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Run from Oscar 2013! 4 Promising Winners in Golden Raspberry Awards

After the winning list of Golden Globes 2013 came out, the whole world is talking about the possible winners in Academy Awards 2013. In fact, Golden Globe Awards is not the only influential ceremonies host before Oscar. Golden Raspberry Awards is another one. Similar to Academy Awards in various aspects, Golden Raspberry Awards is known for being the opposite side of Oscar Awards. Announced a day before Academy Awards 2013, Golden Raspberry Awards is designed to commemorate those biggest box bombs of the year. If Academy Awards is the dream of all actors, Golden Raspberry Awards turns out to be the nightmare for them.

Originally created for fun by movie fans, Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as Golden Golden Razzie Awards) turns out to be an influential movie ceremony in recent days with a committee consists of over 500 judges. Even with the absence of Golden Raspberry Awards winners, the film ceremony still become favored by many movie fans. As the nomination list for Golden Raspberry Awards 2013 comes out, this post will focus on five movies that are promising to be winners in Golden Raspberry Awards. Of course, those promising Golden Raspberry winners get no chances to be Academy 2013 winners.

4.  A Thousand Words

As one of the most influential black actor in the world, Eddie Murphy is more recognized as the main character in a death hoax this year than as a movie actor. Even though Eddie only starred in a few movies, one of them named A Thousand Words became a true box office bomb. As a promising winner in Golden Raspberry Awards, A Thousand Words had dragged Eddie to an even lower point in his career. In this box office bomb, Eddie stars as a talkative man who is only allowed to speak a thousand words before his death. Therefore, he needs to use all kinds of tricks to make his minds expressed. Eddie intended to impressive audiences with his body languages, but he failed. Then the whole movie only makes audiences fell like they are watching a crazy man jumping up and down. Sometimes audiences even want to hit Eddie to make him speak.

3. Battleship

As a heavily invested movie, Battleship had once been viewed as a movie in the same level of Transformer. However, the reality proved that it couldn't be compared with Transformer and it was even not a good movie. As a consequence, the investor Universal Pictures turned out to be the poorest filmmaker of the year. Therefore, it is not that surprising that Battleship turned out to be a promising winner in Golden Raspberry. This box office bomb mainly told a story of how the world had been attacked by aliens and how a navy leader guides his crew to fight back. The movie did so awfully in plot that until the movie finished, audiences had gotten no ideas about the aliens including their purposes, species and even weapons. Moreover, the director wanted to tell the movie in two lines but failed in both of them.

2. Breaking Dawn - Part 2

It is a known story that Golden Raspberry Awards has a special favor for The Twilight movies. Whenever a Twilight film comes out, it can always be the promising winner in Golden Raspberry Awards, regardless of its box office performance. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is not a box office bomb, so there is little chance that it will be a bigger winner in Golden Raspberry 2013. Like its predecessors, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 also becomes a movie with most Golden Raspberry nominations. This time, the Twilight movie may be as lucky as its predecessors to escape from all the ten nominations. As the final movie of Twilight series, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 focuses on the coming battle between the Cullens and the Volturi to protect Renesmee.

1. That's My Boy

There are two reasons for electing That's My Boy as the most promising winners in Golden Raspberry Awards. First, it is an Adam Sandler movie and second, it is a movie starred by Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler movie used to make audiences laugh happily but now most of his movies only make audiences feel sick. Last year, Adam's Jack and Jill became a legendary movie in the history of Golden Raspberry Awards by winning in all nominations. This year, That's My Boy gets a big chance to follow its predecessor. In this movie about how an irresponsible father screws his son's wedding and then finally gets along with his son, Adam only impresses audience with his vulgarity and madness. He laughed all the time in the movie but no one can see the point why he is laughing. All in all, That's My Boy is a movie no less awful that Jack and Jill. At least in the latter movie one can see a normal Adam.

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Top 6 Movies about Martin Luther King

Decades after the release of The Emancipation Proclamation, the United States was still dominated by racial discrimination and prejudice. As the racism went rampant, a man stood out calling for justice and fairness and fighting against racism with his words. However, as his voice began to be heard and his work "I Have a Dream" began to be praised around the world, he was murdered by racist in a motel in Memphis. He was Martin Luther King, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize and the killer of American racism. To commemorate his great doings, Martin Luther King Day was created as a federal festival celebrated on his birthday. Now with Martin Luther King Day 2013 approaches, various commemorations for Dr King are in preparation.

Martin Luther King

Generally speaking, Hollywood tends to spread no efforts to publicizing the legendary live of a celebrity with various movies. However, Martin Luther King seems to be an exception. Even though his life is no less legendary than any other celebrities, only a few Martin Luther King movies were made in the past century. As a consequence, the absence of adequate Martin Luther King movies had made the great man only recognizable in books or documents. Therefore, to celebrate the coming of Martin Luther King Day 2013, 6 Martin Luther King movies will be covered here. Some of those Martin Luther King movies had been released and some were in preparation.

1. King: The Martin Luther King Story

As a three-part miniseries, King: The Martin Luther King Story has covered the lifetime journey of Martin Luther King. The first movie mainly focuses on the career of Dr. King as a southern minister, the second movie about his fighting and the third one about his murder. Even though there were made in 1970s, they are still the best Martin Luther King movie one can get.

2. People I Know

People I Know

As one of the best movie ever starred by Al Pacino, People I Know mainly tells about the story of how a press agent falls into a scandal and loses himself. When Eli is asked to take care of a woman, he witnessed the evil and luxury lives of New York leaders. After Eli witnessed a murder case, his life totally messes up. This is a movie criticizing the darkness and injustice of American society. It is called Martin Luther King movie because Eli is designed as a partner and follower of Martin Luther King. The whole story begins when Eli tries to raise funds to continue the undone career of Dr. King.

3. Legacy of a Dream

Legacy of a Dream

As a documentary movie about Martin Luther King, Legacy of a Dream is exclusively created to show the world Dr. King's fight for freedom. From bus boycott to Memphis assassination, the movie has covered almost all the important issues about Martin Luther King. Moreover, created on the basis of those original newsreels and footages, the movie is actually starred by Dr. King. Of course, in this 29-minute movie, Dr. King mainly publicizes the importance of racial equality with his magic words.

4. Memphis

Paul Greengrass

Since Memphis is a Martin Luther King movie under preparation, audiences have to wait sometime before the documentary movie is available in the market. It is said that many companies have the intentions to shoot movies like Memphis for Martin Luther King, but none have put the thoughts into practice. Universal Pictures had invested on the movie last year, but quitted for unknown reasons. Now this movie, directed by Paul Greengrass is prepared by Veritas and Wild Bunch. In this Martin Luther King movie, the director mainly focuses on the last few years of Dr. King in Memphis.

5. Selma

Hugh Jackman

Selma is another rumored Martin Luther King movie directed by Lee Daniels. The movie is said to be about the stories of how Luther King tries to help blacks in Selma win the rights to vote. It is said that the movie will be starred by Hugh Jackman, Liam Neeson and Robert De Niro. If it is true, Selma will be one of the most expected movies about racism.

6. Martin Luther King Biopic

Steven Spielberg

Years after Steven Spielberg expressing his desire to direct a movie about Lincoln, Lincoln gains great successes in the movie market. Steven also stated that shooting movies to honor Martin Luther King was his lifelong wish. This time, he is given another chance by DreamWorks. Even though no many details about this Martin Luther King movie have been released, it is still known as a movie that focusing on the lifetime fighting of Dr. King. As the first Luther King movie with the admission from the King estate, the movie will put much focuses on the famous speech of Dr. King, I Have a Dream.

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Golden Globes 2013 Review - 5 Characters of Golden Globe Winners

Originated in 1940s, Golden Globe is viewed as the most influential film ceremony only second to Academy Awards in the movie field. Golden Globes 2013, host a month earlier than Oscar 2013, functions as a reference for Academy Awards 2013. Moreover, since Golden Globe has provided awards for both movies and TV shows, it is named the combination of Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. As the winners in Golden Globes 2013 have been announced just a few hours ago, the world is expecting the performance of those Golden Globe winners in Academy Awards.

Golden Globes 2013

Generally speaking, Golden Globes 2013 has combined surprises, controversies and innovations into an integrated part. When having a review of Golden Globes 2013, the winners turn out to be an unavoidable topic. In fact, when being careful enough, one still can find some common characters in those Golden Globe winners. Therefore, in this Golden Globes 2013 review, 5 characters about Golden Globe winners will be covered.

1. Political movie wins

Character of Golden Globe winners: Political movies

Generally speaking, audiences prefer to watch entertaining blockbusters like superhero movies than political issue based movies. As a consequence, only a few political movies are made and even less can be eye-attracting. However, it seems that 2012 is a lucky year for political movies. Movies like Argo and Lincoln not only gain great success in box office but also rob various awards in different film festivals. In Golden Globes 2013, those movies turn out to be the main force of Golden Globe winners. The hostage rescue centered film Argo, the American president based Lincoln have won the most expected awards in Golden Globes 2013. Even Zero Dark Thirty, the recently released film about Ben Laden hunting plan, has found its worth in this film festival.  Moreover, TV shows about political issues like Game Change also becomes a big Golden Globe winner.      

2. Oscar 2013 nominators

Character of Golden Globe winners: Oscar movies

Released earlier than it used to be, Oscar 2013 nominators have set the main tunes for Golden Globes 2013. Lincoln, as the most promising winner in Academy Awards 2013, receives the most nominations in Golden Globes 2013. Other Oscar nominators like Argo, Life of Pi have also been rewarded in different degrees. Therefore, the identity as Oscar 2013 nominators turns out to be a character of Golden Globe winners this year. However, there is no means to assert that those two get the same judging criteria. In fact, it is not uncommon thing that one film will win favor in Oscar but lose battle in Golden Globe.

3. Old TV show loses

Character of Golden Globe winners: Old TV shows

Another character of Golden Globe winners in TV field is that few of the old winners can make a difference. The four-year winner Mad Man only gets a nomination and last-year winner Game of Thrones has been totally forgotten by Golden Globes 2013 this year. Contrary to those old TV shows, 2012 TV shows like Game Changes and Homeland has won great successes in Golden Globes 2013. This is a good trend because relying heavily on those TV shows with glorious past has made Emmy Awards widely criticized. Moreover, this character of Golden Globes 2013 also hints its attempts to seek for vigor and innovation.

4. Emmy 2013 winners

Character of Golden Globe winners: Emmy awards

The list of Golden Globe winners have arrived months later than that of Emmy 2013. Therefore, a comparison between those two lists seems to be an unavoidable issue. Through the comparison, one can find the character of Golden Globe winners:  they are also favored Emmy Awards 2013. For example, Homeland and Game Change, the two biggest winners in Emmy Awards 2013, are also big winners in Golden Globes 2013. Moreover, the two seem to have the identical tastes towards best American TV shows. Surprisingly, The Walking Dead, which wins unprecedented view rates this year, has been excluded by the two ceremonies at the same time.  

5. Young record-breaker

Character of Golden Globe winners: Young recorder

This year, two Golden Globes 2013 winners are remembered for being new record creators. Ben Affleck, the 40-year-old director, has become the youngest director winning Golden Globe awards in history. Another actress named Jodie Foster has been the youngest Lifetime Achievement Award winner in her 45th. Ben Affleck is awarded for his excellent work in directing Argo, the best 2012 movie created on the basis of a political issue and Jodie Foster is awarded for her great contributions to the movie field during the past decades. Moreover, there are also other young outstanding stars in this film ceremony. For example, Jennifer Lawrence has beaten Meryl Streep to be an award winner.

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Valentine's Day Recommendations - 5 Best Movies about Love and War

Originally created to honor the Christian saint named Valentinus, Valentine's Day turns out to be a day about love and sacrifice at present. As Valentine's Day 2013 is just around the corner, the world is busy preparing for the celebrations of Valentine's Day 2013. Gifts like roses and chocolates become Valentine's Day recommendations in stores; love poets are Valentine's Day recommendations in bookshops and love and war movies turn out to be Valentine's Day recommendations in cinemas. Generally speaking, movies about love and war are more favored by audiences because they not only contain thrilling climax, but also display the powerful strength of love.

Therefore, this post will cover 5 best movies about love and war that one shall watch on Valentine's Day 2013. Those Valentine's Day recommendations not only provide users love stories no less moving and sensational than that of Titanic, but also tell the world fragility never owns true love. Even though the heroes in those love and war movies have suffered a lot, they have never give up the pursuit of true love.

 5. Closing the Ring

Closing the Ring

It is not an easy task to love someone whole-hearted in the whole life and it is even harder to hide the crush all the time. In a movie about love and war named Closing the Ring, the director tells the world true love never quits or fades in front of time machine. When a young boy has dug out a wonderful ring from the used-to-be battle field, he begins his way to reveal some heartbreaking love stories. When Ann falls in love with Teddy, his best friends, Chuck and Jack, who both have a crush on Ann, have to send best wishes to the couples. However, when Teddy dies in a flying mission during World War II, Ann has haunted by guilty in another 50 years without tears. When the last words of Teddy are finally sent to Ann, Ann can finally release her agony with crying. At last, she finally sensed the love from Jack who had been waiting her for over sixty years.

4. Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday

It is a known story that Gloomy Sunday is regarded as a song with black magic. Till now no one can explain how it is able to lure listeners to commit suicides. Just as the famous song, Gloomy Sunday is movie about love and war telling audiences a rueful and gloomy love story. In a small restaurant in Budapest in 1930s, the owner named Laszlo and the handsome pianist named Andras both fall in love with the waitress named Ilona. However, while the three persons are enjoying the pleasures of love during the peace day, they will never expect their lives being ruined by a German named Hans Wieck. When Hans returns to the restaurant as a Nazi officer, he decides to take revenges on the Laszlo and Andras. His insult has forced Andras to commit suicide and his power sends Laszlo to the concentration camp of Jews. In the end, Ilona has lost both of her lovers and her true happiness.

3. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Though Pearl Harbor may not be the best movies about love and war, it is definitely the most profitable war and love movie. As a war movie, Pearl Harbor is mainly about the love stories involving Danny, Rafe and Evelyn; as a love movie, Pearl Harbor is dominated by the pain and agony of the war throughout the plot. Therefore, this is a love and war movie which helps users to understand the strength of love and the cruelty of the war. Right after Evelyn falls in love with Rafe, Rafe is sent to the front line and reported to be dead in a secret mission. After recovering from the pain, Evelyn is enjoying her love affairs with Danny. However, Rafe shows up and Danny is killed in a China as a prisoner.  

2. The English Patient

The English Patient

As a novel based movie, The English Patient has won the favor of Academy Awards Committee for its excellent and moving love story. When a badly burnt patient has been rescued, he begins to tell the nurse the sad love story he has suffered with endless grieves. As an explorer, Ralph maps the Sahara Desert with some friends. However he accidentally falls in love with Hana, the wife of a pilot. After the pilot knows it, he tries to kill Ralph in a landing attempt which killed him and badly wounded his wife. In order to save his lovers, Ralph even tries to exchange military secrets with Nazi in exchange of corresponding resources. However, when he arrives there, his lover has long gone. In the end of this movie about love and war, the patient has committed suicide in an attempt to meet his lover in the underworld.  

1. Casablanca


Even till now, Casablanca is still viewed as one of the best movies of all time. Casablanca is favored because it has shown the world the real meaning of sacrifice, the best quality of love. In this Best Motion Picture about love story in the war, a bar owner named Rick has tried everything he can to help his lover Ilsa to escape from Casablanca. Even when his life and fortune has been seriously threated, Rick never feels puzzled or hesitated. Moreover, Rick has shown audiences that true love is not about possessing but about blessing. When Ilsa wants to abandon her life to live with Rick, he rejects because he knows that Ilsa won't be content with that kind of life. All Rick does is to make Isla happy forever even though he can't share the happiness with her.  

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Film 2012 - 10 Best 2012 Animated Movies

When having a review of 2012, superhero movies and animated movies have set the main tunes for 2012 movie market. Since both genres have been favored by the market, the success of 2012 movie market is not that out of expectations. Generally speaking, of all good 2012 animated movies, there are sequel movies, remake movies and new movies. Of course, only part of them who can earn both box office profits and good reputations can be named as best 2012 animated movies. Therefore 10 best 2012 animated movies will be covered in this post. Of course, remake movies like Finding Nemo 3D and Monster Inc 3D are not listed as best 2012 animated movies

10. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

As the 2012 animated movie with best opening weekend performance, The Lorax has hinted a harvest year for animated movies. As a novel based animated movie, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax mainly tells about the destruction of the forest and the recreation of the trees. After learning the story about The Lorax from Once-ler, a boy named Ted decides to bring health back to the city again. After bring audiences laugh and amusement, this 2012 animated movie also teaches audiences the importance of environmental protection.

9. ParaNorman

As a horror movie, ParaNorman is spooky and creepy in atmosphere. However, this best 2012 animated movie is not about ghost or death, but about understanding and forgiving. When talented witch is sentenced to death for being misunderstood, she sent a centuries-old curse for revenge. When talented Norman is being misunderstood, he is treated like a freak and geek. However, Norman knows the greatness of forgiveness and teaches it to the witch which brings peace to the town again. ParaNorman is chosen as a best 2012 animated movie not only for its excellent plot, but also for the great contributions it does to prevent the market going lower.

8. Frankenweenie

As a movie master, Tim Burton has a special taste for gothic movie. Frankenweenie, as a 2012 animated movie has been filled with Tim Burton element. When a lonely boy has lost his only dog Sparky, he brings the dead Sparky back to life with thunder and lighting. However, he never realizes the horrible results it may bring. This best 2012 animated movie is created on the basis of Tim's favored novel Frankenstein. In the novel, the monster becomes an evil creature for lacking of love. In this 2012 animated movie, Burton tries to give the monster a different fate where love has been sent from its birth.

7. The Pirates! Band of Misfits

There are not many pirate movies in the market, let along pirate animated movie. However, in a 2012 animated movie named The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Pirate Captain has been a character as impressive as Jack Sparrow. When a poor and weak captain decides to win the Pirate of the year Award, even death threat can't prevent him from sneaking into the Great Britain. Everything in this best 2012 animated movie can make audience burst into laughs including the captain's journey from a rookie to a great pirate and his weird trip with Darwin.

6. Hotel Transylvania

Generally speaking, dull head and weird guy are the shining stars in funny movies. However, none of them have shown up in Hotel Transylvania. This best 2012 animated movie has told the world that the gathering of vampire, mummy and zombie is not the patent of a horror movie. It can happen in a funny movie as well. When his daughter falls in love with a human being, Dracula tries to scare the boy away from his hotel. However, he never makes it because all his conspiracies turn out to be funny jokes. For anyone who has seen it once, he will love this best 2012 animated movie.

5. Ice Age: Continental Drift

Audiences are lucky enough to see the reunion of the mammoth, sloth and sabertooth tiger in 2012. Just like previous Ice Age movies, the three-guy group will have a thrilling trip; different from the Ice Age trilogy, Continental Drift is about a sea voyage. Since neither Diego nor Manny can swim, the trip is full of dangers. This journey is different from the trip Martin has in Finding Nemo. In fact, the three guys have been chased by an evil pirate captain all the time. Sloth is still the disgusting but funny guy, Diego is always the tender but brave warrior and Manny remains to be the smart and fearless family guy.

4. Brave

As an animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Brave gets various reasons to be listed as a best 2012 animated movie. The animated movie is the first time Pixar set foot in mythological story and the first time Pixar employ new 3D technologies. Moreover, the great success of Brave has turned the movie one of the most profitable Pixar animated movies. In this 2012 animated movie, when a princess is forces to be engaged in a marriage, she wants to change her mother's mind with magic power only to find the queen becomes a bear. The princess has gotten only one day to get rid of the curse.

3. Rise of the Guardians

As the animated version of The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians has gathered celebrities like Santa Claus, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. In this best 2012 animated movie, the guardians have to fight against evil bosses to secure the innocent and great childhood of all kids. The most attractive point of this animated movie is not the cooperation between those guardians, but the myths hidden in those legendary characters. Designed as a movie for Thanksgiving 2012, Rise of the Guardian brings joy to kids and touch the chords with audiences owning wonderful and happy childhood.

2. Madagascar 4: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 4 is the latest and probably the latest movie of Madagascar movie series. The 2012 animated movie is till about the funny four with the penguins and centers on the adventures of the pals. However, European's Most Wanted is different because the friends have to run instead of walk their way to America. They are being chased by monstrous Captain Chantel DuBois. After years of confusion, the friends finally find their soul destination. It is not the central park in New York, but the warm and joyful circus they have attended.  

1. Wreck-It Ralph

The crown of best 2012 animated movie has been sent to Wreck-it Ralph. As the most innovative animated movie of the year, Wreck-It Ralph has bold enough to make the evil boss in the game a hero. Moreover, over 100 gaming characters will be shown in this 2012 animated movie, making it much more attractive to game lovers. In this movie, when Ralph has gotten tired of being a badass in the game for years, he decides to do something heroic in other gaming world. However, he accidentally sets free an evil boss who threats to destroy the whole gaming field. Therefore, Ralph has no choice but to fight for the safety of every gaming character.   

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Domestic Market Winners - 10 Best American Movies of All Time

Thanks to the contributions of best 2012 movies, 2012 is remembered as a happy year for audiences and a miracle year for American movie market. Even though there are some box office bombs in 2012, it is outnumbered by those excellent 2012 movies. Moreover, those domestic market winners are even influential enough to be listed as best American movies of all time. Generally speaking, only domestic market winners with good reputations are owns the qualification to be best American movies.  Here ten best American movies of all time will be covered in the post.

Though it is a common thing to release a movie in the world arena, it is not in the past. Therefore, it will be not fair to choose those best American movies in history according to their worldwide box office gains. To this extent, the best American movies listed here are ranked in accordance with their domestic box office performance. As a consequence, some listed domestic market winners may be totally out of people's expectations.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Making sea adventure and treasure hunting an integrated part, Pirates of the Caribbean movies had turned pirate movie a mainstream genre. Dead Man's Chest is not the most profitable Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but it is definitely the most favored pirate movie of all time. The story about Captain Jack's way to hunt the heart of Davy Jones had been a big domestic market winner with over 423 million dollars in America.  As a consequence, Dead Man's Chest definitely matches with the name of best American movie of all time.

9.  E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Before this best American movie, aliens are usually described as invaders, evil creatures and powerful killers. However, Steven Spielberg told the world alien creature can be friendly while human can be scaring and greedy. E.T. is that kind of movie that can strike the chord with audiences who are friendly and innocent. On witnessing the reincarnation of E.T., thrill has filled the hearts of every audience. Of course, this American movie turns out to be a big market winner in the US with over 435 million dollars.

8. Shrek 2

Toy Story 3 is the most profitable animated movies in the world arena. However, in terms of American market alone, Toy Story 3 hands the throne to Shrek 2. As the best American animated movie in domestic market, Shrek 2 has robbed over 441 million dollars so far. The domestic market winner mainly deals with the story of Shrek's awful journey to win the favor of Fiona's father. Even though Shrek is a weirdo, audiences still can't help being attracted by the frank and kind monster.

7. The Dark Knight Rises

Before it was released, it was viewed as the most anticipated 2012 movie; after it is available, it is named as best 2012 movie. The Dark Knight Rises have given both Blues Will and Batman movies a perfect ending. No one has ever doubted The Dark Knight Rises won't be a domestic winner and everyone just wanted to know how successful the movie can be. 448 million dollars in three months, that's the answer this best American movie of all time gives to the world. Different from most superhero movies, The Dark Knight Rises is not trying to boosting the power of Batman but the agony, struggle and sacrifice of Batman.

6. Star Wars

As a domestic market winner, Star Wars not only shows the world what fictional movie shall be like, but also brings the world Star Wars trilogy and Star War: Episode trilogy. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, another three Star Wars movies will be available in the market. Even till now, Jedi, lighting sword and Yuda that first appeared in this best American movie of all time are fashionable elements in most fields.  For a 1977 movie, the domestic box office of 460 million dollars is even better than most blockbusters at present.

5. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Of the three movies centering on the falling of Anakin Skyworth, The Phantom Menace is the only one that makes Anakin adorable. As a kid, Anakin is a talented inventor; as a slave, Anakin worships Jedi and hates the darkness of the world. The Phantom Menace is the first battle between Jedi and Sith, burying the seeds for the miserable fates of the Jedi. This domestic market winner has gained over 474 million dollars in United States and successfully joins in the team of best American movies of all time.   

4. The Dark Knight

Here comes the best Batman movie of all time. As a domestic market winner, The Dark Knight had been the top ranker in box office for three successive weeks and grabbed over 534 million dollars so far. This best American movie of all time has provided audiences one of the most scaring and talented Batman enemy, Joker. As a mind reader, Joker knows the dark side of every people and is good at digging it out. Joker turns the heroic white knight of the city into a villain of his own level and makes turns people to be a killing machine. However, instead of hating Joker, audiences tend to be crazy about the evil boss. Anyway, till now, Joker is the evilest boss ever shown in superhero movies.  

3. The Avengers

As the movie with best opening weekend performance, The Avengers turns out to be the best domestic market winner in2012. With the gathering of 623 million dollars, The Avengers turns out to be one of the best American movies ever made in history. The success of The Avengers has proved that five superheroes are always better than one. In a movie gathering Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man and Captain America, it is hard to design reasonable and eye-attracting plot. However, The Avengers has done it which makes the American blockbuster worth respecting.     

2. Titanic

If one has provided an award for best love movies of all time, the world knows the winner will be Titanic. Set off in 1998, the ship has gained over 658 million dollars in domestic move market. The moving love story between Jack and Ross has left an indelible impression in everyone's heart. When Kate married another guy in recent days, fans even feel pity that Dicaprio is not the groom. However, for most audiences, the most moving scene in the movie is not when Jack and Ross departs but when two old couples hold hands in the bed waiting peacefully for the coming of death.  

1. Avatar

No one will be surprised that the throne for best American movie of all time will be sent to Avatar. As the best 3D movie in the world, Avatar has led the world to the era of 3D movie; as the best American movie of all time, Avatar has brought innovative revolution to the movie field. Even the domestic box office of 760 million dollars is just the tip of the iceberg when compared with the great influences Avatar has posed on today's market. In this domestic market winner, audiences can not only enjoy the scene where human and nature live harmoniously but also learn the importance of environmental protection.  

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5 Worst Box Office Bombs of All Time

When a movie earns much more than it is supposed to, it is called a box office miracle. On the contrary, when a film does much worse than its expectation in box office, it will be recognized as a box office bomb. Of course, movie makers are reluctant to see their works listed as box office bombs. However, since not all the movies can be profitable ones, there are always some bad lucky movies. While having a review of 2012, movies like Battleship and The Watch are listed as 2012 box office bombs. Generally speaking, money losses are the common character of box office bombs, but they are not the only feature.

There exist some box office bombs that gain all the attractive points but receive no welcome. As a consequence, those box office bombs will execute deadly harms to the movie makers. Usually, those movie makers not only suffer from financial losses, but also reputation damage and trust crisis. Therefore, this post will cover 5 worst box office bombs of all time. If one happens to see them on TV, running instead of walking to escape. The list is made according to the box office performance of the Box office bombs and the influences they pose to the movie field.

5. Waterworld

As a blockbuster, Waterworld is nominated by Academy Awards for its musical effects; as a box office bombs, Waterworld is favored by Razzie Award for its plot, actor and director. The movie cost over 200 million dollars in pre-production but only received nearly 1.1 million dollars in box office. That's just a part of the destructive power of this box office bomb. In fact, the notorious movie is more recognized as a movie that ruins Kevin Costner, a famous director at that time. Kevin Costner, the director who is well known for Dances with Wolves, had spent seven years without investment after this disastrous movie. Even though the movie is innovative in some aspects, it is still one of the worst box office bombs of all time.

4. Astro Boy

For anyone who knew the miserable fate of Astro Boy, he will feel Waterworld is much luckier.  Astro Boy is a box office bomb that not only ruins the box office performance, but also the movie producer. Made on the basis of the famous Japanese cartoon character Tetsuwan Atom, Astro Boy attracted few audiences in Japan. However, this is just a beginning. Even though the movie had been voiced celebrities like Charlize Theron and Nicolas Cage, Astro Boy once gained 19 million dollars. As a consequence, shortly a fter the failure of this box office bomb, Imagi Animation Studios went bankruptcy. Astro Boy is probably not the most famous box office bomb, but it is definitely one of the most destructive box office bombs of all time.

3. Cutthroat Island

If Pirates of the Caribbean are the most profitable pirate movie of all time, Cutthroat Island will be the biggest money-loss film of all time. Released as a 1995 movie, Cutthroat Island had cost the company over 115 million dollars but only earned a few million dollars. Therefore, this box office bomb is also recognized as the movie with the biggest box office losses of all time. Actually, Cutthroat Island speaks for the fate of most pirate movies before the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. The box office bomb mainly deals with the story about the treasure hunting and adventures of a captain named Morgan in Cutthroat Island.

2. Cleopatra

Even though the movie is made in 1963, Cleopatra is still one of the most largely invested blockbusters. However, the box office of the movie never went match with its cost. As a movie expensive than any The Lord of the Rings movies, Cleopatra only gained over 62 million dollars so far. As a consequence, the box office bomb had pushed Twentieth Century Fox to the edge of bankruptcy at that time. Due to the bad performance of this box office flop, Elizabeth Taylor was even named as a box office poison. This historical epic film mainly focuses on the triumphs and tragedy of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

1. Wind Talkers

If there is an award for worst box office bomb of all time, Wind Talks will definitely be the winner. This box office flop not only ruined the career of John Woo, but also destroyed the famous movie maker MGM. As a blockbuster movie, Wind Talkers has done what it could only to receive no interests from anyone. As an expensive movie, this box office flop had cost MGM over 200 million dollars. As a loftily expected MGM movie, Wind Talkers had only received 77 million dollars in box office. As a consequence, MGM struggled another three years before it was purchased by Sony. Moreover, the box office flop also made John Woo suffered heavy losses in reputations. Since then, John Woo went lower and lower in his directing career. Even with the cast of Cage, the movie about code war is still the worst box office bomb one  can find.