Monday, September 3, 2012

Top 3 American Labor Day Movies on the Crisis of US Working Class

Initially created as day for workers to fight for their rights, American Labor Day turned out to be a time for travelling and shopping. Now as American Labor Day 2012 approaches, various Labor Day recommendations including American Labor Day movies and American Labor Day goods have been introduced. Generally speaking, as the most important factor of Labor Day, US working class plays an important role in American Labor movie. In other words, those Labor Day movies unanimously focus on the lives of US working class.

Now as the influence of American Labor Day expands, various movies on US working class have been made. There are Labor Day movies on US low-class worker, on middle-class workers and on high-class workers. Therefore, watching those Labor Day movies on US working class enables one to better understand the daily life of an ordinary US worker. This post will present one three movies on the crisis of US working class. While the DVD versions of those three movies are achievable, one can watch the DVDs with Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

1. Crisis of US low-class worker: The Pursuit of Happiness

What may a US low-class worker suffers? The answer is poverty, agony, discrimination and divorce. As an American Labor Day movie as well as an encouraging movie, The Pursuit of Happiness reveals the miserable life of those low-class workers. With a low-wage and full-time job, Chris can't even feed his own family. In order to get a promising work, he has to spend the whole day on telephoning customers without any salary. Moreover, as a poor man, no one is willing to help him.

Therefore, this is a good Labor Day movie that vividly presents us the crisis of the low-paid US working class: they are not only troubled by low-education level, low-wage and high pressure but also threatened by hunger and high unemployment rate.

2. Crisis of US middle-class worker: The Company Men

In this American Labor Day movie, Bobby is a middle-class worker with high salary and good reputations. However, after he is fired for no reason, he finds himself unable to get even one job. Consequently, he is puzzled about everything. The Company Men vividly present us the crisis US middle-class worker is now facing: when they are facing decreasing social position and reducing salary, they can do nothing but to tolerate. When economic crisis comes, US middle-class worker suffers most. In fact, most US middle-class workers hold the same fury, helplessness and agony like Bobby does in The Company Men.     

3. Crisis of US high-class worker: The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada mainly tells about how a green hand is driven crazy by her high-class employee. However, as she enters into the high-class circle, she feels lost and decides to quit. This American Labor Day movie is not only about fashion and worker but also the values and crisis of US high-class worker. Just as Miranda, US high-paid working class are troubled by the fear of being out of date or losing social position. High reputations can bring them much more pleasures than money does. Therefore, after watching this movie on American Labor Day 2012, one can better understand the lives of US high-class workers.

All in all, those are the top three American Labor Day movies on the crisis of US working class. Since The Pursuit of Happiness, The Company Men and The Devil Wears Prada have vividly reflected the crisis existing in US low-class worker, US middle-class worker and US high-class worker respectively, one can understand the US working class better after watching them all

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