Monday, May 14, 2012

Reasons Why Apple Dares to Reject Adobe Flash

As the present tycoon in the digital market, Apple has proved its determination to reject Adobe Flash, an outdated tycoon which used to control 75% online videos. The hostility of Apple to Adobe Flash had began when iPhone never showed its support to Adobe Flash since its release several years ago.

In 2012, Apple's hostility to Adobe Flash has marched further along with the release of The new iPad, a device that rejects Adobe Flash. Recently, it is said that the latest Mac OS system refused to support Adobe Flash as well. We shall also notice that falling as it is, Adobe Flash is still widely used in most online video websites. This post will show you three reasons why Apple dares to reject Adobe Flash.

1. The influence of Apple in the market

Apple Stock

With a company holding a share price that exceeds $600, Apple owns great influence to the digital market. Its products like iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, which have shocked the world with its technological innovations, have created one sales record after another. From the rise of its share price, one can tell how important it is becoming in the market.

Apple dares to reject Adobe Flash because it is more powerful than Adobe Flash. In recent years, companies will gain great success once they have united with Apple or vice verse. Adobe's announcement of extracting its attention from Adobe Flash has proved this point. Even leaders of Adobe have admitted Adobe Flash couldn't survive in mobile market without Apple's support.

2. HTML5 and other relative applications

Apple and HTML5

Even without Apple, Adobe Flash is marching downhill due to the appearing of relative applications. The greatest threat comes from HTML5, a stuff that can help users to watch YouTube videos without plug in. More importantly, the world is going through a technological revolution in this field.

In the past, most online video websites can only support flv files. However, one can find the H.264 version of those flv files which requires no Adobe Flash at present. Due to this, various less famous applications have been developed. Without Adobe Flash, Apple product can still watch online videos and experts assert that it is HTML5 that owns the future.

3. The threat Adobe Flash brings

vulnerable Adobe Flash

To be honest, Adobe Flash began its success with Apple's products and Apple used to be a great supporter to Adobe Flash. However, Adobe has irritated Apple with its conspiracy and ambition. The cooperation between Adobe Flash and Apple will allow Adobe to sell its applications to Apple consumers which will threat the ruling of Apple Store in the market.

Except for the commercial menace, Apple also thinks Adobe Flash will pose menaces to OS system. According to Jobs, Adobe Flash is a main reason for the low processing speed of Mac OS. The security defects of Adobe products in recent days have proved that Adobe product is not that secure.

Those are the three reasons that Apple dares to resist Adobe Flash. However, for those iPhone users, they need to figure out other ways if they want to watch flash video via iPhone 4S. A feasible method is to convert those swf files to mp4 files for iPhone 4S with Moyea SWF to iPhone Converter.

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