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Golden Globes 2013 Review - 5 Characters of Golden Globe Winners

Originated in 1940s, Golden Globe is viewed as the most influential film ceremony only second to Academy Awards in the movie field. Golden Globes 2013, host a month earlier than Oscar 2013, functions as a reference for Academy Awards 2013. Moreover, since Golden Globe has provided awards for both movies and TV shows, it is named the combination of Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. As the winners in Golden Globes 2013 have been announced just a few hours ago, the world is expecting the performance of those Golden Globe winners in Academy Awards.

Golden Globes 2013

Generally speaking, Golden Globes 2013 has combined surprises, controversies and innovations into an integrated part. When having a review of Golden Globes 2013, the winners turn out to be an unavoidable topic. In fact, when being careful enough, one still can find some common characters in those Golden Globe winners. Therefore, in this Golden Globes 2013 review, 5 characters about Golden Globe winners will be covered.

1. Political movie wins

Character of Golden Globe winners: Political movies

Generally speaking, audiences prefer to watch entertaining blockbusters like superhero movies than political issue based movies. As a consequence, only a few political movies are made and even less can be eye-attracting. However, it seems that 2012 is a lucky year for political movies. Movies like Argo and Lincoln not only gain great success in box office but also rob various awards in different film festivals. In Golden Globes 2013, those movies turn out to be the main force of Golden Globe winners. The hostage rescue centered film Argo, the American president based Lincoln have won the most expected awards in Golden Globes 2013. Even Zero Dark Thirty, the recently released film about Ben Laden hunting plan, has found its worth in this film festival.  Moreover, TV shows about political issues like Game Change also becomes a big Golden Globe winner.      

2. Oscar 2013 nominators

Character of Golden Globe winners: Oscar movies

Released earlier than it used to be, Oscar 2013 nominators have set the main tunes for Golden Globes 2013. Lincoln, as the most promising winner in Academy Awards 2013, receives the most nominations in Golden Globes 2013. Other Oscar nominators like Argo, Life of Pi have also been rewarded in different degrees. Therefore, the identity as Oscar 2013 nominators turns out to be a character of Golden Globe winners this year. However, there is no means to assert that those two get the same judging criteria. In fact, it is not uncommon thing that one film will win favor in Oscar but lose battle in Golden Globe.

3. Old TV show loses

Character of Golden Globe winners: Old TV shows

Another character of Golden Globe winners in TV field is that few of the old winners can make a difference. The four-year winner Mad Man only gets a nomination and last-year winner Game of Thrones has been totally forgotten by Golden Globes 2013 this year. Contrary to those old TV shows, 2012 TV shows like Game Changes and Homeland has won great successes in Golden Globes 2013. This is a good trend because relying heavily on those TV shows with glorious past has made Emmy Awards widely criticized. Moreover, this character of Golden Globes 2013 also hints its attempts to seek for vigor and innovation.

4. Emmy 2013 winners

Character of Golden Globe winners: Emmy awards

The list of Golden Globe winners have arrived months later than that of Emmy 2013. Therefore, a comparison between those two lists seems to be an unavoidable issue. Through the comparison, one can find the character of Golden Globe winners:  they are also favored Emmy Awards 2013. For example, Homeland and Game Change, the two biggest winners in Emmy Awards 2013, are also big winners in Golden Globes 2013. Moreover, the two seem to have the identical tastes towards best American TV shows. Surprisingly, The Walking Dead, which wins unprecedented view rates this year, has been excluded by the two ceremonies at the same time.  

5. Young record-breaker

Character of Golden Globe winners: Young recorder

This year, two Golden Globes 2013 winners are remembered for being new record creators. Ben Affleck, the 40-year-old director, has become the youngest director winning Golden Globe awards in history. Another actress named Jodie Foster has been the youngest Lifetime Achievement Award winner in her 45th. Ben Affleck is awarded for his excellent work in directing Argo, the best 2012 movie created on the basis of a political issue and Jodie Foster is awarded for her great contributions to the movie field during the past decades. Moreover, there are also other young outstanding stars in this film ceremony. For example, Jennifer Lawrence has beaten Meryl Streep to be an award winner.

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