Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Special Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween 2012

As one of the most favored festivals in the world, Halloween is featured with scaring masks, frightening make ups, treat-trick games and pumpkin pies. This is day when people can indulge themselves in various Gothic-style factors. Therefore, to enhance the atmosphere of Halloween, various horror movies will be released during that period. In fact, Halloween always gets the company of horror stories and even horror movies.

Halloween is so influential that various movies or games are exclusively designed for it. For example Scared Shrekless is a Shrek movie made to celebrate Halloween and Angry Birds Halloween is an Angry Birds game to commemorate Halloween. Therefore as Halloween 2012 draws near, one needs to make a good plan about Halloween 2012. Besides choosing costume for Halloween 2012 or preparing horror stories for Halloween 2012, he can also celebrate the special day by watching excellent horror movies. Therefore this post will recommend you 3 special horror movies to watch on Halloween 2012. (If you like, you can also watch the DVD versions with Kindle Fire HD.)

1. Dracula: Most Romantic Horror Movie

As one of the most well-known vampire, Dracula has been the main character in various horror movies. However, in Dracula, the vampire king turns out to be the main character in a love story. In the first part of Dracula, the movie shows how the loyal Christian turns out to be a vampire after losing his true love. The second part of the movie mainly focuses on his love story with a woman looking like his wife.

Therefore, instead of showing audiences a blood-thirsty fiend, Dracula shows audience a poor man who is tortured by love. His fall is caused by loss of love and his redemption is gained by realizing his love. Moreover, the most attracting point of this movie is the cross-century love between Dracula and his wife, which makes the movie a romantic horror movie worth watching on Halloween 2012.

2. Halloween: Most Popular Horror Movie

Just as its name has indicated, Halloween is a movie exclusively designed for the special festival. Surprisingly, it gained great success at that time which led to the production of extra seven Halloween movies. The movie mainly focuses on the story of how a boy kills his sister and begins his slaughtering fifteen years later. As a milestone in the history of horror movies, Halloween even plays a role in the producing of movies like Scream. Moreover, to make the movie more attractive to the world, the reboot movie of Halloween had been released in 2007. Therefore, maybe Halloween is not the most excellent horror movies, but it is definitely one of the most popular horror movies.

3. The Last Exorcism: Most Scaring Horror Movie

The director of The Last Exorcism is quite smart because he chooses to make the movie in a documentary-film-style. The movie is about the trip of a priest's last exorcism. The Last Exorcism first makes people feel like watching BBC Discovery channel when the hero introduces various frauds of priest. Then it turns out to be a movie about human ethnics when people get to know the girl is a pregnant. However, it turns out to be a really horror movie in the end because there are really fiends and evil spirits.

While people believe they can explain all the weirdness with reasonable assumptions, they surprisingly themselves in a trap set by the director. Moreover, the movie presents people the illusion that it is too realistic to be a faked story. Consequently, horror movies like this will terrify audiences most because they still believe all things happened in a real world. This makes it scaring horror movies worth watching on Halloween 2012.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Avengers vs The Hunger Games - A General Review in 4 Aspects

As the most successful 2012 summer movies, both The Avengers and The Hunger Games brought audiences one surprise after another. As a consequence, the debate over the topic of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games had never ceased. Superhero movie fans argued that The Avengers did much better in box office performance than The Hunger Games while novel lovers fought back by listing the fact that the DVD sale of The Hunger Games went beyond the reach of The Avengers. The debate over the winner of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games is one without ends.

Only when one has watched them all, can they make their own judgments. Since I hadn't watched them in the cinema, I have to wait for the DVD versions. Finally, both the DVD version of The Avengers and The Hunger Games are available now. I have watched the DVD versions of them both in recent days (Since I want to watch the DVDs with iPad 2, I choose to convert the DVDs for iPad 2). Therefore, I want to give a general review on both movies and express my opinions on the winner of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games. Therefore, this post will review those two movies in five aspects.

1. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Plot

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in plot

If I would like to conclude the plot of The Avengers like this: Loki has attacked an army base to rob a magic box for invasion and then Nick Fury collected five superheroes to fight against the invasion. The plot follows typical Hollywood blockbuster mode. I knew it before I had watched it. However, I was expecting the cooperation and fighting scenes of those superheroes. However, I didn't get much in the movie. The movie just focused on too much on those trivial like the arguing of superheroes.

Before watching The Hunger Games, I thought it would be a bloody and violent movie. Of course, it wasn't but that surprised me a lot. The Hunger Games is about how a girl named Katniss suffered in a killing match. Who will want to see a movie about fighting match but without too many fighting scene. Before I have seen The Hunger Games, I didn't believe anyone would do that. However, I must say The Hunger Games really attracted me with its plot. Fasten me to the belt from the first minute to the last. Therefore, the plots of those two movies are all surprising, one in a disappointing way and the other in a joying way.

2. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Background Music

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in music

To be honest, the background music of The Avengers didn't impress me too much. I don't know why. Maybe I wasn't focused enough or maybe the plot was more attractive. I have impressed by the music of famous movies like Avatar and Titanic but not by The Avengers. Contrary to that, The Hunger Games did much better in this field.

I was impressed by at least three parts of background music of the movie. The exciting music when Katniss first appeared before audiences, the amusing music of interviewing program and the sad songs in the ending of the movie. To be honest, I love the ending song most because it can easily stir the sad emotion in your heart. At least with the background music of The Hunger Games, I feel like I can feel what those characters feel.

3. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Expectation

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in expectation

I know sequels of The Avengers and The Hunger Games are being directed. If I have a ticket to see one of them, I will love to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie just arouses your curiosity towards plots of the sequels. When I have finished watching The Hunger Games, I even have a desire to read the original novels and tried to search as much information about its sequels as possible. I know what will happen in Catching Fire and Mockingiay, but I still want to see the movies. Though I know nothing about the sequel of The Avengers, I do know it will be a story of how superheroes manage to rescue the Earth after going through difficulties.

4. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Heroes

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in character

Before watching The Hunger Games, I knew little about it. However, after viewing it, I could tell something about the main characters. What about the characters in The Avengers? I still had no idea on how to introduce Black Widow and Hawkeye even though I had seen them in Iron Man 2 and Thor respectively. For those who hadn't seen those movies to know about heroes in The Avengers, they might even have difficulty telling something about Iron Man and Thor. Moreover, the Hulk I saw in the movie seemed to be quite different from what I had known in The Incredible Hulk in personality.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 3 Winners in 2012 Emmy Awards

For all coach potatoes, they have all reasons to get excited on September 23rd 2012, the time when 2012 Emmy Awards begins. Emmy Awards to American TV series is what Oscar Academy Awards to Hollywood blockbusters. As a 60-year-old event exclusively designed to praise outstanding and best American TV series, Emmy Awards tends to choose those TV series with profound meanings other than those with commercial success. Therefore, every year, audiences can find some less-famed TV series win over those world famous TV series. That's exactly the charm of Emmy Awards.

To some extent, 2012 Emmy Awards is a platform that provides chances for small-budget TV series to show their charms. As 2012 Emmy Awards settled, some felt the results disappointing, some feel the results surprising and most found the excellent TV ceremony haunting in their hearts. In 2012 Emmy Awards, TV series like Homeland, Game Change and Modern Home turned out to be the biggest winners. Therefore this post will have a brief introduction of those three 2012 Emmy Awards winners. For those who desire to watch them with mobiles like iPhone 5, they can convert the DVD files for iPhone 5.

1. Homeland: Biggest Winner


In 2012 Emmy Awards, Homeland gained five nominations and won 4 of them. Maybe the number had not impressed you enough. However, providing that those 4 awards contained best drama series, best drama actor, best drama actress and best writing script, one will realize how successful Homeland was that night. As a TV series with just one season at present, Homeland even successfully prevented Mad Man from winning the Emmy Awards for the fifth time.

The success of Homeland can be owned to the excellent plot and powerful cast. Homeland is about a story of the fight between Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody. Nicholas is a rescued hostage who suffers a lot in the anti-terrorist plan. As he is rescued, he is suspected by Carrie as a terrorist. Therefore, a spy war between them starts. Season 2 of Homeland would be released this year.

2. Modern Family: Expected Winner

Modern Home

As a comedy, Modern Family had beaten famous TV series like Big Bang Theory. However, no one found it surprising because it was the third win of Modern Family in Emmy Awards. As a comedy series with lofty expectations, Modern Family had gained 9 nominations in 2012 Emmy Awards and won four of them. The TV series mainly focused on the daily life of three families, making it a suitable choice to know American culture.

Modern Family was about three different but related families and their trivial. The TV series is directed as something of a recording movie like The Last Exorcism. Modern Family gives people the illusion that they are watching home-made videos. As a consequence, the stories in the TV series seem to be more realistic. Moreover, the TV series has chosen those common seen family problems, making them easily to stir audiences' emotions.

3. Game Change: Surprise Winner

Game Change

In 2012 Emmy Awards, Game Change gained seven nominations and won four of them. Its triumph was quite surprising because it had to encounter other influential TV series acted by stars like Nicole Kidman. Game Change mainly focuses on the stories of John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign including his success in Alaska and defeat in general election.

To be honest, luck played an important role in the success of Game Change. For one thing, the year 2012 is also an election year, making the TV series more favored and attractive. For another, there were not much political TV series available in 2012, making Game Change extraordinarily special and eye-attracting. Besides that, Game Change gathered quite a lot of outstanding stars like Julianne Moore.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Reject Resident Evil Series

After the box office revenues reached to the lowest point of the year, the situation of the movie market seemed to be much better in this week. Finally, the black horse The Possession was finally driven out of the throne by Finding Nemo 3D and Resident Evil: Retribution. As a most expected 2012 fall movie, Resident Evil: Retribution did quite well in the first week. However, it is far from good. Actually the performance of Resident Evil: Retribution ranked last but one in the Resident Evil series. Furthermore, as the latest member of Resident Evil series, Retribution is quite disappointing.

As a movie series that has lasted for over a decade, Resident Evil series has never been favored by experts or movie artists. Unlike Batman movies, Resident Evil series does much worse in winning reputation than earning profits. In fact, some people are even hostile to Resident Evil series. Therefore this post will show you top five reasons to reject Resident Evil series.

1. Single hero

Alice as always

Once Alice, always Alice. Ten years have pasted but audiences still see the same Alice in cool suit fighting against zombies alone with various weapons in Retribution. Though there are various other main characters in Resident Evil series, they never make a difference. Moreover, most of them are used as supporting roles or even just followers. When real fight begins, they never matter in the battle.

There are rumors that Retribution would focus on several characters at the same time, which could definitely make the movie more attractive. However, when it was released, audiences found it was still Alice-oriented. Ada Wong, as a character with lofty expectation, turned out to be no more important than a passer-by. Who is willing to see the same actress doing the same thing again and again? This is one reason one desire to reject Resident Evil series.   

2. Endless conspiracies

Endless conspiracies

Resident Evil movies are full of conspiracies. From Resident Evil to Retribution, Alice tries to break them all only to find her in an even bigger conspiracy. It's just like walking in a maze. When you find you are about to find the right way, you realize it is the entry to another maze. When you have tried for several times, you know you are entering another maze and you will hold no expectation. The first few conspiracies can stir audience's curiosity. Later, they are just not surprised by the new conspiracy. With endless conspiracies, audience's curiosity and pains are running out. Therefore, it just makes Resident Evil series not favored.

3. Distorted plot

Always chasing game

What's the main reason people will like to reject Resident Evil series? Awful plot or no plot at all as one says. The plot of Resident Evil series can be described like this: Alice fights numerous zombies and run to another place only to find more zombies to fight. To be honest, the six Resident Evil movies are just like one in plot. They all tell the story of how Alice try to run with a group of people and then find others infected one by one. No one wants to pay the price for six movies to see just one. Moreover, the awful plot is most severely criticized by experts.

4. Full-time Fighting

Fighting scenes

Resident Evil series focus too much on the fighting scenes making it favored by some while rejected by others. To watch a half an hour movie like Retribution, audiences spend over an hour enjoying the fighting scene. Moreover, most of the fighting scenes are identically the same with Alice shooting zombies. As for the zombies, they are divided into two kinds, small one and big one. They walk in the same slow speed and attack in the same mode. Basically, the fighting makes one feel Alice is shooting annoying bugs that are amazing in number. To be honest, the fighting is not even as interesting as that in Zombies vs Plants. At least to game provides users zombies with various skills.

5. One-pattern movie

Identical pattern

Resident Evil series contains six movies that perfectly follow the rules of "all in one and one in all". They are different movies because one can find different characters in different episodes. They are the same movie because they are not only identical in plot, in fighting but also in directing skills. For movie series like this, watching one episode is enough. The six movies are just like processed in batch mode though they are not in fact. Therefore, an important reason to reject Resident Evil series is that they are almost made in the same pattern.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 3 Reasons to Change from Windows XP to Windows 7

When it comes to computer market, Windows system matters. As the flagship of Windows system, Windows XP had attracted millions of users in the world. However, probably it is time to wave goodbye to Windows XP and welcome a new era ruled by Windows 7. Though Windows XP is still the most influential and popular computer system in the market share, it will soon be an outdated operating system just like Windows 98 once did. Therefore, the switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 had turned out to be an irresistible trend.

As an 11-year-old system, Windows XP is now running out of its time. Pretty soon, its dominance will be overtaken by Windows 7 and its charm will be exceeded by Windows 7. As a system highly recommended by Microsoft, Win 7 gains its own advantages over Windows XP. This is one important reason we shall replace Windows XP with Windows 7. There are also some other reasons we have to do it. Therefore, this post has listed you top three reasons to change from Windows XP to Win 7.

1. Microsoft's 2-year plan

IE 9 not supported

It is known that Microsoft is reluctant to see users stay on Windows XP rather than its latest operating systems. Therefore various systems had been invented to challenge Windows XP. However, XP could always steal their thunders. Therefore, users remember Windows XP as easily as they forget Windows Vista. After the release of Win 7, Microsoft decided to implement its 2-year plan to murder XP so that users could pay more attention to its latest systems.

Reviewing what Microsoft had done in two years, no supports of services like IE 9 and Microsoft Office 13 for Windows XP. Microsoft is trying to block Windows XP users' accesses to those excellent applications so that they may turn from Windows XP to Windows 7. Moreover, Windows 7 is preinstalled in most lap-tops in those two years so that people can get used to Win 7. For a system Microsoft is trying to kill, we have no reason to insist on it. Therefore just make sure switch from Windows XP to Win 7 happens.

2. Better compatibility

xp not supported

After seeing Microsoft's attitudes, many apps decided to follow suit. Various famous and popular apps had excluded Windows XP in the supporting list. For example, the next Adobe Photoshop has turned down Windows XP, Google Map won't support IE 8 and the latest Sony Vegas Pro works under Windows 7. Moreover, as time goes by, more and more applications will be exclusively designed for Win 7 only. Therefore, why use a system with lots of incompatibility issues other than a good-compatibility system. After switching from Windows XP to Win 7, users can enjoy more and more latest apps.

3. Better operating system

Win 7 and X

The common reason for the rejection of apps like Adobe Photoshop and Google Map to Windows XP is that it is too old to meet their requirements. In other words, Windows XP fails to make full use of the functions provided by latest apps like Photoshop. Comparing with Windows XP, Win 7 is not only more beautiful in interface design, faster in running speed but also better in system stability. Moreover, since various new technologies are employed to Win 7, it provides users new features like split screen. Therefore, switching from Windows XP to Win 7 only presents users better enjoyment.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 5 iPhone 5 Disappointments Users Have Gained

If iPhone 4S had opened a gate for competitors like Samsung Galaxy S2 and Lumia 800, iPhone 5 is definitely leading way for Android mobiles' invasion. With applauses and flowers, iPhone 5 was launch on September 12th 2012. However, after its release, people even need to think for a while before they can say some complimentary words for iPhone 5. To be honest, iPhone 5 is not that bad and it will remain to a hot mobile in the market. However, iPhone 5 is far from good.

If iPhone 5 is released in May or June, it will remain to be an excellent and amazing device. However, after meeting Samsung Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920, we get more disappointments towards iPhone 5 than surprises. Moreover, iPhone 5 rumors, especially those exaggerated iPhone 5 rumors had made iPhone 5 the only wise choice for mobile users. However, life tells us, this is not the case for real iPhone 5.

What's more, the major iPhone 5 disappointments come from the disappointing design of iPhone 5. There are too many functions we expect to get from iPhone 5. However, as iPhone 5 unveils its mask, we find we can only find few or even none of those functions from iPhone 5. Therefore, this post makes a general summary over top five iPhone 5 disappointments we have gained after its debut.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 1: NFC


After the competitors of iPhone 5 like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 adopted NFC support, almost the whole world believes NFC will be in the supporting list of iPhone 5. While potential buyers are working on the methods to make use of NFC with iPhone 5, they just get a simple message saying "No, NFC is not included in our plan". Without NFC, you can't even get short-distance data transferring with the best mobile in the world. It feels just like you have get a powerful and expansive computer without Wi-Fi. Lacking of NFC is probably the biggest iPhone 5 disappointment users get.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 2: Battery

iPhone battery

Everyone knows iPhone 5 will get a better battery because the duration time of iPhone 4S is widely criticized by users. Though iPhone 5 actually gives us a longer duration time battery, it is far from our expectation. While users are expecting a battery with doubled duration time, they only get one that can last help them watch one or two more movies. While experts are begging Apple to spend more money on battery, Apple is content with battery featured by prolonged duration time. Maybe users have asked more than they should, but Apple actually does less that it could.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 3: Processor


With dual-core processor, The new iPad is not as sexy as it should be. Therefore there are rumors that iPad Mini will definitely be a quad-core tablet to safeguard its dominance. Consequently, we have just taken quad-core iPhone 5 for granted. Luckily, iPhone 5 is equipped with A6 processor which is twice faster than A5 processor. However, will quad-core A5 less powerful than dual-core A6? I don't know, I just know quad-core mobile maybe more attractive in the market.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 4: Camera and Resolution


Before iPhone 5, iPhone series never fail to provide us one surprise after another in camera and resolution. As the innovator in those two aspects, iPhone 5 has completed lost to Lumia 920. While Lumia 920 gets 8.7-megapixel camera, iPhone 5 keeps its 8-megapixel camera. While 4.5-inch Lumia 920 gets a resolution of 1280×768, 4-inch iPhone 5 only gets 1136x640. Why shall I make a switch from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 if I am a photography geek? The new iPad is also disappointing to some extent, but at least it is amazing in resolution.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 5: Innovation


What's the essence of iPhone's success? They are Innovation and creation. However, iPhone 5 is not even as innovative and creative as some Nokia mobiles or Samsung smartphones. We choose iPhone because we know it can lead mobile market to a new trend. However, instead of being a leader, iPhone 5 is just trying to catch up with Joneses. Though iPhone 4S is disappointing, it at least provides the world 3.5-inch Retina Display. What innovative features can we get from iPhone 5 besides its extreme thinness?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 4 Successful Supporting Roles of Clark Duncan in Clark Duncan Movies

In recent days, there are various rumors about the death of some celebrities. Some rumors like Eddie Murphy's hoaxed death have been proved to be jokes while some like the death of Clark Duncan have proven to be true. After tortured by heart attack, the strong muscle man had left the world forever a few days ago. Though Clark Duncan is not as famous as stars like Eddie Murphy, he never fails to present the world one excellent Clark Duncan movie after another. Acting as supporting roles, Clark Duncan still impresses audience with his performing skills in Clarke Duncan movies.

When viewing the acting career of Clarke Duncan, one can find that he is not the guy who only limits his talent to a certain field. Actually, he always tries to challenge different supporting roles in the movies. Consequently, he does well in some and bad in others. Moreover, in those profitable Clarke Duncan movies, he is quite successful as supporting roles. Therefore, this post will present you four successful supporting roles in top Clark Duncan movies. Since the DVD versions of those top Clarke Duncan movies are all available, one can watch those DVDs with Galaxy Note 2.

1. Angel in The Green Mile

Angel in The Green Mile

As a successful Clark Duncan movie, The Green Mile gained over 136 million dollars in box office. In the movie, Clarke Duncan is an angel from heaven who disguises as a murder to help the people in the prison. Generally speaking, Clark Duncan is the guy who can impress the audience with his muscle instead of his kindness. However, Clark Duncan had surprised the world with this successful supporting role. His image as a kind, innocent and sensitive angel had made him one of the most promising competitor in Academy Awards.

2. Villain in Daredevil

Villain in Daredevil

As a black man who happens to be strong in body, Clark Duncan is suitable to be acted as a bodyguard or a villain. Actually, he does so in most of Clark Duncan movies. Moreover, his role as a villain in Daredevil is probably the most successful one. In this Clark Duncan movie, he acts as a successful supporting role named Wilson Fisk. Wilson, as both the dominator and destructor of a city, is finally defeated by Daredevil. In this movie, Clark Duncan successfully presented the role of a cold, cruel, evil but powerful boss.

3. Chief in The Scorpion King

Chief in The Scorpion King

As a profitable Clark Duncan movie, The Scorpion King gained over 91 million dollars in box office. In this Clark Duncan movie, Duncan acts as a tribal leader named Balthazar who had helped the hero to fight against evil king Memnon. This time, Clarke Duncan turns out to be a successful supporting role that is not only powerful in physical strength but also strong in mind. With strong sense of justice, Balthazar becomes a reliable friend of the Scorpion king.

4. Ape warrior in Planet of the Apes

Ape warrior in Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is a movie directed by Tim Burton that focuses on the rebel of human against apes in a strange plant. As a money-earning Clarke Duncan movie, Planet of the Apes gained over 180 million dollars in box office. In the movie, Duncan successfully impressed the audience with a supporting role named Attar. Attar is the leader of the ape warrior who is not only brave and fearless but also loyal and honest. In order to make this supporting role impressive and successful, Clarke Duncan was badly hurt for several times.

Therefore, those are the top four successful supporting roles given by Clark Duncan in Clark Duncan movies. Of course, besides the roles as an angle, a villain, an ape and a chief, Clark Duncan also leaves the world many other successful supporting roles. Though he can't act for us anymore, those successful supporting roles will leave in our hearts forever.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 3 American Labor Day Movies on the Crisis of US Working Class

Initially created as day for workers to fight for their rights, American Labor Day turned out to be a time for travelling and shopping. Now as American Labor Day 2012 approaches, various Labor Day recommendations including American Labor Day movies and American Labor Day goods have been introduced. Generally speaking, as the most important factor of Labor Day, US working class plays an important role in American Labor movie. In other words, those Labor Day movies unanimously focus on the lives of US working class.

Now as the influence of American Labor Day expands, various movies on US working class have been made. There are Labor Day movies on US low-class worker, on middle-class workers and on high-class workers. Therefore, watching those Labor Day movies on US working class enables one to better understand the daily life of an ordinary US worker. This post will present one three movies on the crisis of US working class. While the DVD versions of those three movies are achievable, one can watch the DVDs with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

1. Crisis of US low-class worker: The Pursuit of Happiness

What may a US low-class worker suffers? The answer is poverty, agony, discrimination and divorce. As an American Labor Day movie as well as an encouraging movie, The Pursuit of Happiness reveals the miserable life of those low-class workers. With a low-wage and full-time job, Chris can't even feed his own family. In order to get a promising work, he has to spend the whole day on telephoning customers without any salary. Moreover, as a poor man, no one is willing to help him.

Therefore, this is a good Labor Day movie that vividly presents us the crisis of the low-paid US working class: they are not only troubled by low-education level, low-wage and high pressure but also threatened by hunger and high unemployment rate.

2. Crisis of US middle-class worker: The Company Men

In this American Labor Day movie, Bobby is a middle-class worker with high salary and good reputations. However, after he is fired for no reason, he finds himself unable to get even one job. Consequently, he is puzzled about everything. The Company Men vividly present us the crisis US middle-class worker is now facing: when they are facing decreasing social position and reducing salary, they can do nothing but to tolerate. When economic crisis comes, US middle-class worker suffers most. In fact, most US middle-class workers hold the same fury, helplessness and agony like Bobby does in The Company Men.     

3. Crisis of US high-class worker: The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada mainly tells about how a green hand is driven crazy by her high-class employee. However, as she enters into the high-class circle, she feels lost and decides to quit. This American Labor Day movie is not only about fashion and worker but also the values and crisis of US high-class worker. Just as Miranda, US high-paid working class are troubled by the fear of being out of date or losing social position. High reputations can bring them much more pleasures than money does. Therefore, after watching this movie on American Labor Day 2012, one can better understand the lives of US high-class workers.

All in all, those are the top three American Labor Day movies on the crisis of US working class. Since The Pursuit of Happiness, The Company Men and The Devil Wears Prada have vividly reflected the crisis existing in US low-class worker, US middle-class worker and US high-class worker respectively, one can understand the US working class better after watching them all