Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother’s Day And Its Celebrations In The World

Mother's Day 2012 is coming and people are selecting the gifts for their mother. This day is created to honor the great contribution of mothers. In this day people all over the world will show their honor to their mothers.

Mother's Day

It is recognized by all that mother's love is the greatest love in the world. With a long history, the origin of Mother's Day can be dated back to as early as ancient Greek period. Greeks had created this day to show their honor to Cybele, mother of Zeus. Though its influence had been spread to Rome, a powerful empire at that time, it was America that made Mother's Day famous in the world.

It is said that the Rome would celebrate Mother's Day for three days at the time when Mother's Day was far less influential. At present, Mother's Day has already become world famous and people in the world are celebrating it in their own ways. This post will show you the celebrations of Mother's Day in the world.

celebrations of Mother's Day

1. In Egypt, Mother's Day is celebrated in the last Friday in May. Not only flowers and gifts are sent to mothers but also theatrical performances. A woman will be selected as the greatest mother on that day.

2. In Indian, Indian celebrates Mother's Day on April 5th. Mothers will wear beautiful dresses and nice jewels and then indulge themselves in the parties.

3. In Africa, Mother's Day is celebrated on May 29th. A grand parade will be held by those mothers. Usually the leaders of the nation and government officials will join in the parade.

4. In Thailand, Mother's Day is celebrated on August 12th. A poll will be made to vote the greatest mother in the nation and thousands of children will give jasmine flowers to their mothers.

5. In Japan, the third Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother's Day when white paper flowers will be worn by those children who has lost their mothers.

6. In Canada, the second Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother's Day. Canadians will try to do those things that can please their mothers except sending gifts to mothers.

7. In Swiss, Mother's Day is celebrated from January 1st to 4th when women are the dominators of the family. During this period, men will follow women's instruction to show their honor.

8. In Mexico, people will wear their traditional costumes on December 12th. Of course, singing and dancing are necessary in the celebrations.

Those are the celebrations of Mother's Day in the world. You can also choose your own way to celebrate Mother's Day 2012. For example, you can look for some DVDs worth watching on Mother's Day 2012 and watch them via DVD player or convert those DVDs to mp4 files for The new iPad with DVD Ripper once you want to watch them with The new iPad.

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