Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Run from Oscar 2013! 4 Promising Winners in Golden Raspberry Awards

After the winning list of Golden Globes 2013 came out, the whole world is talking about the possible winners in Academy Awards 2013. In fact, Golden Globe Awards is not the only influential ceremonies host before Oscar. Golden Raspberry Awards is another one. Similar to Academy Awards in various aspects, Golden Raspberry Awards is known for being the opposite side of Oscar Awards. Announced a day before Academy Awards 2013, Golden Raspberry Awards is designed to commemorate those biggest box bombs of the year. If Academy Awards is the dream of all actors, Golden Raspberry Awards turns out to be the nightmare for them.

Originally created for fun by movie fans, Golden Raspberry Awards (also known as Golden Golden Razzie Awards) turns out to be an influential movie ceremony in recent days with a committee consists of over 500 judges. Even with the absence of Golden Raspberry Awards winners, the film ceremony still become favored by many movie fans. As the nomination list for Golden Raspberry Awards 2013 comes out, this post will focus on five movies that are promising to be winners in Golden Raspberry Awards. Of course, those promising Golden Raspberry winners get no chances to be Academy 2013 winners.

4.  A Thousand Words

As one of the most influential black actor in the world, Eddie Murphy is more recognized as the main character in a death hoax this year than as a movie actor. Even though Eddie only starred in a few movies, one of them named A Thousand Words became a true box office bomb. As a promising winner in Golden Raspberry Awards, A Thousand Words had dragged Eddie to an even lower point in his career. In this box office bomb, Eddie stars as a talkative man who is only allowed to speak a thousand words before his death. Therefore, he needs to use all kinds of tricks to make his minds expressed. Eddie intended to impressive audiences with his body languages, but he failed. Then the whole movie only makes audiences fell like they are watching a crazy man jumping up and down. Sometimes audiences even want to hit Eddie to make him speak.

3. Battleship

As a heavily invested movie, Battleship had once been viewed as a movie in the same level of Transformer. However, the reality proved that it couldn't be compared with Transformer and it was even not a good movie. As a consequence, the investor Universal Pictures turned out to be the poorest filmmaker of the year. Therefore, it is not that surprising that Battleship turned out to be a promising winner in Golden Raspberry. This box office bomb mainly told a story of how the world had been attacked by aliens and how a navy leader guides his crew to fight back. The movie did so awfully in plot that until the movie finished, audiences had gotten no ideas about the aliens including their purposes, species and even weapons. Moreover, the director wanted to tell the movie in two lines but failed in both of them.

2. Breaking Dawn - Part 2

It is a known story that Golden Raspberry Awards has a special favor for The Twilight movies. Whenever a Twilight film comes out, it can always be the promising winner in Golden Raspberry Awards, regardless of its box office performance. Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is not a box office bomb, so there is little chance that it will be a bigger winner in Golden Raspberry 2013. Like its predecessors, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 also becomes a movie with most Golden Raspberry nominations. This time, the Twilight movie may be as lucky as its predecessors to escape from all the ten nominations. As the final movie of Twilight series, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 focuses on the coming battle between the Cullens and the Volturi to protect Renesmee.

1. That's My Boy

There are two reasons for electing That's My Boy as the most promising winners in Golden Raspberry Awards. First, it is an Adam Sandler movie and second, it is a movie starred by Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler movie used to make audiences laugh happily but now most of his movies only make audiences feel sick. Last year, Adam's Jack and Jill became a legendary movie in the history of Golden Raspberry Awards by winning in all nominations. This year, That's My Boy gets a big chance to follow its predecessor. In this movie about how an irresponsible father screws his son's wedding and then finally gets along with his son, Adam only impresses audience with his vulgarity and madness. He laughed all the time in the movie but no one can see the point why he is laughing. All in all, That's My Boy is a movie no less awful that Jack and Jill. At least in the latter movie one can see a normal Adam.

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