Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Evolution Of Batman Movie

Last weekend, The Avengers won the world's respects with 200 million dollars in box office.It has become the number one hot spot at present and even threats the dominance of Avatar, the most profitable movie in history.

With the league consists of Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor and Captain America, even Harry Potter can't stop its success. A hot topic today is which movie can compete with The Avengers this year. Among all the candidates, The Dark Knight Rises is a promising one.

Batman movie has gone through major ups and downs in the past twenty years. Several years ago, when Batman movie was regarded as a poison to the box office performance, no one would expect it could be so popular at present. This post will take you to have a view at the evolution of Batman movie.

1. Batman

Batman DVD

As the first member of Batman series, this movie was released in 1989 and ranked first in terms of box office performance at that time. With the direction of Tim Burton, this film was cold and creepy in atmosphere. This movie mainly tells you the battle between Batman and Joker. This movie makes a good start for the whole Batman series.

2. Batman Returns

Batman Return DVD

As the director, Tim Burton told the world the return of Batman in 1992. In the movie Batman needs to fight against penguin man who is lonely and cruel in nature. Catwoman will also give her performance here. This movie ranked third in box office at that time. Though it was still popular, it was less influential. Since this movie, Batman movie had gone through a tough time for long.

3. Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin DVD

With the cast consists of Schwarzenegger, Uma Thurman and George Clooney, this movie aims to gain those lost places for Batman movie. However, it was proved to be a disaster. This movie had pushed Batman movie to the lowest place. Due to the heavy loss of this movie, no director dared to direct Batman movie for 8 years.

4. Batman Begins

Batman Begins DVD

In 2005, Nolan saved the fame of Batman movie with Batman Begins. He was bold enough to ignore all the successful factors made by Tim Burton to make the movie with his own style. This movie is extraordinary different in style comparing to its predecessors.

This movie is old in plot. It tells a story of how Batman becomes a superhero by learning from a man named Ducard and how he begins his way to wipe out evils. However, Nolan successfully gave new birth to the old story. This movie ranked third in box office at that time.

5. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight DVD

Released in 2008, this movie witnessed the great achievements Batman movie could get. It has not only created one legend after another in box office and also brought many fans to Batman movie. Without The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises couldn't be viewed as one of the most anticipated movie in 2012. Of course, The Dark Knight helped Batman movie regain first place in box office that year.


hose are the evolutions of Batman movie. After suffering so much, we believe Nolan will present us a good movie that can match with The Dark Knight. So if you want to watch Batman movie with The new iPad, you may as well convert those DVDs to mp4 files for The new iPad with DVD Ripper.

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