Monday, September 24, 2012

Top 3 Winners in 2012 Emmy Awards

For all coach potatoes, they have all reasons to get excited on September 23rd 2012, the time when 2012 Emmy Awards begins. Emmy Awards to American TV series is what Oscar Academy Awards to Hollywood blockbusters. As a 60-year-old event exclusively designed to praise outstanding and best American TV series, Emmy Awards tends to choose those TV series with profound meanings other than those with commercial success. Therefore, every year, audiences can find some less-famed TV series win over those world famous TV series. That's exactly the charm of Emmy Awards.

To some extent, 2012 Emmy Awards is a platform that provides chances for small-budget TV series to show their charms. As 2012 Emmy Awards settled, some felt the results disappointing, some feel the results surprising and most found the excellent TV ceremony haunting in their hearts. In 2012 Emmy Awards, TV series like Homeland, Game Change and Modern Home turned out to be the biggest winners. Therefore this post will have a brief introduction of those three 2012 Emmy Awards winners. For those who desire to watch them with mobiles like iPhone 5, they can convert the DVD files for iPhone 5.

1. Homeland: Biggest Winner


In 2012 Emmy Awards, Homeland gained five nominations and won 4 of them. Maybe the number had not impressed you enough. However, providing that those 4 awards contained best drama series, best drama actor, best drama actress and best writing script, one will realize how successful Homeland was that night. As a TV series with just one season at present, Homeland even successfully prevented Mad Man from winning the Emmy Awards for the fifth time.

The success of Homeland can be owned to the excellent plot and powerful cast. Homeland is about a story of the fight between Carrie Mathison and Nicholas Brody. Nicholas is a rescued hostage who suffers a lot in the anti-terrorist plan. As he is rescued, he is suspected by Carrie as a terrorist. Therefore, a spy war between them starts. Season 2 of Homeland would be released this year.

2. Modern Family: Expected Winner

Modern Home

As a comedy, Modern Family had beaten famous TV series like Big Bang Theory. However, no one found it surprising because it was the third win of Modern Family in Emmy Awards. As a comedy series with lofty expectations, Modern Family had gained 9 nominations in 2012 Emmy Awards and won four of them. The TV series mainly focused on the daily life of three families, making it a suitable choice to know American culture.

Modern Family was about three different but related families and their trivial. The TV series is directed as something of a recording movie like The Last Exorcism. Modern Family gives people the illusion that they are watching home-made videos. As a consequence, the stories in the TV series seem to be more realistic. Moreover, the TV series has chosen those common seen family problems, making them easily to stir audiences' emotions.

3. Game Change: Surprise Winner

Game Change

In 2012 Emmy Awards, Game Change gained seven nominations and won four of them. Its triumph was quite surprising because it had to encounter other influential TV series acted by stars like Nicole Kidman. Game Change mainly focuses on the stories of John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign including his success in Alaska and defeat in general election.

To be honest, luck played an important role in the success of Game Change. For one thing, the year 2012 is also an election year, making the TV series more favored and attractive. For another, there were not much political TV series available in 2012, making Game Change extraordinarily special and eye-attracting. Besides that, Game Change gathered quite a lot of outstanding stars like Julianne Moore.

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