Monday, June 18, 2012

Top 3 Most Profitable Pixar Animated Movies

Without Steve Jobs, Apple may still be a company struggling to survive in the digital market. Jobs not only had changed the digital market with Apple products but also movie filed with Pixar Animation Studio. Though Pixar was sold to Walt Disney Company in 2006, no one would deny the great changes Jobs had brought to Pixar.


As a company focusing on creating animated feature films, Pixar Animation Studio has gained great success in animated movie field in the past two decades. As a low-yield company, Pixar only released a few animated movies in recent years. However, the profits those products had brought was tremendously amazing. It had gained 6.5 billion dollars with just 11 animated movies.

For all those reasons, the animated movies released by Pixar are always among the league of most anticipated movies of the year. Furthermore, another masterpiece of Pixar animated movie, Brave, is about to be released this week. It is said that the movie is attached with brand new animated effects.

Maybe Brave will become a new legend of Pixar animated movie. However, before that happens, Brave must beat a powerful enemy, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. So let's expect Brave can surprise us again and perform outstanding in box office. Here this post will show you three most profitable Pixar animated movies.

1. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 DVD

As a movie released in 2010, Toy Story 3 had received over 895 million dollars in box office income. As the last member of Toy Story trilogy, the movie tells about the plot of how Woody leads his teammates to get out of day-care centre to find Andy.

The good reputation of its predecessors, the perfect adoption of 3D effects and wonderful plot had all contributed to the success of Toy Story 3. Furthermore, with its outstanding performance, Toy Story 3 had become the most profitable animated movie and a member of top five movies with highest box office revenues.

2. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo DVD

Finding Nemo tells about a story of how a clown fish named Marlin manages to find his abducted son Nemo back after going through various adventures. As a funny and relaxing movie, Finding Nemo had gained about 867 million dollars in box office.

Finding Nemo is not that kind of the movie you can easily forget after you have laughed. Interesting as it is, it can also arouse our thoughts on the value of family. It was said that Pixar made this movie to irony the relationship between Jobs and his daughter.

3. Up


In 2009, Pixar Animation Studio had released its first 3D movie Up which helped it to receive over 731 million dollars. The tenth Pixar animated movie mainly illustrates you the life of an old man named Carl including how he gets married with his wife, how he tries to travel to get to South America and how he saves the birds with a boy named Russell.

Actually, we all have our dreams in our childhood just like Carl but few of us can stick to them. Besides those fairy factors like flying house, big birds and thrilling adventures, Up also shows you what real life is. When Carl and Ellie are trying to save money for their dream in a little pot, they are forced to break it again and again.

Those are the best three Pixar animated movies. If you want to watch them with The new iPad, you may just convert the DVDs to mp4 files via DVD Ripper.

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