Monday, October 22, 2012

The Evolution of Paranormal Activity Movies

When it comes to Halloween, horror movies and horror stories matter. Now with the approaching of Halloween 2012, horror movies are coming one by one. The success of Paranormal Activity 4 has made a good start for the 2012 Halloween horror movies. As the latest Paranormal Activity movie, Paranormal Activity 4 had topped box office with 30.2 million dollars last week. Actually, due to the tremendous success of Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity 4 turns out to be an anticipated 2012 Halloween movies before its release.

From 2007 to 2012, four Paranormal Activity movies had been made which all earned profits in box office and good names in reputation. When Paranormal Activity first came out as a low-budget horror movie, no one would ever realize that Paranormal Activity movies would become one of most influential horror movie series. Besides identical in style and visual effects, those four horror movies are also related in plots. Therefore, this post will focus on the evolution of Paranormal Activity movies by introducing you all the four moves respectively. For those who desire to watch the DVDs of the first three Paranormal Activity movies with tablet, they can convert the DVD files to videos for the tablet.

1. Paranormal Activity: Most profitable Paranormal Activity movie

As the first movie of Paranormal Activity series, Paranormal Activity had brought the world too many surprises. The movie had shown the world how wonderful it could be to make a horror movie as a documentary film. This had great influence on modern horror movies like The Last Exorcism. Moreover, as a horror movie made with less than 15 thousand dollars, Paranormal Activity had gained over 193 million dollars in box office.

The 2007 horror movie mainly focuses on the weird and horror things happened in Katie's family. After moving to a suburb home, various weird things had happened to Katie's family. In order to find out the truth, they had decided to record all the things with a video recorder. The behavior had angered the demonic presence and it lured Katie to slaughter her husband in the end.  

2. Paranormal Activity 2: Worst Paranormal Activity movie

As the sequel of Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2 was not that impressive. It not only received the most criticizes but also gained least box office recipients in all Paranormal Activity movies. The main reason for its failure lied in its poor performance in oversea movie market. With 3-million-dollar budget, Paranormal Activity 2 only received 177 million dollars in box office.

The 2010 horror movie mainly tells about the horror experience of a family named Kristi. As Kristi moved into a new house, they suffered a series of "break-ins". After they have installed various surveillance cameras, they have found the evil spirit. When they are noticed they can transfer the spirit to another relative, Kristi decides to transfer it to her sister named Katie, the heroin in Paranormal Activity. In the end, the family is killed by Katie.

3. Paranormal Activity 3: Best Paranormal Activity movie

As the prequel of the former two movies, Paranormal Activity 3 gained tremendous success in all those Paranormal Activity movies. It was not the Paranormal Activity movie with highest box office recipients but also with highest opening weekend performance. Moreover, due to its great success, Paranormal Activity 4 turns out to be an anticipated 2012 horror movie.

The 2011 movie mainly focuses on the childhood of Katie and Kristi and the reasons why they are troubled by evil spirits. When they are playing in the garden, they have an imaginary friend named Toby. While many weird things occurred, her father finally realized the existence of the evil spirit and even discovered the reason for its existence. All was caused by her mother who signed a deal with the demon.  

4. Paranormal Activity 4: Most anticipated Paranormal Activity movie

Though Paranormal Activity 4 had topped the box office in the first weekend, it was far less than satisfying. The 30 million dollars in opening weekend are far less than the expected 50 million dollars and the fresh rate on Rotten Tomatoes is quite disappointing. However, Paranormal Activity 4 still gains the chance to become the Paranormal Activity movie with best performance for its excellence in oversea box office.

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