Thursday, November 22, 2012

Top 4 Movies to Know About Rise of the Guardians Characters

As a well-known animated movie maker, DreamWorks Animation can always bring the world one surprise after another. Shrek movies not only win profits in box office but also good names in reputation; Madagascar trilogy is proven to be a real market hit; Kung Fu Panda movies never fail to draw the world's attention. Pretty soon, Rise of the Guardians, the loftily expected DreamWorks animated movie will soon available in the market. In fact, as one of the most expected 2012 movie, Rise of the Guardians is promising to be the film rocking the movie market in November.

As the animated version of The Avengers, Rise of the Guardians is the gathering of various legendary characters in fairy tales. In the movie, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and even Sandman turn out to be the guardians of the world who secure the innocence and pure mind of all children. Therefore, when an evil character named Pitch tries to inject all the children with desperation, the guardians need to do something to prevent him.

It is a fantastic idea to present the fairy figures as an ally in Rise of the Guardians. Once the fairy talents can be as famous as superheroes in The Avengers,   Rise of the Guardians will be one among the most profitable 3D animated movies in 2012. However, one need to admit that there are still audiences feeling strange about the fairy figures in the movie. Therefore, to help audiences have a better view of the heroes in Rise of the Guardians, this post will recommend them four movies telling story about Rise of the Guardians characters.

1. Joulutarina

In Rise of Guardians, Santa Clause, with the appearance and body of an experienced warrior, is the leader of all guardians. As one of the most favored fairy talent of all time, Santa only appears on Christmas as a gift giver to all children. He will run down the chimney and place the gift into the socks hanging on the Christmas tree. Since that's all the information the world has gotten, Santa is still a mysterious man to the whole world. Though various movies on Santa Clause have been made, none can be as informative and impressive as Joulutarina.

Joulutarina is a biography movie about Santa Clause. In the movie, when a writer named Marko has finally encountered the legendary figure, Santa begins to tell the writer his legendary life. It turns out to that Santa is an orphan named Nikolas who sends gifts to people who have helped him on Christmas. When more and more aids come to him, more and more gifts are sent. Later his gentle behavior turns out to be a wild fire burning around the world for centuries. He finally becomes well-known as Santa Clause. This movie may not that convincing but is definitely moving. Besides that, Joulutarina also tells the true spirit of Santa Claudius: kind love to all.

2. The Tooth Fairy

As a Rise of Guardians character, Tooth Fairy is a butterfly with human shape and appearance. In fairy tales, Tooth Fairy is the numen who will take away children's lost tooth lying under the pillow and then leave the children some payment. In The Tooth Fairy, the life, the rule and the work of Tooth Fairy is well-explained. Thompson is an irritating hockey player who has no belief in Tooth Fairy. After he tries to ruin the dream of a child, he is punished to be the real-time Tooth Fairy for a week. He needs to do what the Tooth Fairy does, follow the instruction as a Tooth Fairy and learn as a Tooth Fairy. In the end, Thompson regains the happiness he has lost as a child and finds the powerful of belief. Generally speaking, The Tooth Fairy has presented the world the fairy talent with tooth in a perfect and impressive way.

3. Hop

As one of the symbols of Easter, Easter Bunny has already been recognized by the whole world. As a Rise of Guardian character with swift movement and mischievous inner heart, Easter Bunny is one of the best assistants Santa can rely on. Though various movies about Easter Bunny have been made, none can be as impressive as Hop. As a movie for Easter 2011, Hop has fully presented all the qualities Easter Bunny can hold – mischievous, joyful, energetic and funny. In Hop, an East Bunny named E.B. leaves his family to start the way of pursuing fame in Hollywood. When taken care of by a boy named Fred, E.B. leaves the boy nothing but unlimited troubles.

4. The Sandman

As one of the main characters in Rise of the Guardians, Sandman can bring sweet dreams to children by throwing sand to their eyes. However, Sandman in fairy tales is not that kind. He will bring sweet dreams to children who follow his instruction and blind the kids who go against his will. As a short animated move, The Sandman turns out to be a horrible movie. In the movie, when a boy is too sacred of the image of Sandman to fall asleep, Sandman put sand in his eyes as a way to blind the kid. Though the Sandman in this movie may not be favored as the Sandman in Rise of Guardians, he does live in the traditional fairy tales.        

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