Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review of 2012 - 8 Prizes for Filmmakers and Actors in 2012

Within a week, New Year 2013 will arrive. Therefore, it is time to wave goodbye to 2012 and welcome the new beginning of 2013. When one has a review of 2012, he will find something interesting in the movie market. Some actors are so lucky this year while some others get the opposite fate. Some filmmakers gain great success while some others have been troubled by shrinking budget. Therefore, this post will present a review of 2012 movie market by giving various prizes for filmmakers and actors according to their performance in 2012.

Most Outstanding Actress: Annie Hathaway

If one has to name the most successful actress in 2012, it will be Annie Hathaway. Just as an old saying, after a storm comes the calm. In 2010, Annie failed to win the hearts of Oscar judges even with her bold performance in Love and Other Drugs. In 2012, as the star in two best 2012 movies, The Dark Knight Rises and Les Miserables, Annie is getting near to her first Oscar Statuette. Even though she fails again this time, she has already made herself world famous.

Most Promising Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

This is no exaggeration to name 2012 as a Lawrence year. Besides the surprising success of The Hunger Games in April, Lawrence also shows the world what a good actress shall be like in The Silver Linings Playbook and House at the End of the Street. In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence tells the world she can be either a strong girl, tender lover or a mature and sexy woman. Due to her performance, she is also nominated in Oscar 2013. Even though she is young, many Jennifer Lawrence movies had been nominated by Oscar so far. Therefore, her future way to Oscar is rather broad and smooth.

Most Outstanding Actor: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is remembered for only one movie, Argo, in 2012. However, that is good enough for calling him most outstanding actor in 2012. Argo is a Ben Affleck movie scripted, directed and even acted on his own. As politics-oriented movie, Argo gained great successes in the market which was quite impressive and rare. Moreover, Argo even wins various nominations in Oscar 2013, making Ben Affleck a potential winner in Academy Award Ceremony.  

Most Promising Actor: Jeremy Renner

Before the year 2012, Jeremy Renner is known as the solider in The Hurt Locker. Now, Renner gets another name as Hawkeye. Due to the success of The Avengers, Jeremy Renner gains popularity around the world. After the releasing of Bourne Legacy, Renner has jumped to the line of popular movie star of the time. Moreover, his success in 2012 has brought him contracts in blockbusters like Mission Impossible 5 and The Avengers 2. It is also said Renner is working on a movie about Hawkeye.

Actress with Worst Luck: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart does quite well in her career. Movies like Snow White and Huntsman and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 are quite successful in the movie market. However, her private life is in a total mess. Since the cheating scandal, her love affair with Pattinson is in danger, so is her career.  Even though Robert has forgiven her for some conditions, she is and will be hated by the fans of Robert Pattinson.

Actor with Worst Luck: Eddie Murphy

An irony fact for Eddie Murphy is that the comedian draws our attentions not for his latest movies, but for his death hoaxes.  In 2012, two ridiculous death hoaxes had made Eddie Murphy a hot topic for some periods. He was rumored to die a dog's death when doing skateboarding. The same death hoax was spread twice by Twitter users in two different months. Besides that, he has to overcome various challenges in his acting career.  

Most Lucky Filmmaker: Lion Gate Film

After ending the Saw series, Lion Gate Film has found a new golden mine. The success of The Hunger Games has helped the company to win at least hundreds of million dollars. Therefore, the filmmaker has already makes the decision to bring The Hunger Games trilogy to the market in the next two years. Moreover, The Hunger Games movies are promising to be the best and most profitable movie series produced by Lion Gate Film.

Poorest Filmmaker: Universal Pictures

A certain thing for the world is that the financial report of Universal Pictures in 2012 won't be a nice one. Bore the lofty expectations to be as success as Transformer movies, Battleship suffered waterloo in summer movie market. Due to the awful performance of this film, millions of dollars had been sunk along with battleship. To make it worse, other movies like The Man with the Iron Fists are not as successful as it should be. All in all, the awful ship has ruined a wonderful year for Universal Pictures.

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