Monday, October 8, 2012

4 Awards for Outstanding 2012 Horror Movies

Now along with the approaching of Halloween 2012 comes people's increasing interest towards horror movies, especially horror movies of 2012. Just as love movie and superhero movie, 2012 horror movie contributes a lot to the prosperity of film industry in 2012. Moreover, with the development of science and technology, some 2012 horror movies are not only realistic in visuality but also reliable in plot. Of course, one will find some 2012 horror movies exciting and excellent while others boring and awful.

Since not all 2012 horror movies are available in the market, we can't tell which one is best and which one is worst. However, we can still pick up those outstanding 2012 horror movies and even award them for their uniqueness. Therefore, this post tries to present 4 outstanding 2012 horror movies with 4 awards. Since the DVD versions of those 2012 horror movies are released, one can enjoy the DVD files with Kindle Fire HD.

1. Award for Most Disappointing 2012 Horror Movie: Prometheus

As one of the most expected 2012 summer movies, the performance of Prometheus was quite disappointing. Though it has gained over 400 million dollars worldwide, it is far less influential than other movies like The Avengers and The Hunger Games. As the prequel of Alien series, Prometheus mainly focuses on a scientific team's exploitation to find the origin of life and their battle with those monsters in the planet. Though Prometheus is not an awful 2012 horror movie, it is actually one which can fail to impress audiences too much with both its plot and its main characters.

Comment: When one has watched Prometheus, he will feel that it is a horror movie that shall not bear some much anticipation.

2. Award for Funniest 2012 Horror Movie: Hotel Transylvania

When audiences can see vampire, mummy, Frankenstein and lycan in one horror movie, it must be a scaring one. However, this is not the case here. Actually, Hotel Transylvania gathers those monsters together to present audiences an extraordinary comedy. The movie is about how a young man accidentally gets to a hotel used by Dracula as a resort for monsters and falls in love with the vampire's daughter. Of course, as such a funny horror movie, Hotel Transylvania wins both the reputation and the box office.

Comment: Hotel Transylvania is a movie full of all gothic elements a horror movie can get but do all the things a horror movie won't do.

3. Award for Most Surprising 2012 Horror Movie: The Possession

While everyone was focusing on expected 2012 fall movies like Resident Evil: Retribution and Bachelorette, they surprisingly found a low-budget film named The Possession had stolen all the thunders. The Possession not only ranked first in box office for two successive weeks but also turned to be second most profitable movies in September, only inferior to Hotel Transylvania. Moreover, it is a 2012 horror movie released in August. The Possession is about how a girl is infected and controlled by evil spirits in an old box.

Comment: Though no one expected The Possession could be a hot word in September, the mysterious box actually attracted people's attention and proved its endless magic.

4. Award for Most Creative 2012 Horror Movie: The Raven

As one of the most well-known novelists in the world, Allan Poe is famous for his horror novels. In The Raven, the novelist turns out to be the main character. In the movie, a murderer commits his crime according to Allan Poe's work. When Allan Poe tries to trace the inner world of the murder, his life is threatened. It is a bold attempt to direct an Allen Poe-oriented horror movie and it is even creative to associate the plot with Allan Poe's novels. Movies like Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter also focus on the different lives of celebrities but they are not that creative.

Comment: In an Allan Poe style movie, Allan Poe acts as the main character to deal with Allan Poe style murders. That's really fantastic!

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