Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Top 10 iPhone 5 Apps That Help Voters Participate in 2012 Presidential Election

As the date of 2012 Presidential Election is approaching, the battle between Obama and Romney is turning white hot. While the whole nation is waiting for the winner in the battle of Obama vs Romney, voters are busy preparing for 2012 Presidential Election. Questions like where to vote, how to vote and when to vote have been concerned by all voters. To help voters fully participate in 2012 Presidential Election, voters are allowed to know the information about the election via various devices including mobiles and computers.

As one of the best-selling mobile in the US, iPhone 5 turns out to be most voters' first choice to take advantages of 2012 Presidential Election. Luckily, the new Apple cellphone hasn't let voters down. There are various iPhone 5 apps available to make sure every voter can participate in and enjoy the 2012 Election. Therefore, this post will covert ten iPhone 5 apps that help voters fully participate in 2012 Presidential Election.

1. Visible Vote Mobile

Visible Vote Mobile

Designed as a political app for iPhone 5, Visible Vote Mobile can help voters to know what opinions Obama or Romney has given on those hot issues voters concern. In this way, voters can decide who they like more as the US President. Moreover, this iPhone 5 app can also be used in normal days to help voters get involved in political issues. After typing their personal information, voters can see the opinions of the local seniors or congressmen, send them messages and even commented on a certain bill.

2. Chrome


Of course, a web browser for iPhone 5 can help voters to get in touch with the latest news about 2012 Presidential Election. However, why use Chrome instead of Safari? In recent days, Google has provided a web app designed for 2012 Presidential Election named Google Politics & Elections. With it, voters can not only know the favored candidate in each state currently but also the result for the voting in each state. Moreover, with Chrome, voters can easily know the voting station in each place.

3. Candidates


Candidates is an iPhone 5 app that can help voters to decide which candidate to choose. After asking voters numerous political questions, the voting app will matches them up with the Republican, Democratic or independent candidate best suited to their responses. Though either Obama or Romney may not be the best choice, voters can at least know more about their opinions so as to make the right choice for them in 2012 US Presidential Election.

4. Vote!!!


For voters who just want to get fun from the serious political event, they can refer to an iPhone 5 game named Vote!!!. In the game, Obama and Romney are designed as cartoon characters who want to win the 2012 Election with violence. Therefore, they will fight each other in any places with any tools ranging from Microphone to a Statue of Liberty. For voters who hate Republican, they can control Obama to whip Romney.

5. iBooks


For green hands that have no idea about the procedure about 2012 Presidential Election, they need to refer to the corresponding documents on official websites. It is not a tough task to download those documents which are PDF files with iPhone 5. However, without iPhone 5 apps like iBooks, reading the document with the mobile will be a tough mission. Therefore, iBooks can help young voters to know more about 2012 Presidential Election via those official documents in an easy way.

6. US Yellow Pages

US Yellow Pages

For citizens who need to be registered to vote or who hold doubts about 2012 Presidential Election, they can contact the local or State elections office. With the phone number of those organizations in hand, voters can save much time and energy. US Yellow Pages is such an iPhone 5 app that can provides voters the phone number of those commonly-seen phone numbers for hotel or governmental organizations. As a consequence, getting involved in 2012 Presidential Election seems to be not that difficult.

7. Facebook


Why will Facebook needed for 2012 Presidential Election? For one thing, Facebook is a platform to help voters communicate with each other and share opinions with each other. For another, the social network community has provided voters much information of Obama and Romney. Voters can visit their home pages to know about their political blueprint and even communicate with them via message board.

8. Google Maps/Apple Maps

Apple Maps

For voters who have difficulty in knowing the right path to the voting station, they need a navigation tool like Google Map or Apple Map. Rumors came that Google Maps would show in iPhone 5 sooner or later. Of course, compared with Google Maps, Apple Maps, as an important defect of iOS 6, is not favored. However, once Google Maps fails to arrive in time, Apple Maps seems to be the only choice for iPhone 5 voters.

9. Sigalert


It is really bad luck to miss 2012 Presidential Election for unexpected reasons like traffic jam. Though no one wants to waiting in line for hours on driving to voting stations, the situation is familiar to most voters. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app that can guide voters the fast way to the destination, Sigalert is highly favored. While most traffic apps for iPhone 5 get updates periodically, Sigalert can concurrently provide voters most accurate and newest traffic data. Therefore, voters can know which ways are full of cars and which ways they shall drive in.

10. iVote Daily

iVote Daily

Though iVote Daily is not the best iPhone 5 app to discuss 2012 Presidential Election, it is at least a decent app to help voters get involved in 2012 Presidential Election. Voters can vote in simple opinion polls and compare and contrast results from across the globe. In the latest version of the iPhone 5 app, the defects that make the app crash quite often has been fixed.

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