Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top 3 Most Anticipated 2012 December Movies

Unlike summer movies which focus more on getting as much box office as possible, December movies are usually produced for the sake of winning Academy Awards of the year. As a period between the ending of the year and the beginning of a new year, December always witnesses the release of several Oscar winners of the year. Moreover, there are always December movies that can earn both profits and good reputation.

Why shall we pay more attention to 2012 December movies? For one thing, one can always find surprises in December movie market. When viewing the most profitable movies of all time, one can easily find some December movies including Avatar, Titanic and The Lord of The Rings trilogy. For another, as a potential competitor for Academy Awards, December movies can always bring us more than mere entertaining. Therefore, if 2012 summer movies are the gathering of excellent blockbusters of the year, 2012 December movies are the party of best 2012 movies.

Therefore, this post will show you top three most anticipated 2012 December movies. Those December movies include a movie prequel, a movie remake and a new movie. Of course, they are also the potential competitor for Academy Awards.

1. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

As the prequel of The Lord of the Rings series, An Unexpected Journey will be released on December 14. Moreover, it is also a most promising 2012 December movies to gain great success of The Oscar 2013. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey mainly focuses on the adventure of curious Bilbo Baggins including how he gets the magic ring and how he fights against the evil dragon.

Due to the great success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, An Unexpected Journey is born with great expectation. Moreover, it is said that An Unexpected Journey is one of the movies that employ new 3D technologies. For those who haven't watched them yet, they can watch the DVDs with Google Nexus 7.

2. Monster, Inc 3D

After the 3D version of The Lion King turns out to be a huge hit in the market, Disneyland decided to attach 3D effects to more of its animation works. Initially to be released in 2013, Monster, Inc 3D turns out to be an anticipated 2012 December movie after Disneyland changed its plan. Monster, Inc is actually a Pixar animation movie about how the company switched from one driven by fear to one by happiness. As a movie remake, there are several anticipated points in this 2012 December movie including the 3D technology and the performance of 3D version.

3. Playing for Keeps

As a 2012 December movie released on December 7, Playing for Keeps is starred by famous and sexy actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Uma Thurman and Judy Greer. Playing for Keeps is about the stories between a coach who used to be a professional player and the mothers of his team members. To some extent, this is a movie about love, self-esteem and family life. Therefore, as a movie profound in meaning and funny in content, Playing for Keeps may be favored by Academy Award. There are several attracting points of the movie: eye-attracting cast and excellent plot.

Therefore, those are the top three most anticipated 2012 December movies. In the next few years, some eye-attracting movie sequels will be released in December including the sequel of Avatar in 2014 and the sequel of The Hobbits in 2013. Moreover, besides those 2012 December movies, one can also pay more attention to those successfully December movies.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Top 5 Most Anticipated 2012 Fall Movies from September to November

Along with the coming of Back to School season comes the ending of prosperous 2012 summer movie market. After reviewing the extraordinary entertaining experience provided by those most anticipated 2012 summer movies, movie fans needs to focus on those most anticipated 2012 fall movies that will be released soon. Though they may not as attractive as summer movies as a whole, there are always some fall movies that earn both profits and reputation.

While most blockbusters aim at the summer movie market for its large potential market, some good movies choose to employ a win-win strategy by releasing in fall. Consequently, those fall movies can always perform outstanding in the market. In the next two months, there are also some most anticipated 2012 fall movies being released. Of those 2012 anticipate fall movies, there are new movies, sequels and movie remakes. Therefore, this post will present you top five most anticipated 2012 fall movies from September to November.

1. Bachelorette

As one of the most well-known dating game show, Bachelorette is favored by most Americans since its release in 2003. Therefore, basing on this TV program, the movie remake, Bachelorette, turns out to be a most anticipated 2012 fall movie.

The 2012 fall movie mainly tells about the stories of the fighting between three bridesmaids before and after a wedding. Bachelorette is anticipated for several reasons: support of Bachelorette, genre as a 2012 black humor movie and the funny story. However, it may also suffer the same fate of Sex and the City, a movie remade from a famous American TV show.

2. Resident Evil: Retribution

As a most anticipated 2012 fall movie, Resident Evil: Retribution is the sequel and probably the ending of Resident Evil series. Available in September 14, this fall movie focused on the fighting between Alice and Umbrella Corporation. To better understand the plot of the movie, audience who haven't watched Resident Evil series may just as well watch the DVDs with Google Nexus 7. There are also several things to anticipate for this fall movie including the acting of the Chinese actress and the new character named Leon Kennedy.

3. Frankenweenie

Frankenweenie is a most anticipated fall movie directed by Tim Burton. Tim Burton movie never fails to make full of Gothic features. Therefore, Frankenweenie is destined to provide audiences a creepy and horrible atmosphere. Basing on the famous novel Frankstain, Frankenweenie is about the horrible story of a scientist and his man-made dog. Actually it is a movie similar to Corpse Bride, a successful horror movie directed by Tim Burton, in style. Here are the some anticipating points for the movie: Corpse Bride vs Frankenweenie, Tim Burton horror movie and special animation effects.

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

As the sequel of Twilight series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is actually the most anticipated 2012 fall movie. Due to the success of Twilight series, making Vampire movie became a trend in a certain period. Therefore, as the ending of Twilight series, no one will doubt the popularity as well as the performance of this fall movie. Breaking Dawn Part 2 focuses on the story of Bella and Edward's attempts to protect the children from the Volturi. Luckily the fall movie will be available in November 12.

5. Lincoln

Of all the three Lincoln movies released in 2012, two have failed to draw much attention. Therefore, Lincoln seems to be the only chance to help the US President win the war in movie market. As a most anticipated 2012 fall movie, Lincoln is actually directed by Steven Spielberg. Moreover, it is said that this is a movie that Steven intends to make for years. In order to stir audiences' curiosity, not many details have been released by the producer. Therefore, to know this fall movie better, movie fans have to enter the cinema on November 16.

Those are the top five most anticipated 2012 fall movies available from September to November. Of course, there are some other excellent 2012 fall movies that may have not been covered by this post. Therefore, for better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share your thoughts in the message board.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Top 3 Sylvester Stallone Movie Roles in 3 Action Movie Series

As one of the best action movie stars of all time, Sylvester Stallone has provided us various impressive action movie series. In recent days, his latest movie, The Expendables II, had successfully dominated the movie market with over 28.6 million dollars in three days. Moreover, Sylvester Stallone seems to be born with the talent to attract the audience with his action movie series. From Rocky movie series to The Expendables saga, Stallone action movie series seldom fail to earn profits and good reputations.

Moreover, Sylvester Stallone is not that kind of guy with strong body but simple mind. He also gained great success as a movie writer and movie director. However, all impressive Stallone movie roles are limited to characters in Stallone action movie series, making him a good actor merely in action movies.

Therefore, this post will present you top three Stallone movie roles in three action movie series. Since most DVDs of those action movie series are available, one may watch those movies on android devices by converting the DVDs to MP4 files.

1. Rocky in Rocky movies

Rocky DVD

As successful action movie series, Rocky movies helped Sylvester Stallone to gain extraordinary and reputation. Starting from Rocky, Stallone began his way to be a famous action movie star. There are six Rocky movies which unanimously focus on the struggling of boxer Rocker against other famous boxers. In general, Rocky movies not only provide you excellent fighting scenes but also inspiring plots.

Rocky is probably the most impressive movie role Stallone ever provides us. Rocky is not only robust in body but also strong in mind. In Rocky movies, Stallone successfully presented us the image of a confident fighter who never give in to the cruel reality. In fact, the character Rocky was initially created by Stallone. No wonder, he could make Rocky so impressive.

2. Rambo in First Blood series

Rambo DVD

First Blood series is probably the most favored action movie series of all time. This movie series includes four movies which all focus on the adventures and fighting of a veteran named Rambo. In First Blood, Rambo fights against the local cops who maltreat him. In Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo gets the mission to save hostages in Vietnam. In Rambo III, Rambo goes to Thailand to rescue Trautman. In Rambo, Rambo goes to Vietnam again to rescue some mercenaries.

First Blood series gained great success for its excellent plot, exciting fighting and profound meaning. In this action movie series, Rambo is a hero who can always survive under harsh conditions. With strong sense for justice, Rambo tends to wipe out all evils by a violent way, killing. Moreover, Rambo is that kind of movie role who faces loneliness and goes through pains and agony on their own.

3. Barney Ross in The Expendables saga

The Expendables DVD

The Expendables sage is probable the action movie series Stallone cares most. With this sage, Stallone wants to prove to the world he is not an out-of-date action movie star. So far there are two The Expendable movies available in the market. The Expendable focuses on the story of how a group of soldiers try to prevent a conspiracy planned by a former CIA agent and The Expendable II is about a story of how the group tries to protect the nuclear source.

The biggest attracting point lies in the gathering of famous action movie stars including Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li. In this sage, Barney Ross is the leader of the group who is a lonely guy. Ross fears no losses except his car, plane and his teammates. Moreover, Ross is a cynic with considerable thoughts.

Those are the top three Stallone movie roles in action movie series. When comparing Rocky, Rambo and Ross together, one can find some common points among them. They are all good fighters, kind of cynic and lonely in heart.  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Best 3 Profitable Movie Series of Lion Gate Film

How popular can The Hunger Games be? According to Amazon, the book sale of The Hunger Games trilogy had surpassed Harry Potter series. Moreover, the DVD sale of The Hunger Games is promising to exceed that of The Avengers. As a movie produced by Lion Gate Film, The Hunger Games turns out to be the biggest surprise in the movie market this year.

When it was released, The Hunger Games successfully attracted the world's attention. Several months later, The Hunger Games DVD was still eye-catching. Due to the great success of The Hunger Games, Lion Gate Film intends to produce another three sequels in three years. Consequently, The Hunger Games turns out to be another profitable series movie of Lion Gate Film and probably the most profitable one.

Therefore, this post will introduce you top three movie series produced by Lion Gate Film, which are quite influential in the market. Since the DVD versions of those movie series are mostly available, one may just as well watch those DVDs on Samsung Note 10.1 by converting the DVDs to MP4 videos.

1. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: Saw series

Saw Collection DVD

As a profitable movie series, Saw series was the primary movie series of Lion Gate Film before The Hunger Games series. Since the success of Saw in 2004, Lion Gate Film had produced a new Saw movie each year till 2011. Therefore there are seven movies in Saw series so far. All the seven movies are about the stories of how a talented killer tried to help victims to execute soul redemption after going through various tortures.

Though the plot of each Saw movie differ, they will turn out to be an integrated story when connecting them together. For example, the first movie may lay a good foundation for the seventh movie and the seventh movie may explain those untold things in the third movie. However, though each Saw movie can present you surprises, seven movies in seven years is still far from tolerable.

2. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: Cube series

Cube DVD

When it was release in 1997, Cube earned good reputations with its excellent plot and wonderful atmosphere. Consequently, two more movies were released, making Cube trilogy profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film. In the three Cube movies, the heroes were trapped in a weird structure. As they try to escape they need to fight against the traps and their evil minds. Cube trilogy includes movies that will bring you into deep thoughts about human weakness after your watching.

3. Profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film: The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

It is said four The Hunger Games movies instead of three movies will be produced in the future. Catching Fire will be released in 2013 while Mockingjay will be divided into two movies released in 2014 and 2015 respectively. With over 600 million dollars in box office, The Hunger Games created various records as the first movie of a movie series. Consequently, the sequels of The Hunger Games bear much more pressure at present.

After three books of The Hunger Games beat seven books of Harry Potter, people are expecting The Hunger Games trilogy will beat Harry Potter series in the future. However, it is not an easy task providing the director of The Hunger Games has refused to direct its sequels. Amony the three movies of The Hunger Games, only the DVD version of The Hunger Games is available.

Those are the three profitable movie series of Lion Gate Film. If you are careful enough, you can find the common points of all those movies series. For one thing, they are all about killing and competition; for another, they have revealed us the human defects in various ways.      

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 5 Most Profitable Ben Affleck Movies

Since a small child, Ben Affleck desired to be a famous actor. Later, he encountered and friended Matt Damon, who was well known for the performance in Bourne trilogy. In order to pursuit his dream as an actor, Ben Affleck even quitted from the university in youth. With endless efforts and firm faith, he finally gained great success in Hollywood.

As a famous movie star, Ben Affleck had gone through major ups and downs. Though several his movies are viewed as box office bombs, most of Ben Affleck movies were money-earning. Through those profitable Ben Affleck movies, he not only gained profits but also good reputations. Therefore this post will present you top five most profitable Ben Affleck movies. Since the DVD versions of those profitable Ben Affleck movies are available, one can watch those DVDs via mobile by converting the DVDs to popular videos.

1. Armageddon

Armageddon DVD

As the most profitable Ben Affleck movie, Armageddon is about how a group of heroes tries to save the Earth by blow an approaching stone. The movie is not only starred by Ben Affleck but also Bruce Willis and Liv Tyler. In the movie, Ben Affleck acts as an excellent oil driller who bears the mission to plant the bomb to the core of the aerolite.

Armageddon helped movie maker to gain over 201 million dollars in box office, the best performance of all profitable Ben Affleck movies. Though the performance of Ben Affleck is quite impressive in the movie, Bruce Willis is the real shining star in the movie.  

2. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor DVD

With 198 million dollars in box office, Pearl Habor ranked second among all profitable Ben Affleck movies. Setting World War II as the background, Pearl Habor mainly tells the sufferings of three friends before and after Pearl Harbor Attack. In the movie, Ben Affleck is a soldier who needs to depart with lovers, fight with his best friend and witness his death of best friend. From his acting in Pearl Harbor, Ben started his promising future.

3. Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting DVD

Ben is not only an actor of this profitable Ben Affleck movie but also a writer. The plot of Good Will Hunting is created by Ben and his friend, Matt Damon. Consequently, the movie gained over 138 million dollars in box office. Good Will Hunting is about how a talented but lost man finally gained his faith and goal. In the movie, Ben Affleck starred as the best friend of Matt Damon who helped him to get through identity crisis.  

4. Daredevil

Daredevil DVD

Daredevil is superhero movie focusing on the story of a blind lawyer who happened to be a superhero at night. After beating famous actors like Matt Damon and Mark Walberg, Ben got the part as Matt Murdock. The box office performance of this profitable Ben Affleck movie stopped at 120 million dollars. Moreover, Daredevil was a February movie with second highest performance.   

5. The Town

The Town DVD

As a 2010 movie, The Town gained over 92 million dollars in box office. It is a movie about the stories of a long-time robber after an early heist. In this profitable movie, Ben not only needs to plan for one robbery after another, but also deal with his love affairs with a bank manager. Moreover, Ben Affleck is also the director and writer of the movie.     

Those are the top five most profitable Ben Affleck movies. Of course movies like Shakespeare in Love where Ben merely acts as a supporting role are not taken into consideration. Since today is the birthday of Ben Affleck, it is not a bad choice to celebrate it by watching those Ben Affleck movies.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 4 Differences between Bourne Trilogy and The Bourne Legacy

After dominating the movie market for three successive weeks, The Dark Knight Rises finally made way for a new winner, The Bourne Legacy which was also known as the latest member of the Bourne movies. Due to the great successes of Bourne trilogy, The Bourne Legacy had lured increasing attentions before its release. However, it seems that The Bourn Legacy is now facing the same fate of The Dark Knight Rises who had failed to win its predecessor, The Dark Knight.

Generally speaking, The Bourne Legacy is quite different from Bourne trilogy in many respects. When one makes a general comparison between The Bourne Legacy and Bourn trilogy, he will easily discover their differences. Therefore this post will present you top 4 differences between The Bourne Legacy and Bourne trilogy.

1. Plot: Bourne-oriented vs new plot

Bourne trilogy vs The Bourne Legacy

Bourne trilogy mainly focuses on the adventures and fighting Bourne on his way to discover his identity. In another word, the plots of those three Bourne movies are Bourne-oriented. In Bourne Identity, Bourne conflicts with the CIA; in Bourne Supremacy, Bourne takes revenges on those murders that have killed his wife; in Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne has to fight against a secret organization named Blackbriar.

However, the latest Bourne movie, The Bourne Legacy will present people a total different movie where Bourne never shows up. The Bourne Legacy mainly focuses on the adventure of a secret agent named Aaron who has to face the stakes caused by Bourne. When watching The Bourne Legacy, it is better to forget everything about Bourne trilogy.

2. Director: Doug Liman vs Tony Gilroy

Doug Liman vs Tony Gilroy

Bourne trilogy is directed by Doug Liman, the same director of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Due to his great talent, Bourne trilogy gained great success in the past few years. Moreover, he had attached unique style to the Bourne movies. It is fair to say that what Doug Liman to Bourne movies is what Christopher Nolan to Batman movies.

However, The Bourne Legacy is directed by a new director named Tony Gilory who is actually the writer of the Bourn movie series. Therefore, the shooting style of The Bourne Legacy is quite different when compared to that of Bourne trilogy.

3. Actor: Matt Damon vs Jeremy Renner

Matt Damon vs Jeremy Renner

Who can deny the great significance of Matt Damon to Bourne trilogy? To many audiences, Matt Damon was the only Bourne in their hearts. Consequently, after Mart Damon had refused to act in the new Bourne movie, the filmmaker had to make up a new story which was partial related to Bourne. The image of Bourne given by Matt Damon was a tough guy who could always survive in extreme harsh conditions.

As for The Bourne Legacy, it was casted by Jeremy Renner who had impressed audiences with his excellent performance in The Avengers. Moreover, Jeremy Renner has successfully presented audience a new character different from Bourne. However, though Aaron is not as tough as Bourne or as wise as Bourne, he is at least as brave as Bourne.

4. Opening performance: Surprise vs Disappointment

When a new member of Bourne trilogy was released, it could always brought surprise to the filmmaker with box office performance in the opening weekend. Bourne Identity gained 27.11 million dollars, Bourne Supremacy 52.52 million dollars and Bourne Ultimatum 69.28 million dollars. However, the opening performance in box office of The Bourne Legacy only reached to 40.27 million dollars far less than the estimated 45 million dollars.

Therefore, those are the four major differences between Bourne trilogy and The Bourne Legacy. With new director, new actor and new plot, The Bourne Legacy will definite bring you a different Bourne movie. To watch Bourne trilogy on The new iPad, one can convert the DVDs to MP4 videos. To watch The Bourne Legacy, one needs to go to the cinema.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Top 4 Back to School Nightmares in Campus Movies

Along with the ending of 2012 London Olympic closing ceremony, 2012 summer vacation is about to end. Pretty soon, those students will go back to school to start a new semester where they may meet various difficulties. To this extent, back to school tips for the new back to school season is of great importance. Moreover, students must learn to deal with various difficulties in campus days.  

So far, various campus movies have been made which have vividly shown us the campus lives of the students. Students can not only get various tips from those campus movies but also get to know the back to school nightmares they may face. Therefore, this post will present you top 4 back to school nightmares in campus movies. Since the DVD versions of those campus movies are available, Lumia 900 users may just as well play the campus movies by converting the DVD files to MP4 videos.

1. Scaring roommate in The Roommate

The  Roommate DVD

It is a real nightmare if you find your roommate is actually a psycho because you have to face him all the time. This is exactly what has happened to Sara in The Roommate. In this campus movie, since her roommate is a lesbian and has a crush on Sara, she decides to kill all the people who maybe loved by Sara. In the end, she even tries to kill Sara so that they two can be together forever. This is really a back to school nightmare once you get a roomie like that.

2. Tough coach in Coach Carter

Coach Carter DVD

If you are playing for the school team, the worst nightmare for you is probably meeting a coach like Carter in Coach Carter. In this campus movie, Carter is a basketball coach who not only demands his players to be excellent in sports but also in studying. Once they fail to do it, Carter will close the basketball stadium. Therefore, his players have to study hard even though they are exhausted in the training.

Though his requirement raises great controversies at that time, Carter helps his team members to gain promising future. Therefore, though a tough coach brings students a back to school nightmare, they will find it a sweet dream in the end.

3. Crazy teacher in Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society DVD

What do you feel about a teacher who always asks you to do things that are forbidden by the school rules? It is a completely back to school nightmare. In Dead Poets Society, a school teacher named Keating not only teaches students to ruin books but also advices them to sneak out of the school at night. For a bunch of students in an old-fashioned school, they believe those thoughts are just like walking in the sky.

However, in this campus movie, it is this crazy teacher who teaches his students to be innovative and creative and makes them independent. Therefore, it is not so bad to have a back to school nightmare like this.

4. Ghost haunting campus in Urban Legend

Urban Legend DVD

What can be more frightening than living in a campus full of mysterious legends? Urban Legend is a back to school nightmare to live in a ghost haunting campus where people die accidentally one by one. In this campus movie, Natasha is studying in a campus where massacres once happened. Therefore there are various legends about a forbidden area in the campus. When the friends of Natasha are killed one by one, Natasha needs to find out the truth behind the murder.

Those are the top four back to school nightmares in campus movies one may encounter. Among them, some are life-threating while others are of great benefits. For any better ideas on this topic, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

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Up to 40% Discounts: 2012 Back to School Surprise for Teachers and Students

As 2012 Back to School season draws near, Moyea Software has carried out its 2012 Back to School Surprise for teachers and students. According to Moyea 2012 Back to School promotion plan, converters including PPT to video converter series and SWF to video converter series are provided with discounts up to 40%.


Therefore, with 2012 Back to School Surprise, teachers and students can not only get low-budget video converters to make DIY videos but also decent video converters to share videos on YouTube. Since Moyea 2012 Back to School promotion plan lasts from August 10th 2012 to September 10th, teachers and students have to pay full price for the converters in other time periods.

What are the benefits of 2012 Back to School Surprise for teachers and students?

Converters with 40% Discounts: In Moyea 2012 Back to School Promotion, Moyea SWF to Video Pro and Moyea PPT to DVD Burner Edu Edition are provided with 40% discounts. Therefore, in a rather economic way, teachers and students can not only enjoy PPT with DVD player but also make Flash files accessible to android mobiles running Jelly Bean.

Converters with 20% Discounts: With coupon code BAK-45K2D4693S, 20% discounts are provided to teachers and students who have purchased products in the four websites including,, and However, the coupon code is only available when used for SWREG payment before September 10th, 2012.

Free Resources for Downloading: Besides discounts, free resources are also provided in 2012 Back to School Surprise. There are Back to School Tips to guide students better enjoy campus days and Back to School PowerPoint Templates to help teachers make excellent PPTs exclusively for 2012 Back to School.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Top 3 Back to School Movies on Identity Crisis of Students

As 2012 summer vacation draws to an end, it is time for all students to go back to school. After spending an impressive summer vacation with the help of London Olympics 2012 and various summer movies, students need to prepare for the campus life in the new semester which provides them both challenges and opportunities.

After going back to school, most students will face various difficulties in the new semester. Therefore, to live a happy campus life, back to school tips are quite necessary. Among all those difficulties, identity crisis comes first. Moreover, due to the serious situation of identity crisis of students, various movies have been made on this topic.

Therefore this post will present you top 3 back to school movies who are unanimously focusing on the topic of identity crisis of students. While the DVD versions of those movies are all available, one may easily watch those back to school movies via Google Nexus 7 by converting the DVD files to MP4 videos. Moreover, one may even find corresponding tips on identity crisis in those back to school movies.

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD

This back to school movie mainly focuses on the campus life of a boy named Greg. After going back to school with the expectation for being popular in the class, Greg surprisingly finds that everything just goes to the opposite side. After suffering identity crisis, he loses his friend for being a jerk. However, Greg successfully gets out of the identity crisis in the end.

In the beginning of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg falls into identity crisis because he thinks fame and reputation is most important in the school days. However, as he moves on, he finally realizes friendship is much more important. Just like Greg, all the students have to find out those things they treasure in the school days in order to get rid of identity crisis.  

2. The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries DVD

As a back to school movie, The Princess Diaries mainly focuses on the change of a normal girl's life after she becomes a princess. However along with the gaining fame comes the identity crisis. Suddenly the princess has lost all her friends and she has no idea of her identity in the world. Of course, in the end the princess beats identity crisis and wins friends' trust back.

Just like Mia, most students will get into identity crisis after turning popular in the campus. Like Mia, they may find that the raising fame brings them more troubles than happiness. Therefore, following suit to gain fame in the school won't help the students out of identity crisis, finding their favored lives do.

3. The Waterboy

The Waterboy DVD

The Waterboy is an encouraging campus movie about how a waterboy turns out to be a superstar in the campus football team. In this back to school movie, Robert is a waterboy in a college. However, after being viewed as a talented football player by a coach, he decides to go back to school to attend the campus team. Of course, he suffers from identity crisis in the campus days as a 31-year-old student. Luckily, he beats the identity crisis in the end.

Those are the top three back to school movies focusing on identity crisis of students. In those back to school movies, the heroes all suffered from identity crisis and beat the crisis after going back to school. Therefore, one may get some advices on beating identity crisis via those back to school movies.

Monday, August 6, 2012

2 Methods to Watch The Lorax on Google Nexus 7

Though released in March 2012, The Lorax is still the 2012 animation movie with best opening weekend performance. With box office performance of over 70.2 million dollars in three days, The Lorax successfully lags Pixar animation movie Brave and Blue Sky animation movie Ice Age 4: Continental Drift far behind. Moreover, The Lorax had provided new vigor to the old story.

The Lorax is about a simple story of how a young man begins his adventure to look for the real trees around a heavily polluted town. Since the DVD version of The Lorax is available in recent days, one can now watch The Lorax in three popular ways, through YouTube, in the cinema and via DVD player.

With powerful functions and low price tag, Google Nexus 7 is of high competitiveness in the tablet market. Therefore, one may desire to watch The Lorax on Google Nexus 7. To enjoy The Lorax with Google Nexus 7, two methods are provided here. One is to play YouTube video on the Nexus 7 and the other is to play DVD of The Lorax on Google Nexus 7.

Method I: Download and convert The Lorax on YouTube for Google Nexus 7

1. Install Ultimate YouTube Downloader, a plug in for Chrome that enables you to download YouTube videos in various formats with the Download button.

2. Find corresponding YouTube video and then click Download button on the page. Select "MP4" option in the drop-down menu to download The Lorax as MP4 video for Google Nexus 7.

Download as MP4 video

3. After that, one can enjoy the downloaded The Lorax on the Nexus 7 freely and easily.

Though this is a free method to view The Lorax on Google Nexus 7, you can't customize the video size of the downloaded MP4 files. Therefore, it is possible that the downloaded file is not accessible for Google Nexus 7.

Method II: Convert DVD of The Lorax on Google Nexus 7

1. Download and launch DVD Converter. Open it and click "Load DVD" option in the drop-down menu to import the DVD version of The Lorax.

Import DVD

2. Convert the DVD file to AVI video for Google Nexus 7. To enjoy The Lorax with the latest Nexus tablet, set the output video as AVI file in the drop-down menu of "Profile".


3. Customize video parameters for Google Nexus 7. Click "Settings" button lying next to "Profile" bar to enter Settings panel. Then customize video parameters including video codec, audio codec, video size, etc. for Google Nexus 7.

Customize video parameters

4. After all those steps, click convert button to start the conversion. When the conversion completes, The Lorax is accessible to Google Nexus 7.

Though this method needs quite complicated operations and extra money, it can help users to watch The Lorax with best video quality on Google Nexus 7.

Those are the two methods to help you to view The Lorax on Google Nexus 7. The first is a free one with some risks while the second is a charged one with guaranteed video quality. For better ideas on this topic, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 5 Impressive Summer Olympic Movies

As the host with two successful bids, London once again presented the world its innovation and creativity with its wonderful 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. Needless to say, as the most successful sports feast, London Olympics 2012 has successfully dominated the headlines of major newspapers and websites with its latest news. Moreover, as the sports event held every four year, Olympic Games can always stir our passion towards sports events.

Of course, the great influence of Summer Olympics also extends to other fields like gaming and movie. Not only are various Olympic Games available but also various Summer Olympic movies. Generally speaking, those Summer Olympic movies are almost based on the true story of certain athletes. Those Summer Olympics movies mainly focus on the stories of the heroes' struggling to win Summer Olympic events.

While the competition of London Olympics 2012 is turning white hot, this post will present you top five impressive Summer Olympic movies to help you better understand the spirits and history of Olympic Games. Moreover, those Summer Olympics movies are all available on YouTube. Therefore, if you want to watch them with android mobiles, you can watch the YouTube videos online with Adobe Mobile Flash or offline by converting the YouTube file to MP4 video for android mobiles.

1. Chariots of Fire

The movie mainly focuses on the stories of two athletes: a Jewish runner who desires to win the Olympic match to win honor and respect and a Christian who wants to win to please the God. Though the two athletes own two attitudes towards sport event, they both win their matches in the end. Moreover, Chariots of Fire gained quite a lot Academy Awards.

2. Munich

As a movie based on the famous incident in Olympic history, Munich mainly focuses on the terrorist attack in 1972 Olympic Games. Directed by Stephen Spielberg, Munich not only presents us the whole plot of the massacre but also reveals us the responses towards the incident from all respects. It is a movie that helps you understand Olympics from a totally different perspective.  

3. Without Limits

Without Limits is a movie focuses on the lifetime of a talented runner named Steve Prefontaine. In this Summer Olympic movie, Steve is an excellent runner who loses in an Olympic competition for being too arrogant. However, after deciding to compete for the Olympic match under his wife's encouragement, he dies in a car accident before the Olympic Games.  

4. Running

Unlike other Summer Olympic movies, Running isn't a movie based on a true story. In this Olympic movie, the character named Michael Andropolis is a marathon runner. Though Michael breaks up with his wife and is despised by his children, he believes he is able to save his marriage and reputation by winning the Olympic event. Therefore, though he is badly wounded in the match, he still manages the whole competition.

5. Running Brave

Running Brave is a Summer Olympic movie about how an underdog athlete surprisingly wins the racing in the Tokyo Olympic Games. In Running Brave, Bill Mills is a runner who performs poor in the match. However, with his continuous practice and his coach's encouraging, he finally gains his success.

Those are the top five Summer Olympic movies to help you enjoy Olympics during 2012 London Olympic Games. Moreover, most of those Summer Olympic movies are made based on the true story in Olympic history. For better ideas on this, you are welcomed to share with us in the message board below.