Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rumored Movies Roundup - Top 5 Unexpected Movies that May Show on Screen

It is true that nothing is impossible in movie market. After At World's End was named the last movie of Pirates of the Caribbean series, audience surprisingly found an unexpected movie named On Strange Tides. As The Return of the King hinted the end of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, An Unexpected Journey was released as a prequel. In most cases, the promises of the film makers can easily be broken. As a consequence, audiences pay high-price ticket for the alleged final movie of a certain movie series only to find another unexpected sequel or prequel is just on the way.

In fact, there are times when those unexpected movies are forced to be directed. For example, the only reason for the production of The Godfather: Part III was that the producer wanted to earn money from the unexpected movie to get rid of poor financial situation. For those movies that were viewed as perfect ends in plot, the next movies were made as prequels and for those movies that were not that connected tightly with predecessors in plot, unexpected movies will be presented as sequels. Therefore, in this rumored movies roundup, top five unexpected movies will be introduced.

1. Star Wars: Episode 7

Star War: Episode 7

If the rumored movie is actually in production, it will be the most unexpected movie of all time. Even though the rumored movie is confirmed by Disney, some audiences still doubt the reliability of making the seventh movie of Star Wars. Even as the latest movie of well-known Star Wars series, Star Wars: Episode 7 may not that attractive once it is released.

Since Return of the Jedi had marked the perfect ending of Star Wars stories, Star Wars: Episode 7 will not be a sequel movie. As Revenge of the Sith was the final movie of Star Wars prequels, Episode 7 gains no chance to be a prequel. If Star Wars: Episode 7 is made as a movie about new adventures of Skywalker, the unexpected movie will turn out to be much less attractive. Besides that, since Lucas has promised to make Revenge of the Sith the last Star Wars movie he directs, he may be absent from the production of Episode 7.

2. Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

As one of the most profitable Pixar animation movies, Toy Story 3 had marked the good ending of Toy Story series, both in box office and in reputation. Therefore, even as a rumored movie, Toy Story 4 is totally out of everyone's expectation. More surprisingly, most audiences are reluctant to watch such unexpected movie because they think Toy Story trilogy is so perfect that an extra movie may ruin everything. Moreover, it seems that little space had been left for Toy Story 4 in plot. The only choice seems to be made it as a prequel. If so, audience won't see Buzz in this unexpected movie.

3. Transformer 4

Transformer 4

If Transformer 4 ends up showing on the screen, it will turn out to be one of the most unexpected movies. After film maker had declared Transformer 3 as the final movie, the rumored movie should be appeared in fancy story only. Moreover, since Optimus has already torn Megatron into pieces in the successful 3D movie, Transformer 3, the biggest evil boss in the comics wont's show up in Transformer 4 if it is made as a sequel. Therefore, a good way to bring Megatron back to life is to make the unexpected movie a prequel. However, according to the leaked news, the movie won't be a prequel. Moreover, the endless rumors have also hinted that Transformer 4 may show on screen on day.

4. X-men: Days of Future Past

Days of Future Past

So far, two extra sequels had been made besides X-man trilogy. As a rumored movie, Days of Future Past will definitely be directed as prequel movie. The reason to list it as unexpected movie is that no one had expected that the director would continue his way to direct sequels for X-men after he had explained stories of Wolverine and Professor X in previous prequels. As a movie about to be released in 2014, Days of Future Past had hinted there is no end for X-men movies. As long as the director wants, he can make prequels for every character in X-man.

5. Finding Nemo 2

Finding Nemo 2

As another successful animation movie produced by Pixar Movie Studio, Finding Nemo has been favored by audience of all ages. Therefore, rumors came that the production of Finding Nemo 2 was on the way. Even if it is true, the rumored movie isn't that out of expectation. After all, either produced as prequel or a sequel, the rumored movie can be coherent with Finding Nemo in plot. Therefore, though the rumor hasn't been confirmed by Pixar, Finding Nemo 2 still gets big chance to be shown on screen. However, audiences still concern that it may suffer waterloo as Cars 2 did.

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