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5 Most Favored Dracula Movies of All Time

Over hundred years ago, an Irish man named Bram Stoker won fame and reputation after publishing a Gothic novel named Dracula. However, he would be surprised to know that his novel has not only opened a door for vampire culture, but also turned to be influential enough to make his 165th birthday well-known to the world via Google doodle. As for Dracula, the hero of the novel, he turned out to be the synonym of words like bloodlust, vampire king and horror. Thanks to the great success of the novel, Dracula has introduce the word "Vampire" to the whole world after showing up in various dramas, movies, songs, tales and even clothes.

In most vampire movies, when there is vampire, there is silhouette of Dracula. Though countless Dracula movies have been produced over the past century, only a few of them can be viewed as real market hits. Therefore, top five most favored Dracula movies of all time will be covered in this post. However, one thing to notice is that only vampire movies where Dracula is acting as main characters can be named Dracula movies here. Moreover, those Dracula movies are picked in terms of their box office performance.

1. Hotel Transylvania

As a 2012 movie released a few months ago, Hotel Transylvania is designed as funny Dracula movie. In fact, made as a 3D animation film, this favored Dracula movie is accessible to audience of all ages. Dracula, the evil boss in Bram Stoker's novel, has turned out to be an irritating businessman who tends to kick a normal human out of his castle and Transylvania, the living house of Dracula in the novel turns out to be a summer retort for monsters. Anyway, contrary to all other Dracula movie, Hotel Transylvania makes the vampire king a lovely and something of dull character. The movie gains over 138 million dollars in box office so far, making it a leader in profitable zombies movies and Dracula movies.

2. Van Helsing

This favored Dracula movie has at least one thing in common with Hotel Transylvania: the gathering of various monsters. In Van Helsing, the hero needs to fight against vampire, lycan and even Frankenstein. According to the novel of Bram Stoker, Van Helsing is just a man with some knowledge about vampire. However, in most movies, the character turns out to be a powerful vampire hunter with mysterious identity. In the movie, Van Helsing needs to assist a family to end ancient curses by wiping out Dracula. Just as the prophecy has predicted, Dracula is finally beaten by a wolf man, the converted Van Helsing. Besides the excellent fighting scene, the weapon used by Van Helsing is also an attracting point. The Dracula movie gained over 120 million dollars in box office so far.

3. Bram Stoker's Dracula

Among all Dracula movies, Bram Stoker's Dracula is the only one that almost matches with the novel in plot. For gothic fans who gain no access to Bram Stoker's novel, they can refer to this favored Dracula movie. As a special horror movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula explains the birth of the vampire and the death of the vampire. In the movie, Dracula turns from a Christian to a devil after hearing the death news of his wife when he returns as a victor. All things have changed after he meets a woman who he believes is the reincarnation of his wife. In the end, love converts the devil to a Christian again. Bram Stoker's Dracula has proved that even directed as a love movie, Dracula movie can still be favored by audience. With the cast of Keanu Reeves and Monica Bellucci, the movie received over 82 million dollars in box office.

4. Blade: Trinity

As the finial movie of Blade trilogy, Blade: Trinity marks the ending of the vampire hunting story after the hero succeeded in killing the ultimately powerful vampire of all time, Dracula. As a favored Dracula movie, Blade: Trinity gains over 52 million dollars in box office. In Blade: Trinity, after being hunted by policemen and vampires, Blade has to cooperate with other hunters known as Nightstalkers. In a hunting activity, they surprisingly find the existence of Dracula. Then they decide to kill those vampires once and for all with newly invented weapons. Of course, fighting scenes and heroine action make the Dracula movie thrilling. Besides that, the actor of Dracula, who casted as Lincoln in Prison Break, has also been eye-attracting point of this Dracula movie.  

5. Love at First Bite

Though 43 million dollars in box office is not that impressive at present, it is quite good for a movie made in 1979. This favored Dracula movie is also one that focuses on love story of the vampire king. In Love at First Bite, Dracula has moved from Transylvanian castle to New York to pursue a lady named Cindy Soundheim. Meanwhile the boyfriend of Cindy wants to protect the girl from being seduced by the vampire in all ways.

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