Monday, May 28, 2012

The Origin and Celebrations of Children's Day

Children's Day is quite important day for all the children because it is a day specially designed for them. Though people in different regions celebrate this day in different dates, many countries celebrate this day on June 1st.

Therefore, for children in China, Czech Republic and America, Children's Day 2012 will arrive soon. Various celebrations will be held on Children's Day and those celebrations are of local styles. Therefore, this post will have a general view at the development of Children's Day and the celebrations of Children's Day in different countries.

I. The Origin of Children's Day

Children's Day

1. As early as 1925, a conference was held in Geneva to discuss the well beings of children and proposed to create a day for Children.

2. In 1942, Nazis invaded into a village in Czech Republic and slaughtered all the adults and children. The world began to ponder about the security and safety of all the children.

3. After the World War II, many children lived in a poor condition and struggled to live as a worker. Many children died of poor health.

4. In November 1949, a conference was held in Moscow to condemn all the maltreatments to children and decided to make June 1st International Children's Day.

5. In 1954, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 20 as Universal Children's Day every year.

II. The celebrations of Children's Day

The celebrations of Children's Day

1. Korean celebrates Children's Day on May 5th. Children will be given gifts by their parents which are usually books, toys or clothes. However, at present, gifts like mobile and tablet are more favored.

2. In Columbian, Children's Day is celebrated in May. Observations will be held in every school. Children on that day will wear various funny masks and play happily in the streets.

3. In western Africa, the celebrations for Children's Day will last for over a month. Of course, dancing and singing exist everywhere during this period.

4. Indian celebrates Children's Day on November 14th, also known as the birthday of first Indian premier since its independence. Folk dances and songs will be performed by Indian children at that time. The government will also organize some related activities.

5. In England, schedules for Children's Day celebrations will be made in advance. Parents are required to attend those celebrations organized by the school. Foreign parents need to take local food of their native country along with them.

Furthermore, teachers will sit together in a circle. Students can throw sponges to any teachers they want. Of course, they need to get sponges in exchange for money. Teachers cannot get annoyed and the headmaster will be in the centre of the circle.

Those are the origin and celebrations of Children's Day. In most countries, gifts will be sent to children. If you haven't figured out what to send, you can refer to two best Children's Day gifts. Any other good suggestions are welcomed to share with us.

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