Thursday, November 8, 2012

After I Missed Free BioShock, I Encountered Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer

It is a known story that everyone loves goods that are provided for free. However, in most cases, customers only get involved in giveaway plans accidentally. Then, accesses to giveaway plans are highly desired by customers. According to personal experience, one can know about giveaway plans in two ways. Since some websites like will recommend different giveaway plans every day, visit them frequently to check if your desired goods are listed as freebies. Book the newsletter or visit the blog of the company who is the producer of your desired goods to find out corresponding promotion or giveaway plans. It is those tips that help to know about the Giveaway of Leawo iTransfer on November 12nd.

However, even if you follow my instruction, you may not success if you own no luck or patience. Those two factors have impressed me deeply in recent days. As a game player, I love zombie apocalypse games. Though I wanted a game named BioShock most, I was reluctant to pay 5 dollars for the 5-year old game. Then I spent months looking for its giveaway or discount plan only to find none was available. Ironically, weeks after I had purchased the game, BioShock was provided for free. Therefore, luck is quite important to your success at times.

My story with Leawo iTransfer giveaway plan is totally a different one. As an iPhone 4S user, I have a lot to complain about the transference system. iTunes is good, only when I find it can help me to manage the transference. However, in most cases, it refuses to transfer free downloaded songs or photos from iPhone 4S to computer. Leawo iTransfer in one of the best alternative to iTunes I have ever found. I have used the trial version for a few days and I can't help complimenting it. Since I had run out the time limitation of the trial version yesterday, I decided to pay for Leawo iTransfer. On the edge of my purchase, I decided to visit its blog, which proved to the best decision ever. What did I get? It's News about the giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer.

According to the news, the company will release One Day Giveaway Plan of Leawo iTransfer as part of the operation plan with on November 12nd. On that day, free registration code for Leawo iTransfer will be provided on However, since they have provided homepage for the activity, I guess we can also get free registration code there. It seems that users need to provide their names and email addresses in exchange of registration code. However, the news hints that users may find the registration code mail in Spam box. Isn't it kind of weird? Moreover, the news also notes that the registration code must be activated before November 12nd and there are no updates for the free iPhone transfer. Whatever, one cannot expect that much from free software.

Moreover, I have also found other surprises in the news. It seems that some inexperience converters will be provided on the activity page, starting from November 12, 2012 and ending on November 22, 2012. There are not only Video Editor with 30% price off and Video Converter Pro with 60% price off, but also half-priced converters like PowerPoint to Video Pro and Blu-ray Ripper. Though I am not quite familiar with those converters, I am also attracted by their low price tags. Moreover, they seem to be able to make my iPhone 4S compatible to all video files, DVD movies, Blu-ray videos and PowerPoint files. I think I will decide whether to purchase them or not after I have used corresponding trial versions.

All in all, though I have missed free BioShock for misfortune, I am lucky enough to encounter giveaway plan of Leawo iTransfer. In fact, stories like those happen on my way to pursuit giveaway plans of favored goods. Sometimes, you just need some luck to make things done.

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