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Oscar 2013 Predictions - Top 5 Promising Winners in 2013 Oscar Ceremony

As New Year 2012 is approaching, it is time to have a review of all the 2012 movies. In order to honor the great contribution of those best 2012 movies, various awards will be sent in different movie festivals. Of course, among all those ceremonies, ceremony for Academy Awards matters most. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say Academy Awards to actors is what Nobel Prizes to scientists. Though 2013 Oscar is scheduled to be host on February 24, 2013, the world has been filled with 2013 Oscar predictions. Moreover, those Oscar predictions have covered almost every detail of the ceremony.

Of course, the most eye-catching 2013 Oscar prediction will be the one about the potential winners in 2013 Oscar. An important tradition of Academy Award is that it never judges the goodness of a film majorly basing on its commercial success like others do. As a consequence, Oscar ceremony can provide a more fair and just platform for all movies. In fact, not too many Oscar winners can be both money-earning and reputation-gaining. Therefore, this post will cover 2013 Oscar prediction about top five promising winner in 2013 Oscar. Though movies like The Avengers are of great commercial successes, they are not likely to be enlisted as Oscar winners.

5. The Hobbits: An Unexpected Journey

It is a tradition that summer movies are aiming at commercial success while December movies are trying to be Oscar winner. As one of the most anticipated December movie, An Unexpected Journey gains big chance to be an Oscar winner; as the new version of The Lord of the Rings movie, The Hobbits is certainly a market winner. A more important factor that this movie in listed as promising winner in 2013 Oscar lies in the tremendous successes of its predecessors. If The Hobbits has inherited the spirits of The Return of the Kings, it will get great chances to win Academy Awards for Best Picture, Film Editing and Best Costume Design and Best Visual Effects.

4. Life of Pi

Most movies fail to meet the artistic appetites of Academy Awards judges, but Life of Pi is not one of them. It takes Ang Lee, a master of artistic movie, over four years to carry the story about the young boy and the tiger to the screen. Less profitable than The Avengers as it is, Life of Pi is definitely more competitive in 2013 Oscar Academy. It is not an easy task to make good artistic movie, it is even harder to make the artistic movie innovative and well-accepted. Besides that, Life of Pi is also a commercial success in the market. Based on all those factors, this movie is listed as a promising winner in 2013 Oscar Academy. In the recent Oscar 2013 prediction, Life of Pi is a powerful competitor for four to five Academy Awards involving music and visual feast.

3. The Dark Knight Rises

As best as well as the last Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises has provided a perfect ending to Batman movie series. Creative in story design, excellent in fighting action, profound in meaning and surprising in ending, The Dark Knight rises seems to be a born Oscar winner. After finishing his last mission in the evil city, Batman will certainly be awarded with Oscar Statuettes. With his genius, Christophe Nolan has sent his Batman trilogy to the altar. Therefore, Nolan is a potential winner for Academy Awards for Best Director. Besides that, the perfect sound effects of this promising winner in Oscar 2013 may bring The Dark Knight Rises Academy Awards for Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

2. Lincoln

No one can or dare exclude the movies made by Steven Spielberg from the list of promising Oscar winners. The movie master surprised the world with War Horse last year and he is trying to do it again this year with Lincoln. Since there are few Lincoln movies in the market, Steven always dreams to make a good one. Therefore, he is directing the movie with heart and soul. Centering on the stories about Civil War, Lincoln makes the image of the most favored American president deep-rooted. With this promising winner in Oscar 2013, Steven Spielberg again gets the chance to challenge his third Academy Awards for Best Director and Daniel Levis for his third Oscar Statuette for Best Actor. Moreover, the movie is promising to win another three or four Academy Awards.

1. Les Miserables

Though Les Miserables has not yet been released, it is viewed as one of the most promising winner according to latest Oscar 2013 predictions. It is also likely to be the movie with most nominations in Oscar 2013. Even if it only wins half of the nominations, it is still a big winner in the ceremony. It is a known story that Oscar loves art-oriented movie like the novel based Les Miserables. Till now, the movie is promising to overrun the dominance of An Unexpected Journey in box office this week. As for the nominations, Les Miserables may help Hugh Jackman to become best actor and Annie Hathaway to be best actress. Of course, it is also a promising winner for the Academy Awards involving sound, music, script and costumes.  

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