Wednesday, October 24, 2012

iPad Mini Disappointments Roundup - 4 Points that Ruin iPad Mini

The more hopes one gets, the more disappointments one receive. The words can fully express the anger of Apple fans that have waited iPad Mini for years. After iPad Mini is official debut, fans have fallen into deep depression. To some extent, the hurt to fans caused by iPad Mini disappointments is even greater than that caused by iPhone 5 disappointments. After all, fans had just waited a year for the coming of iPhone 5 but had expected the debut of iPad Mini for several years.

Due to iPad Mini disappointments, those media who predicted iPad Mini would boast the sales of Apple tablet began to worry about the future of iPad Mini. Some even criticized iPad Mini for lacking the powerful to compete with 7-inch tablets like Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. Therefore, this post will present you iPad Mini disappointment roundup to show you 4 points that may ruin iPad Mini.

1. iPad Mini Disappointment: Display

iPad Mini Display

Everyone knows iPad Mini will be a device with about 7-inch display. Therefore, the 7.9-inch display in not out of our expectation. However, the display with a resolution of "1020x768" is what makes iPad Mini disappointing. According to iPad Mini rumors, iPad Mini will sport a Retina Display or one with approaching performance. However, what people get is just a display with a pixel density of 216 ppi.

While Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD both gain displays running at "1280x800", the display turns out to be an iPad Mini disappointment. One shall notice that iPad Mini gets a bigger screen size than those two tablets mentioned above. The display resolution used to be the most attractive point of Apple devices. However, it now turns out to be the defeat that may ruin iPad Mini.

2. iPad Mini Disappointment: Price

iPad Mini Price

Without right market strategy, the success of a product will be a fancy story. It is known that only with reasonable price can iPad Mini become a real 7-inch tablet killer. Moreover, people believe that iPad Mini will be a device aiming at low-end market so that more people can afford it. Therefore, when 329 dollars had become the enter price for iPad Mini, most people felt surprised. One shall notice that Kindle Fire HD and Google Nexus 7 are all available for 199 dollars. Therefore, the price of iPad Mini makes it unlikely to be the winner in 7-inch tablet market.

Since iPad Mini isn't much more powerful than Kindle Fire HD or Nexus 7, people feel the price unreasonable. Moreover, with this price, users can even choose some high-end products. Therefore, the crazily high price of iPad Mini turns out to be the biggest iPad Mini disappointment users ever get. Moreover, Apple's strategy to sell low-end product in high-end price may make iPad Mini become another Zune.

3. iPad Mini Disappointment: NFC


It is known that users want built-in NFC or similar function in iPhone 5 while Apple is reluctant to provide one. The same story has happened to iPad Mini again. This time, still NFC support on iPad Mini. In fact, Apple won't allow users to share data or transfer data with wireless technology and just allows the data transference between iPad Mini and computer happens via iTunes or iCloud. This is another reason why Micro SD slot will never show up in iPad Mini. However, for users, the absence of NFC is still an iPad Mini disappointment.  

4. iPad Mini Disappointment: Processor

iPad Mini Processor

For most users, iPad Mini shall be a device equipped with dual-core A6 processor or even quad-core A5 processor. Therefore, the dual-core A5 processor of iPad Mini is quite disappointing. That doesn't mean that A5 processor sucks, it is just not the type that shall appear in a loftily expected Apple tablet. Why shall anyone want to buy a new device with old CPU? Moreover, users also feel with 329 dollars, they deserve to own a device with either Retina Display or A6 processor. Moreover, the quad-core processor of Nexus 7 and dual-core processor of Kindle Fire HD can both compete with dual-core A6 in performance. Therefore, the old-fashioned processor turns to be an iPad Mini disappoints.

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