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Film 2012 - 10 Best 2012 Animated Movies

When having a review of 2012, superhero movies and animated movies have set the main tunes for 2012 movie market. Since both genres have been favored by the market, the success of 2012 movie market is not that out of expectations. Generally speaking, of all good 2012 animated movies, there are sequel movies, remake movies and new movies. Of course, only part of them who can earn both box office profits and good reputations can be named as best 2012 animated movies. Therefore 10 best 2012 animated movies will be covered in this post. Of course, remake movies like Finding Nemo 3D and Monster Inc 3D are not listed as best 2012 animated movies

10. Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

As the 2012 animated movie with best opening weekend performance, The Lorax has hinted a harvest year for animated movies. As a novel based animated movie, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax mainly tells about the destruction of the forest and the recreation of the trees. After learning the story about The Lorax from Once-ler, a boy named Ted decides to bring health back to the city again. After bring audiences laugh and amusement, this 2012 animated movie also teaches audiences the importance of environmental protection.

9. ParaNorman

As a horror movie, ParaNorman is spooky and creepy in atmosphere. However, this best 2012 animated movie is not about ghost or death, but about understanding and forgiving. When talented witch is sentenced to death for being misunderstood, she sent a centuries-old curse for revenge. When talented Norman is being misunderstood, he is treated like a freak and geek. However, Norman knows the greatness of forgiveness and teaches it to the witch which brings peace to the town again. ParaNorman is chosen as a best 2012 animated movie not only for its excellent plot, but also for the great contributions it does to prevent the market going lower.

8. Frankenweenie

As a movie master, Tim Burton has a special taste for gothic movie. Frankenweenie, as a 2012 animated movie has been filled with Tim Burton element. When a lonely boy has lost his only dog Sparky, he brings the dead Sparky back to life with thunder and lighting. However, he never realizes the horrible results it may bring. This best 2012 animated movie is created on the basis of Tim's favored novel Frankenstein. In the novel, the monster becomes an evil creature for lacking of love. In this 2012 animated movie, Burton tries to give the monster a different fate where love has been sent from its birth.

7. The Pirates! Band of Misfits

There are not many pirate movies in the market, let along pirate animated movie. However, in a 2012 animated movie named The Pirates! Band of Misfits, Pirate Captain has been a character as impressive as Jack Sparrow. When a poor and weak captain decides to win the Pirate of the year Award, even death threat can't prevent him from sneaking into the Great Britain. Everything in this best 2012 animated movie can make audience burst into laughs including the captain's journey from a rookie to a great pirate and his weird trip with Darwin.

6. Hotel Transylvania

Generally speaking, dull head and weird guy are the shining stars in funny movies. However, none of them have shown up in Hotel Transylvania. This best 2012 animated movie has told the world that the gathering of vampire, mummy and zombie is not the patent of a horror movie. It can happen in a funny movie as well. When his daughter falls in love with a human being, Dracula tries to scare the boy away from his hotel. However, he never makes it because all his conspiracies turn out to be funny jokes. For anyone who has seen it once, he will love this best 2012 animated movie.

5. Ice Age: Continental Drift

Audiences are lucky enough to see the reunion of the mammoth, sloth and sabertooth tiger in 2012. Just like previous Ice Age movies, the three-guy group will have a thrilling trip; different from the Ice Age trilogy, Continental Drift is about a sea voyage. Since neither Diego nor Manny can swim, the trip is full of dangers. This journey is different from the trip Martin has in Finding Nemo. In fact, the three guys have been chased by an evil pirate captain all the time. Sloth is still the disgusting but funny guy, Diego is always the tender but brave warrior and Manny remains to be the smart and fearless family guy.

4. Brave

As an animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios, Brave gets various reasons to be listed as a best 2012 animated movie. The animated movie is the first time Pixar set foot in mythological story and the first time Pixar employ new 3D technologies. Moreover, the great success of Brave has turned the movie one of the most profitable Pixar animated movies. In this 2012 animated movie, when a princess is forces to be engaged in a marriage, she wants to change her mother's mind with magic power only to find the queen becomes a bear. The princess has gotten only one day to get rid of the curse.

3. Rise of the Guardians

As the animated version of The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians has gathered celebrities like Santa Claus, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny. In this best 2012 animated movie, the guardians have to fight against evil bosses to secure the innocent and great childhood of all kids. The most attractive point of this animated movie is not the cooperation between those guardians, but the myths hidden in those legendary characters. Designed as a movie for Thanksgiving 2012, Rise of the Guardian brings joy to kids and touch the chords with audiences owning wonderful and happy childhood.

2. Madagascar 4: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 4 is the latest and probably the latest movie of Madagascar movie series. The 2012 animated movie is till about the funny four with the penguins and centers on the adventures of the pals. However, European's Most Wanted is different because the friends have to run instead of walk their way to America. They are being chased by monstrous Captain Chantel DuBois. After years of confusion, the friends finally find their soul destination. It is not the central park in New York, but the warm and joyful circus they have attended.  

1. Wreck-It Ralph

The crown of best 2012 animated movie has been sent to Wreck-it Ralph. As the most innovative animated movie of the year, Wreck-It Ralph has bold enough to make the evil boss in the game a hero. Moreover, over 100 gaming characters will be shown in this 2012 animated movie, making it much more attractive to game lovers. In this movie, when Ralph has gotten tired of being a badass in the game for years, he decides to do something heroic in other gaming world. However, he accidentally sets free an evil boss who threats to destroy the whole gaming field. Therefore, Ralph has no choice but to fight for the safety of every gaming character.   

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