Mother's Day promotion plan

As a professional software provider focusing on the development of SWF converters and PPT to Video converters, Moyea Software gains its own advantages in those fields. In order to provide every customer more choices to DIY gifts for his mother, Moyea Software will provide him not only powerful converters with lower price but also free converters.

What can customer get From Moyea promotion plan?

Save $20: PPT to DVD Burner Pro

With PPT, customer can easily make an album focusing on the happy time with his mother. With PPT to DVD Burner Pro, one can convert the PPT to DVD so as to send it as Mother's Day gift. After that his mother can watch the album via DVD player.

Giveaway: SWF to 3GP Converter

Make a simple flash post card as a gift for mother with Flash 8. With SWF to 3GP Converter, customer can make the post card accessible for the mobile. He can also give his mother a great surprise by transferring the converted video to her mobile via Bluetooth.

Free: Video for Web Converter

With Video for Web Converter, customer can easily make a video as a gift for mother and then upload it to websites like YouTube. He can use this video as a surprising present by sending the mother relative links to let her watch it.

Video Converter and DVD Ripper are also available for a relative low price. Customer can also purchase all the products except SWF to Video SDK on Moyea websites including,, and with some discounts. The highest discounts can reach to 40%. Free Mother's Day PowerPoint Templates and Free Mother's Day Flash Cards are also available here.

How can customer get them?

For SWF to 3GP Converter and Video for Web Converter, customer needs to provide his name and e-mail address to get the registration code. If he hasn't found the e-mail sent by Moyea in the input box, he probably can find the mail in the spam.

Customer can get some discounters of the products by using the coupon code MOM-45K2D46B9F for SWREG payment.

When can customer enjoy those benefits?

The promotion plan will last till May 16th, so customer has over a week to engage in the plan and prepare gifts for the mother.

Company Website:
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Moyea Facebook Page:
Moyea Twitter Page:!/Moyea

Steven Zhang
Tel: +86-755-26553081
Fax: +86-755-26738705

About Moyea Software:
Moyea Software is an award-winning and professional multimedia software provider, owning a professional development team who are always in pursuit of product excellence and providing a wide range of products as multimedia solutions for business and education as well as for daily life. Products include PPT to DVD Burner series, PPT to Video Converter series, PPT to PDF Converter and SWF Converter series.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Evolution Of Batman Movie

Last weekend, The Avengers won the world's respects with 200 million dollars in box office.It has become the number one hot spot at present and even threats the dominance of Avatar, the most profitable movie in history.

With the league consists of Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America, even Harry Potter can't stop its success. A hot topic today is which movie can compete with The Avengers this year. Among all the candidates, The Dark Knight Rises is a promising one.

Batman movie has gone through major ups and downs in the past twenty years. Several years ago, when Batman movie was regarded as a poison to the box office performance, no one would expect it could be so popular at present. This post will take you to have a view at the evolution of Batman movie.

1. Batman

Batman DVD

As the first member of Batman series, this movie was released in 1989 and ranked first in terms of box office performance at that time. With the direction of Tim Burton, this film was cold and creepy in atmosphere. This movie mainly tells you the battle between Batman and Joker. This movie makes a good start for the whole Batman series.

2. Batman Returns

Batman Return DVD

As the director, Tim Burton told the world the return of Batman in 1992. In the movie Batman needs to fight against penguin man who is lonely and cruel in nature. Catwoman will also give her performance here. This movie ranked third in box office at that time. Though it was still popular, it was less influential. Since this movie, Batman movie had gone through a tough time for long.

3. Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin DVD

With the cast consists of Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and George Clooney, this movie aims to gain those lost places for Batman movie. However, it was proved to be a disaster. This movie had pushed Batman movie to the lowest place. Due to the heavy loss of this movie, no director dared to direct Batman movie for 8 years.

4. Batman Begins

Batman Begins DVD

In 2005, Nolan saved the fame of Batman movie with Batman Begins. He was bold enough to ignore all the successful factors made by Tim Burton to make the movie with his own style. This movie is extraordinary different in style comparing to its predecessors.

This movie is old in plot. It tells a story of how Batman becomes a superhero by learning from a man named Ducard and how he begins his way to wipe out evils. However, Nolan successfully gave new birth to the old story. This movie ranked third in box office at that time.

5. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight DVD

Released in 2008, this movie witnessed the great achievements Batman movie could get. It has not only created one legend after another in box office and also brought many fans to Batman movie. Without The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises couldn't be viewed as one of the most anticipated movie in 2012. Of course, The Dark Knight helped Batman movie regain first place in box office that year.


hose are the evolutions of Batman movie. After suffering so much, we believe Nolan will present us a good movie that can match with The Dark Knight. So if you want to watch Batman movie with The new iPad, you may as well convert those DVDs to mp4 files for The new iPad with DVD Ripper.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

3 Famous Howard Carter Style Archaeologists In The Movie World

Today is the birthday of the famous archaeologist, Howard Carter who has successfully found Tutankhamun tomb. After his finding, the researches on Tutankhamun has received breakthrough which has led to the production of various Tutankhamun movies.

As a mysterious character for thousands of years, the location of Tutankhamun tomb had troubled one generation archaeologists after another. Howard Carter managed the tasks that his predecessors had tried for thousand years. Without a strong will and brave heart, Howard Carter couldn't have completed the mission.

Howard Carter has set a good example for all the archaeologists; therefore you can always trace the image of Howard Carter from those archaeologists in the movies. They can always complete those impossible with strong mind. This post will take you to have a view at 3 famous Howard Carter style archaeologists in the movie world.

1. Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD

As an archaeologist in the movie world, Indiana Jones has been enjoying an unprecedented reputation. He gained his fame from Raiders of the Lost Ark, a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.The great success of this movie made it a milestone in the movie field.

Indiana Jones is actually something of James Bond alike in quality. He is humorous, brave, smart and knowledgeable man with strong curiosity. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones gets the mission to find The Ark of the Covenant. However, he needs to do it secretly without being noticed by the Nazi. Hence in the movie you can see how Jones manages this task with his knowledge while fooling the Nazi with his intelligence.

2. Rick O'Connell from The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

As the character in The Mummy saga, Rick O'Connell has gone through his adventure mainly in Egypt. However in this movie he will come to China to finish another hard task just as Howard Carter did.

Tutankhamun tomb and the tomb of the first emperor of Qin are regarded as two most mysterious tombs ever. Just like Tutankhamun tomb, it took archaeologists thousand years to find its location. In the movie, Rick needs to find the location of the emperor's tomb and he successes. To this extent, his achievement is no less great than Howard Carter. However, in the movie, his finding gives him many troubles instead of fame and reputation.

3. Robert Langdon from The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code DVD

Based on the famous novel with the same name, The Da Vinci Code tells us a story about how a Harvard symbologist named Robert Langdon is involved in a religious conflict and accidentally finds a shocking truth that can menace the foundation of Christianity.

Langdon is neither humorous nor quick in movement. However, he is more an image of an archaeologist like Howard Carter who is strong in will and professional in knowledge. When his life is threatened, Langdon decides to find the truth regardless of any difficulties. As he has no clue, he needs to find one with his professional knowledge. So can he win in the battle between him and the Christianity? You will know the answer via the movie.

So those are three famous Howard Carter style archaeologists in the movie world. If you are interested in any of them, you can know them with those three movies. Watch those DVDs with DVD player or convert them to mp4 files with DVD Ripper if you would like to watch them with The new iPad.