Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Top 4 Successful Supporting Roles of Clark Duncan in Clark Duncan Movies

In recent days, there are various rumors about the death of some celebrities. Some rumors like Eddie Murphy's hoaxed death have been proved to be jokes while some like the death of Clark Duncan have proven to be true. After tortured by heart attack, the strong muscle man had left the world forever a few days ago. Though Clark Duncan is not as famous as stars like Eddie Murphy, he never fails to present the world one excellent Clark Duncan movie after another. Acting as supporting roles, Clark Duncan still impresses audience with his performing skills in Clarke Duncan movies.

When viewing the acting career of Clarke Duncan, one can find that he is not the guy who only limits his talent to a certain field. Actually, he always tries to challenge different supporting roles in the movies. Consequently, he does well in some and bad in others. Moreover, in those profitable Clarke Duncan movies, he is quite successful as supporting roles. Therefore, this post will present you four successful supporting roles in top Clark Duncan movies. Since the DVD versions of those top Clarke Duncan movies are all available, one can watch those DVDs with Galaxy Note 2.

1. Angel in The Green Mile

Angel in The Green Mile

As a successful Clark Duncan movie, The Green Mile gained over 136 million dollars in box office. In the movie, Clarke Duncan is an angel from heaven who disguises as a murder to help the people in the prison. Generally speaking, Clark Duncan is the guy who can impress the audience with his muscle instead of his kindness. However, Clark Duncan had surprised the world with this successful supporting role. His image as a kind, innocent and sensitive angel had made him one of the most promising competitor in Academy Awards.

2. Villain in Daredevil

Villain in Daredevil

As a black man who happens to be strong in body, Clark Duncan is suitable to be acted as a bodyguard or a villain. Actually, he does so in most of Clark Duncan movies. Moreover, his role as a villain in Daredevil is probably the most successful one. In this Clark Duncan movie, he acts as a successful supporting role named Wilson Fisk. Wilson, as both the dominator and destructor of a city, is finally defeated by Daredevil. In this movie, Clark Duncan successfully presented the role of a cold, cruel, evil but powerful boss.

3. Chief in The Scorpion King

Chief in The Scorpion King

As a profitable Clark Duncan movie, The Scorpion King gained over 91 million dollars in box office. In this Clark Duncan movie, Duncan acts as a tribal leader named Balthazar who had helped the hero to fight against evil king Memnon. This time, Clarke Duncan turns out to be a successful supporting role that is not only powerful in physical strength but also strong in mind. With strong sense of justice, Balthazar becomes a reliable friend of the Scorpion king.

4. Ape warrior in Planet of the Apes

Ape warrior in Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is a movie directed by Tim Burton that focuses on the rebel of human against apes in a strange plant. As a money-earning Clarke Duncan movie, Planet of the Apes gained over 180 million dollars in box office. In the movie, Duncan successfully impressed the audience with a supporting role named Attar. Attar is the leader of the ape warrior who is not only brave and fearless but also loyal and honest. In order to make this supporting role impressive and successful, Clarke Duncan was badly hurt for several times.

Therefore, those are the top four successful supporting roles given by Clark Duncan in Clark Duncan movies. Of course, besides the roles as an angle, a villain, an ape and a chief, Clark Duncan also leaves the world many other successful supporting roles. Though he can't act for us anymore, those successful supporting roles will leave in our hearts forever.

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