Monday, May 7, 2012

5 Shocks Samsung Galaxy SIII Brings Us

May 3, 2012 witnessed the release of one of the most anticipated mobiles of the year: Samsung Galaxy SIII. To some extent, it can get so much attention due to the great success of its predecessor: Samsung Galaxy SII.

How popular is Samsung Galaxy SII? It has taken Samsung Galaxy S a year to sell 20 million units while Samsung Galaxy SII has cut the time to five months. It has been awarded as the best mobile of the year in WMC 2012, Barcelona. Due to this, Samsung Galaxy SIII is born with great pressure. Luckily, it seems that Samsung Galaxy SIII doesn't disappoint those fans.

After three year evolution, Samsung has become a powerful challenger to Apple. Now Samsung has made the first step with Samsung Galaxy SIII, let's wait and see how Apple responds to it with iPhone 5. This post will show you five shocks Samsung Galaxy SIII brings us.

1. Quad-core processor

Quad-core processor of Samsung Galaxy SIII

It seems that no producer dares to debut a quad-core mobile in America. After five year revolution, the iPhone is still equipped with dual-core processor and HTC One X changes its quad-core mobile to dual-core one in America. So at least right now, the quad-core processor of Samsung Galaxy SIII is worthy of being noticed and praised.

2. Human Interaction

Human Interaction of Samsung Galaxy SIII

It is said that the front camera of Samsung Galaxy SIII are attached with eye tracking technology. When you move your sight away from the screen it will automatically lock the screen and vice verse. For one thing, this is really cool, for another, you can prolong the duration of the battery.

3. S Voice

S Voice of Samsung Galaxy SIII

Though operating mobiles with voice is not strange to us (Nokia can do it and Google Voice can do it), the S Voice of Samsung Galaxy SIII still deserves our applause. It is said that you can lock or unlock the screen with your voice, which can guarantee the security of your privacy.

4. S Beam

S Beam of Samsung Galaxy SIII

S Beam can help you to share files and transfer data just as Bluetooth does. However, you need to aware that it is much powerful and faster than Bluetooth. You can transfer a movie within several minutes and a song within a few seconds. Isn't it amazing?

5. Camera

Camera of Samsung Galaxy SIII

One magic of Samsung Galaxy SIII lies in its camera. It is said that the camera can shoot several photos in a short time and you can choose whichever that can satisfy you. For example, if you have closed your eyes while photographing, the camera can record the whole process which means you can select the frame where your eyes are open. It is said that the camera can select the best quality photo for you among several frames automatically.

Those are the five shocks Samsung Galaxy SIII can bring you. However, one may disappoint at the lack of 3D function like HTC Evo. If you want to watch 3D movies with Samsung Galaxy SIII, you can try to convert videos to xvid files with 3D effects attached via Video Converter.

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