Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 10 Necessary iOS 6 Apps for iPhone 5

To some extent, the more apps a mobile gets, the more powerful it turns out to be. Therefore, with the support of apps from App Store, iPhone 5, the iOS 6 device that can take full advantages of the latest iOS apps, can be named the most powerful mobile in the world. Though the built-in iPhone 5 apps have covered almost every field ranging from video recording to message sending, they are still far from enough to help users experience the functions of iPhone 5. In other words, only with appropriate third-party iPhone 5 apps can users take full advantage of the latest Apple mobile. Therefore, this post will introduce you top ten necessary iOS 6 apps for iPhone 5.

1. YouTube apps

YouTube apps

When iPhone 5 rejects YouTube app for the alleged contract issues, users are eagerly to get a way to watch YouTube videos with iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5. Before the new YouTube app was available, users could only visit YouTube with Safari directly, which discomforted some users. Then in September, the latest YouTube app was released by Google which could help users better enjoy YouTube videos than the previous versions. Moreover, on considering the important role YouTube plays in people's entertainment, a YouTube app for iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5 is far more than necessary.

2. AVPlayer


With 5-inch Retina Display, iPhone 5 turns out to be an ideal device for video watching. However, since only a few video files can be supported by iPhone 5, users have to convert those videos like DVD files to MP4 videos for iPhone 5. The direct access to help users better enjoy videos with iPhone 5 is to install a powerful multimedia for iPhone 5. Luckily, AVPlayer is such an iPhone 5 app that can make iPhone 5 compatible to all video files. Besides that, AVPlayer can also provide users detailed information about the movies.

3. iPhoto


With 8-megapixel rear camera, iPhone 5 makes rare photographing behavior a shameful waste. However, since not all the photos can be that perfected, users may need a tool to edit those photos. The built-in iPhone 5 camera can help users to do some basic operation. For further polishing, iPhoto is highly recommended. The iPhone 5 app not only provides users various editing features but also simple operations.

4. iMovie


Both rear camera and front camera of iPhone 5 can record videos in 1080p. Therefore, iPhone 5 is actually luring everyone to record videos with it. Once users want to upload the videos to YouTube, they need to make further polishing in the first place. Therefore, iMovie, as a powerful video editor, is highly desired. The iOS 6 apps enable users to make decent videos with various editing features provided.

5. iBook


Reading is a good habit and iPhone 5 just makes the habit full of fun. With iBook installed, users can get the illusions that they are reading the rear book. With a design thinner and smaller than that of a real book, iPhone 5 makes reading extraordinarily funny experience. Moreover, the iOS 6 app enable users to view eBooks that are actually PDF or EPUB files.

6. Opera/Skyfire


Though the built-in Safari is a decent web browser, users may also need other web browsers for iPhone 5. For one thing, Safari is quite data-eating; for another, mobile web browsers may provide iPhone 5 users better web-scanning experience. To this extent, Opera is highly recommended. As the most well-known iPhone web browser, Opera is not fast in speed and quick in response time but also data-saving. Of course, for users who desire to play Flash on iPhone 5, Skyfire is more favored.

7. VirusBarrier iOS

VirusBarrier iOS

Though no virus has been traced on iOS 6 devices like iPhone 5, it doesn't mean that an anti-virus app is totally unnecessary. In fact, the main battle field of Internet security has been switched from traditional areas like PC to mobile field. Therefore, better get one antivirus app than none. Moreover, for those who have their iPhone 5 jailbreaked, this iOS 6 app is quite necessary. In generally, VirusBarrier iOS can use Intego's award-winning VirusBarrier X6 technology to detect and eradicate threats in iPhone 5.

8. iFiles


Since apps functioning as file manager are not included as built-in iPhone 5 apps, the iOS 6 app named iFiles seems to be quite necessary. With it, one can not only manage copy, paste and delete operations of a file but also view document, edit text and even record voice at ease. Moreover, it helps users to optimize the iOS 6 systems of their iPhone 5.

9. Remote


If one happens to be an Apple TV owner, this iOS 6 app is highly desired. As the small-size remote of Apple TV is severely criticized by users, this iPhone 5 app can help users to control their TVs with more comfortable remotes. Moreover, Remote not only provides added-value for iPhone 5, but also makes it a cool device to handle with.

10. Battery Doctor Pro

Battery Doctor Pro

Without battery powerful, iPhone 5 will be no more than a box made of glass and plastic. Therefore, iOS 6 apps exclusive designed for iPhone 5 battery like Battery Doctor Pro are much favored in the market. Battery Doctor Pro can not only prolong the duration time of iPhone 5, but also provides tips to guide users to maintain the best statue of the iPhone 5 battery. Therefore, with this iPhone 5 battery, users can not get more pleasure with iPhone 5 but also mobile batteries with longer life span.

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