Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Avengers vs The Hunger Games - A General Review in 4 Aspects

As the most successful 2012 summer movies, both The Avengers and The Hunger Games brought audiences one surprise after another. As a consequence, the debate over the topic of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games had never ceased. Superhero movie fans argued that The Avengers did much better in box office performance than The Hunger Games while novel lovers fought back by listing the fact that the DVD sale of The Hunger Games went beyond the reach of The Avengers. The debate over the winner of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games is one without ends.

Only when one has watched them all, can they make their own judgments. Since I hadn't watched them in the cinema, I have to wait for the DVD versions. Finally, both the DVD version of The Avengers and The Hunger Games are available now. I have watched the DVD versions of them both in recent days (Since I want to watch the DVDs with iPad 2, I choose to convert the DVDs for iPad 2). Therefore, I want to give a general review on both movies and express my opinions on the winner of The Avengers vs The Hunger Games. Therefore, this post will review those two movies in five aspects.

1. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Plot

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in plot

If I would like to conclude the plot of The Avengers like this: Loki has attacked an army base to rob a magic box for invasion and then Nick Fury collected five superheroes to fight against the invasion. The plot follows typical Hollywood blockbuster mode. I knew it before I had watched it. However, I was expecting the cooperation and fighting scenes of those superheroes. However, I didn't get much in the movie. The movie just focused on too much on those trivial like the arguing of superheroes.

Before watching The Hunger Games, I thought it would be a bloody and violent movie. Of course, it wasn't but that surprised me a lot. The Hunger Games is about how a girl named Katniss suffered in a killing match. Who will want to see a movie about fighting match but without too many fighting scene. Before I have seen The Hunger Games, I didn't believe anyone would do that. However, I must say The Hunger Games really attracted me with its plot. Fasten me to the belt from the first minute to the last. Therefore, the plots of those two movies are all surprising, one in a disappointing way and the other in a joying way.

2. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Background Music

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in music

To be honest, the background music of The Avengers didn't impress me too much. I don't know why. Maybe I wasn't focused enough or maybe the plot was more attractive. I have impressed by the music of famous movies like Avatar and Titanic but not by The Avengers. Contrary to that, The Hunger Games did much better in this field.

I was impressed by at least three parts of background music of the movie. The exciting music when Katniss first appeared before audiences, the amusing music of interviewing program and the sad songs in the ending of the movie. To be honest, I love the ending song most because it can easily stir the sad emotion in your heart. At least with the background music of The Hunger Games, I feel like I can feel what those characters feel.

3. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Expectation

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in expectation

I know sequels of The Avengers and The Hunger Games are being directed. If I have a ticket to see one of them, I will love to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The movie just arouses your curiosity towards plots of the sequels. When I have finished watching The Hunger Games, I even have a desire to read the original novels and tried to search as much information about its sequels as possible. I know what will happen in Catching Fire and Mockingiay, but I still want to see the movies. Though I know nothing about the sequel of The Avengers, I do know it will be a story of how superheroes manage to rescue the Earth after going through difficulties.

4. The Avengers vs The Hunger Games: Heroes

The Avengers vs The Hunger Game in character

Before watching The Hunger Games, I knew little about it. However, after viewing it, I could tell something about the main characters. What about the characters in The Avengers? I still had no idea on how to introduce Black Widow and Hawkeye even though I had seen them in Iron Man 2 and Thor respectively. For those who hadn't seen those movies to know about heroes in The Avengers, they might even have difficulty telling something about Iron Man and Thor. Moreover, the Hulk I saw in the movie seemed to be quite different from what I had known in The Incredible Hulk in personality.

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