Thursday, October 25, 2012

From Iron Man to Iron Man 3 - Top 5 Iron Man Enemies in Iron Man Trilogy

As one of the most favored superhero movie series, Iron Man movies (including Iron Man and Iron Man 2) had gained tremendous success in the movie market. Even though the production of Iron Man 3 is still on the way, it is almost a certain thing that Iron Man 3 will be another market winner after its newly released Iron Man 3 trail has attracted unprecedented attention around the world. Moreover, according to the trail, elements like Iron Man 3 suit, Iron Man 3 weapon and Iron Man 3 enemy all gain great possibility to help Iron Man 3 to become an impressive blockbuster movie.

If Iron Man 3 has really become a market hit, there is at least one common element leading to the success of Iron Man trilogy named Iron Man enemy. Without powerful Iron Man enemy, the superhero fails to show off his power and charm. Therefore, with the presence of the most powerful Iron Man enemy in the trail, Iron Man 3 is likely to become the last Iron Man movie. If so, Iron Man movies will become the latest successful movie trilogy. To this extent, this post will show you top five Iron Man enemies in Iron Man trilogy which starts from Iron Man and ends with Iron Man 3.

1. The Mandarin

The Mandarin

When the Oscar winner Ben Kingsley is shown in the trail, people know he is coming for one character, The Mandarin, who is the most powerful Iron Man enemy in comics and movies. The Mandarin is a Chinese nobleman who is famous for his superhuman mastery of the martial arts. In the movie, The Mandarin has ten rings which represent ten powers he has gained from an alien spaceship. In the comics, Iron Man barely wins over The Mandarin with all the helps he can get, so does he in Iron Man 3.

Moreover, people believe Iron Man movies will be a trilogy one because The Mandarin is the best Iron Man enemy the movies can get. It is just the same reason to put Catwoman and Bane in last member of Batman movies, The Dark Knight Rises. The best enemies are always reserved for the last movie. After all, it is not a good way to make a sequel with a weaker enemy in it.

2. Blacklash


As the hero in Iron Man 2, Blacklash has almost killed Stark in the car racing field. Also known as Ivan Vanko, Blacklash takes advantages of an electrified whip capable of rending apart even the strongest of metals after equipped with a chest plate similar to that of Iron Man’s. In most of the time, his cooperation with Justin Hammer had left Iron Man in desperate situations. Moreover, as a crazy Iron Man enemy, Blacklush just wants to seek revenge from Iron Man. In the comics, he hates Iron Man because his family is killed by someone disguised as Iron Man. In Iron Man 2, he just wants to destroy Iron Man.  

3. Obadiah Stane

Obadiah Stane

In Iron Man, Obadiah Stane has brought quite a lot of troubles to the superhero. As a minor character in the comics, Stane becomes the final evil boss in Iron Man. As a colleague as well as friend of Stark, Stane takes full advantage of his hypocrisy. In the name of helping Stark, he has developed advanced weapons exclusively designed for Iron Man. In the end, he not only robs Iron Man suits but also pushes Stark to the edge of death. Moreover, his last fight against Iron Man has also exhausted Iron Man.

4. Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer

As the most famous weapon maker only inferior to Stark, Justin Hammer turns out to be Iron Man enemy for his envy and greed. In order to compete with Stark, he is even willing to hire Blacklush to become his weapon design. When he gets Iron Man suit, he decides to put it into mass production. His wish is to make Iron Man an antique and he has done that to some extent. In the end of Iron Man 2, those weapons he has made had brought great troubles to Iron Man.

5. Wong-Chu


In the comics, Wong-Chu is the man who has planned the kidnap of Stark. Here in Iron Man, the name represents those terrorists who have kidnapped Stark. Without those Iron Man enemies, Stark can’t be invent Iron Man suit and become a superhero. Though those men are weak Iron Man enemies who are eliminated by Stark wearing rough Iron Man suit, they have posed the most profound influence on Stark. To some extent, they have changed the life of Stark and given birth to Iron Man.

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