Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top 4 Victims of 2012 Celebrity Death Hoaxes

Just as every coin has two sides, everything gains its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, the rapid development of social network communities like Facebook and Twitter makes daily communication much easier; on the other hand, Facebook and Twitter are providing shortcuts for the spreading of pranks, rumors and even celebrity death hoaxes. In terms of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes, Twitter users play an important role in making the pranks popular and influential.

When a new celebrity death hoax spreads, the celebrity and his fans suffer. Among those victims of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes, there are stars who are troubled by such pranks every year and there are stars that are first attacked by death hoaxes. Therefore, this post will present top 5 victims of 2012 celebrity death hoaxes.

1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Death Hoax: As a world famous actor, Captain Jack is often troubled by celebrity death hoax. In 2010, rumors came that Johnny Depp died in a car crash. In 2012 celebrity death hoax, Captain Jack is accidentally drowned in filming The Lone Ranger.

Reality: Jonny Depp is not dead. It is 48-year-old Mike Bridger who accidentally died of cardiac arrest while cleaning a pool tank.

Comment: On hearing the death hoax, many fans are worried. It seems that Captain Jack is facing a tough way to get the Fountain of Youth both in film world and in real life.

2. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

Death Hoax: Eddie Murphy is the unlucky guy who has been attacked by 2012 celebrity death hoax twice. In July and August, the same rumor came that Eddie Murphy was dead in a snowboard accident. Ironically, the rumor even described how Eddie hit the tree and it succeeded in flooding the Internet twice.

Reality: Eddie Murphy is still alive and he has no interest in snowboarding. He doesn't learn and has no intention to learn how to snowboard.  

Comment: In Eddie Murphy movies, he often plays jokes on others. Now, in real life, he becomes the victim of a prank. In fact, the death hoax about Eddie Murphy is just as fancy as Eddie's comedies.

3. Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Death Hoax: In March, death hoax of Robin Williams came that the actor fell from an Australian mountain. The rumor started form a faked report provided by the phony Global Associated News prank site and was spread rampantly on Twitter.

Reality: Robin Williams is still alive and is now starring in a new movie. In fact, he was not ill in March and he was nowhere near Australia. The celebrity who passed away in March was named Robin Gibbs.

Comment: In March, the actor was working on a new Robin Williams movie named the The Angriest Man in Brooklyn. When the death hoax came, he had all reasons to become the angriest man in Brooklyn.

4. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Death Hoax: In May, "Rip Justin Bieber" became a hot topic on Twitter. Actually this is the fourth time that the pop singer is troubled by similar death hoaxes. In 2012, Bieber had been shot in night club, died in car crash and died of overdosing.

Reality: The single is as healthy as anyone else at present. It was one of his little fans who actually died of disaster.

Comment: As Justin Bieber became more and more famous, hoaxes about his death is spreading rampantly. This is a story with no end at all. As for the victim, Bieber is probably the celebrity hurt most by the 2012 celebrity death hoaxes.

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