Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 5 iPhone 5 Disappointments Users Have Gained

If iPhone 4S had opened a gate for competitors like Samsung Galaxy S2 and Lumia 800, iPhone 5 is definitely leading way for Android mobiles' invasion. With applauses and flowers, iPhone 5 was launch on September 12th 2012. However, after its release, people even need to think for a while before they can say some complimentary words for iPhone 5. To be honest, iPhone 5 is not that bad and it will remain to a hot mobile in the market. However, iPhone 5 is far from good.

If iPhone 5 is released in May or June, it will remain to be an excellent and amazing device. However, after meeting Samsung Galaxy S3 and Lumia 920, we get more disappointments towards iPhone 5 than surprises. Moreover, iPhone 5 rumors, especially those exaggerated iPhone 5 rumors had made iPhone 5 the only wise choice for mobile users. However, life tells us, this is not the case for real iPhone 5.

What's more, the major iPhone 5 disappointments come from the disappointing design of iPhone 5. There are too many functions we expect to get from iPhone 5. However, as iPhone 5 unveils its mask, we find we can only find few or even none of those functions from iPhone 5. Therefore, this post makes a general summary over top five iPhone 5 disappointments we have gained after its debut.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 1: NFC


After the competitors of iPhone 5 like Samsung Galaxy S3 and Nokia Lumia 920 adopted NFC support, almost the whole world believes NFC will be in the supporting list of iPhone 5. While potential buyers are working on the methods to make use of NFC with iPhone 5, they just get a simple message saying "No, NFC is not included in our plan". Without NFC, you can't even get short-distance data transferring with the best mobile in the world. It feels just like you have get a powerful and expansive computer without Wi-Fi. Lacking of NFC is probably the biggest iPhone 5 disappointment users get.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 2: Battery

iPhone battery

Everyone knows iPhone 5 will get a better battery because the duration time of iPhone 4S is widely criticized by users. Though iPhone 5 actually gives us a longer duration time battery, it is far from our expectation. While users are expecting a battery with doubled duration time, they only get one that can last help them watch one or two more movies. While experts are begging Apple to spend more money on battery, Apple is content with battery featured by prolonged duration time. Maybe users have asked more than they should, but Apple actually does less that it could.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 3: Processor


With dual-core processor, The new iPad is not as sexy as it should be. Therefore there are rumors that iPad Mini will definitely be a quad-core tablet to safeguard its dominance. Consequently, we have just taken quad-core iPhone 5 for granted. Luckily, iPhone 5 is equipped with A6 processor which is twice faster than A5 processor. However, will quad-core A5 less powerful than dual-core A6? I don't know, I just know quad-core mobile maybe more attractive in the market.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 4: Camera and Resolution


Before iPhone 5, iPhone series never fail to provide us one surprise after another in camera and resolution. As the innovator in those two aspects, iPhone 5 has completed lost to Lumia 920. While Lumia 920 gets 8.7-megapixel camera, iPhone 5 keeps its 8-megapixel camera. While 4.5-inch Lumia 920 gets a resolution of 1280×768, 4-inch iPhone 5 only gets 1136x640. Why shall I make a switch from iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 if I am a photography geek? The new iPad is also disappointing to some extent, but at least it is amazing in resolution.

iPhone 5 Disappointment 5: Innovation


What's the essence of iPhone's success? They are Innovation and creation. However, iPhone 5 is not even as innovative and creative as some Nokia mobiles or Samsung smartphones. We choose iPhone because we know it can lead mobile market to a new trend. However, instead of being a leader, iPhone 5 is just trying to catch up with Joneses. Though iPhone 4S is disappointing, it at least provides the world 3.5-inch Retina Display. What innovative features can we get from iPhone 5 besides its extreme thinness?

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