Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Top 5 Most Profitable Zombie Movies of All Time

As Halloween 2012 is approaching, various horror movies is about to be released. As the major component of horror movies, zombie movie is usually favored by youngsters, not only in Halloween 2012 but also in the whole year around. In recently days, zombie movies have turned out to be quite influential. Walking Dead, the famous zombie drama, had set new ratings record on AMC and the newly released zombie movies, Frankenweenie and Hotel Transylvania, had also done quite well in box office. In fact, the zombie apocalypse is one of the most favored themes of directors.

Though a number of zombie movies will be released each year, just a few of them can be called of great influence. In most cases, zombie movies are those who fail to impress audience with both the plot and the effects. However, there are also zombie movies that can not only win high profits but also earn good reputations. Therefore, this post will display you top five most profitable zombie movies of all time. All the data come from box office mojo.

1. Hotel Transylvania

To everyone's surprise, the most profitable zombie movie till now is a newly released comedian. As a zombie animation movie, Hotel Transylvania had received over 100 million dollars in box office and it is still widening the margin. Hotel Transylvania is a movie focusing on the attempts of the vampire king, Dracula to force a man to leave his lavish hotel as well as his failures. The successful point of the movie is that it has provided audience new points of view towards zombie movie. Instead of showing people zombie apocalypse or flesh-eating monster, it provides users cute characters with funny stories.  

2. Zombieland

As the most profitable zombie movie only second to Hotel Transylvania, the 2009 movie, Zombieland has earned over 75 million dollars in box office. More importantly, the zombie movie is just a low-budget one. In Zombieland, four persons are involved, timid Columbus, strong Tallahassee, beautiful Wichita and cute Rock. The movie gets all the elements a zombie movie can get including zombie apocalypse, walking dead and scaring plot. Moreover, the movie also gets those elements a zombie movie lacks like funny language, amusing coincident and witty speech. Therefore, as an innovative zombie movie, Zombieland attaches new charms to the old genre.

3. Resident Evil: Afterlife

As the most profitable zombie movie of Resident Evil series, Afterlife ranked third with 60 million dollars in box office. As the first 3D Resident Evil movie, Afterlife has attracted many 3D fans. The zombie movie is about how Alice tries to find the only safe place known as Arcadia with a group of friends. Of course, they need to fight a way among the surrounding zombies. Besides the 3D movie, the coming of new zombies is another factor that leads to the success of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

4. Dawn of the Dead

The 2004 zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead, ranked fourth with 59 million dollars in the list of the profitable zombie movies. As the remake of the 1978 zombie movie, Dawn of the Dead attaches new vigor to the old story. In Dawn of the Dead, some survivors of zombie apocalypse have hidden in shopping center. However, when their location has been traced, they need to find out other ways to escape from the zombie world. The most attracting point of the zombie movie is the impressive scaring face of zombies which is based on the appearance of real corpses.  

5. Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her occupies the fifth place in the list of most profitable zombie movies with 58 million dollars. As a zombie movie made in 1992, Death Becomes Her is of great influence towards this genre. Even till now, some still can't believe several effects can be shown in this 1990s movie. It is not more a comedian than a scaring movie. As a movie starred by Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis, the box office performance of the zombie movie is fully guaranteed. Death Becomes Her is about how a woman learns of an immortality treatment and uses it to wipe out her enemy.

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