Wednesday, May 2, 2012

3 Major Challengers Against Apple’s Dominance

Nowadays, Apple has become the most valuable company in the world with the share price exceeds $600. Though the sale of The new iPad is disappointing, experts still predict that the share price of Apple can reach to as high as $1000 dollars at the end of the year.

The most powerful four weapons for Apple's success are iPhone, iPad and Mac OS. The latest generation of iPhone or iPad can always double or even triple Apple's share price and create a new record in terms of sales volume. However, it seems that Apple's dominance is being threatened. This post will show you 3 major challengers against Apple's dominance.

1. PC: HP vs iPad

According to CNET, latest news shows that HP has exceeded Apple in terms of sales volume in the first quarter of 2012. In the previous quarter, Apple has successfully exceeded HP in sales volume with a historic high sales volume of iPad. However, considering the release of The new iPad in March, Apple's failure was a red alert for its dominance in computer sales.

However, Apple still gets its chance to win its position with the release of the mini version of The new iPadm which is said to be released in a few months. HP now becomes a powerful challenger of Apple in PC sales, a field where Apple has lagged others far behind with iPad.

2. System: Windows vs Mac OS

In the three battlefields between Apple and Microsoft, the most fiercest competition happens here. Though Mac OS is still the dominator in tablet market, Windows has also ruled traditional computer for many years. It is said that tablet is about to exceed traditional PC in sales volume, but that will be another story in the future. Hence, at present, Windows is still the most influential system in the world.

Criticisms over the vulnerability of the security system of Mac OS comparing to Windows make the situation even worse. Though Mac OS is used by over 80% tablets, its influence can't be matched with Windows in traditional computer field. The debut of Windows 8 is menacing the position of Mac OS in the tablet field. Once Windows successes, Apple will be driven out of the throne.

3. Mobile: Samsung Galaxy vs iPhone

The fiercest competition in the digital market is the one between Samsung and Apple. Many hold the view that The Wake Up activity in Australia is operated by Samsung, who is about to debut its latest generation of galaxy mobile. Though Samsung has denied its involvement in the activity, it praises this activity.

Samsung has wavered the thorn of Apple in mobile market with Samsung Galaxy, which even successfully exceeds iPhone 4S in sales volume last year. The Galaxy tablet is menacing the dominance of iPad in tablet market. However, Apple still gets its chance to maintain its position with the new generation of iPhone. However, the success of iPhone partly depends on its quality and partly on the sales of Samsung Galaxy and Lumia 900.

Those are the three major challengers against Apple's dominance. Popular as iPhone and iPad is, one need to convert video to mp4 file with Video Converter in order to make it accessible for Apple's products. However, mobiles like Samsung Galaxy can support various formats. So the video format compatibility of Apple's products is a big issue that needs further solution.

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