Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Worst Box Office Bombs of All Time

When a movie earns much more than it is supposed to, it is called a box office miracle. On the contrary, when a film does much worse than its expectation in box office, it will be recognized as a box office bomb. Of course, movie makers are reluctant to see their works listed as box office bombs. However, since not all the movies can be profitable ones, there are always some bad lucky movies. While having a review of 2012, movies like Battleship and The Watch are listed as 2012 box office bombs. Generally speaking, money losses are the common character of box office bombs, but they are not the only feature.

There exist some box office bombs that gain all the attractive points but receive no welcome. As a consequence, those box office bombs will execute deadly harms to the movie makers. Usually, those movie makers not only suffer from financial losses, but also reputation damage and trust crisis. Therefore, this post will cover 5 worst box office bombs of all time. If one happens to see them on TV, running instead of walking to escape. The list is made according to the box office performance of the Box office bombs and the influences they pose to the movie field.

5. Waterworld

As a blockbuster, Waterworld is nominated by Academy Awards for its musical effects; as a box office bombs, Waterworld is favored by Razzie Award for its plot, actor and director. The movie cost over 200 million dollars in pre-production but only received nearly 1.1 million dollars in box office. That's just a part of the destructive power of this box office bomb. In fact, the notorious movie is more recognized as a movie that ruins Kevin Costner, a famous director at that time. Kevin Costner, the director who is well known for Dances with Wolves, had spent seven years without investment after this disastrous movie. Even though the movie is innovative in some aspects, it is still one of the worst box office bombs of all time.

4. Astro Boy

For anyone who knew the miserable fate of Astro Boy, he will feel Waterworld is much luckier.  Astro Boy is a box office bomb that not only ruins the box office performance, but also the movie producer. Made on the basis of the famous Japanese cartoon character Tetsuwan Atom, Astro Boy attracted few audiences in Japan. However, this is just a beginning. Even though the movie had been voiced celebrities like Charlize Theron and Nicolas Cage, Astro Boy once gained 19 million dollars. As a consequence, shortly a fter the failure of this box office bomb, Imagi Animation Studios went bankruptcy. Astro Boy is probably not the most famous box office bomb, but it is definitely one of the most destructive box office bombs of all time.

3. Cutthroat Island

If Pirates of the Caribbean are the most profitable pirate movie of all time, Cutthroat Island will be the biggest money-loss film of all time. Released as a 1995 movie, Cutthroat Island had cost the company over 115 million dollars but only earned a few million dollars. Therefore, this box office bomb is also recognized as the movie with the biggest box office losses of all time. Actually, Cutthroat Island speaks for the fate of most pirate movies before the release of Pirates of the Caribbean. The box office bomb mainly deals with the story about the treasure hunting and adventures of a captain named Morgan in Cutthroat Island.

2. Cleopatra

Even though the movie is made in 1963, Cleopatra is still one of the most largely invested blockbusters. However, the box office of the movie never went match with its cost. As a movie expensive than any The Lord of the Rings movies, Cleopatra only gained over 62 million dollars so far. As a consequence, the box office bomb had pushed Twentieth Century Fox to the edge of bankruptcy at that time. Due to the bad performance of this box office flop, Elizabeth Taylor was even named as a box office poison. This historical epic film mainly focuses on the triumphs and tragedy of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra.

1. Wind Talkers

If there is an award for worst box office bomb of all time, Wind Talks will definitely be the winner. This box office flop not only ruined the career of John Woo, but also destroyed the famous movie maker MGM. As a blockbuster movie, Wind Talkers has done what it could only to receive no interests from anyone. As an expensive movie, this box office flop had cost MGM over 200 million dollars. As a loftily expected MGM movie, Wind Talkers had only received 77 million dollars in box office. As a consequence, MGM struggled another three years before it was purchased by Sony. Moreover, the box office flop also made John Woo suffered heavy losses in reputations. Since then, John Woo went lower and lower in his directing career. Even with the cast of Cage, the movie about code war is still the worst box office bomb one  can find.

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