Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 Best DreamWorks Animated Movies of All Time

As the latest animated movie produced by DreamWorks, Rise of the Guardians has suffered unexpected waterloo in movie market. As the most expected DreamWorks animated movie of this year, Rise of the Guardians is released in the right time right place but without right result. As one of the most well-known movie producers in the world, DreamWorks have presented the world Oscar winning movies like Gladiator and American Beauty. However, DreamWorks is more well-known for excellent animated movies despite the fact that none of them are Oscar winners.

As the main competitor of Pixar Studio and Disneyland in animated movie market, DreamWorks can always bring new surprises to the world with DreamWorks animated movies. However, contrary to Pixar animated movies, not all animated movies of DreamWorks are profitable. In fact, some DreamWorks movies just do quite well in box office and some just do well in reputation. Only a few best DreamWorks animated movies can win in both box office performance and reputations. Therefore, this post will cover 5 best DreamWorks animated movies of all time.

1. Shrek movies

Shrek movies

As the most favored animated movie of all time, Shrek series has gained great success in the movie market. In fact, all the four Shrek movies had won profits in box office and good names in reputation. Moreover, as the best DreamWorks animated movies, the four Shrek movies have gathered over 2.9 billion dollars in box office and help DreamWorks to gain over 1.26 billion dollars in profit.   

In Shrek, the monster tries to rescue Princess Fiona out of the prison guarded by the evil dragon. In Shrek 2, the hero tries to find a way to get along with Fiona's father after their marriage. In Shrek The Third, Shrek tries to find the legal heir to the kingdom so that he can spend his days in the wetland while Fiona needs to fight against Prince Charming. In Shrek Forever After, the org needs to find back the true love kiss of Fiona after he is fooled by the evil deal-maker Rumpelstiltskin.

2. Madagascar trilogy

Madagascar trilogy

As the best DreamWorks animated movie trilogy, Madagascar movies have gathered over 1.8 billion dollars in box office and helped DreamWorks to gain a profit of over 589 million dollars. Besides the good performance in box office, the DreamWorks Animated movies also win the hearts of audiences with its excellent plots. Audiences are thrilled by the adventure of the four friends, amused by their crazy behaviors and moved by their friendship. In Madagascar, Alex and his friends go through an unexpected journey from the central park to Madagascar; in Escape 2 Africa, the four mates manage a thrilling trip in Africa and in Europe's Most Wanted, the four friends try to go back to the zoo only to find they can't leave their new friends in the circus.    

3. Kung Fu Panda movies

Kung Fu Panda movies

Though there are only two Kung Fu Panda movies available in the market, those DreamWorks animated movies have earned around 1.3 billion dollars in box office. Therefore, both Kung Fu Panda and Kung Fu Panda 2 have been listed as best DreamWorks animated movies of all time. Moreover, those two DreamWorks animated movies have made the fatty, nimble and funny Panda Po a world famous celebrity. In Kung Fu Panda, Po gets the chance to learn Kung Fu from Shifu in accidentally. When the vengeful and treacherous Tai Lung escapes, Po bears the mission to beat the monster. In Kung Fu Panda 2, after Po becomes the new Kung Fu master, he decides to prevent the ambitious Lord Shen only to find his early memory comes back.

4. Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots

There are many reasons to list Puss in Boots as one of the best DreamWorks animated movies of all time. The excellent performance in box office, the funny plot, the amazing characters and the beautiful background music all lead to the success of this animated movie. The main character of the movie is the puss in Shrek movies while the main plot is totally irrelevant to that of Shrek movies. Puss in Boots mainly tells about the suffering of the puss before he meets Shrek including how he gets the boots and how he becomes an outlaw. In this DreamWorks animated movie, the hero Puss turns out to be a wanted man after his being fooled by his best friends. Later he finds that he needs to rely on this friend to find the legendary golden eggs.

5. How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

As one of the most successful 3D movies, How to Train Your Dragon has won over 494 million dollars in box office. Therefore, as an animated movie that brings profits and technological innovation to the company, How To Train Your Dragon worth the name as a best DreamWorks animated movie of all time. In this DreamWorks animated movie, Hiccup is a Viking who tries to catch and kill dragons with his inventions. By accidentally, he shoots a dragon and learns the skills to live in harmony with those creatures. When he wants to teach his village members about it, he is teased and cursed. However, with the efforts of the young boy, the people finally realize the destructive ignorance plaguing their world.

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