Thursday, November 15, 2012

Top 10 iPhone 5 Apps Designed for Thanksgiving 2012

Original created as a day to celebrate the harvest of the year, Thanksgiving now turns out to be a holiday observed around the world. Usually Thanksgiving marks the reunion of the family, the prelude of a new shopping season and the start of a big ceremony. Therefore, as Thanksgiving 2012 is just around the corner, the world is filled with Thanksgiving 2012 elements. Stores have been beautified with Thanksgiving 2012 decorations, people have been asked about their Thanksgiving 2012 schedules and even mobiles like iPhone 5 have been updated with Thanksgiving 2012 apps.

In fact, to help users fully indulge in this holiday, several iPhone 5 apps are exclusively designed for Thanksgiving 2012. There for this post will cover ten iPhone 5 app created for Thanksgiving 2012. Since those apps have covered almost every Thanksgiving element, from shopping to gaming, users will have definitely spent an impressive Thanksgiving 2012 with those iPhone 5 apps.

1. B-Movies


No one will feel it is a bad idea to watching Thanksgiving movies on Thanksgiving 2012. Though there are so many video-watching apps for iPhone 5, no one can make users more pleasing than B-Movies. The reason is quite understandable: B-Movies can provide users free Thanksgiving movies. Of course, users need to get Wi-Fi connection in the first place. Otherwise the fee for extra data will be high enough for them to get movie tickets. B-Movies, as an iPhone 5 app for Thanksgiving 2012, enables users to bookmark favorite movies for later watching.

2. Black Friday App

Black Friday App

To some extent, shopping is the real important celebration for Thanksgiving 2012. As the beginning of the month-long shopping season, Black Friday will provide consumers various inexpensive goods they can image. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app for Thanksgiving 2012, Black Friday is designed to make sure users will get first-hand information about the promotion plan released by major retailers.

3. TGI Cyber Monday

TGI Cyber Monday

Another iPhone 5 app for shopping season in Thanksgiving 2012! As the beginning of online shopping, Cyber Monday will provide users various inexperience goods sold online. TGI Cyber Monday is an iPhone 5 app will provide users top Cyber Monday deals offered by retails like Amazon and Walmart and enable users to email the shopping list they have made. Besides that, TGI Cyber Monday will help users to find out those deals that are no less than Cyber Monday ones after the shopping season.

4. Turkey Blast: Reloaded

Turkey Blast: Reloaded

There is no need to explain the importance of Turkey to Thanksgiving 2012 if one knows the meaning of Turkey Day. Turkey Blast: Reloaded is an iPhone 5 game created for Thanksgiving 2012 to help users can have a enjoy time. This relaxing game enables users to kill the turkey with over 14 weapons. Therefore, users can shoot, cut and even cook those flying turkeys. Moreover, in this Thanksgiving game, over turkeys are attached with 12 different designs.

5. Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

It is a tradition to send cards to friends or families on holidays. On Halloween 2012, Halloween cards are required and on Thanksgiving Day 2012, Thanksgiving Day cards are necessary. Vintage Thanksgiving Cards is an iPhone 5 app that enables users to find various beautiful and well-designed e-cards for Thanksgiving 2012. Then within just a few clicks, users are able to send the cards to friends with best wishes.

6. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

No one will deny that a Thanksgiving Day without Thanksgiving songs won't be a good one. Therefore, on Thanksgiving 2012, music apps for iPhone 5 are quite necessary. As the music app for Thanksgiving 2012, Pandora Radio can help users to get a station that plays Thanksgiving songs after providing information about the Thanksgiving songs. Moreover, for users who happen to be Pandora users, they can log in to the account to make the iPhone 5 app equally powerful as Pandora.

7. Thanksgiving Coloring Book

Thanksgiving Coloring Book

For users who want to tell young generation about the origin of Thanksgiving, this iPhone 5 app is definitely the best choice. Designed as a coloring book app for Thanksgiving 2012, Thanksgiving Coloring Book is attractive enough to draw children's attention so that users can tell them the stories about Thanksgiving turkey and about Thanksgiving and Indians.

8. NBA Game Time 2012-13

NBA Game Time 2012-13

Generally speaking, wonder NBA games are usually saved for important days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Therefore, for NBA fans, Heat, Laker, Thunder and Knicks will definitely present the world excellent games on Thanksgiving 2012. Therefore, as an iPhone 5 app for NBA, NBA Game Time 2012-13 is totally designed. With NBA Game Time 2012-13, users are able to keep in touch with the latest scores of each Thanksgiving 2012 game.

9. Sparrow


Without email service, Thanksgiving 2012 will turn out to be quite boring. Sending emails not only enables users to communicate with friends but also share ideas with friends. Therefore, an iPhone 5 mail app for Thanksgiving 2012 is in great demand. Sparrow is such a mail app designed to help users send their emails with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts. Besides that, this iPhone 5 app enables users to upload attachments to mails speedily.

10. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD

Won't it be cool to decorate the iPhone 5 mobile with Thanksgiving 2012 wallpapers. However, the main problem to the idea is that Thanksgiving wallpapers for iPhone 5 are hard to find. This is only true to iPhone 5 users who haven't installed Wallpaper HD. As a professional wallpaper app designed for Thanksgiving 2012, Wallpaper HD can provide users various high-resolution and beautifully designed iPhone 5 wallpapers. Therefore, users can also easily get iPhone 5 wallpapers for Thanksgiving 2012 with it.  

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