Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 5 Ocean Adventure Movies to Watch on Mobi-Dick Anniversary

As one of the most well-known American literature, Mobi-Dick is first published on October 18th, 1851. Therefore, today happens to be the 161st Anniversary of Mobi-Dick. To honor this great day, Google has changed its doodle to a scene descripting Captain Ahab's attempt to strike the sea monster in a boat. As a masterpiece by Herman Melville, the novel impressed readers with the thrilling ocean adventures of Captain Ahab. As a consequence, Mobi-Dick has great influence on ocean adventure movies.

In generally, besides the production of various Mobi-Dick movies, the image of the white whale is often shown in ocean adventure movies. For example, in Japanese cartoon series One Piece, Mobi Dick is also the name of a huge whale. In fact, there are various ocean adventure movies that can not only win profits but also earn good reputations. Therefore, this post will show you top 5 ocean adventure movies to watch on Mobi-Dick anniversary. For those who desire to watch those DVD with portable devices, they can refer to DVD Ripper.

1. Mobi Dick 2010

As a 2010 film adaptation of Herman Melville's novel Moby-Dick, the film mainly focuses on the ocean adventure of Captain Ahab on his searching of the sea monster for revenge. In the beginning of the movie, young Ahab loses a leg when voyaging in a sub attracted by Mobi-Dick. Then he spends all his life seeking for his enemy. Though the movie is not successful in mobile market, it is quite loyal to the novel in plots.  

2. Pirates of the Caribbean 2

As the most profitable ocean adventure movie in history, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 had gained great success all over the world. The ocean adventure movie had impressed audience with its funny plot and thrilling adventures. In the movie, Captain Jack not only needs to avoid enslaving his soul to Jones' service, but also take care of the sea monster raised by Jones. In the end of the movie is the fighting scene between Jack and the sea monster which will remind you the plots in Mobi-Dick.

3. Finding Nemo

As one of the most profitable Pixar animation movies, Finding Nemo is an interesting ocean adventure movie. When a clown fish named Nemo is captured, his father named Marlin is trying all the ways to get him back. He not only needs to go through Jelly fish forest but also escape from the jaws of sharks. In the end, he finally gets his son back again. Finding Nemo is a movie that provides interesting ocean adventures favored by people of all ages.

4. Jaws

As a one of the most successful monster movies in history, Jaws makes the white shark another name of horror for a certain time. Also as an ocean movie directed by Spielberg, Jaw has impressed audience with the extraordinary sea adventures of the heroes. In Jaws, after a white shark begins to menace the residents in Amity, some brave men decide to begin their ways to hunt it. Of course, on their sea travel, they have experienced various ocean adventures and gone through various struggles against the sea monster.

5. The Perfect Storm  

The Perfect Storm is a movie about the struggle between man and the ocean. In this ocean adventure movie, some commercial fishermen were caught by an intense storm. Therefore, those people needs to fight for their lives with the cruel ocean. The movie not only shows audiences a thrilling ocean adventure, but also the power of human will. Moreover, for an ocean adventure movie starred by Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney, its excellence is fully guaranteed.

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