Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Top 5 James Bond Movies with Best Opening Weekend Performance

As the immoral existence in spy movie, James Bond, man without supernatural power, can be as magic as Superman, as strong as Batman and as swift as Spider-man. As the longest movie franchise in history, James Bond series is the second most profitable movie series, only second to Harry Potter series. Surprisingly, over the past decades, audiences have never fed up with those identical factors in each James Bond movie like innovative weapons, handsome Bond, beautiful partner of Bond and Bond's attempt to save the whole world. In fact, it is James Bond movies who take full advantages of those elements that can get great successes in the market.

After long-time waiting, Agent 007 finally comes back with a vengeance in Skyfall. As a consequence, the 2012 James Bond movie easily takes over the position of Wreck-It Ralph by a large margin in terms of box office. Moreover, some even regard Skyfall as the best James Bond movie ever produced so far. In fact, Skyfall is on its way to become the most profitable James Bond movie in history. To help audiences know better about James Bond movies, this post will cover top five most profitable James Bond movies in history. Since we can't ignore the latest James Bond movie, the ranking list is based on the box office performance of James Bond movies in the opening weekend.

1. Skyfall

To be honest, no one will feel surprised the great success of Skyfall. Just as The Dark Night Rises, the latest Batman movie, Skyfall returns as a market hit with four-year preparation. Gaining over 88 million dollars in box office in the opening weekend, Skyfall turns out to be the James Bond movie with best opening weekend performance. In Skyfall, James Bond is on the edge of death after being abandoned by M in a mission. However, when he knows the dangerous situation M is in, he decides to complete the impossible mission. Skyfall will also tell audiences something about Bond's personal history which they fail to trace in the previous Bond films. Moreover, this James Bond movie is said to be the last one starred by Daniel Craig.

2. Quantum of Solace

Before the release of Skyfall, Quantum of Solace turns out to be the most profitable James Bond movie in total box office and opening weekend performance. With over 67 million dollars in box office in the first weekend, this James Bond movie began its way to success. In Quantum of Solace, James Bond is furious about the death of his lover so that he wants to seek for revenge. As he digs in, he finds the conspiracy of an environmentalist who wants to control all the resources on Earth.

3. Die Another Day

As the last Bond movie starred by Pierce Brosnan, Die Another Day has won over 47 million dollars in opening weekend. This James Bond movie is also produced to commemorate the fortieth anniversary of James Bond movies. In Die Another Day, James Bond is prisoned in North Korean after betrayed by some followers. When he is set free, he decides to investigate the betrayer which leads him to the conspiracy of a rich man who intends to send a man-made sun to the sky. Therefore, Bond sets out to stop this lunatic plan.

4. Casino Royale

As the first James Bond movie starred by Daniel Craig, Casino Royale made the Russian actor world famous. Though only getting 40 million dollars in the opening weekend, Casino Royale actually wins over Die Another Day with a total box office of 167 million dollars. In this profitable James Bond movie, Bond gets his first mission as 007 to beat a banker in a poke game. When he wins all the money, he needs to face with those terrorists who are staring at his money. In the end, Bond loses his lover which leads to his fury in Quantum of Solace.

5. The World Is Not Enough

With the cast of Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau and Denise Richards, The World Is Not Enough wins over 35 million dollars in opening weekend. In this profitable Bond movie, James Bond gets the mission to protect the daughter a killed oil tycoon. However, he needs to fight against a crazy man named Renard who is planning to destroy an oil pipeline and even the Europe. As Bond digs in, he finds the daughter of the oil tycoon is also involved in the whole mission.  

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