Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 3 Reasons to Change from Windows XP to Windows 7

When it comes to computer market, Windows system matters. As the flagship of Windows system, Windows XP had attracted millions of users in the world. However, probably it is time to wave goodbye to Windows XP and welcome a new era ruled by Windows 7. Though Windows XP is still the most influential and popular computer system in the market share, it will soon be an outdated operating system just like Windows 98 once did. Therefore, the switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 had turned out to be an irresistible trend.

As an 11-year-old system, Windows XP is now running out of its time. Pretty soon, its dominance will be overtaken by Windows 7 and its charm will be exceeded by Windows 7. As a system highly recommended by Microsoft, Win 7 gains its own advantages over Windows XP. This is one important reason we shall replace Windows XP with Windows 7. There are also some other reasons we have to do it. Therefore, this post has listed you top three reasons to change from Windows XP to Win 7.

1. Microsoft's 2-year plan

IE 9 not supported

It is known that Microsoft is reluctant to see users stay on Windows XP rather than its latest operating systems. Therefore various systems had been invented to challenge Windows XP. However, XP could always steal their thunders. Therefore, users remember Windows XP as easily as they forget Windows Vista. After the release of Win 7, Microsoft decided to implement its 2-year plan to murder XP so that users could pay more attention to its latest systems.

Reviewing what Microsoft had done in two years, no supports of services like IE 9 and Microsoft Office 13 for Windows XP. Microsoft is trying to block Windows XP users' accesses to those excellent applications so that they may turn from Windows XP to Windows 7. Moreover, Windows 7 is preinstalled in most lap-tops in those two years so that people can get used to Win 7. For a system Microsoft is trying to kill, we have no reason to insist on it. Therefore just make sure switch from Windows XP to Win 7 happens.

2. Better compatibility

xp not supported

After seeing Microsoft's attitudes, many apps decided to follow suit. Various famous and popular apps had excluded Windows XP in the supporting list. For example, the next Adobe Photoshop has turned down Windows XP, Google Map won't support IE 8 and the latest Sony Vegas Pro works under Windows 7. Moreover, as time goes by, more and more applications will be exclusively designed for Win 7 only. Therefore, why use a system with lots of incompatibility issues other than a good-compatibility system. After switching from Windows XP to Win 7, users can enjoy more and more latest apps.

3. Better operating system

Win 7 and X

The common reason for the rejection of apps like Adobe Photoshop and Google Map to Windows XP is that it is too old to meet their requirements. In other words, Windows XP fails to make full use of the functions provided by latest apps like Photoshop. Comparing with Windows XP, Win 7 is not only more beautiful in interface design, faster in running speed but also better in system stability. Moreover, since various new technologies are employed to Win 7, it provides users new features like split screen. Therefore, switching from Windows XP to Win 7 only presents users better enjoyment.

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