Friday, September 28, 2012

3 Special Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween 2012

As one of the most favored festivals in the world, Halloween is featured with scaring masks, frightening make ups, treat-trick games and pumpkin pies. This is day when people can indulge themselves in various Gothic-style factors. Therefore, to enhance the atmosphere of Halloween, various horror movies will be released during that period. In fact, Halloween always gets the company of horror stories and even horror movies.

Halloween is so influential that various movies or games are exclusively designed for it. For example Scared Shrekless is a Shrek movie made to celebrate Halloween and Angry Birds Halloween is an Angry Birds game to commemorate Halloween. Therefore as Halloween 2012 draws near, one needs to make a good plan about Halloween 2012. Besides choosing costume for Halloween 2012 or preparing horror stories for Halloween 2012, he can also celebrate the special day by watching excellent horror movies. Therefore this post will recommend you 3 special horror movies to watch on Halloween 2012. (If you like, you can also watch the DVD versions with Kindle Fire HD.)

1. Dracula: Most Romantic Horror Movie

As one of the most well-known vampire, Dracula has been the main character in various horror movies. However, in Dracula, the vampire king turns out to be the main character in a love story. In the first part of Dracula, the movie shows how the loyal Christian turns out to be a vampire after losing his true love. The second part of the movie mainly focuses on his love story with a woman looking like his wife.

Therefore, instead of showing audiences a blood-thirsty fiend, Dracula shows audience a poor man who is tortured by love. His fall is caused by loss of love and his redemption is gained by realizing his love. Moreover, the most attracting point of this movie is the cross-century love between Dracula and his wife, which makes the movie a romantic horror movie worth watching on Halloween 2012.

2. Halloween: Most Popular Horror Movie

Just as its name has indicated, Halloween is a movie exclusively designed for the special festival. Surprisingly, it gained great success at that time which led to the production of extra seven Halloween movies. The movie mainly focuses on the story of how a boy kills his sister and begins his slaughtering fifteen years later. As a milestone in the history of horror movies, Halloween even plays a role in the producing of movies like Scream. Moreover, to make the movie more attractive to the world, the reboot movie of Halloween had been released in 2007. Therefore, maybe Halloween is not the most excellent horror movies, but it is definitely one of the most popular horror movies.

3. The Last Exorcism: Most Scaring Horror Movie

The director of The Last Exorcism is quite smart because he chooses to make the movie in a documentary-film-style. The movie is about the trip of a priest's last exorcism. The Last Exorcism first makes people feel like watching BBC Discovery channel when the hero introduces various frauds of priest. Then it turns out to be a movie about human ethnics when people get to know the girl is a pregnant. However, it turns out to be a really horror movie in the end because there are really fiends and evil spirits.

While people believe they can explain all the weirdness with reasonable assumptions, they surprisingly themselves in a trap set by the director. Moreover, the movie presents people the illusion that it is too realistic to be a faked story. Consequently, horror movies like this will terrify audiences most because they still believe all things happened in a real world. This makes it scaring horror movies worth watching on Halloween 2012.

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