Friday, September 21, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Reject Resident Evil Series

After the box office revenues reached to the lowest point of the year, the situation of the movie market seemed to be much better in this week. Finally, the black horse The Possession was finally driven out of the throne by Finding Nemo 3D and Resident Evil: Retribution. As a most expected 2012 fall movie, Resident Evil: Retribution did quite well in the first week. However, it is far from good. Actually the performance of Resident Evil: Retribution ranked last but one in the Resident Evil series. Furthermore, as the latest member of Resident Evil series, Retribution is quite disappointing.

As a movie series that has lasted for over a decade, Resident Evil series has never been favored by experts or movie artists. Unlike Batman movies, Resident Evil series does much worse in winning reputation than earning profits. In fact, some people are even hostile to Resident Evil series. Therefore this post will show you top five reasons to reject Resident Evil series.

1. Single hero

Alice as always

Once Alice, always Alice. Ten years have pasted but audiences still see the same Alice in cool suit fighting against zombies alone with various weapons in Retribution. Though there are various other main characters in Resident Evil series, they never make a difference. Moreover, most of them are used as supporting roles or even just followers. When real fight begins, they never matter in the battle.

There are rumors that Retribution would focus on several characters at the same time, which could definitely make the movie more attractive. However, when it was released, audiences found it was still Alice-oriented. Ada Wong, as a character with lofty expectation, turned out to be no more important than a passer-by. Who is willing to see the same actress doing the same thing again and again? This is one reason one desire to reject Resident Evil series.   

2. Endless conspiracies

Endless conspiracies

Resident Evil movies are full of conspiracies. From Resident Evil to Retribution, Alice tries to break them all only to find her in an even bigger conspiracy. It's just like walking in a maze. When you find you are about to find the right way, you realize it is the entry to another maze. When you have tried for several times, you know you are entering another maze and you will hold no expectation. The first few conspiracies can stir audience's curiosity. Later, they are just not surprised by the new conspiracy. With endless conspiracies, audience's curiosity and pains are running out. Therefore, it just makes Resident Evil series not favored.

3. Distorted plot

Always chasing game

What's the main reason people will like to reject Resident Evil series? Awful plot or no plot at all as one says. The plot of Resident Evil series can be described like this: Alice fights numerous zombies and run to another place only to find more zombies to fight. To be honest, the six Resident Evil movies are just like one in plot. They all tell the story of how Alice try to run with a group of people and then find others infected one by one. No one wants to pay the price for six movies to see just one. Moreover, the awful plot is most severely criticized by experts.

4. Full-time Fighting

Fighting scenes

Resident Evil series focus too much on the fighting scenes making it favored by some while rejected by others. To watch a half an hour movie like Retribution, audiences spend over an hour enjoying the fighting scene. Moreover, most of the fighting scenes are identically the same with Alice shooting zombies. As for the zombies, they are divided into two kinds, small one and big one. They walk in the same slow speed and attack in the same mode. Basically, the fighting makes one feel Alice is shooting annoying bugs that are amazing in number. To be honest, the fighting is not even as interesting as that in Zombies vs Plants. At least to game provides users zombies with various skills.

5. One-pattern movie

Identical pattern

Resident Evil series contains six movies that perfectly follow the rules of "all in one and one in all". They are different movies because one can find different characters in different episodes. They are the same movie because they are not only identical in plot, in fighting but also in directing skills. For movie series like this, watching one episode is enough. The six movies are just like processed in batch mode though they are not in fact. Therefore, an important reason to reject Resident Evil series is that they are almost made in the same pattern.

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