Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Comparison between Nokia N97 and HTC G17

Last month, Nokia returned to the American market with a fury to regain its position with Lumia 900. Due to the unprecedented support from AT&T, Lumia 900 was warmly welcomed. According to recent news, the demand for Lumia 900 has far exceeded its supply and many shops have run out of their stocks.

However, in Britain, Lumia 900 arouses no public interest. However, Nokia has no time to concern about it because the future of the outdated tycoon in America is tied to the fate of Lumia 900. Nokia finally seeks for incarnation with Windows Phone after being ruined by Symbian in recent years.

Fairly speaking, Symbian contributed a lot to the success of Nokia in the past. However, one must admit that Symbian mobile is totally incompetent for the market in recent years comparing to iPhone and Android mobile. To further prove my view, I will make a comparison between Nokia N97 and HTC G17.

1. Wi-Fi connection


As one of the most powerful Symbian mobiles released by Nokia, N97 cannot even match with HTC G17 in this field. I need to type the password of the Wi-Fi every time I use it. With HTC G17 you can do it once and for all. This is really annoying because when I get to my friend's home, I need to ask him the password again and again.

2. E-book viewing


Basically, with HTC G17 you will feel like reading a real book. A concern of the virtual page will be curled as you page down. Each page is made as the same size of the screen so that you just need to finish one page and turn to another. You always know you want to view the contents in the next page

However, as I use N97 to read e-books, I need to press the down button to skip to the next line. Sometimes I even need to find out what I want to read in the page because so many words in the page has dazzled my eyes.

3. Camera

N97 camera

To be honest, the camera of N97 is quite good and you can even make photographs at night. However, it is not that good comparing to HTC G17 which can help you to make 3D photos.Also known as HTC Evo 3D, a glass-free 3D mobile, the camera of HTC G17 is of great competiveness in the market.

4. Online video watching

Online video watching

It is easy for users to watch online videos with HTC G17 because there are relative apps to help it. However, there are no such apps for N97. In order to watch those online videos, Adobe Flash version above 10.0 is required. However, Nokia N97 can only support Flash Lite and there is no way for N97 to upgrade the Adobe Flash.

So even you have Wi-Fi connection, you can't enjoy online videos with N97. A feasible way for you is to download and convert YouTube videos to mp4 files for Nokia N97 with Moyea Flv Downloader if you really want to watch some YouTube videos via N97.

All in all, one can trace the great disadvantages of Nokia N97 comparing to HTC G17. Symbian is an important factor for the fall of Nokia in recent years. Luckily, Nokia realizes it and manages to make self-redemption with Windows Phone like Lumia 900.

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